I am 38 years old with two boys (9&8 &...

I am 38 years old with two boys (9&8 & having both by Emergency C-section)& over the last 2 years I have worked very hard on improving my diet & fitness level for my health & as a role model for my boys on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The 1 area that has not improved at all has been my tummy (especially right around my belly button). I finally went & saw quite a few plastic surgeons & finally decided to take the plunge. It has been very discouraging to workout as hard as I do & still see my very unattractive tummy that sticks out. We also moved to Florida recently which really prompted my desire to get back in a bikini again. Wish me luck :)

Also I'm not sure if anyone wants to know for...

Also I'm not sure if anyone wants to know for a comparison but I am 5'3" & currently 138 lbs (3 lbs heavier than I was this summer & wanted to be at surgery)

The nerves are really setting in!! With the...

The nerves are really setting in!! With the holidays so close I'm starting to re-think this! And as fate would have it, we were just offered today the opportunity to take a vacation to Disney at such a great price its criminal but I'll only be 10 days out from surgery so we had to pass! So now I feel really guilty for not only spending the money on my own insecurities & vanity but also for taking away a potential fun vacation for the family. I told them to go with out me (we live 7 hours away) but I guess thats not in the cards! grrr I was so excited 2 weeks ago, I think I just need to read some other experiences & hopefully I'll get out of this rut! Ive wanted it for so long & now that its almost here I'm acting crazy!! lol

Picked up my prescriptions today which are:...

Picked up my prescriptions today which are: lovenox for clotting, Percocet, zofran, &phenergan. I also started taking Miralax (stool softner) now since I'm not regular at all & I remember the hard time i had after my c-sections with bowel movement (or lack of) i know this is TMI but after reading other ladies post op journeys i decided that being pro-active in this area wouldnt hurt. also going to increase my water intake. I'm a weekend away from a flat tummy & perkier boobs yeah lol

So I bought a bikini today (the 1st time since 94...

So I bought a bikini today (the 1st time since 94 lol) to bring to my appointment tuesday. I really like that style of bottoms so I'm hoping he will be able to place my scar so that it will be well concealed. If he is able to to go thru the old csection scar it should be no problem, its not like i'm tring to wear a thong or string bikini! I'm going to have my hubby take pre-op pics of me in it that morning & then later on to compare. I'm really excited about that part. I've finally calmed down & have thrown myself into getting my house cleaned, laundry done, xmas shopping & decorating. I figure if I keep myself busy enough I'll stop freaking myself out! I'm also going to make some meals for the week on sunday and freeze them so I wont have to worry about cooking. I love keeping this daily journal on here, because even if no one reads it (lol) its nice to get your thoughts out.

So I am 9 hours away from surgery!! Excited...

So I am 9 hours away from surgery!! Excited nervous & every other emotion in between. I stayed so busy this weekend & monday that I didnt really think about anything else but getting ready for xmas & cleaning my house & I still didnt get everything done that I wanted to, but oh well I cant stress about it now. I started the stool softners/miralax early because of the horrible time I had with constiaption after both c-sections & I'm hoping i made the right decision!It took 5 days to finally have a bm & I know this is TMI but finally I went today & I swear I pooped out everything I ate all weekend & i'm still bloated! lol I had my hubby take pre op pics tonight so excuse the bloating. I'm even 1.5 lbs heavier but I dont care at this point.

weight= 139.8 Waist measurement around belly button=32.5 on 12/5/11

I'm now almost 10 hours post op! pain is anywhere...

i'm now almost 10 hours post op! pain is anywhere from a 3-6 for TT & 0-3 for breast just depending. its hard to get around a lot without looking worse than the hunchback of Notre Dame but i'm sure it will get better So I wore my husbands e-large zip hoodie & wore his large blue sweat pants & slippers! yes I was an ad for what not to wear BUT i was super comfy & the staff said I should write a guide on what to wear after your TT cuz it was easy to get on & off. She said one lady showed up in skinny jeans, heels & a fitted sweater! yikes i have no idea how she made it home.

I wasput in those anti-blood clotting stockings, slippers & a gown than my PS came & marked my body up with a sharpie, I love love love the low incsion mark (below my c-section scar) so it will be well hidden.

