Well, to say that I am excited and anxious is an...

Well, to say that I am excited and anxious is an understatement! After 18 years I am finally going to have something that resembles my "young" body back! I have very bad sagging skin on my stomach along with bad stretch marks and I was a full "C" cup before children so with the added weight they have been negatively affected by gravity!. LOL I have always been very athletic. I am a 'retired" fitness competitor and Personal Trainer. I worked very hard to get rid of the extra weight but unfortunately there isn't anything I can do about the sagging skin. So that being said I am scheduled for tummy tuck, breast lift with silicone implants and lipo on the love handles in 14 days!! I can't wait to feel better about my body. I have an overwhelming amount of eagerness for the day to come. Looking for an extra tips to help with before, during and after the surgery! I live in a very remote area of Mississippi where support is very minimal but nothing is going to stop me :)

Ugh...the anxiety of waiting really sucks! 13...

Ugh...the anxiety of waiting really sucks! 13 more days. There is so much information out on the internet that it can really make you crazy and stressed out trying to find "do's and don'ts". I'm just ready to get it over with and bring on the whatever comes after so I can get through it!

One more day down! I'm telling you the wait is...

One more day down! I'm telling you the wait is like the worst torture ever. It seems as though the days drag on and on. I think my only salvation right now is that I'm in college and I have finals next week so that seems to be keeping me busy. I find myself obsessing day and night about my upcoming surgeries. It feels like it is driving me crazy. I've been hitting the gym to relieve some of my anxiety and it seems to be helping. I stalk realself.com to make sure that I have not overlooked anything I need to do before or after surgery. I think the worst part for me will be after the surgery. I am super ADHD and very independent. It will be hard for me to rely on others for help and to just sit around and take it easy. I also have a touch of OCD and can't stand for anything to be out of place or dirty etc... So it will be a real test of my patience on the days following surgery. I am going to look into renting a recliner for the first two weeks. It seems to have helped alot of others on here. Any odd balls suggestions anyone has I definitely welcome them. Like what is the best way to get up and down out of bed? That one is stumping me! Thanks for all the information by sharing stories. It has really helped me deal with all of this. :))

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Being in the holding pattern is tough. Do you have everything you need for recovery? Here's a great list of supplies you might want to consider.

I hope you'll post your before and after photos and continue to keep us updated through your amazing transformation!

Thanks! I'm so grateful for realself. I live in a very rural area where the population is like 300! Needless to say I don't have anyone to talk to here. No one here really believes in plastic surgery anyway. Thanks for the link for the supplies. So many things you don't think of that could really come in handy! I've decided tomorrow I will post my pics of the "before" even though it makes me ill thinking of it..lol Thx again!

Well, the countdown continues. Ten more days til...

Well, the countdown continues. Ten more days til the big day. I am so ready to rock my sinful bathing suit! LOL I've been very restless at night as I can't seem to quiet my mind down long enough to get some rest. I have finals next week and haven't even lifted a book. I worked out all last week and then missed friday and sat :(. It seems as though I have no energy. Today was better and tomorrow I am definitely going to workout even if it is to study for a final on the treadmill! Surgery is all paid for and I have decided to wait until next weekend to get all of my supplies. I think if I get them now that they will just taunt me as far as my countdown goes. I spoke to the Dr.'s nurse and she said I could shower as soon as I felt up to it after surgery. She stated I would have my bloodwork and preop down the morning of because I am in good shape and have no history of medical problems or a medication list. I wish the day would just come already! I wrapped all the X-mas presents today and only have a couple things left to get. Hopefully, I will get some sleep tonight....

Posted pics of......ugh....this disgusting stomach...

posted pics of......ugh....this disgusting stomach and chest..lol Kiss these babies good bye in 10 days!!

Just a quick thought...one of the most exciting...

just a quick thought...one of the most exciting things about all this...i can finally get my sides tattooed!!!
No keg!!! 6 packs yes lol your day is near!! Good luck to you :)
My gosh I am so ready. Got two finals tomorrow so I'll be up studying all night but it helps the days go by faster for sure!
Hey Pink Lady! You're ready for sure. Get your supplies and be prepared to relax for a full week after the surgery. The cleaning and laundry will still be there so don't let it stress you. I'm exactly the same way so I'm speaking from experience. You're gonna love your new boobs. I had a reduction/lift a few years ago and it was so awesome. I also have strong abs and similar definition to you. Are you worried that the TT may change the structure of how our abs look?? My surgery is on 12/26 and I've been wondering about this.

7 days and 4 finals left! LOL......

7 days and 4 finals left! LOL......

Well today i spoke with the nurse for my plastic...

