Six yrs ago I had a C-section(10lb 13oz baby)then...

Six yrs ago I had a C-section(10lb 13oz baby)then 3 yrs later I had my second child (of course by C-section (another 10lb baby). Due to gaining so much weight with each pregnancy then loosing the weight right away I have tons of extra skin that hangs over my c-section scar. I wanted a tummy tuck but at the time my very controlling husband refused to let me have.. A year ago I got a divorce and determined I would save to get my long wanted goal of a tummy tuck! I am also getting breast implants (nursed both kids so you know that means..breast arent so perky).I am finally going to get that!! My surgery is scheduled for March 2, 2011 (yeah 11 days away)and I am nervous of what to expect. I took two weeks off of work (thats all I could do)and will have someone taking care of me..lots of questions thou! What to bring day of surgery?At my pre-opt they kinda scared me about the "drainage pump"..any tips from someone who has already had this? only 9 days away and I am both excited and... only 9 days away and I am both excited and nervous..I have read a lot online but just mainly worried about the pain ( I am a big wimp). I am hoping that I will really be able to go back to work after two weeks ( 18 days total from work off) cause that's all I can take!! Single mom of two kids!! And that I will be almost back to normal ( meaning able to take care of kids,wash laundry,clean house etc) cause my sister who is coming from out of town to care for me can only stay for 9 days (all day/night) then will only be able to "pop in" here and there to check on me! Taking pics this weekend and will post (which is hard for me to do but what the heck! I am embarrassed to even change tops in front of anyone in fear of them seeing my stomach!!)

Also check out Kimmers' Tummy Tuck Survival Guide and JenBob's 10 Things I wish I'd known before my Mommy Makeover.

Please keep us posted on your Mommy Makeover journey!


How exciting that you are finally able to do this for yourself :)   It is the best thing I ever did for myself and have no regrets.

The day of surgery just dress in comfy clothes.  A zip up hoodie and some elastic waist athletic pants.  Also slip on shoes are very helpful.  

Also make sure you have a couple of pillows for the car ride home. 

The drains are more of a pain in the butt than anything.  But remember they are temporary and play an important part in the process.  I did not have a pain pump so could not answer that question. 

Keep us up to date on your progress and do share the pictures.
Wow is that Kimmers25!? I saw your post or article of " the 12 things I wish I knew before I had my tummy tuck" which lead me to this site! I was laughing at everything you said (ex: how it only hurt when you laughed,cried,breathed,sneezed etc) but it was very helpful so I am having a clearer picture of what to expect! I am getting excited as for I only have 9 days to go! I am more excited to see the final outcome ( of course months down the road when the swelling had gone away and I can get into the gym again). Is there anything I can do to help speed up the process of the drainage!? Or how long did you have your!? My doc said most people have only a week but some have for longer...I go back to work and don't want to "hide it" in the "sexy fanny pack" they will be giving me...Also were you able to care for yourself after a week? My sis is staying with me to help but only for 9 days...

Well almost less then a week away!! I can't...

Well almost less then a week away!! I can't wait for the big day.. At my pre opt I was told I might have some swellen ( for the tummy tuck)for a while and was wondering how long after surgery are you "swollen" for!? Should I buy a pair or two of bigger size pants to fit into until the swellen goes down? I am also hoping that I go with the right size of breast implants! Girls in the office (who have had ) tell me they wish they had gone bigger..I don't want to have to redue them a year from now! I am currently a "C" ( saggy) and will be getting 600ccs..Any tips!?
I know how excited you are, since my surgery is on the same day! I hope all your prep is going well and time is flying by for you!!!
Wow!! Congrats to you too Delyn1369!! What are you having done? We will have to keep each other posted!
I am having a tummy tuck with hernia repair using surgical mesh, a breast augmentation with 600 cc silicone gel in under the muscle, and lipo of the flank area. We will definitely have to stay in touch!!

A week away!!!! Trying to get all my house work...

A week away!!!! Trying to get all my house work done before the big day but it seems never ending!!!LOL..
Thank you so much for keeping me posted after your surgery!! It helps so much to read how everyone is doing. Right now I have really small boobs!lol 34AA so I am going with a conservative size implant 350cc. It might put me in a large C.. I think? That's the range I want to stay in. If you want to see what I look like pre-op I have pics in my review. Well, I think I will go clean something!!lol! That's all I want to do these days :)
Good luck on your mommy makeover!! It's coming quickly for you...can I trade places??lol! Mine is scheduled for March 11. I am so ready to do this :) Keep us posted!
Congrats to you too soon2beanewm! I am taking pre opt pics this weekend and will post pics! How many cc are you getting? One week from RIGHT NOW I will be having surgery! Yeah! I will be at least a week post opt when you go in so I will keep you posted as far as pain etc! Good luck to both of us!

Egh...I hate this nervous feeling that I have been...

Egh...I hate this nervous feeling that I have been feeling for the last few days!! Now only four days away and seems to be coming and going so fast. I ended up switching my work schedule to be off on Tuesday (day before surgery) which helps me a lot so I can finish all the last minute stuff(my laundry pile seems to keep growing and the kids toys seem to keep appearing!!lol). I just can't wait...hurry up March 2nd!!!

So only 4 days to go and I am going to look for on...

So only 4 days to go and I am going to look for on my lunch break today some sort of "binder" to wear after my surgery as instructed by my PS. Any suggestions of what type or where to go?

Ok..I took a pic (about all I could seem to do...

Ok..I took a pic (about all I could seem to do without being grossed out! Lol) but it was not easy seeing this is a camera phone and I was trying to do it myself! My sis is coming the day before and I will have her help take pics (embarrassing but..) of me...

Congratulations you will soon be enjoying the new you! Me I ask who will be your surgeon?
Mayela72 my surgeon is Dr.Nijher,who is the best in the area. What surgery did or will you have?
I am in the research process. I'm from McAllen, TX and there's a few plastic surgeons around here but haven't seen their work, yet. I'd like "the works" lipo in tummy, flanks, back, TT LOL. I was looking into Dr. Armando Soto. Have you heard about him? He is in Orlando.

Whew! Yesterday I was sick and was thinking crap....

Whew! Yesterday I was sick and was thinking I don't want to have my surgery postponed! My mom was able to come and take care of kids so I could get plently of rest..must of been the 24 hr bug cause I woke up this morning feeling great! Excited and nervous but can't wait till Wednesday!!
Good luck on your surgery! We will be thinking of you on Wednesday. P.S I would love the body you have now : )
I am so excited to see your results!! I too am scheduled for a mini...the day after you! I am not getting new boobs...yet, although I sure could use them! Lol. There are not many minis on this site so please keep us up to date on how this goes for you and I will do the same. Good luck honey.
I will def have to keep everyone posted! Congrats to you also happy mommy of 3!! And thanks "happy mommy of 4".. so much support from this site it is awesome!! I am going to look into that site that you mentioned funinthe sun!!!

Well I can finally say " tomorrow" is my...

Well I can finally say " tomorrow" is my surgery!! Cleaned as much as could be cleaned today and feel ready for tomorrow! I hope that my xanax knocks me out tonight cause I sure tossed and turned last night!

Just got home from picking up kids from school and...

Just got home from picking up kids from school and daycare and get a call on my answering machine "just a friendly reminder of you apt tomorrow..."PLEASE did they think that I actually forgot!!!! LOL can't wait, my sister from out of town is heading to my house to "move in sorta speak" for 2 weeks to help me!

Thanks to everyone for your support..its like a...

Thanks to everyone for your support..its like a whole new circle of friends who either are about to or have already been thru the same surgery!! I am not tired at all!! I will take the prescibed xanax in a bit to hopefully "knock me out"...that is after I finish my last meal for the night!! LOL.. good night all and I will keep everyone updated!
Glad you made it through surgery and you can now rest and heal!! Can't wait to see the new you!
Just checking in to see how it all went! Looking forward to hearing from you!
Good luck, hope all goes well!!!

Two days post opt and I feel worse!! I had to go...

Two days post opt and I feel worse!! I had to go back to the PS today because my left breast was swollen way more...but when he saw it he's says its nothint to worry about it just bruised easier...I sleep most of the time and trying to get up here and there.. my sis help me take a shower last night but that was more of a workout!! Didn't even wash my hair...but when I had the binder off for the shower..OMG my stomach is so flat!! Can't wait for swelling to go down and the bruied skin but I know in months it will be worth it!!

I cant stop itching,,my legs, boobs, neck...just...