Happy drugs (or so they called them) were admitted into my IV, & i was told that I would be intubated which suprised me but because of the way my body responded to the anti nausea they gave ( due to the breathing tube) i cant take a ful phenergram pill until right before bed.

i woke up to some serious pain but they managed it with 1st morophine & then demerol. i was realy loopy at this point! lol was in reovery 4 almost 2 hours

its just been a day pf complete rest! I have the best neighbors in the whole world. Theyve dropped off dinners, groceries (ginger ale, crackers soup etc) I cant have much water still do to the medication so the ginger ale is perfect. We've only lived here in florida for 3 months & already they are like family! Sorry for babbling justed to go over day 1 lol.

Also my hubby had the awesome idea to use the kids walkie talkies so I could rest seculded from the house but let him know if I needed help or was hungry or whatever! they are perfect :)

Ok it's day 2! Had a lot of pain during the night...

Ok it's day 2! Had a lot of pain during the night but nothing unbearable. I slept in a recliner & I definitely got enough sleep. Saw my PS today at 8 am & he said everything looks great! I luv my tummy & breasts. There is some swelling on the top if my breasts but they're perky ¬ too small! Only 1 of my drains is actually draining any fluid!l, but ps said that is common. They place a high one & low one & my low one is draining enough for both sides they Said. We've kept a record of my meds, urine output & drainage volume (we empty every 2 hrs but now we will just empty ever 4 hrs) the best part about the visit was them repositioning the compression garment! Makes a HUGE difference! I feel like I'm walking more upright now & it just feels better! That thing is a lifesaver right now lol

So day 3 is supposed to be the hardest post op day...

So day 3 is supposed to be the hardest post op day due to excessive swelling (according to my PS & nurse). I have to say yes I am more swollen but I'm feeling really good. No more hunch back I am completely up right & walking around fine. Thank you newmeat30 for suggesting that I double up on the colace! The relief from finally going was amazing, trust me! I was using miralax & colace twice per day & i didnt strain push or anything. I feel like that alone shrunk my swollen tummy to half its size. I did have an incident at night (i'm still sleeping in a recliner next to the bathroom & close to the kitchen which is nice) but I didnt want to wake my husband to help me go to the bathroom (normally I have my walkie talkie & I would just talk to him that way & he'd come help) but I have been getting in & out of my chair good on my own so I went alone & for some reason could not get back in my chair! I was almost in tears so I just sat on the floor hoping he would find me soon as I didnt bring the walkie with me like he had instructed me to keep it in my pocket at all times! Thank goodness he came in within 5 mins (not happy with me but got me back in my chair. lol The swelling & pain for me is worse at night. But this morning I felt awesome. I havent showered yet (i worked in microbiololgy for yrs & am scared of infection so I'm prolly overly paranoid) but I have taken sponges baths with anti-bacterial soap, changed my clothes & bandages. I was able to bath myself for the most part. Wearing sweats with pockets are very helpful. I keep my phone, meds even a bottle of water in them when I move around. I'm feeling so much better each day & with the drains (I have 2) both are draining really good I think the increased activity has helped & the lines also need to be stripped really good b/c clots do form in them. When the person helping you strips your drain lines have them use an alcohol pad as it glides easier & you are able to pinch the line better to work out those clots! Well that is my novel for today!! I slept great (13 hrs all togther last night) looking forward to feeling even better 2morro!!

Ok so emotions have been all over the place but if...

Ok so emotions have been all over the place but if I could do it all over again I wouldve only gotten the TT. I'm so upset about my breast lift, just felt like crying all day. Than compound that with all the swelling on my tummy & I swear I'm about to have a meltdown! no pain meds really needed at this point until night time, appetite is still not here & I'm still tired but I can move around better each day although my nurse says I need to get out of the house & move around! uh no thanks, not with these drains, the big ass CG & my A cups. Would rather sit it my house thank u very much! Sorry for the negative energy today, just not feeling good about my results right now

OK I am no longer trippn!!! LOL My sanity is back,...

OK I am no longer trippn!!! LOL My sanity is back, I cant promise I wont be an emotional wreck again during this healing process but I'm done with the pity party :) I tried to take pics today & I will post them, just know that I am still very very swollen. These are 5 day post op. I feel great, moving around a lot. I will start walking outside 2morro morning just to get out& get some fresh air. Drains are still annoying, the color of fluid is changing from red to pink & should be yellowish by the time they are ready to be pulled which I hope is soon. I'm hoping to move from their huge brace like CG to the one I purchased so I can wear som regular clothes. Also what are you ladies putting on your scars? Silicone, tape?

