1 year update TT with MR and BR 3/23/12

Will be updating with pics and experience after...

Will be updating with pics and experience after surgery. Scheduled for 3/23/12. I'm 46 yrs old. 2 daughters in their 20's and 3 yr old grandson. I'm 5' weigh 130, 34 DD with lots of back and neck pain. I also have scoliosis with chronic low back pain. Hoping surgery will help with some of my issues. Excited and nervous.


iam to grandma of 8 three daugther 21 ,27,28 iam get tt ,mr,lipo iam very nervous some of my family sisters tell me not to but iam not happy with my belly and i keep getin a rash comes and go iam 45 yrs i go 4/2/12 old but anyways my prayers are with u to
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Good luck with your procedure Ana...I will be having the same thing done in 7 days
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Thank you. Good luck to you also. I'll do my best to update asap.

2 days post op and feeling pretty good. Surgery...

2 days post op and feeling pretty good. Surgery went well but just had a bad reaction to anesthesia. I always get naseua and the gave me drugs to prevent it including emend but they did not work. The pain a naseua was terrible in the recovery room. Naseua continued until 9 pm, 12 hours. That was the worst of it. Stayed overnight and got the pain pump unhooked at 6:00 am. I was released at 3:00. Drive home was fine. I got settled in my moms room which was downstairs. Made it upstairs to my bed today. I used a step stool to get on the bed. That helped alot since I'm short and the bed is high. PS used glue for all my sutures except the belly button and drains. The drains hurt sometimes when i move a certain way. I am able to get around pretty good just need help getting in and out of bed. I saw my belly for the first time today. It looks amazing. I have not seen my breast yet but they are definitely alot smaller. We were going for a full B.

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Took my first shower 2 days post op. Got my first...

Took my first shower 2 days post op. Got my first view of the new breast. Wow they look amazing. Hubby likes them too. I was very tender around the breast area. I was careful not to rub too hard. Shower felt so good. Had the Hubby dry me off with the hair dryer on a low setting. Did the antibiotic ointment around my bellybutton and drains. All set. So far so good.


Hi st joseph1404. I was so nervous too. I'm 2 days post op and feeling pretty good. It is much less painful than my c-section and tubal. 1 day post op I was able to get up and pee without too much pain. I hope you do well. Once you see your tummy you'll feel so much better. Good luck.
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Day 3 post op and had a mishap this morning. Went...

Day 3 post op and had a mishap this morning. Went to pull my pants down to pee and my drain bulb dropped down. It was pretty full and heavy so it dropped with some force. It pulled on my flesh as it dangled. The pain was intense! Thank goodness it didn't pull out. It was instant tears. Won't be doing that again. It's still sore when I applied the antibiotic cream. No bm yet. Took Miralax , ducolax and an herbal tea. Nothing yet. I'm feeling yucky because of this. Should feel alot better once I finally have a bm. Getting in and out of bed on my own now. Tried cutting back on the meds today but by 8:00 pm I was feeling some pain from the Tt incision. Took my meds and feel better now. I got a good look at my Tt scar and it's looking good. It's a long scar and kinda scary looking. I'll take some post op pics tomorrow after my shower.


Your shape looks similar to mine. Cant wait to see your after pics!
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I'll be thrilled if I look as good as you do. You look fantastic! Your scars are healing up nicely too. Congratulations. I want the swelling to go down a little more before taking some after pics.
You had an awesome shape to begin with im sure you look more fabulous now. can't wait to see your upadated results! May you continue to have a speedy recovery!
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7 wks post op. Feeling almost normal. Still have...

7 wks post op. Feeling almost normal. Still have some swelling and and little muscle pain
From the muscle repair. Can't wear my jeans yet because the stiffness of the waist band hurts
My tummy. Still wearing my soft banded gym pants. PS said at my 6 wk visit that everything looks good. My incisions are looking great. I have to keep a comp garment on during the day still. No core exercises yet. Can only do leg and upper body. Haven't made it to the gym yet. Maybe next week.