I cant stop itching,,my legs, boobs, neck...just about everywhere itches. Don't know if its an reaction to the pain meds or what. I have my post op appointment on Tuesday and will ask him about the itching and also this binder..i think its too big (not loose) but I have a small torso and it goes up past my boobs and budges when I sit up, making it very uncomfortable.Is this normal, all the itching?

I cant stop itching,,my legs, boobs, neck...just...

I cant stop itching,,my legs, boobs, neck...just about everywhere itches. Don't know if its an reaction to the pain meds or what. I have my post op appointment on Tuesday and will ask him about the itching and also this binder..i think its too big (not loose) but I have a small torso and it goes up past my boobs and budges when I sit up, making it very uncomfortable.Is this normal, all the itching?
This binder is the worst part! I think its to big (lenght wise) because it comes up to or past my boobs and is rubbing in them (ouch) and it creases ever where which feels as if its cutting into my skin!! Did anyone else have this issue?
I had the same issue. I didn't like the one the PS sent me home in, but I love my stage 2 garment, I feel like it really holds me in and does a much better job than the stage 1 garment did. Did you have lipo as well?
Yes I did get some PS says he always does that with a tummy tuck!! I had my med changed and I am not itching as bad...he told me to benadryl as well to help...I must be having one of those days because I really don't like the way it sis says cause I am swollen..I just can't wait till tue when I go back for my post op so I can see if I can get both drains (well at least the drainage pump) removed and ask about this just doesn't seem to be sitting right!

Well 5 days post op and I am happy with the boobs...

Well 5 days post op and I am happy with the boobs (can we say huge! Lol) not to much pain only brusing but as far as the tummy....I well have to judge once the swelling goes down! When I took of the garmet (felt like I could breath) to have my sis get my second shower(boy is that a workout) but I started to cry because I don't like it!!!!! My sis says its just cause its swollen but to me it seem like its flat but right above the scar is a little pooch...sis says its just swollen but I am just praying it will look better!!!

Day 4 post op and I wish I had better news..but I...

Day 4 post op and I wish I had better news..but I feel like I am about to pop!! I have not gone poop (sorry to be gross) since the day before my surgery (so 5 days now) and my sis who is taking care of me has giving me stool softner and Milk of Mag. But that's not working...I seem more swollen then yesterday and was wondering if that's because I haven't gone #2 (as my son says) I keep getting up (no easy) and trying to go cause it feels like I have to...but no luck....what should I do!? Anyone else had this issue? Is that a reason why my tummy is more swollen then yesterday? Help me please

Day 5 post opt and feeling much better (pain wise)...

Day 5 post opt and feeling much better (pain wise). I mainly feel pain in my lower back from being hunched over. My belly is still swollen (right above the incision line) and feels very tight. My PS called last night to check on me and I told him about the binder not fitting right and asked him his advice on me not able to poop (sorry to be gross).. I had to take a suppostory (not fun to ask my sis to about embarrassing!!!!!!) But now I feel much better (went 5 days without going #2)..I am sleepy most of the time and can't wait till the swelling goes down and for me to be able to stand up straight! Go for my post op appointment tomorrow and hoping he says I can get these darn pumps removed!!

Great!!! I struggle to get up to go to the...

Great!!! I struggle to get up to go to the bathroom...and...egh...I started my period! I usually have it about the first week of every month but I thought I wouldn't get it this month due to all the "trama" my belly was going thru! So much for thinking!
Read ur update! I stated mine the first week of recovery too and I was on the blood thinner shot,wasn't fun!

Going to try a take a shower by myself instead of...

Going to try a take a shower by myself instead of having my sis help me.I have my post op appointment this afternoon and can't wait cause I have LOTS of questions and concerns for him (hey gotta get my moneys worth right!lol).Pain is not that bad today..think I am going to take an advil in replace of one pain pill. I am having a "sad" day...seems like I am crying over everything (my son asking me if I will be able to "play" for his birthday party)...uhh crap thats right your birthday is coming up...have not even thought about that! Oh well I can only do one day at a time..

Well went to my post opt apt today and he removed...

Well went to my post opt apt today and he removed the morphine pump (which kinda hurt but also felt funny when he pulled it out,I could feel it uncoil in my belly). I still have to keep the drain in ( I have been draining about 30cc per day for the last day but my PS wants it to be under 25cc to remove it). So he said to call them on Thur because by then it should be ready to be removed. I did get the stiches removed from my face (had three small moles removed) and the steri strips taking off of my tummy and breast (ouch). I have to now start massaging them 2 times a day! For some reason I am more swollen today (I have kankles and veinna sauages for toes)! Lol
Glad to hear it's getting easier for you!! I hope you get your questions answered and your PS makes you feel better about your concerns. I'm sure he will! I read about your son's birthday and my daughter's is at the end of the month...hmmm I didn't think too much about that you said one day at a time girl!!! lol
soon2be you must be excited tomorrow is your big day! Hope you get a good nights sleep and good luck tomorrow!
Not to bad today..trying to get around without the walker so that way I am not so hunched over. Took a shower without the help of my sis today so that's one step closer to the end of the tunnel! How are ya feeling! I am heading to my post op apt this afternoon so hopefully I get my drains out!!!

One week today post op!! I have been able to take...

One week today post op!! I have been able to take just aleve for the most part today for its just that I have this "burning sensation" all thru out my body!! Mainly in the tummy are but also between my new boobies. It feels as if I am sunburnt (inside) if that makes sense??! Anyone else experience this?

Feeling better today as far as pain..have not had...

Feeling better today as far as pain..have not had one pain medicine so far! I get to get my drain out tomorrow and so happy about that. Sure will make it eaiser to wear clothes (well I have been wearing either a bath coat or my bath robe all week because pain in the butt to wear underwear with the drain in the side).. I am also going to ask my PS if I am able to sleep normal or somewhat normal in bed instead of all propt up its causing me not to sleep at night (insomnia)..just have to take it day by day!
I had the burning sensation also! It was a very strange feeling. My skin would get itchy sometimes, but I would scratch it and not be able to feel it! That was pretty annoying! Still have days where I have different sensations in my belly and around my scar but much better than in the beginning. Glad you are feeling good!!!

Yeah! I am going to the PS today to get my drain...

Yeah! I am going to the PS today to get my drain out! I am 9 days post opt today and doing a lot better! I am pretty much standing up straight! I am still swollen and having trouble fitting into any clothes besides sweats so I will have to go and get a few pants for work ( go back on 21st). I am having trouble sleeping though...I sleep with 2pillows behind me and a pillow under my legs ( for swelling) so basically I am sitting!! I am also having a "tingling" feeling through out my body. Anyone else have this!?

Wow how time flys! Already 10days post op! Feel...

Wow how time flys! Already 10days post op! Feel much better now that I have the drains removed. I was able to go to Macys today to get a compression garment but am having second thoughts about maybe just ordering from a medical store cause this thing was so tight and I had to "peel" it off everytime to pee. Its my size!! I just didn't want to spend 100's (single mom and spent enough the ones that open at the croch sounds better if I have to wear it all day! Anyone have a recommendation on what's most comfy(since gotta wear 24/7 for next 6 weeks)

Oh yeah..I am taking pics sis came...

Oh yeah..I am taking pics sis came back for the night!yea
Mommy of 3 you sound like me " I like this but not that..." LOL I like how tight my belly is but don't like the scar hip to hip..but at least I can hide it and cittycat told me of coconut oil to help with the scars!
You took your pics off??? I'm considering doing that too! I just googles 660cc implants to see what others looked like, and mine popped up! I freaked out,lol! Thank god my face wasn't in the pics! I'm trying to see if there is anyway realself can keep our pics private and for members only! I know other sites that u can't see the pics unless your a member I just figured this one was the same way!
Wow! You look fantastic girl!!! Your scar placement is great and your belly button is beautiful. Boobs look awesome too! Congrats!!!

My bestfriend helped me pack clothes for the kidos...

