5'2" 175lbs Mom of 3 TT with Muscle Repair - Sebring, FL

After 3 sections and having this flab of skin...

After 3 sections and having this flab of skin hanging on my belly for years and contemplating a TT for years I finally did it.

I hated looking in the mirror, taking pics and shopping was a huge NOOO for me..

Not only did I want a tummy tuck for cosmetic reasons but more for hygenic reasons. I hated to have to constantly lift the flap of skin to clean it to make sure it did not smell like sweat since I do spend alot of time outside with my 3 daughters.

Was I at an ideal wight for my TT?? No I guess you can say that I wasnt, but I did not have the time to work out and I didn't want to keep waiting for my kids to be older to please myself with something that I knew was going to make me feel better about myself.

Pre Surgery my stats were:
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 175 lbs
bust: 39
waist: 39
hips: 44.5

I cannot wait to see what my new stats will be once Im all healed up and the swelling has gone down.

I had my surgey on March 15, 2011
My Drains were removed on March 17, 2011

Im following my doctor's orders to the T... Just very minimal walking to the restroom and back to my resting spot. That helped me maintain the liquid draining out at 10ccs on both drains. So Im still just lounging around till the doctor says its OK for me to become more active..

Pain, not too much of it.. The worse pain I had was on one of the drain holes, but my pain medication has helped alot. I off the Vicoden already and just on Tylenol extra strength and Im doing awesome on it.

The Garment Im using I purchased it at Walmart which I feel its really comfortable and Im posting a pic of the tag in case anyone else is interested.. it was only $15 so its not too bad for those who are on a budget like me.

Day 6 Post Surgery: I thought I'd be up and...

Day 6 Post Surgery: I thought I'd be up and running by now like I was able to with the c-sections, but this surgery does not compare to a c-section. Its way worse than a c-section..

I have to admit that being pampered by my hubby is not a bad thing. Im loving it, although I do get really bored of just watching TV and using the computer. I miss playing with my daughters and specially bugging my toddler and I know she misses it too. But I would do it all over again. Im hoping that within the next few days I can be more active and maybe start cooking at least.

Im back to the Vicoden for pain as I was not doing as well as I thought on the Tylenol and I am afraid of taking too much.

I have a follow up appt on Wednesday.. Will keep you posted on how that goes.

P.S. Im 31 Years Old
Just keeps getting better! Good for you!!
Thank you all... Im loving what I see so farr!!!
you look wonderful!!

Well Im 3 weeks post op today and Im totally pain...

Well Im 3 weeks post op today and Im totally pain free and completely off meds... I had a follow up today and Im healing great... Im still having a hard time standing up straight... Its not that i cant its that I subsconciously slouch forward... I know Im not going to hurt myself but I guess that from being bent forward for so long and making sure that I would not hurt myself I forget Im supposed to be standing up straight....

Im feeling great.. Im loving my results and I cant wait to start doing some exercise... My hubby is going to give me the Bowflex TreadClimber so I can walk my butt off...

I'll be putting up some pics for you all to see tomorrow...
The updated pics look great. I am so happy that you got the results you were looking for. I got my TT on 4-8 so I am 4 days post op now. I am doing well. My thighs hurt but tummy is not bad.
Thank you so much.. Im 3 weeks post op today.. I will be posting some new pics tomorrow.....
OMG. YOU LOOK AWSOME !!!. I have not posted pictures yet, But I have the same problems with being tired of lifting the flap to stay clean. One of my big reasons for scheduling my own TT. I hope my results are as good as yours. I cant wait to see more pics. Your a real inspiration.

1 month post up today and feeling great

1 month post up today and feeling great
Ur welcome.. Im glad I could help... I found it hard to find people with the same stats as me.. so Im glad I came on .. and was able to share my story with you all... So far Im loving what I see... cant wait to see your results...
Great job. You look awsome. I just wanted to tell you that your story was very inspirational to me. I think because our beginning stats were similiar. Anyway. I am one week post op. I feel good and getting better each day.

Thank you again
Momma79, you look great!!!! I have to schedule my TT for November because of medical issues and two surgeries I have to have, one this month and another scheduled for June. My PS stated that November will be a good time for me to have the TT. I can't wait, my God, you look good.

Wow, havent been on here for a while.. but I am 4...

Wow, havent been on here for a while.. but I am 4 months post of as of yesterday.. I am loving my results..

Yesterday however I had a revision to the right side since I had a small chunk of fat poking out and I will most likely get a revision on the left side as well to make both sides symetrical... Im not in much pain from the revision procedure and Im loving how it looks so far... I was told I should wait 4 weeks before deciding on wether I want to have the left side revision as well but I have already decided that I want to do it.. I dont want to do it ASAP.. I really dont want to spend the whole summer trying to heal up...

I posted pics today.. and will post the revision pics next week once the sutures come off...

Awww... Ms Cee sorry to hear about the delay, but it is well worth the wait.... and its best for you to be as healthy as possible... I cant wait to see your after pics... keep me posted and I hope you get well really soon .....
Momma79, you look great. I had to have surgery last Thursday and was told that I could have my TT in 3 to 4 months. I would have had the TT on Thursday, but my GYN, who is also my PS stated it would not have been safe for me, because I would have been under too long. You have been a hugh encouragement for me and I than you very much!

3 weeks post op on the revision on the right side....

3 weeks post op on the revision on the right side.. Im loving what I see.. I should have revision on the left side in about 3 weeks or so.. pics up below

Well, I havent been here in a while.. Im doing...

Well, I havent been here in a while.. Im doing great.. I am 10 months post op... I had the final revision to my left side in September 2011 so I am 4 months post op left side revision (posted pics for u to see). My transformation is complete. I am extremely happy with my results and although I am not super skinny I feel and look great.. I love the way clothes fit me now and that I no longer have to lift the apron belly to clean it. This was so worth it..

I still get numb and swollen at the end of the day, but I was told that it will eventually go away, that It could take up to 18 months to be completely recoop from this type of surgery.

I hope that my story has been helpful to you all.

Good luck to those of you who are looking forward to getting your tummy tuck done..
You look great. I'm glad everything was successful for you.

You look wonderful!  Thank you for checking in!

Thanks... I feel great Too.. Wink
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