OK Post op Day 5 Football Sunday!!!! Was up early...

OK Post op Day 5 Football Sunday!!!! Was up early this morning & feeling great. No pain meds but did take promethazine last night to help me sleep through the awful Smurfs movie my son wanted me to watch with him! lol Went for a walk outside (almost a mile), then decided to drive down to the grocery store (since I was feeling so great still) & get items to bake cookies & to survive this week as my husband thinks food magically appears in our fridge lol! Felt a little light headed about 15 mins into my shoping so I hauled but to grab the rest of my items & got home right away! Oh and as I told Sarah earlier, I was a hot mess! I was wearing my Yankees basball hat, & hubby's sweatshirt & sweats with my drain bags in my pockets! LMAO I was rockin the homeless chic look, but I was out of the house & thats all that matters. drank some water that went down the wrong pipe & had a coughing fit that I thought would rip out every stitch I had! Ugh that really hurt. My girls are looking even better today than yesterday so I guess patience is a virtue thanks pottery granny! :)

Post op Day 6 & I'm really feeling awesome! Ok I...

Post op Day 6 & I'm really feeling awesome! Ok I did a no-no & drove, but I havent been on pain meds so I felt that was ok. I was out finishing my xmas shopping & had coffee with a friend & finally felt normal! Well I wouldve felt normal if it wouldnt have been for the stupid drain bags that try as I may I could not conceal them enough & I wound up looking like I had 2 big balls in the non existent front pockets of my big fleecy sweats. Not cute. But i was out & feeling good so again thats all that matters. Still lots of swelling around my incision but thats to be expected. My new smaller breasts are starting to grow on me, i guess :) I posted 2 new pics, sorry in advance about the gratuitous boob shot!

So I finally have time to post an update!! I am on...

So I finally have time to post an update!! I am on Day 11 post op & I had my drains removed on day 9 late in the evening. That was the best part of healing thus far. I immediately felt the effect, I felt normal again. So my PS has me continuing to wear the compression binder placed on me at surgery & I am wearin a spanx like garment under that. He said the binder to help heal the muscles & the spanx are to help reduce the swelling. I bought my tummy control garment from design veronique & I love love love it!! It is completely crotchless so it makes going to the restroom easy (as I am still not wearing panties & I must say I do like the freedom you feel with that) but anywho I have 2 that I swap out as I'm washing the other. I saw immediate results in a reduction in swelling after wearing the extra girdle after the first 24 hours. I'm back in my pre surgery jeans whic is nice, but thank goodness I cant wear an underwire bra yet as my girls are way too small for all of my bras!! I'm about 99% sure that I will be a 34 C when its all said & done (or until I get an implant lol) Im thru beating myself up over not getting the implant at the same time as my PS said he wouldve talked me out of doing a lift with an implant as he doesnt like how the scar looks. He said that wth the implant the skin wouldve stretched causing the thin vewrtical scar I currently have to become fatter & more noticable. So That made me feel better about waiting & who knows I may be happy with my mosquito bites once im completely healed. I posted 2 11 day post op pics, please disregard the swelling as I decided to power walk 3 miles today & came home looking wider & more swollen!! I guess I better take baby steps, I'm just so anxious to get back into a good workout routine!!! Happy/healthy healing to all my sistas out there recovering right now!

I am 16 days post op right now & had my 2 week...

I am 16 days post op right now & had my 2 week appointment today. Still not cleared for running or heavy weights :( but I can do elliptical & walking so I guess I will focus my energy into starting a good routine until my next appt. I'm noticing that my smaller waistline is showcasing the extra weight I am carrying in my lower back area (fat back as sarahstar & I call it lol) so I'm wondering if I shouldve opted for lipo but I think I can fix that with a good diet & exercise. I have also decided to go ahead with Breast Augmentation as well! lol My goal is a full D & any advice on what others have gotten (saline, silicone, under over muscle etc) would be appreciated! I'm consulting with my PS at my next appointment as he wont do it until after March 6th when my BL is fully healed. I am starting scar management tomorrow with NewGel Silicone gel Sheeting for my tummy but I'm going to use the palmers on my breast to see how that works & may use the silicone if i dont see any improvements. Lots of nipple & breast pain lately! Nips are super duper sensitive & if it continues ps may want to use a topical treatment to help with the nerve repair but would prefer to be as natural as possible. Lots of shooting pain in both breasts as they heal but I'm also getting ready to start my cycle so that could be causing the issues as well. I will be posting pics after the period as I feel very swollen right now. Oh & he said the swelling is normal after walking/working out as long as its not painful to continue on & the body will adapt! :)

Its been a while since I updated!! So I'll start...