My bestfriend helped me pack clothes for the kidos and me for the week (spring break so the 6 yr is out of school) and we will all stay at her house. She knows that my house being out of order(I am a clean freak and wish I wasn't but the little things that I can't do is bothering me). So I will have a change of environment and she will be able to help me with the kids (still hard for me to give the 2 yr a bath and get him dressed). She has two kids as well ( around the same ages) so they will all be able to play together. I can't wait till I feel normal!!!!! I know it takes time and I am only 12 days post op..I would like to be able to do a load of laundry without feeling like I just worked out after putting into washer/dryer. LOL.
Ok I know exactly what you mean about the darn compression garments! I bought a 100$ one that the PS told me to get and I HATE it!!! Wore it 2x and I'm 3 weeks post op! Just wore the hospital binder and an ace wrap as well. The more compression the better my belly felt. So just went to Babies R Us and got a post-partum binder and wear that still 24/7. You look awesome btw!!!
Thanks also bridge0809 you had great results too! I am almost two weeks post op..your a little ahead of me..let me know how you like the post partum binder...someone else told me tha victoria secret has something to that she found comffy so I might try that!! Good luck keep me posted!
Good to hear everything is going well for you! =) I wanted to let you know I found what is called the waist cincher thong at victorias secret $28 bucks, and I have tried atleast 10 compression garments ranging from 30-$100, and this one is by far the best for comfort! Vickis always does it right. ;) Give it a try, and good luck!

Well week 2 post op today and feeling better! I...

Well week 2 post op today and feeling better! I was able to wash a load of laundry and put up dishes...then my back started to hurt! LOL I am not sure if its the boobies that make my back hurt (heavy) or the tummy tuck or probably the fact that I am not standing straight (or all the above). Going to try and get out to the mall to get a few bigger -not that I am excited about getting bigger clothes : ( pants for me to go back to work next week. Funny I guess I never realized how the TT really is...I thought I would come out maybe sore for a few days but in smaller clothes in a few days! Ha! Should of got on this site before hand to know that it takes time....Hope everyone else is healing fine!!!
Read your update, I know what you mean about the swollen tummy thing....I have these super cute fav pair of sz 5 jeans that were a lil loose on me before surgery, I know for a fact I wouldn't fit into them now....belly is so swollen!!! Been sticking to stretchys and my robe. So, sorry u have to back to work. Don't be doing housework you silly girl :D...this is your one and only chance to heal...(hugs)
I know cittycat!! That's my problem..I am such an OCD clean freak that its starting to bother me with the house!! How ya feeling!?..tell me you had a BM???!!!!!!! Poor thing,don't know how ya went so long..I was about to die at day 7 of no BM tell I did the prune juice(sorry that didn't work for ya)
hey sweetie, please see mass updates on my page.....(hugs)

Today is my last day off till I go back to work :(...

Today is my last day off till I go back to work :( kinda like this stay at home thing!!I was feeling go so I went shopping for a few things yesterday (shoe for the kids..then tried to get some clothes for me cause still swollen but as you all know that's hard to do..try on clothes with two kids!!) Then went to walmart for groceries..and everyone knows that's never a fast trip...anyways I must of over did it cause I was sore sore (mainly lower back-almost standing straight up but not completly). Can't wait till I am back to normal where a half of day of being out of the house doesn't kill me!!! I am almost 3 weeks post op and now my nipples are sore!! My boobies didn't have no pain (the first 2 days is all) and now all of a sudden my nipples are so sore..hurts to get wet in shower!! What's this!! Anyone else have this issue?
Ah I had the same issue! They were super sore! Im 2 days shy from being 4 weeks post op & I got to say they feel better now. Still a tiny sore but showering doesnt hurt anymore. Good luck with work tomorrow. I go back wednesday boo!
@ Bridg- how long did it last do you remember? The sore nipples?Hopefully not long! Started back at work today ( feel kinda spacey still!!) And wish I could of taking a month off but I am a single mommy with NO help from my ex (nor would I want it from that jerk!!lol) Your tummy looks so good! Your scar is way smaller then mine!! Your PS did a good job!! I am going to try and post some updated (almost 3 weeks post op) pics..Good luck to you too going back to work!
Hey was your first day back to work yesterday? Hopefully went well!!

Yesterday was my first day back to work and OMG!!!...

Yesterday was my first day back to work and OMG!!! Even know its just an office job..still all that getting up and down,going here to get this or there to get that by the time noon came I was sore. Then by then end of the day I was hunched over (back hurt too)! I got home cooked dinner for boys and ended up crying when it was bath time for them because I was too sore to do it!! Don't understand how a simple office job can cause so much pain but hopefully it gets better fast because I called out sick today! (Day 2 back to work and already calling out...hehe) I wish I had a husband at time like this (just not my ex! Lol). I was able to take a nap today (had to get up early to get kids ready for school and daycare!lots of work !hehe) but feel much better! I know we all want a speedy recovery and prayers go every which way to all my "recovery friends" but please put me in your prayers as well for a speedy recovery because I am a single mom who can't take anymore time off of work!!! Thanks girls!!

Have off of work today and tomorrow...took a nap...

Have off of work today and tomorrow...took a nap today (which I should probably stop taking naps that way Friday when I work it won't be so hard) but managed to go to walmart to get a few things for my sons bday tomorrow! Thanks to Kimmers with the great idea I will be making a cake tomorrow with both the kids helping!! I also went to Victoria Secret and bought a bra and I was able to take a pic of me with a bra on (34 DD!! ) instead of my 34C and can't wait till I am able to wear regular bras. My PS wants me to wear the sprot bra type that hooks in front till I am 4 weeks post op (which is on April 2nd). At that time I will go to VS and have them size me for my actual size!! They are just so sensitive right now that it hurts when anything touches them so trying on bras today was not on the agenda!
Kimmers want to wish you an early happy birthday in case I don't get to tell you Friday!! I try another shot at going back to work! We will be having fun in the kitchen tomorrow me and the boys making his cake!! Thanks again for the idea!!

Thank you for the Birthday Wishes!   I will be spending the day with my hubby shopping, lunching and a trip to the Winery!! 

Have fun with the boys!   I know they will love the cake decorating party!  I wanna see pictures of the cake they create:)
Happy Birthday to you too Kimmers!! Have a wonderful time with your hubby, shopping is the best present :) And a trip to the Winery sounds wonderful! Cheers!

Feeling better today!! Did a little housework and...

Feeling better today!! Did a little housework and took breaks in between. Getting ready to pick up my son early from school so he can help make a cake for my other little boy (3 today) birthday.I am going to let him decorate it.Then we will go out for dinner to both of their favorite resturants (Kotibuki- Japaneese resturant were they cook on a big grill at your table-they like the whole firething!!)Then we will come home and have cake a presents..just a small party with the three of us but thats about all I can do right least he is young and not into a "bday party" yet like my other son-KJ who is telling me of a spiderman party he wants with all his friends from school. His birthday is also next week (will be 7)but I explained that we have to have a small party for now cause mommy just had surgery :( I will have to make it up to both of them this summer and go somewhere special for a belated birthday for them!!

Had a overall good day! Had a little home bday...

Had a overall good day! Had a little home bday party for my son who is now 3!! Wow how time flys! After boys were put to bed I went to put some of my polyosporn ointment on my tummy incision and boobies and notice in two spots (that have been bothering me) on my tummy incision I have two stitches (two different spots) sticking out and poking! Its like fishing line and stands straight up! Don't know if I can cut them or??? I also have one (which I noticed a week ago) comming from the belly button...guess I better call PS tomorrow! Anyone else have this? I am afraid that if I take tweezers and pull them out I will hurt or unravel something! Lol

I love the cake pictures!!!  It looks like they had a great time.  What adorable little boys:)  Looking at those pictures gives me flash backs to my son..I love that age!

I am glad you all had a great day.  Happy Birthday to the boys.
Happy Birthday to you Kimmers!! Have fun out with the hubby!!!Enjoy

Thank you!  Had a wonderful day:)

Stuck in the office all day today :( but at least...

Stuck in the office all day today :( but at least the boss is out so its a little more lax!! I went on my lunch break to have the stiches that were popping out removed! Hurt for a second but glad its done!
You look awesome! So happy for you! I'm waiting on a surgery consult and then to schedule a date! I'm mostly nervous about blood clots. were any of the rest of you as freaked out as I am about it our am I being overly anxious?
I think I was very overly anxious too about my surgery, I was terrified of blood clots! My dr gave me Lovenox is a blood thumbing med that I had to inject myself with 7 days post op. It really set me at ease. Ask your dr if he recommends that.
Lotsobabies thanks and congrats and making the decision to have a "mommy makeover". We all deserve it!! Like all of us probably, we were (or at least I was) nervous about a lot of things...including blood clots. My doc never mentioned (nor did I think to ask) of a medicine to help with them but like mommy of 4 mentioned I would ask your PS about that. I just made sure that I peddled my feet every 20 mins or so...what type of procedure are you looking into? Mini TT or full. Good luck and keep everyone posted! This site is amazing! You will have so many "recovery friends" and get so much helpful tips or advice from others that have had it!

Well my mom took both boys for the day yesterday...