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Finally, pictures :) 7 wks post op. still some...

finally, pictures :) 7 wks post op. still some swelling but i'm really happy with the results so far.


Wow Ana, you look amazing.
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Thank you :) ! I am really liking the new boobs. Everything fits so much better. I think I'm a 32B now because I tried on a 34B and was too big around the rib cage. I haven't gone regular bra shopping yet. They are still a little sore.
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OMG!!!! All i can say is you look great! Your Dr. Is you look awesome .your breast look so perk and your tummy looks incredible to. Congrats on the fabulous results and thank you for posting pics!
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Found another good before pic and a couple of 2...

Found another good before pic and a couple of 2 day post op pics. Just when I started dieting and going to the gym, I got the flu and feel crappy. If I feel better this weekend I want to try and go bra shopping. Cant wait :) !


Wow.....you look so fabulous!!!!!!!i
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Thank you Sunny :). I wish you the best results and a speedy recovery. Good luck with your surgery. Your before pics look great so you are going to look amazing afterwards.
Cannot wait!!!!lets keep in touch!

Bra shopping pics. I'm a 34C now. not sure how...

Bra shopping pics. I'm a 34C now. not sure how many here had a TT along with a BR. I updated my BR review with the details. It was a great day! 8 wks post op and feeling good enough to shop for 6 hours :)


Hi Ana, u look great!
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Thank you msbeas! But holy cow, look at you with that flat tummy! You are rocking that pink bikini. Congrats you look awesome!

Hi ladies. Hope everyone is doing well. I got the...

Hi ladies. Hope everyone is doing well. I got the flu last week. I have been coughing, blowing my nose and hacking yuck stuff for 6 days now. It does not stop. My tummy muscles are so sore and I feel more swollen. This is no fun. I am tired :(. I did start using the silicone scar sheets on the end of my incisions. I'll do an update about that. Hope it helps. Happy memorial day everyone!


I am more motivated to go ahead with my TT, in th gym working out 45mins daily, trying to firm anything I can, think I am shooting for end of the year, so I can get sufficient time off. I am apprehensive about the scarring.
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Good for you! So exciting. Hopefully the scars won't be too bad for you. It looks scary for the first 2 wks. As soon as you are able try massaging the scar and then apply mederma. It worked well for me. My scar is so light now at 9 wks post. I started the silicone scar sheets today applying to the ends of the incision. I'll let you know how that works.

9 wks post op pics. lost a few pounds and I start...

9 wks post op pics. lost a few pounds and I start Brazilian butt lift excersize videos this weekend. hope I can stick with it. I need to improve the back view that's for sure! I am pumped! :) The silicone scar strips are irritating my skin a little. Don't know if I will continue much longer. It's only been 2 days.


Thank you Mygirls :). I'm feeling really good. I see your day is coming up soon. I'll post on your review.
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Holy Smokes!! Lookin' good! :D
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Hi there Smiley. The worst is over. I was disappointed at first because I didn't look like the after pics on here. After swell hell was over I was able to see my new tummy! Hang in there my friend it's going to look great! Thank you :)
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I over did it this weekend. I went to star wars...

I over did it this weekend. I went to star wars weekend in Disney Orlando. Way too hot, too much walking and too much sitting in the car / 3 hr drive. Had fun but my tummy is sore and swollen again. Darn it! I felt so good but I now realize I am still healing. On a very personal note and I hope I don't offend anyone... My Hubby said to me last night that the view of my body from on top is beautiful. He says my breast were looking back at him instead of hanging to the side. He said he can't believe my flat tummy and how amazing I look. He got a little misty eyed. It was so nice to hear those words :). We have been married for 23 years. He's a wonderful man and I'm lucky to have him.


Wow congrats! You look amazing :D
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On this site there's no such thing as tmi! How fabulous for you that your husband loves it! You look awesome!
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Thank you so much Great2! You're rocking that bikini :). Hey I'm 11 wks and still swollen. Patience patience :).