Its been a while since I updated!! So I'll start with the bad stuff!! LOL I popped a stitch where my drain site is on my right side. I'm pretty sure it happened as I was turning my body to get out of my the hubbys SUV that I was driving. A little bit of pain but I didnt worry about it until 3 days later when site appeared to be opening up & than fluid came out the next day. I had just been keeping it dry (blow dry after showers & putting triple bac ointement & sterile gauze on it. That same day I noticied that my BB was swollen & very red & the gauze I had been packing it with had lots of brown/yellow/red gook on it (sorry for being graphic lol) of course this happens during New Years weekend so I just saw ps tuesday. Good news is that by blow drying both sites & packing my bb better with gauze that it no longer looked swollen & red & is healing much better its just taking forever to dry out, & now my drain site is starting to close up & heal on its own but they did give me keflex (just in case b/c I'm a worry wart) & diflucan b/c the last thing I need is a yeast infection right now. Was finally realeased for slowly getting back into weights & running. Today was my 1st day back & wow I lost a lot in the last 4 weeks!!! I did 20 mins on the elliptical, worked out shoulders & rear delts (very light for me & only 3 sets reps of 10-15 or 15-20 depending onthe move), than I attempted to run & all I can say is wow! stomach is still really tight & that had to be the slowest run on a treadmill in history lol but it felt good to be somewhat back. Ran for 25 mins than went home. I feel great & no soreness, YET!! I felt like large marge today but weighed in at 136.2 not sure how accurate that is as 2 weeks ago I felt way smaller & was 138 but I'm about to just toss my scale & go off of how my clothes look & how I feel. Anywho here are pics from week 4, still a lot of swelling in the lower abs & I need to start my scar treatment I'm only doing palmers oil right now

Ok i know I'm starting to sound like Sybil but I'm...

Ok i know I'm starting to sound like Sybil but I'm not sure what happened last night but today I felt much smaller. My waist looked smaller, swelling went down, I hopped on the scale & am down from 136 to 134& I checked my waist measurement (which was 32.5 pre op) and it's 29.0!!! I'm really loving my results today lol I honestly can't believe the difference 24 hours can make!

Not much to update just thouht I would post my 5...

Not much to update just thouht I would post my 5 week post op pics in the same bikini as my pre op & I look horrible! Heres that sybil down week coming on as for some reason I think my workouts have increased the swelling!! grr Anywho we just took these hopefully week 8 will look better

I'm 6 weeks post op & have been using the silicone...

I'm 6 weeks post op & have been using the silicone gel sheets for about 10 days. I also am using merderma & palmers Vitamin E oil. My PS said that the scars look worse before they get better as it goes thru a angry red looking phase. lol I think I'm at that point but I'm happy at how much they have flattened out. Bought some new bikinis & canr believe that you can not see my scar in the 1 bottom that ties on the sides. I'm also posting a pic of me & my little men since I told Ms Brooksie I would post a pic of me :) Healing is going good, my bb still isnt completely healed grrrr but its almost there!!

I'm rolling with the Ravens & Niners!!! :)

I'm rolling with the Ravens & Niners!!! :)

So I am now 9 weeks post op & feeling fabulous!!!...

So I am now 9 weeks post op & feeling fabulous!!! My belly button finally healed & my swelling has really gone down. I just have the lower ab swelling still but my PS told me that between 3-6 months that will go away!! I feel good working out but still get tightness in the abs &swelling at night. I wear my spanx or lipoina box high waist brief at night or if I'm having a swell day. Right now my waist has went from pre-op of 32.5 inches to 28.75 so I am thrilled with that!!! I am weighing anywhere from 129-133 depending on the week lol but I'm not as concerned about the scale since im loving my tight new tummy! Scars are looking better but cant wait for them to fade a little more, especially on the girls! Speaking of my girls, I am consulting for a BA on the 20th! My PS wants to do under the muscle which I prefer & I'm looking at the silicone gel high profile but we'll see after I do the 3D imagining consult. Any advice from BA chicas would be greatly appreciated :) All in all im am so happy that i did this. scars, constipation, pain, meds a mini bout of depression and all, this was SO WORTH IT! My biggest complaint would be that now my jeans are way to big in the waist but not the thighs lol I better get to work on that :)

So I will be 11 weeks PO 2morrow but had my 3...