Well my mom took both boys for the day yesterday after church so I could have a "day to myself"..I ended up going to the mall and got sized at VS!! I guess I am boobie greedy now cause she measured me at a 36DD (which I always was wearing 34 so guess I didn't know how to properly wear a bra!lol) but I used to be an big B or little C so I guess I shouldn't complain huh!!??I was hoping to be an DDD! Walked around the mall for awhile got a few tops then was tired! (Never thought I would say I was tired of shopping..and without kids!) Still can't buy shorts/pants yet cause I am still swollen. All my friends that see my tummy don't see how its "swollen" but below my belly button it looks pregnant!! (Single so NO WAY Can't wait till that's gone!
Tomorrow (April Fools Day) I have my apt with the PS (will be one day shy of 4 weeks post opt) and I have a LONG list of questions for him! I am hoping I get the ok to wear regular bras!! (I wore one the other day and today..shhhhh...just because the cute tops that I had just didn't look right with the sport bra type that I am supposed to wear till my PS said the ok not too! I am so confused on what type of scar treatment to get since I heard from so many different woman of all different ones!! and this stupid diet that I am trying to do!! I did good for a few days..then I must be about to start my period cause I am eating everything in site!! Why must it be so hard to loose weight! I am trying to lose 10-15 pounds!!
How did your post op. go? I might consult with Dr. Nigher. I'm pretty set on a different doctor, but know that I need to meet with more.
Hey MmmmHmmm ..congrats on planning to have a mommy make over! I see that your a teacher and that you were thinking of doing it over summer break but unsure because of all your summer activities...personally a good 4 weeks at minimum is what you will need for healing time! I took two weeks off of work (work in a medical office) but wish I took longer! You could probably get away with doing it over winter break but that's only two weeks long right? Then u would be back to work? Depending on what a typical day was like for you..I am 4 weeks post op today..still swollen a little but got the ok from my PS to start working out (only "brisk walks"),I can wear a regular bras and the have a scar treatment that I can start to use (they said it will be in on Tuesday because they are out) but he said that both my tummy and breast look great! (Which we are all so hard on our self that I am not happy but he said not until at least 3 months will I start to see swelling go way down). Dr.Nijher (spelled wrong on site but don't know how to change it ) it one of the best PS in central florida!! Where in FL are you? Keep us posted on your TT journey! This is such an awesome site!!

Ugh!! Can't wait till I don't have this...

Ugh!! Can't wait till I don't have this bulge below my belly button!! I went to Target this morning and found some shorts that were really cute and in what "used to be" my size but I can button them!!!!! I am going to try and working out (not my abs) but maybe if I start going back to gym on treadmill for awhile...and start drinking TONS of water!!! I just want it to be FLAT now! Lol..heading to the PS for my 4 week post op check up so I will see what he says!

Appointment today with the PS went great!! I was...

Appointment today with the PS went great!! I was giving the ok to wear regular bras (now just gotta find one), was told it was ok for me to go to gym BUT only to do treadmill or light activities (no ab work of course), they have a scar cream for me that I need to do 2 times a day (they were out so I have to go back Tuesday to pick up). He told me that the sore nipples that I been having is completly normal and will go away!! He also said that it takes at least 3 months for the swelling to go down but that everything looked great!! Which I have been crying here and there because I am swollen and not as FLAT as some other women at or around my number weeks post op! But everyone heals different and he said "trust me the next time I see you, you will be much happier and will see the results I know your going to have". I have an apointment to go back in 8 weeks so we will see!! Tomorrow is my apt to get my boobies properly measured for my bra size so I am excited about that!!
Go to fresh I got a scarlet hybrid bra there for 57! I didn't like the all over lace bra cause it kinda showed the lace through my "new" tight shirts! Lol
Thanks Mommyof4!! (once again!!LOL) I will have to check out that site.. I personally dont like the all lace bras because I hate my areola's!! (Dang cant we ever be happy!!)and now that I know my size and the styles I like I dont mind ordering online. I know you said you didnt get the squeem but you have one like it..what is the name brand? I wore my squeem for about 4 hours but it kept poking me when I sat down (I have a short torso and the lady put me in a small but that felt way way to I bought a medium,but the medium is longer...I brought it back on my lunch break today and she said that the medium is an inch longer and thats why she recommended the small)Sorry so long and probably confusing! But I want to try another one before I get the small squeem...
Thanks Mommyof4!! (once again!!LOL) I will have to check out that site.. I personally dont like the all lace bras because I hate my areola's!! (Dang cant we ever be happy!!)and now that I know my size and the styles I like I dont mind ordering online. I know you said you didnt get the squeem but you have one like it..what is the name brand? I wore my squeem for about 4 hours but it kept poking me when I sat down (I have a short torso and the lady put me in a small but that felt way way to I bought a medium,but the medium is longer...I brought it back on my lunch break today and she said that the medium is an inch longer and thats why she recommended the small)Sorry so long and probably confusing! But I want to try another one before I get the small squeem...

Today was my oldest son's birthday..he turned...

Today was my oldest son's birthday..he turned 7! So amazing how they grow so fast! We went out to dinner to his favorite resturant with family and some friends! Its a Japaneese steakhouse where they grill your food right in front of you! Each table has its own grill and chef (the kidos just like it because they do a "fire" show while preparing your food) But the sodium in it must be up to the roof because by the time I got home from dinner I was so swollen it had me hunched over doing my "grandma walk"!! I won't be going there for a LONG time!! LOL Good news though the nurse at my PS office called me and told me the scar treatment was in and I could come pick it up. Its called bioCorneum + (since it has SPF 30 in it to). The little thing cost 70 bucks so it better work!!!!LOL. Its a cream that I have to use 2times a day . I used it after my shower and it doesn't take a that's a good thing! It creates a thin "silcone sheet" over the incision...has anyone else used this?
Your most recent photos are awesome! ! What was your pre open ht and wt. You look so tiny with your new, big boobs!!! Are your breasts symmetrical now? It appears so in the three week pictures. Did Dr. Nijher have you try outdufferent implant sizes? I'm si scared of being too big. At both of the consultations I've been to the doctors asked what size I'd like to be and I said c. Um super worried that their recommendations of 400-450 will easily put me at a DD. I know that wishing you were bigger is a common complaint, but I'm worried about looking heavier. ...and I've been there, do.e that with big tatas!!
Hey MmmmHmmm...actually as strange as it sounds I didn't try on any size implants! I had several pics of boobies from online that I wanted (yeah basically BIG) and told him to "do what he had to" to get me to that!! I known 3 girls from the gym that had theirs done by him,then through out talking to others,they have also had them done by him!! So I have seen his work! And basically trusted and left it up to him. He told me that the pics I liked would probably be around 700cc but then when on the OR table he ended up giving me 800cc because he said when he had the seven hundreds in and sat me up (nice to know they do that when your that it still wasn't the look that he said he knew I told him I was trying to achieve so after all said and done I got the 800cc. Now that I can stand up straight and the breast have dropped they are symmetrical now. My pre op weight (I was yo-yoing on different diets) was 139 and I am short 5 ft 2. After surgery (I remember weighing on day 4 post op) I weighed 145 and was crying..till my sis reminded me that I am swollen and have big boobies now! I am on a diet and now weigh 129! I want to
Reply cut me off!! Guess I am typing to much!!LOL
I want to get down to my old weight and size (if possible cause me hips are so dang big) to 117 and smaller clothes! When were you planning to do the surgery? I will say it is SO WORTH it! For the first time in...since my oldest 7 years... I wore a sports bra and shorts to MOW the lawn today!!

Had a great weekend! Went to a birthday party for...

Had a great weekend! Went to a birthday party for one of my sons friends at school. It was a pool party so I haven't found a bathing suit yet (nor would I want to have anyone see my belly button scar up close its still red!) But I did wear shorts and a tank top (made sure to put sunscreen on scars under clothes) and sat in the sun for a little bit to work on my..well Farmers tan! Lol..I am really happy with my results now!! My scars are very flat (other then being RED) and thinning out! I can't wait till I get the ok from the PS to workout the abs and to start tanning!! Until then, I will just have to be patient! Ugh!
Hi A new me... I got my Gelzone wrap today and can't wait to use it!!!
Awesome Fun in the got your fast!! Let me know how ya like it. It feels kinda funny when you "peel it off" but I can see improvement!! I read that you can cut it so I might cut a little strip the I could put on my vertical scar from the breast lift? Keep me posted!!
A new me... I ordered the Gelzone Wrap today can't wait to get it and try it out!!! Thanks for the suggestion!!!

