Vein Wave Does Not Work - Florida

I had red broken capillar around nose and cheeks...

I had red broken capillar around nose and cheeks they were not that bad if i were make up you can't even see them i had a vein wave treatment more then a month a go and at first it look like they clear out, not even a week later they came back and worst so i call the Doctor and had another treatment now it been 3 weeks and they came out more red and it looks like my face got scars around the area the was treated the make up does not covers them now.


Over the course of 5 years & using different doctors, I have had saline injections, sclerotherapy and most recently vein wave treatment for spider veins on my legs. None of the treatments have worked. Started vein wave in April. At first glance it seem as though the veins had disappeared. After several days they looked as though they were in a healing process. Most veins have been treated twice since April. Unfortunately, my legs looks worse than before. I am going back to this Dr. and to try and get some of my $1700 back. Disappointed.

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Hi, i had veinwave treament to my legs and yes the veins on my legs are now more promenant. I have waited three months healing time and they are still worse.
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Hi Jealy, 

That's no good it made things worse, especially since you were kind of already facing this problem. You might want to check out the answers to the question in our Dr. Q&A Lasers Not Working for Broken Capillaries, the answers might help. Also maybe you should consider going to consult with another doctor or dermatologist. We'd love to know what you do next. 

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