Well today i spoke with the nurse for my plastic surgeon to address some questions that I had. I just wanted to make sure that we were on the same page as far as my implants. I also inquired about "fibrin glue/spray" that can be sprayed inside your stomach under the flap of skin that they are going to pull down. It helps everything "stick together" filling the empty pockets inside? Check out the video I posted where the surgeon explains the product in better detail. Anyway the nurse said that I could have it done for an extra 500-1000.00. I told her it's ok that my bill was already nearly 14,000! LOL I also inquired about whether or not the Dr places the "hub" of the drain on the inside of the stomach or on the outside of the skin. The way I understand it is that is the location where the actual tube and collection bulb meet. I don't want them to have to pull the hub through the small hole that the drainage tube is in. These are questions you may want to ask your physician as well. I got A's on my two finals today and ended up with A's in both the classes for my final grades. So I am stoked about that as I needed something to ease my mind a little. My time is getting closer and closer.!!!! SOOOOOOOO excited
Yeah Diva I'm on the same ticket...I can't wait to see your results
Awesome! Excited for you! We will both be awesome!!
Yeah!!! 7 more days!!!!!. Thx

Wow I can't believe how fast the days are going. ...

Wow I can't believe how fast the days are going. Took another final and got an A...so one more tomorrow in Microbiology...ugh! Borrrrrring. LOL 4 more days and my look will be totally changed! I'm so excited that it's literally wearing me out. I had all these plans this week to go to the gym, eat really good.....and that just went to hell in a hand basket. I've seen busy trying to deal with christmas and school and surgery that I haven't had time for anything! Anyway.....counting these last few days down!
Love the clothes pics! Just goes to show you that us fit Moms can hide some major issues under hot clothes!
i'm 5'5 and go from 150-155. 40 years old..lol
how tall are you and how much do you weigh BTW?

Three and a half more days cant come soon enough :)

three and a half more days
cant come soon enough :)
I love your spunk!! You are going to be one hot momma out of clothes to match your look in clothes now!!!
I hope so!!! So does hubby..lol! Thanks for the words of encouragement :))
LOLOL!!! Too Funny. Well after Tuesday I'll be able to stop the False Advertising! :))))))))))))))))))))))))

I think I have like 59 more hours left....I've...

I think I have like 59 more hours left....I've been really busy today cleaning and tying up loose ends before surgery. Just trying to stay busy before THE DAY. I am so over the friggin wait. All I have been seeing lately is how much pain everyone is in. I'm ready to just tackle this head on and get it over with. Whatever pain comes with this makeover will be absolutely worth it. My way of dealing with the pain will be to combine every terrible thing I have been through in my lifetime and use that as a motivator to get me through whatever pain level I am dealing with. I feel like a lot of women on here that I am pretty tough and have a high tolerance for pain. Most folks aren't going to get 50+ tattoos if they have a low pain tolerance! :) Either way I will post updates to let everyone know what I'm experiencing. So off I go to countinue the countdown.....
As your day approaches, I'm thinking about you. I look forward to your post op posts, so I know what to expect on the 26th!!
i'm gonna be sure to put up alot of posts and pics!! thx!
See don't clothes make you look awesome?! Then you take them off and you see yourself and that is why we all get this surgery!! I've had a couple of people ask me, "why the heck would you need a tummy tuck? Your skinny already!" Yeah, but what they don't see is what I saw when I took my clothes off! You already look amazing! I am so excited for you!! Good luck! I will be looking for your updates!

Well ladies, I sit here trying to pass the time...

Well ladies,
I sit here trying to pass the time so that 6 am, Tuesday 18th will come as quickly as possible. Like I said before the waiting is really hard. Even if I'm not ready....I"M READY!!! LOL I hope that everything fairs as well as an be possible for me. I know that everyone is different, heals differently and experiences pain differently. I really don't think the depression or feeling down aspect that I have been reading about will even come close to affecting me. I have been through far far worse than this in my life. I know that my body has been like this for years and it will not just go away and be perfect over night. I have not placed any expectations on myself or my healing process. I have not weighed myself and will not. I have not measured myself and will not, Anything will be better than what I am now........til tomorrow....Daisies and & Butterflies :)
Wishing you the best sweet thang!
You're so close!! Thinking about you and can't wait for your updates. Wow girl - you have crazy amazing arms. I've been doing body pump at the gym and I can only wish I had arms like you! Good luck and wishing you calm and peace in the days before your surgery.
Aww... Thanks KCmama!! I used to teach body pump! LOL. I can't believe the day is almost here. I think the worst part for me will be not doing anything...not working out...just sitting on my duff! I really believe in mind over matter so I hope to use that to battle all the pain. I appreciate your kind words. :))))

Well it's 12:30 am...3 more hours and i leave to...

Well it's 12:30 am...3 more hours and i leave to go to the surgery center. Not worried just ready to get it on..lol Thanks so much to everyone for their support. MUCH LOVE!! XOXOXO
Hey you! Hope Your Doing well!
Hey, hope everything went great and your feeling pretty comfortable!! We are all thinking about you today!
Good luck today! I'm 1 day post op and really when I'm sitting around I only feel some tightness in my chest (like when your boobs are engorged from nursing) and only have discomfort or pain when getting up to go to the bathroom and that goes away right when I sit down! Definitely get why my ps says no pants it's so nice to just lift your night gown and sit in the toilet. I also realize why everyone can't wait to get the drains out they are ANNOYING!!! Sleeping on and off a lot! Anyway enough details just wanted you to know what I was feeling the first 24 hours I'm sure today and tomorrow may actually be a bit harder!