Home sick today! Left work early yesterday cause I...

Home sick today! Left work early yesterday cause I had a throbing earache and my throat hurt..then buy the end of the day I couldn't even swallow my own spit! Had a fever of 103 so went to my doctor and found out I have strep!! I never had that and boy is it painful! I pray the kidos don't get! So a fun day for rest all day!! Hehe!

Ok..not like I am wanting it to come but I had my...

ok..not like I am wanting it to come but I had my period like 5 days after my surgery (puts it at March 7th) but still NO period for this month!! Is that normal?? There is no way pregnant so that is not even a question, but just wondering why I havent gotten it this month??HMM I wonder if I need to make an appointment with my GYNO to find out whats going on...I just dont have insurance and a visit cost me about $125...err..Any one else experience this?
So sorry to hear you got strep!!!! At least it was a day off right??:)
About your not starting your period...have you changed your diet at all? Are you eating less because you don't feel like eating as much after surgery? Could it be stress from surgery?...let me know if you go to the obgyn and what they say!!
my children who are never sick had strep bt all three of them last year nov 09-march 2010...12 x's bt them...its very contagious..i then got it right before giving having my fourth in march sucks...good luck
Reply! Poor kidos!! I never had it before today and neither have my kids..I am making sure to wash hands every couple of mins..last night was my first day on the antibotic and it was tough because I didn't tuck the boys in for bed and read our books as normal..just had to blow them a kiss in the doorway while they got in bed! Don't want to pass it,if I can help it! I am also spraying everything I touch (or sit on) with Lysol every 30 mins or so!!!!

ERRRRR....dont know whats wrong but I am swollen...

ERRRRR....dont know whats wrong but I am swollen morning and night ever since I went to the gym. Last week on Wednesday I decided to take a Zumba class at the gym and just made sure I took it easy! I am use to doing that class 3 times a week! I did everything low impact and made sure not to do the jumping jacks or anything that bothered my abs...well about thrity mins into the class I had to leave because my stomach was hurting! (didnt break a sweat but better then doing nothing right!?)The following day I found out I had strep and didnt eat or drink much for the next two days. Then this weekend just been on the go busy, busy. So I havent had much water in the past 4 days and dont know if thats the cause or the fact that I took the Zumba class and I think I pulled something because my belly is swollen (even when I wear my compression garment)?? I am going to try to drink 8 glasses of water today to see if thats why if not I am going to call the PS in the morning cause something just doesnt feel right?? (I used to be flat in morning the a little swollen after day goes I just look like I am 4 months pregnant!!
A new me
I'm also having upper and lower swelling in my stomach. I went to see my PS and he told ne the swelling will go down in time as I become more active. However the mire active I become the more swollen I become! I would like to know what your PS says.
Did you speak to your PS about the swelling?
Ms.G ..I went to the PS on Tuesday in regards to the swelling and was told that everything looked normal and that much of this swelling is due to the lymph system being comprimised. The lymph system, (from my limited understanding) helps to drain bodily fluids. He told me that due to what is involved during the TT procedure, some of 'connections' of the lymph system have been severed. Until these connections are re-established, swelling in the abdominal area (and the hips and thighs too) is common ... for up to a year after the procedure. So I guess I was just paranoid but better safe then sorry! I was told to still do "low impact" workouts and no abs at all!

Update: I guess I was just paranoid because when I...

Update: I guess I was just paranoid because when I went to the PS on Tuesday I was told that everything looked normal!! He did tell me that the swelling is caused from fluids in the tissue..he then explained that the lymph system after a TT is what causes the swelling because its comprimised. He said the lymph system helps to drain bodily fluids. Due to what is involved during this extensive surgical procedure, some of 'connections' of the lymph system have been severed. Until these connections are re-established, swelling in the abdominal area is common ... for up to a year after the procedure. He just said to contintue to wear some sort of garment which can help to alleviate the swelling. And to take it easy on the workouts that my body at 6 weeks is still in the healing process!!!Egh..all of which I knew, I just can't wait till this swelling is gone!!!!!!!

Went bathing suit shopping luck! Nothing...

Went bathing suit shopping luck! Nothing looks right on me!! Guess I will wait till later when I am happy with my body! Day 1 (yes AGAIN) of my diet and did good! No cheating!! Now to head to the gym!
Your results look really good so far. I am 7 weeks post op now and I am still really swollen especially around my incision. I am also using biocorneum. I like it because it has SPF in it. My scars are healing really nice. I also wanted to let you know that my period was late too. I actualy skipped a month and then when I did get it, it was really bad.
Thanks Kimmers! I just wanted to comment on how awesome I mean AWESOME you look..I looked at your page (which I did when I first got on this site but really didn't know what I was looking for) at 7 weeks..I try to look at others PO around about the same as mine or further out to see how my scar/tummy it will look. LOL..I know you lost a lot of weight and even some during your recovery process..that doent change the TT does it? I want to loose about 10 to 12 pounds (and firm/tone up everywhere!!) But don't want that weight loss to leave me with extra skin over my incision (like before!!)..guess 10 pounds is not that dramatic of a weight loss (even know getting it off is!)to make a difference in the TT right? So no abs for 6 PS told me the other day when I asked about wait until my 3mth appointment "and we will talk about it then" don't know if that means I would be able to or not but I will wait longer if its going to effect the final results!! Thanks again for all the helpful hints or suggestions that you give!

Hey Girlie!  Thank you so much for the nice compliments!   I appreciate that a bunch:)

I did drop a ton of weight prior to the surgery and then another 14 pounds after.  It did not hurt my results at all.  I was told that after the TT you could safely drop 10 - 12 pounds and not effect your work.   Dropping the past 14 after surgery was hard as hell to do.  My body just did not want to give it up so easily.  I did it by watching the diet and running!   As soon as I was able to I was running my butt off.  I just feel less puffy and very smooth in the tummy.  I am now on Weight Watchers Maintenance plan just to stay on track.  I need all the help I can get to stay on track. 

At six months I started back on the ab work and it hurt like hell for two weeks.  I thought I would die when I first started.  Listen to your body and if something hurts go ahead and modify the move until your are comfortable.  I worked with a trainer on a modified ab program to get me going again.  I actually have rock hard abs now and I am so excited about that. 

Go slow and know that you will get back to normal soon enough.  I figured I walked around for years with the double muffin top so what is another 6-12 months to allow my body to properly heal.  No race..


Never thought I would be happy to say this but I...

Never thought I would be happy to say this but I finally got my period today!! I was getting nervous cause I was almost 2 months late!! Well so far so good..been doing this diet for a couple of days now and I have not cheated!! I cant wait till I am able to go to the gym and do HARD CORE workouts but for now I will stick to the treadmill!! Hey thats better then just sitting at home right?LOL.. Hope everyone has a GREAT Easter and remember "silly rabbit..Easter is for Jesus!"
Hi ther:) sry it took me a bit to reply, newys I started puttin the bead in my bellybutton about 6 wks postop! It does work but a smaller marble works better! I need to get another one! Try it and let me know! :) oh and btw ur pics look awsome:)
48161mcity...I guess I am going to try it!! What the heck right?! How long do you leave it in for? And for what period of time?(few days or weeks or just till looks normal?)
wow looking awesome! what r your stats (height and weight b4)? I am going 550 cc undermuscle and am a saggy c as well. congrats

Happy Easter everyone!! Kids had a blast!! We went...

Happy Easter everyone!! Kids had a blast!! We went to my best friends house and her kids and mine all colored eggs, did an egg hunt and ate some yummy food!! (Needless to say I cheated on my diet today ..but will get back on track tomorrow) The best part of my day was she took me on my first motorcycle ride!!! I am such a chicken I felt like we were going about 100 MPH for her to show me it was only about 40!! Not that I want to be a "biker" but it was kinda relaxing when we went on a long rode and with the wind and warm sun!! Hope everyone enjoyed time with family and friends!
I didn't realize how big your babies were.. My daughter was 9 lbs 14 oz and I had JUST turned 15 and was petite, I had her vaginally and let's just say we were both 'injured' in the process. My 2nd child was 10 lbs 13 oz and 23 inches long...I went in for my induction along with a lady having twins, she took one look and said "oh you're having twins too!"

