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I finally went and got my consult a few weeks ago...

I finally went and got my consult a few weeks ago & made the decision to get a BA! I'm 5'6, 136 lbs, and currently wear a 34A bra. My goal is to be able to wear a non-push up bra, a full C cup, wear a shirt w/o a bra, look hot in a bikini, & overall just feel beautiful and confident. I'm bottom heavy so I'd like to look more proportional. I'm very flat chested, so I can't wait till I get new puppies! My surgery is March 07, Friday morning! I'm beyond excited.

I pretty confident on getting 375cc-350cc. My PS says I shouldn't go bigger than that. I'm just afraid I'll regret it later, not going bigger? He said we will talk again and confirm everything before the surgery. I'm excited. Two more days! Will post photos!
Dr. Davidson did mine 2 weeks ago! You'll love it!!! I let him pick my implant size. I just told him what I wanted and he picked during the surgery after he could see what would work. I had a lift also, not just implants. Are you happy with your results so far?
Are you going with silicone or saline?
I went with Silicone. 350cc and 375cc.

One week post op!

So it's almost been one week post op! I couldn't update the first few days because honestly, I was in a lot of pain. I had surgery last Friday at 7am. I was in recovery by 9am and my mom was able to take me home by 10 am. I was VERY medicated, but breathing and lifting my arms the slightest was very painful. Needless to say, I had a school function I had to attend at 1-2:00 that afternoon...and I went! Trooper. I know. But it was a very painful hour pretending I was find when barely anyone knew I had surgery that morning! My close friends knew and they were very helpful. The next two days, were the hardest IMO. I could change clothes by myself, barely lift a spoon, even shower alone. I'm very thankful my mom and sister were there to help me out. I posted myself in a bikini top pre-op and I'll post a bikini post op when they drop more! Right now my chest is very stiff..& sore. But I'm feeling tons better. I'm able to do most things myself now but it's still painful to lift heavy objects. I can't wait till they soften up and drop where they're suppose to be because they look and feel like tough rocks on my chest. Not hot. Ha. But good things come in time! I will post pics as the weeks go by! I'm going to Destin at the end of May so I hope I'll be beach ready by then! Thanks everyone for keeping along with my updates! I'm having a good recovery! Meeting with the PS tomorrow for a check up! Massage, massage, massage!!
Good luck!! I just had 375cc high profile. I will be looking forward in seeing your results.
Thank you! & I hope you have a speedy recovery and glare happy with your results as well!!
Thank you!!
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