Well its 3 am and i cant sleep. i have beeeeing a...

well its 3 am and i cant sleep. i have beeeeing a bunch!!!! my boobies look awesome and later today i will look at my belly. i vomitted twice and OMG it hurt so bad. dr gave me 3 different nausea meds and patxh behind my ear and i still did it. at least i felt better afterwards tho. mentally i feel great. i have a lot of tightness on chest and tummy. i can see bruisin on my right outer thigh area.
much love to all my girls on here and thx for the support

Oh boy...the pain is a little less today. I have...

Oh boy...the pain is a little less today. I have been in the bed since I came home. Finally made it to couch to rest for a little bit. I'm posting pics. My drains are doing their job. I'm taking all my meds as prescribed. Got my first shot this morning. The pain that I have is mostly my stomach muscles.. I can't feel where the lipo was done. Thank goodness for pain medicine.
The tata's are looking great! wow. Take it easy and have a better day tomorrow.
I miss my pain meds lol. Glad your doing well! The tata's have a good full look!
LOL. Yeah I'm not gonna take the chance of the pain creeping up on me. Some stomch is sooooo sore. I don't think the vomitting helped at all! I'm pretty pleased with new tata's...How are you doing

Well its 2am and i cant sleep :(. im a side...

well its 2am and i cant sleep :(. im a side sleeper so layin on my back is hard. i have about a 6 or so level of pain (10 being worst pain. gonna try to shower today. i havent vomitted again thank goodnsss.
thx to all the suppprt ans kind words

Post op day 2. Stomach is very painful today. ...

Post op day 2. Stomach is very painful today. Doc said he pulled 1 lb of fat from my flanks and said that he couldn't believe home much skin he removed because of my small frame. I go back to him next thursday for follow up. I've been taking Gas X because the gas is making me feel like i got a big ol baby in my stomach. Also taking Dulcolax to soften stool (which I have not done yet). Had a couple people stop by and check on me and they were pretty shocked at the way I look...lol I can raise my hands ovr my head without pan. Dr said he put 350cc in one breast and 375cc in the other.and removed breast tissue from both of them.
Well i feel nappy time coming on so I will talk to ya'll later
Well you are looking good so far. Hope your healing is going well :-)
Hey Girl! How's it going?? Recovery is long and hard I know. I just wanted to check in and see if all was ok.
Hey! how you feeling? haven't seen an update from you. Doing ok? I've been thinking about you. Got my drain out this morning, 6 days post-op. I've watched more tv in the past 5 days than in the past year! Resting. LOVE my breast size. I'll try and post some pics. Got stitches out, doing really well. Standing fairly straight, not bad. Just haven't heard from you and wonder whatcha doin..... :) Take care and prayers for speedy healing.

Well today is 4 weeks PO for me. Overall my...

Well today is 4 weeks PO for me. Overall my experience has been great. Is it a painful procedure? Is it inconvenience? Is it physically, mentally and emotionally draining? Hell yes! Would I do it again? Absolutely without a doubt! I am very pleased with my results thus far. I am at that stage where one day you look great and the next you are swollen as hell. Regardless of how swollen I get I don't get down because I still look better than I did before. I don't weigh myself as I am not really concerned about that. I just want to feel good about myself. I can easily fit in my size 28 Miss Me's. Jeans sometimes irritate my scar so I try not to move any more than I have to. My hubby left to go back to work yesterday so I have 3 weeks to focus on just me! I am going to the gym tomorrow to walk. I am so ready to start lifting again but not until I am cleared to do so. My scars are healing very well. I believe I have a spitting stitch under my left breast. I have a follow up next thursday so we will see what the PS says. My hubby and I looked at bathing suits online and he decided on the one piece 1950's style..lol Needless to say I won't be getting that one! School cancelled monday and tuesday due to ice on the roads so my life will hopefully be back to normal tomorrow,. ( Normal being crazy, hectic, and me running around like a wild woman). I am taking a hair, skin and nails supplement and applying scar cream or vit e to my scars. I think they are doing excellent, I can still feel where the lipo on my flanks was done and it seems to still get swollen. I wear a neoprene exercise stomach band at night. The sweating helps my stomach significantly by morning time. I don't where a binder or CG as per my surgeon. Hope the pics help those who are considering these procedures. I still have a long way to recover but a am totally satisfied!!
Hi Tatt! Just thinking about you and getting ready for your competition. How are you feeling? You look terrific and so glad you've had a positive recovery road. It's such a life-changing thing. So funny about your dh choosing a one piece swimsuit! Does he love your results?
You look beautiful and I love your upbeat positive approach to life. A lot of ladies on these boards pick themselves to death and are so negative. It's very refreshing to read a review like yours. Great job and congratulations! Just gorgeous!!
thx so much! i am so relieved to be on the road to recovery!!
Jackson Plastic Surgeon

I have friends that have had procedures by this physician who are totally satisfied with their results. The staff is very professional and kind. Dr. Brantley's bedside manner meshs well with my personality so that's a plus. I am orginally from Miami where Plastic Surgeon's are a dime a dozen. I feel like Dr. Brantley is more than qualified to perform my surgeries and that he is devoted to his profession and to doing quality work

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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