You look great right now. I go in at 1130 am tomorrow and I am sooooooo scared. I just can't wait to wake up from surgery and know that I am ok.
Wow Booka you had big babies too! Both of mine were by c-section cause both were over 10 pounds! You don't live far from me! You will do just fine today and it will be so worth it!! In the begining you will be sore and like I said to myself "I wish I didn't do this"till you reach about the one week mark!! Then you start feeling better! Keep us posted and feel free to ask me questions you have through out your recovery!! I am 8 weeks post op! Bye Bye belly and hello HOT mama!!
Thank you so much! I should have had a c-section with #1, but my doctor made a bad call on that one.

Thank u very much. I am up early, I've been up since 5am and I am NOT a morning person. I'll definitely keep you posted!

Well these last two days have been hard for me!...

Well these last two days have been hard for me! Seems like when it rains it pours! Just got over having strep a few weeks ago then..I have been having this spot on my back that really itched! I thought it was a mesquito bite or something but when talking to my mom the other day and showed her (its on the part of my back that I can't reach and see in mirror) but she said its "ringworm"! OMG???!!!!!!!!!! I never ever ever had this! Its only one small spot and she said that I could of gotten it from the gym (since I did just start back going everyday!) I washed all sheets,went lysol crazy, bought hand sanitizers for almost every room in house and told the kids to use it all the time! Then went to walgreens to get an over the counter cream for it! So I am assuming I got it from laying on the mats at gym when I do yoga class??? Even know they spray them down? I go to the YMCA but will stay away from laying down on mats at gym till this thing is gone! Then I will bring my own towel to put on top of mats!! BUT to top it off..I haven't had a BM in 3 days? But last night I did...I know TMI...but then wake up this morning to a hemorrhoid!!!!!! I haven't had one of those since my first born!!! back to walgreens and the same guy who helped me the first time get the "ringworm" cream now I am buying "hemorrhoidal cream" embarrassing!!!!! But at least its FRIDAY so I can have the weekend to not be at work sitting uncomfortably!!!! Sorry about all the "TMI" but we ladies have talked about much worse and hey...that's what we are all here for right? I mean come on...this is not what I want to talk to my coworkers about!ha funny you say that cause I never had ringworm and thought it was something "dirty kids" got to be honest with you!! LOL but yes it has cleared up and can barely see it now!! But I do need to find another walgreens to go to (this one is just close to house) because I went in today to get some sunglasses and sunscreen (was going to a pool party at my moms ) and he was there again!!! And he gave me a look like I remember this lady!! And it doesn't help that he is young ( mid 30's) so he probably thinks I am nasty!! Why couldn't it of been an old 80 yr old who could relate!! Lol... Oh well right!! Just wait till next time I will go in with my low cute tank top on and be like "NOW WHAT???" LOL..
Hahahaha!!! That is hilarious!! But you know what? That's probably not what he is thinking at all when he sees you...he is thinking awesome.. there is that super hot lady again!! lol!
And especially if you were wearing that super cute outfit in your picture!! You are rocking those jeans girl! You look incredible!
Thanks girlie!! How are you doing? Your looking great yourself!!! I still dont want to wear a two piece yet!! That striped one is super cute!! I will have to check out Pennys!! Your back at the gym right? When can you start to do abs?

I guess I am having one of those days..:( I am so...

I guess I am having one of those days..:( I am so not happy with my body (not the TT or boobies) but just my body itself! I went swimming at my moms yesterday (wore the good old tankin) but now I cant stand my hips, butt and thighs!! I wish I could afford to get lipo or that smart lipo on them!!! I paid alot of money to not feel good about myself in a two piece!! And doesnt help that my son (not being mean at all but just a kid) asked my "whats those wrinkles on your legs and bottom mommy" when I was getting out of pool (ITS CALLED CELLULITE!!LOL) and I was so embarrassed!! No one heard(hopefully) but it hurt my feelings...I told him it was because Mommy didnt always eat healthy and go to gym thats why we are doing it now" He then replied "it doesnt matter your still pretty" can ask the littlest question about something and not know how bad it newsflash (which I knew) but I am going to workout twices as hard and stop cheating on my diet!!!! I am going to the gym tonight and will see how much a personal trainer cost! I want to tone up and be able to be in a two piece next year!!!!!!! Didnt pay all this money to hide it in the tankin that I used to wear!

I added some 8 week post op pics today! Kinda hard...

I added some 8 week post op pics today! Kinda hard to take pic of self with only a touchscreen camera phone..but I am making myself a book that I want to have a week by week recovery and photo so will be taking them weekly. Even if there is no noticable change...

U look amazing. Almost everyone has cellulite. Don't let that het u down. Even Kim kardashian in all her hotness still has cellulite. No more tankers u look way to good for that!

Wow..I didn't know (nor do I remember) but my...

Wow..I didn't know (nor do I remember) but my sister had taken some pics of me on day of surgery (when got home and look all doped up!) and the week of!! I didn't think I had gotten those..just the ones on my camera phone which was at the 2 week mark! And OMG how much your TT changes and looks from week to week!! I will have to wait till I am around a computer to upload but will do that!!
Girl...I couldn't stand up straight till my 18th day ( and I know for a fact that day cause I had to go back to work and still felt hunched over but everyone in office said I looked as if I was standing up straight) Just take it one day at a time...around the two week mark you will notice that things arfe a lot easier to do for yourself!! My backed killed me too and I was able to start doing stuff like laundry, cleaning house,etc but had to take small breaks to sit and rest cause my back!! You are going to look AWESOME once your swelling goes down (which I am 8 weeks PO and was told that happens around the third month mark but can last for a year!ugh) but your before pic are good so NOW dang girl!!!!!!!!! What size implants did you go with? Your boobies look awesome too :) keep in touch, I am ahead of you in recovery and don't mind answering questions you might have! That's why this site is awesome!
Omg- just saw ur new pics - wow u look awesome !!!
Love the new pics... Girl it's been 8 days and I'm still not standing straight ;( so frustrating , ugh!!!!

So swollen to - which bothers me , but I suppose it's only been 8 days so I need to relax and know time heals everything ;)
Hey ya feeling? I know you weren't feeling well a few days ago? How was your Mothers Day?

I am super pround of myself! I am on day 4 of...

I am super pround of myself! I am on day 4 of eating healthy,going to the gym for an hour of cardio and an hour of weight training!! Normally I end up cheating or giving up on diet but I am determined to get these last 10 lbs off and tone up!! :)
Hey Acworth!!! Doing good!! Yes I have been thinking about you too and all the other recovery friends who I first started talking to! Busy with work, the two little ones and just life!! happy to hear about your daughter! Is this going to be your first grand baby!? Your 3 months pic looks awesome!!!!! Your going to be one HOT "nana".. your BB looks so cute!! Mine is bright red and screams " I just had a TT" lol so I won't be in a two piece this summer! Are you still experiencing the tightness of the chest where it was hard for you to breath? Time sure does fly huh? Seems like just the other week I was messaging you with like 101 questions since you were ahead of me on recovery!! Keep us posted on the sex of the baby!! Either way, the little buddle of joy will be greatly loved by you!!

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day...

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day yesterday!! I know I did!! We went to my sis house who has an amazing pool to just hangout and relax by!! Plus her kids and mine play...and leave me alone!! Gives me a break! LOL..still no two piece but next summer!!! I didn't want to get sun on the BB or the TT scar so wore a tankin bathing suit top!

You are looking good girl!
Thanks Kimmers!!! You are my true inspiration!!! I cant wait till the day I am done with all this swelling but I know that takes I guess I need to just be more patient!! (As I always tell my boys to do! hehe) But my goal is to be tone, fit and at my weight goal by next summer to walk around in that two piece that I have not done since college!!! Thanks for all your kind words that you are telling all us women on this site! It helps to hear it from someone else!
Hope you had a great Mothers Day weekend!

You are doing great :)  Just keep plugging your way through and you will get there.  I know how frustrating all of this is but it will end.  Promise!

Ok I am officially out of my scar treatment cream...

Ok I am officially out of my scar treatment cream that I bought from the PS office!! I tried to squeeze the last bit out yesterday and its gone :( I need to get more but that stuff was about $80 bucks and only lasted a little over a month. So now I need to get some other sort of scar treatment...any ideas?? Who has used what and has it seemed to be working? The stuff I was usuing is called BioCorneum and its a cream that I put on twice a day and it made some sort of silcone sheet over the scar...

Ok Booka how much do I owe you for todays therapy and personal training session?! LOL. Ok then I will keep doing the weights and cardio and maybe not weigh myself everyday like I have started to and just see how clothes fit? Thanks for your kind words too :)
this one's free! LOL You're welcome!
Booka I sure hope so!! Because yes I did eat very healthy and worked out for almost 2 weeks (starting tomorrow will be 2 weeks) and I gained 3 pounds!!!!! will I not lose weight then since I decided to start lifting weights? If so forget it I will stick to my zumba and jazzercise classes!! Oh well..guess I should just listen to my mom, best friend and all the others on this site that tell me I need to just be happy with myself! Hope ya have a good weekend and maybe soon we will all meet up and have nothing but TT and boobies to talk about!! LOL we will be talking for hours! Ha!