So I will be 11 weeks PO 2morrow but had my 3 month post op pics & appointment today. I had a horrible bout of swelling starting at week 10 & I'm currently going thru it (plus I started my period ugh) but its starting to go down but I'm still happy! I'm really happy with my before & after pics. My PS & nurse looked at me like a nutcase b/c I said I kind of wished I wouldve opted for lipo because of the love handles & he said sweet heart your still swollen you dont need any lipo, in another few weeks that will go down!! That made me feel really good! So I'm posting my pics they gave me, sorry they arent the clearest. So I'm still 110% thrilled with my TT results & happy I did this. Workouts get better every week & I've been able to work my abs more & more.
With that said, I booked the BA surgery today!! I'm so excited. I am going with the Silicone Gel, Under the muscle hes doing 450cc's, moderate plus profile. I hope I'm not too huge. On the 3D image it looked like exactly what I wanted & I totally trust Dr Ennis as my BL looks great just wanted more size. Oh he also said my scars appear to be healing ahead of schedule yeah. So I can stop stressing about that lol.

Ok its been a while since I updated! I'm at 3...

Ok its been a while since I updated! I'm at 3 months post op as of yesterday & I'm going thru another bad case of swelling a a large weight gain even though I have been eating clean throuout the week (weekends have been a little rough lol) & training hard at the gym & during my cardio sessions!! As of right now I'm 7 lbs heavier than I was 2 weeks ago! Clothes all still fit well but the swelling in my tummy is crazy (especially the lower abs) I finally took my scale & put it on a shelf in my garage. But that didnt help my mood. Why cant I be one of those people who dont eat when that are stressed or upset? I realize that I have always had a problem with food & i'm trying to change that. I'm the type that can sit down & eat a whole large cheese pizza to myself on a cheat day because I know I'll be deprived for the rest of the week or other unhealthy things but I got away from that thinking for the last 5 weeks. So to actually clean up my diet & get these results is a huge downer! Not to mention the whole point of this was to look good in a bikini for a vacation we are leaving for on friday!!! Ok sorry for bitching, Ive been reading a lot of stories of you ladies who are just starting out & that kind of helped put me back in my place but obviously not enough! But I havent been able to have a BM in almost a week yikes & have been taking stuff so maybe thats part of it! Anywho TMI I know :) I'm still scheduled for a BA on March 30th, I'm excited but have decided to go much smaller than originally planned being that somehow my girls are already looking smaller in my 34c bras (me thinkee I'm actually a b) so I'm just shooting for a full C cup or worst case small D. I'm sorry for the negative post, just so frustrated..........

Ok so I finally got over my tantrum :) swelling...

Ok so I finally got over my tantrum :) swelling did subside but after 10 days of eating every bad food known to man kind at Disney & vacationing with my parents I got to get my butt back to the gym. It was relaxing tho drinking beer, margaritas etc on the beach but oh well back to reality! So not sure about anyone else but I did talk to tina about this, it seems like around 3 months you have a light of tightness & swelling similar to about 4 weeks PO! Its weird & i dont know how else to describe what I've been feeliing but its that numb, tightness & its around my bb & mostly in the lower abs. I did rock my bikinis at teh beach & yes I was very self conscious & felt naked at 1st I did relax after I realized no one was pointing & laughing or throwing things so i mustve looked normal :) I have my pre op appt for new boobies in an hour!!!! excited but nervous, still on the fence about a size but itll be anywhere from 400-450 depending on what my PS says. Want to thank everyone for their help and support over the past 3 months, some days i'm not sure I wouldve kept my sanity if not for all you amazing women making the journey with me!! :)

Ok ladies I'll start off with I have noticed a...