Time for bikini pics :0) !! 11 wks post op. I may...

Time for bikini pics :0) !! 11 wks post op. I may try swimming today and get some exercise. hope everyone has a good weekend and happy healing!


he he he.....well doesn;t that just prove how fabby you look. What a compliment that is eh...."can you make me look like my friend?" woot woooo
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Hi fluffy :). Had you seen my reply to you on your other comment? This thing is funky sometimes. Its up there if you didn't see it. The funny thing with my friend is that she is 63 yrs old. My ps is thinking "damn! Pressure's on!"
lol....your fluffy cloud tummy. :) I think you look amazing though. Lol at your friend....I need a friend like that. ha ha ha. Your surgeon must be thinking "i better make a great job of this one!" I can't believe my date is coming up soon. Little stressed about the credit card coming through in time....yikes! They said I can wait to pay it right up until the day before so hopefully it will all be fine. I have just over 2 weeks to go. eeeeeeeee

Hi ladies :) felt more like myself today than I...

Hi ladies :) felt more like myself today than I have since surgery. Baked cupcakes!! PB&J - vanilla cake with strawberry jam filling topped with cream chs an peanut butter frosting and a nutter butter cookie for decor. Oreo cookie - chocolate cake with chocolate pudding filling topped with cream chs and Oreo crumb frosting and a mini Oreo for decor. Made the for my nephews grad party. They were a big hit. By 7:00 pm I had to lay down for a little bit. Tummy was starting to hurt. I wore my jeans for the first time. They were my tight ones that are now loose :). Everyone complimented my new figure except for one lady who said I looked wider. Whatever! Tummy has been more sore than usual and a little more swelling. I think when I'm on my feet too long it aggravates things. Boobs on the other hand are doing marvelous!


I guess I don't mind saying the word Grandma anymore either since I'm back to looking normal again.
I just wrote your Doctor an email since I was so impressed with how you look. You have the perfect Tummy Tuck & incision & You have the perfect breasts.
No wonder your husband likes them, he's not crazy. You really got lucky girl to have 2 surgeries turn out that well.
I'm feeling great. I went back to work 5 weeks after having:
1. Face lift with fat grafting
2. Neck lift
3. Rhinoplasty
4. Blephaplasty (eyes upper & lower)
5. Tummy Tuck with liposuction
Probably a little to early since I clean houses. The vacuuming just about killed me, pushing & pulling. No wonder my Core (Abs) are hard, tight, & belong to a 20 year old.

I still tape my incision & wear my 2ND stage body suit. It's time to start massaging my Tummy Tuck scar. I am in desperate need of that breast, arm, & inner thigh lift due to the weight loss.

I think for 2 months out, my tummy is looking pretty darn good for a 61 year old & I'm actually LOVING IT. It's to bad I'm not in my 30's again, I would be going out to the beach this summer in my bikini. The bikini top I have on is the last one I ever wore, DAMN IT. atleast I kept it. After the weight gain, I just never got back out there, maybe someday (with more surgeries) but by then I'll be looking for a 90 year old man.

Well, better late than never. I had to tell my daughter not to worry, I won't be going out anywhere in that bikini top. It's just that I got tired of holding those 2 big droopy tubers I call boobs up while taking pictures of my Tummy Tuck to post.

Again, Take care & heal well
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The best of luck to you! Keep me posted about dr morales. I go see him again next month.
Yes, that's me. I had always been tiny, 106 to 110lbs. I wore that bikini until I was almost 50 years old. I had always had a nice body until I was injured and put on steroids & my body & face were so swollen up like a Balloon / Marshmellow and I gained a ton of weight because of the prednisone. Then I just seemed to give up & not care anymore, gained more weight & went up to 213 lbs. I got tired of the way I was looking, started to exercise, & diet, firmed up my core(abs), and lost 77lbs over 1 year, scheduled my 5 surgeries & just went for it. I had my surgeries April 17,2012, 8 weeks ago. Now because of the weight lose I now need my Legs, Arms, & Breast done (Lifts). Remember, You've come this far, Never let yourself go from this point on, because your worth it.(that is if your done having babies)
You should see my facelift pictures, they'd blow your mind. They're posted under: "greenblackpurple(the color I was) 61 years old & I would do it again"
Take Care & Heal Well
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13 wks post. new pic of my scar. Its getting...