OK kinda worried.. I havent been giving the ok to...

OK kinda worried.. I havent been giving the ok to do ab work and like a "hard head" I did them last week (which I was 9 weeks PO then)during a couple of the classes and the past few days I have a bulge above my BB as if I am popping out!! It also feels like that if I am not wearing some sort of compression garment? Which I was told at 8 weeks that I no longer had to wear one, but did because I felt better with one on then with out. Anyone else experience this?EEEKKK..

Anyone else experience this: I was 9 weeks post op...

Anyone else experience this: I was 9 weeks post op and now I am 10 but decided to do some ab workouts (even know was told I had to wait till 12 weeks..I know, I know that's what I get for not listening) since the classes at the gym also ended with an "ab routine". Well did that about three classes..then noticed (since last week) that I have this bulge above my BB (kinda like something poking out)..I also feel as if I am not wearing my compression garment that I will POP!? Is all this normal? I went the past two days without wearing "the squeem" (type of compression garment I have been wearing) because it hurts to wear now because of this bulge. But then when I am not wearing it...I feel (and see) this bulge from my BB up! I will try to get a pic to show but please..anyone else have this happen and know what it is?

Ok..I have not added pics like I wanted to do...

Ok..I have not added pics like I wanted to do weekly because since last week when I did abs (I was 9 weeks PO then) I have a bulge that is now hurting! I have an apt on Friday to see the PS and hopefully I won't get in trouble..see I was hard headed and did ab workout at 9 weeks even know I was told to wait till 12 weeks PO because I have seen so many others getting the ok to do it at 8 weeks PO and I thought "what the heck"..well now I am paying for it because I have this bulge right at and above my BB area! I am not flat as I used to be and I look prego..I took some pics but its hard to tell of course in pics! But look at these compared to my 8 week post op! I am just praying its nothing serious!!
oh.. whast the name of that website you ordered yoru BRA from?
VS didnt make my size , lol1
oh no babe ;(
what the heck!! so was it just from ab work? what were you doing when it happened ?

ugh! honestly i bat he will say its swollen or just fluid!PLEASE keep me posted .

girl, im still so swollen and i hate it.

ugh , the pool is right around the corner and im so not ready .. ;( boo!!!
OM goodness Mac you look so good in the black bathing suit!! And the girls look awesome!! Hope your doing well..are you getting somewhat back to normal? I am ok..I am concerend because I have this bulge sticking out from above my BB since I did ab workout (which I am hard headed and did at 9 weeks when my PS said to wait till 12 weeks but seems like everyone I talked to was able to do at 8 weeks and so I did :( I have an apt with the PS this week so I will ask what is the bulge?? Other then that I am ok..just hoping I didn't mess anything up because now I am not flat like I used to be!!! Will let ya know (and what ever your doc tells you..don't be hard headed like me and do"just 2 weeks early" for when your able to do abs!!!)

I have not been updating my post like I would like...

I have not been updating my post like I would like to have done..or added new pics because this pretruding bulge that I have. I go to the PS on Friday and I am praying he says that this is normal??? I am 11 weeks PO today! Wow does time fly! I was very happy with my results until about a week ago when who knows what I did!? But now have this painful bulge from right above my BB??..can't wait till Friday!
What did your ps say about the buldge?
Ur so little i hope when swelling subside i am little

Not sure what's wrong with my phone but I am...

Not sure what's wrong with my phone but I am unable to reply to messages..just post! So I will have to update ya'll when my sis comes back with my laptop I let her borrow for work project! Anyways...I received a phone call last week from the PS office that my original apt on Friday will be rescheduled for this Tues (24th) because he had an family emergency! So still have the bulge and tightness in my stomach! Been crazy busy with work,kids, and ever day life haven't had a chance to update. But on Tuesday I will update everyone with what the PS says...
Ok Mac your too sweet! BUT the last pics I posted are pics with the bulge that I am having (look prego) but its so hard to tell from pics.. I am actually 12 weeks (wow) and those were my pic from me at 10 weeks after doing abs (even know I wasn't giving the ok to do them by my PS till 12 weeks :( But I have a apt with him tomorrow to see what that is??? I can push it back in and it hurts!! That's what I get for being hard headed and thinking "I feel good" and doing abs two weeks earlier then PS said!! I am going to tell him it was a "freak accident" that I was laying on couch and got up real quick or something...have to...can't say " I know you said wait till I am 12 weeks to do abs but I think I can at 10 so I did" LOL...So NO MATTER what wait to do abs till PS because I can not afford (physically and financially) to have screwed something up and need repair!! Anyways girl you look awesome!! How far along are ya? I mean how far PO are you!! The pic with your blue panties you look so skinny and BB scar doesn't even look red!! Your PS did awesome! My BB looks like I got "ringworm" around it so bright!! Ha! I will let ya know about my apt tomorrow..
hey babe ;)
wow 10 weeks...can u believe its been 10 weeks already..
ok so just saw the 2 new pics..ur tummy is so smooth....
looks good.
BUT you say your still swollen?
Is it bad?
i cant realy tell from the pic
How are you??

Come on 4 o'clock!! I can't wait to see my...

Come on 4 o'clock!! I can't wait to see my PS to find out what this bulge is!! I measured myself at 8 weeks and was going to start tracking my measurement week by week to see my improvements (if any, since I am trying to diet and exercise) but I measure again last night and I am almost 2 inches BIGGER around the BB and waist area so something is going on!!! I am just praying its something normal and nothing that will need repair!! Will update after I leave the PS...keep your fingers crossed for me!

Good news! I went to the PS today and found out...

Good news! I went to the PS today and found out that I DID NOT rip or tear anything as I felt I had done! He said I had a bit of seroma (fluid build up in a pocket) and then had to have him drain it! He took a huge syringe, which I am still numb in the belly area that I didn't even feel anything!! I go back in a week to make sure its all "dry" in the pockets? And have to wear a tight binder for a week to help with swelling!! So thank the good Lord I didn't damage me as I felt I had done!! He also said that I can do abs now (me playing dumb blond like.."oh that will hurt" LOL) but was told to do an ab machine vrs regular crunches to start off. Guess cause its not as much strain on the muscle?? I don't know I didn't ask. :) happy nothing serious..but will wait till next week to start abs like I was TOLD this time! Ha
I can only imagine how happy u must be that you didnt ruin your muscles! That's what I thought and luckily I didnt! You look amazing. You cant even really tell there is swelling :-)
Farz...girl I can't even tell ya how happy I was when he told me that I might of pulled a muscle but not rip or tear anything!!! :) Time goes by so fast!! Wow your already 6 weeks!! Dang you look so skinny! And lucky you..nothing on the scars and they aren't red?! Mine are so red!! Congrats on being able to workout too!
I am so relieved to hear that the lump easily taken care of. Your photos look amazing!

Crazy busy day at work today! But makes up for me...

Crazy busy day at work today! But makes up for me calling in sick (played hookie) yesterday! I took my son to Busch Gardens yesterday for the day because we got tickets that expire in a few days! He never been and had a blast!! Some of the rides hurt my belly but overall it was ok! It has only been 4 days since my visit to the PS and he drained some of the fluids and I am starting to get back to FLAT :) so happy about that! Hope everyone enjoys this 3 day weekend!
Acworth...seen the condo and one word!..WOW!! That's so beautiful and would be a very peaceful place to come to visit to! Love the colors of the walls (escpecially in the master bedroom- it looks like a light blue/greenish color?! What color is it by the way? Wanting to redue my bathroom and that color seems perfect! You seem to be quite the interior decorator!
Wow Booka..didn't realize how close in age are kids are my two boys are 7 and 3!! I just bought online passes for a year for both Busch Gardens and Sea World (which we all never been to Sea World-and I live in Fl! So that would be awesome one day we could meet and hang out..let the kidos play! Then maybe another time go to Busch Gardens (which I only brought the older one the other day so baby hasn't gone yet)
You look fantastic! Congratulations to you!

Wow..its already been 13 weeks for me since my...

