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Hello RS family. I hope that every time you visit...

Hello RS family. I hope that every time you visit my blog/review you are in a good mood. There will not be drama on my page. Let's get this in the air THIS PROCEDURE IS FOR ME AND ABOUT ME!!
This survey is elective and it is a gift to myself for making it through my story. Nonetheless I have been yearning for some junk in my trunk for years. When I was younger I had a booty, as I got older, gained weight I lost it completely. I have always been overweight but I used to carry it very well. I have my sister as support as she wants some work done but no one else. I'm uploading my pre op pics and wish pics. I don't plan to get the surgey at least til next year around May 2014.
I'm 22yo a Jr/sr in college, no children, no prior surgies. I'm 5'1.5 196lbs.
I previously was a j curves Desiree but I was touched by robbed story and his claim of a 55% success rate and I dropped that zero!! Ifound Dr. Cortes on. YouTube but thought his process was aggressive but I've learned how important aggressiveness is after so much research and he's definitely my first choice!! I sent in my pics last week and received a quote today for the hour glass figure big booty I want lol .

Patience is surely a virtue!

Hi everyone, I notice I didn't upload my measurements and photos last update so they will be in this update. I follow the journeys of a lot of ladies here on real self and I have to admit since I've made the decision to have this survey, sent in my photos and got my quote, its made me inpatient lbvs. I'm a student so I have the winter out and I spoke with Lucy at Dr. Cortes office and she informed me that as of now I could have the survey in December. I want to wait til between May and June so I won't have any classes and I have a standup part time job so I can maximize my potentional outcome and recovery. The other thing is I live in Fl and all my family is in Illinois and I do want to spend some time with them seeing as I don't go home often and I'm about to be another auntie next year. To get home would reequiure a plane ride and I don't want to sit. I know about boppy pillows but I still don't want to sit lol decisions decisions. Anywho, I don't worry about sitting at home after surgery being a issues because in the past I've had hemoriodial issues which already making sitting difficult and I sleep on my stomach.
Ladies I need your opinions once you look at my pre.op photos. I was told by Lucy that the Dr decided that I needed to loose about 5-10 pounds for my best results. I am currently 199lbs. Now I see a nutritionist and I've learned that body mass and lbs very significantly. I'm about 5'2. My 200 lbs doesn't look the same as someone else's 200 pounds that's taller/shorter and/or more or less muscular. Looking at my pics, does 5-10 sound about enough based on my body or does 10-15-20 sound more about right? I'm also going to upload my wish pics. Some of my pics are from realself and idk who is who or who they went to so just letting you guys know.
Here's my measurements:
Breast: 40 C/D
waist under breast: 36'
Waist before love handles: 37'
Around love handles: 43.5'
Around where your belt goes: 41'
Center of booty/thighs all the way around: 45'

I've been taking my tape measurer and making a circle of how small many real selkf members are after surgery like 27/30' around the waist and I almost cried. Reality check of how big I am. That's one of the things that also made me want my survey sooner. I've been really stressed out as of late and I've aslso realized how much extra weight I'm carrying around. I'm in the middle of moving and packing my jeans I can really see what I'm getting rid of and the only ones that fit are the ones that are stretchy. I'm in a 13 now some are 15 and they don't fit. I need a change..... :-(


Loosing my patience, some pet peeves.

Firstly, I can't get my wish pics up and its driving me crazy!!! Seeing my uploaded photos me realize how much I let myself go. I think I can remember having a somewhat nice body freshman year of high school but that's long gone. I feel terrible putting clothes on and carrying all this fat its heavy and unhealthy. I'm 5`2 and well over 200 pounds like 205 and that is truly depressing as hell. I've signed up for a spinning class that I'll also receive college credit for this semester to get my feet wet in the gym. Nonetheless this shape and lack thereof is killing me not softly. I want to wait until next May/June to have the survey so I can put down a nice deposit (hopefully)and really have at the minimum a 3 week recovery. Looking at my body everyday makes me want the surgery as soon as thanksgiving time. I just checked the universities master calendar and The first week of December would be the ending semester and I could get it done then BUT I haven't been home to visit my family since March so I would hate to wait to next March plus my sister is pregnant. I feel like having the surgery in December would be selfish not putting my family first. On the left hand side I could surprise everybody in march with a big pow lol. IDK. One thing for certain is I am positive that I want it and want it bad. I read others here at rs reviews daily and I know a nice handful of them say you could never reallynbe prepared for the surgery, in my opinion that's life, do your best and roll with those punches lol.

Ladies, STOP PUTTING YOUR FACES ON RS!!! As easy as it is me for me to hit save image to device (wish pics) is as easy as it is for someone to manipulate your photos and ultimately your life if they feel like it. That's just my suggestion from a real self sister. It bothers me when you treat real self like your Facebook pg then show your body completely naked. NOBODY is restricted from creating a real self account and that gives them access to your naked body and photos!!!

I've been keeping up with quite a bit of Dr. Salama's patients as of late and he has really stepped his work up BUT unfortunately he has also stepped the price up I'm seeing as of very recent. I mean I'd seen patients this year from 5 to 6 to 7 straight to 9. My problem with paying 9 is Cortes is my first choice and If I'm going to pay 9 its going to be to Cortes and include insurance and hospital stay and etc.

I've also been thinking about why is survey so much cheaper in the DR. I'm not really considering going but I believe it has a lot to do with anastesia. I can't see it really costing almost 2000 as they claim. I remember being quoted for a few hours of anastes. for a health issue I was having and it wasn't anywhere near of even 500.00!! I hate that we live in a money driven world. Not everybody is rich at all!!

I was quoted 9503 with Dr. Cortes , I'm going to request a quote from Salama as well but Cortes still has my heart and I want him to give me my a$$.

Last but not least, if any of real self sisters wouldn't mind telling about how much they spent completely and over what time (days, weeks etc) for pre and post surgery for either doctor I would greatly appreciate it.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

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