13 wks post. new pic of my scar. Its getting lighter and smoother. i'm using Palmer's skin therapy oil to massage with at night and Mederma after my shower in the morning. The inside of my bb is still dark and I'm not sure if it will stay that way. I have a small lump on my right side at the incision line. Could be scar tissue it doesnt hurt or anything. I have my next appt with my ps in a couple of weeks. I'll have him check it out. Still some soreness in my left upper abs and a little swelling in my lower abs and pelvic area. wearing my spanks shorts and that is helping with the swelling that settled in my hips and thighs. trying, tring to loose some weight. I want to loose about 10 more lbs. I think that will help with the chunky thighs. it's always something :). hope everyone is healing well !!


I am considering Dr. Morales for my tummy tuck and breast lift. Is the total cost for both of your procedures? I'm looking for the BEST surgeon that I can afford. Your results are PHENOMENAL! You look awesome!
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Hi Dianna :). That was the estimate and what I had to pay up front. Still getting some hospital bills after surgery. I'm fighting one for $ 1100. My insurance covered the BR procedure. Without the ins the estimate was $11,000. He is really great and specializes in tummies and breasts. Hosp he uses is memorial west on flamingo rd. thank you for the compliment! I'm thrilled he was able to get my looking this good ;).
Hi Ana! You are looking gorgeous. Wow!
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Nothing to report, just sitting in a hot sauna...

Nothing to report, just sitting in a hot sauna right now. Got my dates mixed up and my ps appt is this Friday. So I'm in the gym trying to shed a few pounds before Friday. I know I'm stupid like he notices. But that's me :). I got a couple of issues to discuss with him but I'm sure he'll say wait until the 6 months. Hope everyone has a nice 4th. I plan to be in my bikini swimming tomorrow :).


u look great love the swim suit i cant wait
taking 4 ever
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Thank you so much SJ!! What's going on with your hemo? Are you still getting treatment?
You look great. You must be thrilled
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Hello all :). I had my 15 wk post op visit with my...

Hello all :). I had my 15 wk post op visit with my PS yesterday. It went very well! The issues I had to discuss with him will be resolved. I have a dent on my left hip posted pics. He did do lipo there but I think by wearing the wrong compression garment something went wrong. I should have worn one with legs all along. I don't think my scoliosis helps either because I had that ndent before but I think it's worse now. Who knows... So we are going to wait until I am at my goal weight of 10 lbs lighter at 115 lbs. We'll see how it looks then. If it doesn't improve he will extend the incision and take off additional skin from the top and bottom. he said I have a lot of stretch marks there which is not helping. So I will not have to live with that, thank goodness! How much is it going to cost me? he said zero, nothing, that his work is 100% gauranteed. He will fix whatever is needed at no cost. HUGE relief!! I was so happy to hear that. So we will wait and see what happens. The other main issue I had was with my right breast. I won't bore you ladies with that and posted it on my BR review. He said he doesn't want me to lose too much weight. 10 lbs is ok but no more. He doesn't want for my skin to sag too much. He said try to tone up also and build some more muscle because that will help maintain the tightness. Makes perfect sense. I told him how happy I was with the results! he was really impressed on how good my scars looked. He said it was really amazing and ran his hands across my TT scar and really admired it :) He looked proud...yay!!! All good news and I am so happy I chose him. Hope you ladies have a good weekend and happy healing!!
PS...I am adding another another $1350 to my cost because apparently I hadn't met my out of pocket annual expense I am responsible for the 20% :(