Wow..its already been 13 weeks for me since my surgery! I am a lot happier since my last week visit with the PS! I no longer have the little bulge and got the ok to start doing abs! I took an ab class today at gym so I am going to start taking pics again just for my progress! My scars are still red, but some days they are lighter then other days. I am just using bio oil on them and try to do it 2x a day (would like to do more but just can't seem to fit in my busy schedule)
Hi I had another ? =) I was reading about your pain pump , Im curious on that cause I will be getting one also, what does it look and feel like? does it hurt coming out and how does it come out ? is it actually inside your stomach and they have to go in and get it,, please help my imagination stop freaking me out lol thank you , you profile is so descriptive it is really helpful for me
Hey fitpostkids! Don't worry about asking questions, that's what we are all here for! I had lots of "baggage" on me!lol On my right hip I had the drain and on the left side was the pain pump. I think it was the best thing ever because my pain was not that bad. The pain pump was more on my left upper thigh- hard to explain but kinda like an IV it was attached to the gernaide looking thing. Which day by day you could see the ball/gernaide looking thing shrink (because morphine is going into your system 24/7) it lasted about three days then my PS just simply removed the IV needle! Oh and I got this sexy *wink wink* little black bag (kinda like a fanny pack) the drains and the pump would go in so they weren't just hanging there.. hard to describe, and hopefully that helped. Not sure why some PS give them and others don't but I was happy I got it because I did notice more pain once it was removed
Your tummy looks so great. I hope mine will look that great.

Been extremely busy at work (working about 50 hrs...

Been extremely busy at work (working about 50 hrs a week) and trying to juggle work, being a single mommy, squeeze going to the gym and spend time with kids I am pooped! But this weekend (is both Fathers day and my nephews bday) me and my sis plus her kids and mine are going to Sea World then on Sunday we will be having a pool party at my sis for Fathers day and I will actually wear a bikini!! I am not 100 percent happy with the BB scar but I want to let my belly see some sun!! I haven't honestly massaged my scars 2 times a day like I should..just...well no real reasons..but normally pooped by the time I get into bed and remember..I am like ugh! I am going to start thou because I want them to heal lightly!! Hope all is well with everyone else!
hey lady ;)

ok so u sound like you have a busy busy weekend ...
fun ~ n ~ sun .. cant beat that!
and BTW you are gonna look smokin in a bikini ... wear it and own it!! lol!!
take pics ;)
cant wait to see them..
I plan on taking a two week vacation and will probably need to call off a few more days after that. Sometimes I think I probably don't look to bad but at other times yuk. Hopefully you will be up and running soon with a laptop.

Hello everyone! Its been a while since I have been...

Hello everyone! Its been a while since I have been on this site! Just very busy..I am almost 4 months post op (on July 2nd) wow does time fly!! I am so happy that I did this just wish that my scars would fade more! But that will come with time! I am going to try to take some new pics this week!

I am a little over 4 months post op! Haven't...

I am a little over 4 months post op! Haven't posted pics or updates in awhile because just been plain busy! I am the happiest I have been in a long time since my surgery!! My scars are healing nicely (very thin..still red,purple but I know that heals within time!) I got a new tattoo on my lower back yesterday (ouch)! I will post pics of that and my TT progress soon..hope all is well with all my real self friends!
I haven't been on here properly in a while...just checking in to see how you were doing!! Sounds like your doing awesome!! I have had a super busy summer too. Fun but crazy :)

Added some pics of my new tattoo that I got for my...

Added some pics of my new tattoo that I got for my 31st bday with my sis last week!! I am so happy to say that I can actually wear just a sports bra and pants to mow the lawn (with out a flabby tummy to hide). I am loving the new me!! My scars are still purple-reddish but I am going to look into something at the PS office next month when I go to help with them. I also started tanning (covering scars of course). So happy I did this mommy makeover!! Hope all is well!
oh WOW!! your tattoo is beautiful!!!!!!!!!! your sister designed that?? Is she an artist? She is very talented! It looks like it hurt a bit (I have a small tatoo on my lower back too so I can imagine how that felt)...but after a tummy tuck no big deal right?? LOL!
You can get scar guard at the drug store. I think it's silicone or something. I have heard the silicone sheets work well too...might be the same as scar guard. When I get it I will let you know!
I get a little swelling bulge right above my incision still. I notice it more at night in the shower when i am looking down. And I have noticed a little bump in my tummy after I have eaten too mexican food :)
love the tattoo!

Well I am 5 months PO today and couldn't be...

Well I am 5 months PO today and couldn't be more happier! Not only do I feel better about myself but I just recently started dating my best friends husbands best friend (been going thru my divorse for 2 yrs now and just starting to get back on the whole dating thing). I am happy with my results and know I will be more happier once I reach my weighloss goals( trying to loose about 13 pounds)..hope all is well with everyone of my "real self" buddies!
Wow, u look terrific! I am loving the new tattoo!! I am 3 weeks post op today and was thinking about getting one on my tummy to cover some of my stretch marks, not even sure if thats possible??? But u reallt do look great!!!
Hey Mac! I just posted on your wall! I also haven't been on in a while but will post some update pics this week!
all i can say is wow! i love the tattoo~
how are you babe ?
i feel like im never on here.. i so need to update pics..
how have you been???

Added some 5 months post op pics but only have my...

Added some 5 months post op pics but only have my camera phone.. my sis is coming to my house this weekend and I will have her take some with a regular camera of me and the scars

Wow...your results are awesome....i hopw my scar is as low!!!
You look amazing.
Hey there!! I haven't been on here in ages either! Just wanted to see how things were going. Can you believe how much time has passed??
Reply it has been a year and 3 months now since... it has been a year and 3 months now since my surgery!!! Wow how time flys by so quick!! I actually forgot about this website to update due to a lot of personal issues I went thru (dealing with my ex husband and a custody battle for the kids-which I won, moving and changing schools for the boys, deep depression where I gained 20 plus pounds...) BUT I got back into church, and turned my life around for me and my boys! So I will have to update you in a postive way now! I am happy that I had the surgery and would not regret it for anything! I am 90% happy with the outcome (the other 10 percent is my fault..the weight gain and not massaging scar stuff on my incisions daily like I should of) I am trying to loose weight and get back into the gym. So then I will have the beach body that I wanted...I will try to post some pictures later on!
hello, i am in process of trying to find a good doctor for my TT. Can you tell me where your doctor is located? You look great!

Wow...sorry I have not logged on in almost 7...

Wow...sorry I have not logged on in almost 7 months...just been super busy with work and taking care of the kidos! It has been a year and 6 months (wow!) since my surgery! I am so happy that I got this done and would do it all over again if anyone ever asked. I will try to start updating pictures monthly from now on! I will put some update pictures on this weekend!
Hello, can you tell me what type of implant you had...silicone or saline? and what type of profile? thank you so much. Trying to fix my boobs because doc didn't give me size I wanted and now I'm paying for cuz I gotta get done again! Atleast it will bve with my TT and i can get it over and done with!
Hey girl! You look flippin' AMAZING! I remember when we use to talk about getting to that magical 1 year mark.....that seems soooo long ago, but we made it. Congrats on your great results!
Thanks Kimmers25! Hope all is well with you too! Yes I am loving my results..just need to get back on track with my diet and exercise! Been slacking! I did post a few pics yesterday...will have to have my sis take some as well! Take care!

Remove Saline and Replace with Silicone Breast Implants

Its been over 2 yrs since my BA and I have been completely HAPPY until about a month ago. My new years resolution was to get fit. So I started this year and stuck to it! I have been eating clean and working out hard core, resulting in about 15 pounds weight loss, dropped my body fat percentage by 6 percent and dropped 2 pant sizes. HAPPY right....until last month when at the gym I noticed some rippling on my left breast. I did a lot of research and decided to call my PA to address my concerns. I had my consultation with my PA on April 18, 2014. He said the rippling was because of such thin breast tissue and fat ( that was before I even mentioned I had lost some weight!). He said that could do one of two things... 1) Fat grafting over the areas where the rippling shows. In which I joked with him that I was "getting rid of fat not wanting to add fat" or 2) Replace with Silicon implants. I asked him what he personally thought would be best. He suggested to replace. He is only charging me the cost of the implants and the anesthesia not the cost to remove and replace them which saved me $3700! My surgery is scheduled for May 20th, 2014. I am now again, excited and nervous!
I just had my pain pump while in the hospital. Meds went in through my IV in my hand. It was removed before I came home. Only had oral meds at home. Would have been nice to have a pump at home!!

Very very good doctor!! He is very down to earth and was able to answer all my long list of questions for him prior to surgery. After my surgery he called to check on me. I would recommend him to anyone!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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