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Went to my second pre-op appt and was advised that...

Went to my second pre-op appt and was advised that I would need to wear a "mu-mu" type dress that zips or buttons up the front. I was told taking a shirt off over my head would be to difficult. She said it would be very uncomfortable for several days to try and lift my arms over my head. REALLY?? I've been reading alot of posts on this great website, and have yet to find anyone that lists this as a side effect.

The word "mu mu" makes me cringe. What did you wear home from your surgery and in the days to follow. Will I be able to wear a good ole pair of comfy sweats?

I've been living in a large pair of my husband's sweatpants or a pair of his shorts. On top, usually a zip up hoodie or a large shirt that's not clingy. I have also been going commando...I got enough going on down there, last thing I need to be fighting with is a pair of undies!
I have been wearing maxi dresses and like sleeveless lounge dresses since Tuesday when I came home. Sweat pants would only make me hot especially considering I have on a compression garment and circulation stockings .
ha ha.. I have heard of a moo-moo and that is a oversized snapped top that grandmother worn over top of their clothes or around the just to keep you comfortable so you can move freely.It works especially when you in a rush to get to the bathroom..LOL

I'm starting to get alittle nervous. Just two...

I'm starting to get alittle nervous. Just two more days till my full TT & flank lipo!! The date has come so quickly. Just want to have it done, and get on with the recovery process. Wanted to post my before pics. I'm 40, two kids, 5'6" 140 lbs. Thanks to everyone for all your post-op updates. Its helped so much to hear how everyone is doing.
Wow, your day has come and gone already ! Wish a speedy recovery. Hope your doin well. Take it easy :-)
Hope your surgery went well!
Hope you are doing well:) Check in when you have a moment.

I had my surgery at 8:45am today. Knock on wood I am sore (to be expected) but overall mentally I am good:) So far meds are agreeing with me.

Very tough to move but overall happy that I am now working toward recovery. I have a follow up tomorrow at 10:15am then I am off for home:) It will be nice to be home currently in a hotel as my home is two hours from

Four days post op. Basically been living in my...

Four days post op. Basically been living in my recliner. My husband has been an absolute god send! He's waited on me like I'm a princess and taken care of the house and kids with no complaints. Surgery went well. Arrived at PS office at 6:30 and I was home by 2:30. First night was not very eventful, I even was posting on the March TT Forum. The next morning I starting feeling more and more sore. Went to my first post op appt and was told everything looked great which was nice to hear, but I couldn't see a thing. My husband snapped a couple of pictures, but its really to hard and to soon see see anything. By that evening I was itching like crazy, and discovered I'm allergic to percocet. PS called in a new script for percodan and ever since the pain has been manageable. By the 3rd day still hadn't had a BM and the gas was rumbling like crazy, but after some help from a suppository, I'm happy to say all that has subsided. (Sorry, I know alot of TMI, but I'm just trying to be honest). I won't lie, the drains are the absolute worse thing for me. I still don't know why some people get them and others don't. They don't really get in my way because they are clipped to the binder, but they do hurt when I stand. I have two, one at each hip and sometimes it feels like a knife being stabbed into me. My PS requires I stay at a 90 angle when walking so the walker really helps. I have lots of pillows underneath my legs while reclining and several behind my back. My biggest suggestion is have help lined up, you'll need it. Stay ahead of the pain. Don't wait to hurt to take your meds, it'll just take longer to get the relief you'll need. Eat bland clear foods the first few days. Soups, crackers, apple sauce, water, gatorade, gingerale. Ask anyone on here any questions you have! This website has helped me so much before and after my surgery. I was nervous going in, but not scared. I knew from reading everyone else's reviews what I needed to expect and what I knew I needed to concentrate on to get through this. My recovery process is new and I still have a long way to go, but I've come this far and know I can get through the rest.

Here are two pics my husband took today. I was still in the recliner, so the one of my stomach isn't the greatest. More to come next week, hopefully Tuesday when the drains come out!!!!
Wow, from that picture everything looks great! Thanks for the update and letting us know what foods to eat post op!
Just popped over to check on your progress. You look great!! I'm looking forward to more pictures when you are up to it. :)

2 Week pictures!!

2 Week pictures!!

how are you doing now? any more pics to share? i'm thinking of going to azurin, not a lot of reviews for him on here..he does great work! :)
looking good. keep us posted.
wow, what a great job your PS did! I plan on wearing my sun dresses...they are not tight fitting, should accommodate my drains and are you recommend I wear something else based on experience?
Daniel Azurin

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