Ok ladies I'll start off with I have noticed a serious reduction in swelling of my lower abs this week. Not completely gone but it doesnt look like a little pot belly anymore, so maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel!!!! My sides even feel tighter today than they felt yesterday, and its not diet or exercise as I've been sick & havent worked out since saturday! Swelling, drama, scars, & occasional discomfort I am still loving my results & would do this again in a heart beat. some advice for all my sisters under 8 weeks PO & those considering a TT please please please keep in mind that you will NOT look as perfect as the image you have in your mind following surgery!!!! It is a long healing process & a rollercoaster of emotions. Its so hard not to be depressed following surgery, youve just put your body thru a very traumatic procedure, your emotions are out of whack, sometimes theres feelings of guilt, we are coming down from all sorts of medications & we women are so hard on ourselves that its easy to get down! trust me I was a huge drama bomb thruought this all. I questioned everything, I cried prolly hundreds of time but looking back had I just listened to my PS he truly never steered me wrong & I wouldve saved myself a lot of heart ache. lol I was so impatient & wanted my results right now but thats not how it works.This is not the easy way out, it takes work & patience & the strength mentally, emotionally & physically to power thru the rough times. Am I 100% satisfied with how I look, I swear I could be perfect & still find a flaw cuz thats just me but I am 100% happy with how i look. I did this to be happier with my appearance, gain confidence in myself & with how I look, I wanted my body to match my personality & match all the hard work I was putting in at the gym & of course to finally wear that bikini again lol & thinking about it now I have accomplished all those things.I look at my before pic & think wow even when I was super bloated at 4 weeks po I still 1000 times better than this! Ive seen some awesome transforamtions on here & everyone who has the courage to go thru this needs to be proud of themselves. I'm off my soapbox now!!!! LMAO I included some scar pics, they are ok 1 week they look great the next they dont :) Also please keep your fingers crossed as I have a little cold/virus bug & my PS put me on an antibiotic so hopefully I'll be able to have my BA & revision friday!!! I included pics of the drain hole areas that need to be clipped & sewn.

So im done and the BA while not as painful or...

So im done and the BA while not as painful or difficult as the TT the pain is still up there lol. I upped my percocets to 2 instead of 1 so I'm feeling much better now. So I was supposed to get moderate plus profile 450/475 but I woke up from surgery & my ps was trying to talk to me but you know how it is when you come out & they are trying to get your pain reduced lol I vaguely remember him telling me that he gave me 500/475 I cant remember the reason & when I got home & looked at the card i was given with the serial # I had high profile instead of moderate plus. So I was not pleased when I first looked at my huge missles on my chest but I orginially asked for high profile & he told me he only likes to use them on 500 cc's or above so who knows, luckily i trust him so I got over that lil bit of drama lol. so after trying on some shirts I liked my boobs more & more I just wish they were a little closer together so I had a better cleavage but all in all I'm very happy. The scar revision hurts & have to be covered for 5 days so I havent even seen them yet. Also I'm 38 yrs old & was afraid to my dad gave me a 30 min lecture that made me feel about 15 yrs old lol oh well gimme some feedback ladies & tell me they are just swollen & will go down a little :)

Tummy is even more swollen today than yesterday!...

Tummy is even more swollen today than yesterday! So glad I had this BA done while I'm still healing from TT or else this added swelling would really be pissing me off! lol Ugh you guys know me I'm going back & forth over whether or not the boobs are too big for me. Trying to be patient & wait for the swelling to go down. OH & for whoever told me to use bags of frozen peas I love you!! ahh the relief i felt from them on my sides has been like heaven. Still no BM yet but I'm havng a hard time eating, my appetitie is just gone. of course I took more pics of myself in shirts to help me get over my post op depression :P it did cheer me up! I'm taking percocet & neurotonin for nerve pain & it really has me very foggy & loopy cant wait to be done with it. I almost feel like I'm buzzed from drinking when I take it. not sure if anyone else has taken it. Havent been sleeping well either, may have to use the phengrens as sleep meds. Did any of you BA chics have to sleep upright to be comfy or were u in a bed right away? Also did any of you have them closer together instead of so far apart like mine are?

I've missed you all!!!! Been so frickn crazy...

I've missed you all!!!! Been so frickn crazy around here! So I took pics & had every intention of finally posting an update & i cant get the pics from my phone to my laptop! So I'm taking my chubby butt to bed ( the combo of not being able to work out, nice weather & beach bars & a few new restaurant we had to try a few times since we are new to the area have not been kind to my body! lol) the good news is the weight went everywhere else but my tummy & face which is the oppposite of what normally happens. So I'm in bootcamp mode for 4 weeks ;) Anywho I'll get those pics & my update as soon as I can fix this issue. I've missed everybody & am trying to catch up

Ugh I hate postng these pics cuz you can see how...

