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No More Loosey Goosey!! - Florida

After birthing 3 large babies I realized something...

After birthing 3 large babies I realized something just wasn't right down there. I would be doing dishes and feel as if there was something trying to come out of my vagina. When I would have a bowel movement it felt like something was trying to fall out. Naturally I got my camera and started snapping pix to see what I could see! There was a bulge trying to come out of my vagina??? I also had bladder incontinence when I would sneeze or run, anything jarring. I started googling, "feels like my insides are coming out my vagina" and found that I had bladder and rectum prolapse. I felt loose, and orgasm was getting harder to achieve, which was never a problem for me before, but my husband & I were having some problems and I just figured they were related. I went to my gynecologist, explained to him my problems and he told me I would need an anterior posterior colporrhaphy, we quickly set a date. I asked him to make me super tight, he said 2 finger widths.
My procedure was done as an outpatient in the hospital that my dr. has privileges. I went to my sister's house for a few days to rest. I didn't have pain, mostly discomfort and tenderness. I was so afraid to poop! I guzzled MOM and all was well.

I had read so much on the procedure from other women, I was afraid there would be pain or sexual dysfunction, but thankfully I did not experience any of that.

I am super satisfied! So is my husband! :)
Dr. Denis Perez

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Good for you my sister is looking a wee tuck down there...I never gave birth co my wee lady stayed tidy so to speak...your a brave girl...il be showing my sister your post
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Both of your ladies transformations are awesome! Congrats.
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Hey tiki! How long is recovery? Great story! It has me really reconsidering things.
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Btw...love how you are taking care of YOU! Great motivation
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Hey figureAte!! Hmm, I believe it was 6 wks. If you've ever had an episiotomy it is similar. It's definitely worth it!
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Im getting a mommy makeover and a tighter vagina would be the icing on the cake for me. Thanks for sharing your story. Did your insurance cover this procedure?
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lol, I know exactly what you mean! I'm getting a MM to go with my tighter vagina! :) Yes, my insurance covered the procedure.
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Whoa!! Oh gosh sounds painful. .
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@lose, not at all, really...well, it was like having an episiotomy. I don't recall feeling any pain, (tender, discomfort) on the inside...just where the stitches were on perineum. It didn't hurt before sx either, just weird and very disheartening being 40 at the time and feeling like an 80 yo!!! lol
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TIKI your the best hermana.Your story will definently help thousands.
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:) (blushing) thx. I hope so.
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Hi onedimsim, thanks! Yes, all I paid was my deductible for the facility ($500). I thought I'd share because many women have similar issues and most don't know they are basically the same procedure...at least I didn't! lol I sent you a pm also.
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thanks for the info...i have never had kiddos but I do admit it fascinates me for other reasons! ;-)
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Wow! Congrats! Thanks for sharing your story....may I ask since you had an actual medical issue, were you able to get most/all via insurance?
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