Thanks for that info. I had to take a shower tonight... I just couldn't stand it anymore (still have right drain in). Anyway washed up w/Dial anti bacterial soap felt pretty good. I know it's only a couple days away until I get the last drain out but, I seriously needed that shower!
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wow it sounds like you have very sensitive skin. So when you were cleared to take your first shower, did you use what you normally used to wash the incision area?
I was wondering if I should use anti bacterial soap for a couple of days while that area is healing & scabbing. I'll ask the my PS too when I see him on Thurs.
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Hi ready. I used antibacterial foamy soap until my drains were out. Then i went back to my oil of olay soap and got a bad rash so I tried some natural oatmeal soap but It Was too drying. That's when I tried the no-soap wash. Bingo that worked. Good luck with your ps visit.

16 wks pics. Scar is fading nicely and still have...

16 wks pics. Scar is fading nicely and still have a little swelling. Very little soreness now almost non existent. I have been wearing my CG less. If I see increased swelling I wear it for a couple of days and it gets better. Using Palmer's skin therapy oil mostly. Mederma is used less beacuse my scar is very flat and the oil seems to help fade the scar more. Jeans are still an issue when I sit so I can only wear my very loose ones or wear them when I won't be sitting too much. Hope you are all healing well and good luck to the upcoming surgery ladies!!


Hi Ana I hope things are going well. Just had a question for you: within the first couple weeks post op (or anytime for that matter) did you find that you had days where you felt really big and bloated and others where you felt nice n flat ..... or have you had a nice flatness the majority of the time? I was so nice and flat and now I feel so swollen so I don't know how to feel! I know seromas are common but besides that, I'm trying to see how many of us here had some swelling unrelated to seromas (or complications for that matter). I've been taking it very easy and resting but back to work in 5 days :(. Oh and when did you stop wearing your garment? Thanks hope all is well :)
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Hi there :). The swelling part was the worst. I didn't start looking flat till about wk 5. After that I would have good and bad days. I'm still wearing a CG. Ps said I didnt have to wear it unless I wanted to. I still have a little skin sensitivity and some swelling so the CG helps with that. I wear my CG during the day and definitely when exercising. I'm at 4 months. Hang in there. What you are going through sounds normal.
Thank you Gigi :)!
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Got a new dress, posted pics fully dressed for a...

Got a new dress, posted pics fully dressed for a change :). Went to a baby shower on South Beach. Talk about beautiful bodies wearing close to nothing! I felt so much more confident and actually got a couple of compliments from perfect strangers. I thought it was so nice to be noticed in the land of the beautiful people, LOL!


Ny you're at 3 months!! Congrats. You're appt will be here before you know it. Best of luck to you. I just went in on Thursday to get my dog ear removed off my right breast. It was a piece if cake. Stitches come out in a week.
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Hey ana Im doing great! How are you coming along? Im hanging in there. The swelling continues to go away, im still doing my massages now im patiently waiting for my appt oct 1st to see what he says about my doggy ears. I cant believe sept 18th i will be 3 months po.
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thanks so much for the suggestion. i'm gonna look up dr morales
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Hi Ladies :). I'm at 6 months post and everything...

Hi Ladies :). I'm at 6 months post and everything has been healing nicely. still have some sore abs and I mentioned it to my surgeon the other day and he said i'm still healing. it's perfectly normal. I decided to go ahead and do the revision on my hip. I will schedule it for nov-dec. just got done with my breast revision and that went really well. posted on my BR review. i havent been exercising too much but i am going to start. I haven't lost anymore weight either. I was feeling really pudgy the other day so I took a pic of my tummy and it didn't look bad. posting the pic :). i'm really happy with my tummy and my scar is looking really light. i'm fitting into size 4 now so that's 2 sizes down! i cant wait to tone up and look a little better. i'll update again when i lose some darn weight!! happy healing ladies :). oh and I have to mention that i have been getting refunds from the surgery. I got $590 back from my surgeon for double paying my deductible. $140 back from the hospital and the $1100 the hospital said i owed has been wiped out. lucky, lucky!


what was the total with everything
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Ana313 - You look great. May I ask if you got implants w/ your BL? Your breasts look fabulous.
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I have a dent in my hip and extra skin and fat. Very different from my right hip. Ps will extend the incision and pull up the thigh and pull down the hip. Should smooth it out. He does the minor revisions in his office under local anesthesia. No charge or extra cost to me. How are you doing?