Ugh I hate postng these pics cuz you can see how much weight I gained!! But anywho my chunky chicken days are over. Hitting it hard this week& Diet has been in check! Tummy still feel funky when I work my abs. Not as strong as I thought I would be but the weight gain may be contributing to that. I've been unable to workout since the implants (march 30th) until this week so its been rough. Anywho I've inclyded some pics of my revision, TT & BL scars. Not as good as I would like but i havent been consistent with the scar therapy either :( All in all I am still thrilled with my TT results (even with my nasty looking scar) & the new big girls (or twins as fit diva called them lol) are amazing! I cant believe how much I love them!! I just wish they would drop into place :)

OK I'm finally back!!! ugh living in florida is...

OK I'm finally back!!! ugh living in florida is tough! We've alrady had 3 separate guests visit us & I need a vacation now after all that excitement! & I have about 5 more pounds to lose just to get back to where I was at 3 months PO but oh well its a viscious cycle!! So I am 6 months PO from my TT/BL & 3 months PO from my BA & I'm still thrilled with my results (especially my new big girls I love those chics!!!) I am having some lower ab swelling (just saw my PS on monday & he wasnt concerned) said I may still see it come and go until December (my 1 year mark) but swelling, scars & all I look 500% better than I did before surgery. And even when I gained some weight back the number on the scale didnt even bother me like it did before! I actually have a tummy & new shape that I'm so proud of & it really shows my journey from delivering my youngest (8 years ago lol) at 225 lbs to now. I think a lot of us on here know how hard the weight struggles can be as we get older & especially after having kids & you sometimes never truly get your body back no matter how hard you work, so even through all the drama & my temper tantrums I feel this was the best present I could ever give myself. My abs still feel sore & a little tight when I work out but I know they are getting stronger every month. I may not have a 6 pack (my diet is still pretty erratic :)) but my goal was to build my self esteem get rid of all that excess skin & hopefully rock a bikini & mission accomplished. Now the BA is the icing on the cake. lol my left is still a little bit higher but the right has completley dropped. He measured me monday & they are 5 mm's off so I'm not complaining. they are so soft & really feel like "real" breasts. An old friend came to see me & it wasnt until I was in my bikini that she noticed that I had implants (I had always been busty in the past) & she liked them so much she was considreing getting some too. I included a few pics, I have been super duper lazy about scar management but they are fading & parts are getting that white-ish line they are supposed to fade into. The pics I attached really dont do my scars justice b/c in person they look much better but my tan lines dont help ;) I hope you all are doing well! I miss my TT sisters