I finally scheduled my hip revision. It will be on...

I finally scheduled my hip revision. It will be on 11/13. I hope it goes smooth since I had no real issues with the dogear revision. I have lost some weight but the bump on my hip did not go away. I definitely have more loose skin on the left side. I'll post updated pics soon. Hope everyone is doing well :).


Ana313, you look GREAT!!!!!!!!
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Thank you so much :). I just saw your amazing transformation! You look awesome. Wait till the swelling goes down. It takes a while but well worth it!
Hey Ana how are you? I see your still looking great. I know you cant wait to to get your revision done. Im still hanging in there, getting my revision in january. Hope all goes well
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Posting pics of my hip before I get the revision...

posting pics of my hip before I get the revision on 11/13. the extra skin will get taken off and hopefully even out the bump on that side. I can barely grab the skin on the right hip but get a handful on the left. I think i'm just lopsided from my scoliosis. My ps did an amazing job and is doing this revison at no cost. I hope ladies out there are healing well. this is a long process and the swelling does take a long time to go down. I think I can finally say I dont see anymore swelling. I do still get a little puffy when I eat high sodium foods. I am so happy I did this and so fortunate to have found such a wonderful surgeon. I'm looking forward to starting the healing process after this last revision. Piece of cake :)!


You look amazing!!
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Thank you so much worknonit ! I wish you the best on your surgery coming up.
Good Luck Ana! You still look freaking amazing!
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Got through revision #2 today. Wow! More intense...

Got through revision #2 today. Wow! More intense than expected. I had a lot of loose skin that needed to be removed. I think it's about a 9 inch incision. Since it was going to be such a long cut he gave me the option of doing it under general at the hospital. I have such a bad reaction to general anesthesia that I would rather not go through that. So I went ahead with the procedure under local. He drew on me with the sharpie and it was a lot of skin that was coming off. He started the series of injections and they were much more painful than the br revision. Ouchy 20 times I think. That is a sensitive area I guess. That was the worst of it. He cut the eye shaped section out and started the layers of stitching. Got a pic of the skin flap. It was so fatty, yuck! I'm resting right now after changing my dressing. I'm still bleeding a little. I can shower tomorrow but I may wait another day because of the bleeding. He gave my antibiotics to take. I have some leftover Percocet and took 1/2 of one before the pain got any worse. He wants me to wear a compression garment for 3-4 days and warned that there may be some bruising. Its so weird how the body reacts. Im already swollen up. Swell hell again? damn, i didnt miss that part!! Go back in a week to get the end stitches out. I'm so glad this is over with. I'm also so thankful to my ps for taking such good care of me. The revision is at no cost. Wonderful man!!


You look awesome! BR and TT. Your surgeon is very talented. You must be thrilled with your results. Happy healing on your revision. I'm sure it was worth it!
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Thanks so much Eluna! I think my ps is amazing. I'm really happy and he transformed my body. I did not expect such a drastic change. I'm glad this last phase is done. I told him I had to be healed up by thanksgiving he said I would be. Fingers crossed :).
AAww hey ana glad your doing well. Time is really flying I didnt realize it was the 13th today. How are you feeling?
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Day 3 pic of hip revision. He called it a thigh...

Day 3 pic of hip revision. He called it a thigh lift. Works for me. It's looks pretty gory, sorry. It was bleeding the first day and that's just dried blood now on the tape. I did not feel any pain this morning but later this afternoon it was sore from sitting. I think it looks a lot worse than it feels right now. I'm trying to take it easy for another couple of days. I'm not good at doing that! Hope everyone is healing well :).