Update: 22 months PO

It's been a long time since I updated lol my bad!! Ok so first off no regrets at all for doing this procedure. Loved Dr Ennis, he was wonderful, scar placement was perfect, while I haven't really done as much as I should've for scar treatment I'm happy with how it looks & it's easily hidden even in skimpier bikini bottoms ;) I will say this DO NOT become complacent once u get this done, you still have to eat right & exercise. I didn't for a long stretch & gained almost 20 lbs, while my tummy was still flat I looked bloated & the weight went to my lower back & love handles. I am now almost back to pre op weight but have focused more on weight training so the scale is obsolete to me. Also for anyone new reading this do not expect a 6 pack after surgery lol u still have to work hard to attain that & with all the swelling for the first 1-2 years it may be discouraging & yes I still swell from time to time but not too bad anymore. I included my 40th bday pic from last week & some scar pics :)
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That 38 yr old body looks fabulous!!! Wow!! those results are just awesome! 
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Girl you look fab! The scar has healed very nicely. I remember we were both complaining about the ropey look. It looks great girl!!!
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Thanks!! It took awhile to get to this point! Lol
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Hey lady! Actually I think your scars look really good! I also neglected this site for awhile and it is so nice to see names I recognize from December. It truly is an ongoing process, even at 6 months p.o., but one well worth it. Aesthetic surgery is NOT for sissy girls...the women I have met through this journey have been inspirational, brave and encouraging. I love the transparancy and honesty as we share the highs and lows of recovery. I am confident that, though I struggle at times, many of the changes that I have made are "real" lifestyle changes and I am so happy that I took that first big step towards the new me!!
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Its great to hear from you!! & you are so right this surgery has really helped me to focus on making positive lifestyle changes. I enjoy my workouts more & I have really incorporated healthier food choices for me & my family. I'm not perfect but ist definitly better. Do you have any new pics??
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Lisee- OMG 6 months already? Seems hard to believe, you have got to be thrilled beyond belief!!! Burn that scale and take a look at those girls in that bikini, you look amazing! Tell me about losing a freaking pound, why is it so hard? Hope you are enjoying the summer and having fun, nice to be in FL, are you down there full time or just over the summer? Good to hear an update!! I am sure when we all hit the 1 year mark it will be happy times!!!
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Glad to see you back! Sorry about your job?..bad deal. You are still my biggest inspiration...one gutsy lady!! :-)
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Hey amber!!!! How have you been??? I saw your last pics & tried cmmenting on them from my phone but it wouldnt let me!!! But you are looking hot mama & ur scar is fading nicely. what are you using onit? Honestly I dont even care about the scale anymore its all on how wmy clothes fit me :) So whats been up chica? Is your recovery coming along better? my hubby is military & retires in 2 years so we will be here until summer 2014. I like it here but dont want to stay & my boys want to go back to Ohio, imagine giving up the beach for snow but they miss it lol
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Looking great lisee.
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Hey lisse38...i hope all is going well...you look amazing...i thank your for sharing your journey...both exciting and sometimes upsetting but what you gave me is hope and courage....I was so scared of the recovery process that I almost did not schedule the tt...but you seemed to have an amazing recovery process...I am listening to your advice about the stool softner...protein diet... anywhoo...you look amazing and thank you!!!
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Thank you!! :) I cant believe its been 6 months already!! I'm going to check out ur profile
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You look aaahsome!! :-)
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Thanks friday is rigt around the corner :)
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yay! can't wait :-)
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your results are super hot!!! You look excellent!
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Thanks T! I cant remember for sure but didnt you have the "dog ears" from the drains too? If so I was just wondering how yours had healed up
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I didn't have dog ears from the actual drains because my drains were placed in a different location. I did have a dog ear though I had to go in and have one revised by my ps the other one corrected itself
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Hey lisee! How are u doing ? Hope great! I have my consultation for lipo of flanks and BA this Thursday. Going to see what happens. My hubby doesn't think I need a BA. Definatly getting lipo of flanks. Judy want to check on you. Hope your doing well and enjoying Ur new body
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Looking hot lisee38! The tummy and the girls look good! I hope you enjoy your summer.
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Looking awesome! I need me a new set of twins!!! Been thinking about it!!!
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Thanks T! I do really love them, I did not expect to be this happy about getting them.
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Im happy for you! I would be super excited to have them!!! LOL
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Lisee- a chunky chicken??? Girl you are so crazy you look freaking fabulous I would take that chunky chicken bod anyday!!!! I hear ya on the working out, finally this week I could go back, 8 weeks of sitting on my fat ass and I lost weight now I am back at it and gaining, WTH?????? OMG the frustration, I am sure it is probably swelling! the girls look amazing! I lost my job and I thought darn it why wasn't it last month when I was struggling with this surgery but oh well, corporate layoff, 20 of us lost our jobs, so now I have to get better and loo for a new one, I have been uninspired to post on here, but had to tell you-you look great, your boobs, wowser!!!! They look awesome I think your scar is looking good, you are not tanning it are you? Make sure you are covering that well or it can stay darker. I cover with 3M tape and then rub SPF 50 on it it is a freaking procedure.
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Amber I'm so sorry to hear about your job!! I really hope you find the job you want & quickly :) dont stress out about the weight, I was my heaviest at 8-10 weeks, & than a big reduction is swelling happened & I was normal again. It happened again at weeks 14-16 too ugh. I'm so weak at the gym & winded quickly but you gotta start somewhere. I have the body type that gains muscle or fat quickly so I'm hoping after a good 2 weeks of eating good & hitting it hard I'll be back on track. Hows your healing going other than the swelling? You sound a little down but I know you are going thru a lot right now. Thnaks for your sweet words I appreciate it. I have been missing this board lol. I'm not tanning but I have been going to the beach & I think I better start putting sun screen on my scar. even though it cant be seen it still may get some rays. Keep in touch chica & keep your head up, Your a good person & good things will happen for you
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You look awesome lisee!! Your twins are fabulous!! They'll drop soon. And your belly still looks fab even if you feel blah from not working out in a while. I love love love your scar shape - looks low and easy to cover in suits.

I'm glad you mentioned that you had a swell session at week 14-16. I'd gotten into the low to mid 140s for a couple of weeks (for the first time in years) and feeling good then BAM I'm up 4 or 5 lbs but not doing anything differently. And I do feel more swollen than usual. Come on tt I'm 4 freaking months out! lol

What are your travel dates to T-town?
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