You look so dam good !! Did you pay $ 5,400 for tummy tuck and breast reduction or was it more ? Can you tell me the total in all.
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Hi Barbara k :). Thank you so much. I paid 5400 for the TT and 815 for the BR. Probably another $500 or so in other ins payments. My ins paid for the BR and combining the 2 procedures saved a few hundred $. I love my ps and the work he did on me. I feel really lucky :).
Amazing results xx
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Stitches came out on Tuesday. Totally painless. He...

Stitches came out on Tuesday. Totally painless. He said everything looked good. Keeping tape on it for now. Posted a new pic of the incision. I cooked for thanksgiving and probably over did it. By the end if the evening I was hurting. Rested the following day and all better now. Ps said no follow up needed so I'm done. Once I'm healed up I really want to try and start running and getting into an excercise routine. I need to get in shape.


Happy Holidays! Just checking in on you... hope you're doing well:)
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Just curious did your tt include lipo of your abdomen?
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Hi miss Miami :). No abdomen lipo. Just a little on the flanks and hips. He said he would carve out some fat from the upper abs. I didn't confirm if he did or not. I'm thinking he probably did.

2012 will be remembered as my rewind year. Surgery...

2012 will be remembered as my rewind year. Surgery was the best thing I could have done and I am so grateful to Dr Morales and also to all of the lovely ladies on here who have shared their stories. You are all brave and amazing women! Best wishes to all in 2013. I posted a recent pic. Notice the big smile? :). The hip revision is almost healed and looking good. Just a little tenderness still.


Hi Ana hope your doing well. I had my scar revision and swell hell has started again I wanted to ask you after your revision did you have swelling and how long did that last. Was it as bad as the first time. Than you hope to hear from u soon take care
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Hi :) Sorry, I haven't had too much time to be on here lately. Hope your rev is going smoothly. I had about 2 wks of swelling. It was not as bad as the original TT. I wore my CG for about 4 wks. I'm still a tiny bit sore from the incision but its mostly on my backside. It doesn't help that have a desk job and sitting all day. Hope you are good and avoid the salt! I still swell up if I over do it on the salty goods. My legs even swell up. Keep us updated.
Wow you look amazing! Congrats
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Hi lovely ladies :)! i haven't updated in a while...

Hi lovely ladies :)! i haven't updated in a while but i have been reading some updates. I finally got around to taking some new pics. I celebrated my 1 year post op on 3/23/13 and my 47th birthday in March too. I'm really happy with the surgery and trying to get more active now. Started walking/jogging and it's going well i think. I also started doing a little yoga. My low back has been acting up again from my scoliosis so i'm hoping the excercising will help with the pain. if i strengthen my abs and back it may help. went off my dieting for a while and gained some weight but i got back on my healthier eating routine and dropped the added pounds. The ab muscles still get a little sore but they sure are tight so i can't complain too much. it's been 6 months since the rev on my hip and the scar is still healing. it should lighten up some more. Tummy is still pretty numb especially around the BB. I think thats permanent now, not a big deal. not much too report. Life is good and the hubby and i are now doing date nights :)! After 24 years, it's about damn time!! Happy healing :)!


hey ana313 wow now i see why u n i r soo much alike lol i guess we all slack off a bit what can i say girl its soo hard to stay sexy i too gained weight n it sucks but i have been eating way better and been doing my jillian michaels dvds for a good month now like 4xs a week which is better than nothing right???=))well hon good luck to u n i think u look amazing still stay motivated for sure!!
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You have the body of a twenty year old!! Thank you for the up date so far out.. it is good to hear. I am only 7 weeks out and feeling the usual frustrations with size and swelling... to know that things improve as time goes on is very reassuring. Interesting re the hip revision... your before pic looks very similar to mine!
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Hi cwtch :). Thank you so much!! My before pic was a mess! Congrats on your surgery. 7 wks is early on. But hang in there things will start looking much better soon. It will all be worth it :).
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5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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