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29, 2 Kids, Need a BBL, TT and Thigh Lift. - Florida

Hello ladies, so I am a little disappointed...

Hello ladies, so I am a little disappointed because I was just told I would be able to get a TT and BBL done at the same time. I was kind of hoping to just knock them both out at the same time but I guess not. I am dominican so going to DR was actually what I wanted but I have to admit I am a little scared. My cousin went to Dr. Yily and since I am going to DR in Aug I figuered I would pay dr. Duran a visit. But I am really leaning towards Dr. Salama. I like his work and he is in America, I know that may sound stupid but I get really anxious when I think about something happening and my kids. I want this so bad, I was at 265 with my sons pregnancy and I am down to 180 but my stomach will never be the same. It doesn't matter what I do it sags and I hate it. I also want a bigger booty, it's crazy that my mom naturally has what we are all paying for. LOL, I do have my moms natural small waist but I def do not have her ass. I will post some before pics tonight as I am in the office and don't think that would be appropriate.

Just Put my Deposit Down for Salama!!!!!!! Excited, but Know Wondering if He Was my Best Choice.

Hi Ladies, I ma very new to this. I have 2 kids and a mommy pouch plus no booty. I also had a motorcycle accident when I was 11 and one of my thighs is a little funny. So I just put down my deposit to have a TT and a thigh lift with Dr. Salama. However; I am wondering if i rushed into things! don't see many girls on here who have gone to him. Do any of you know more of his work? have you seen any of his former patients here? STRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got my date with Dr. salama

I received a call this morning from Cynthia at Dr. Salama's office. She gave me my date finally. I am going in for my Tummy Tuck and Thigh lift on May 27th. I have to fly in and go for my pre op on May 26th. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I will post some pictures of my before tonight. So freaking excited.

Can't wait to remove this stomach

Hello so here are the pics of me before. Disgusting I know, after my TT I have my BBL scheduled for feb 20th with dr Salama can't wait.


Tomorrow is the date

I am on my way to
The Airport and have a 6pm pre op appt with Dr. Salama.
I am so nervous it is insane.

Today is the day

I am super nervous and excited. I am on my way to my surgery and I have all types of shit going through my mind. I went yesterday to the doc's office only to handle some paperwork and financial work. I was greeted by his brother Ruben, he was very nice and friendly. Answered a bunch if not all of my questions. I will post pics up afterwards, today I am gettin the TT and thought lift. My BBL is scheduled for Feb, until further notice.

Loving it so far

So I got my TT and thigh lift yesterday and I am in love so far. I have to say that in my opinion the pain has not been that bad. I had bunion surgery and I think that hurt much worse. It is uncomfortable more than painful. I had to see dr. Salama today as a postoperative appt and I was in and out. He looked at my stomach made sure everything is good and send me on my merry way. Next is my BBL which I am scheduled for in feb of 2015, also I have to add that dr. Salama is great he is funny and makes u feel very comfortable as well as his staff.


So my drains are constantly dripping, is this normal? I mean there is still liquid that drains into the little drain bags but I also have a bunch that comes out of the sides of the drain. This is very frustrating. I also got a thigh lift and feel like
Those stiches need to be looked at, and I wasn't given an appoitment to see my doctor again. That really upsetting, I thought they would keep a better eye on you after surgery. Also, my vagina lips are extremely swollen, I mean like it looks crazy. Is this normal? I don't know what to do at this point because it's the weekend and I don't think there is anyone at my doc office. So you ladies are my best bet for now. Help!!!!

Spoke to dr. Salama

So I called the doc office cause I was a little concerned about what looked like puss around my drain area he called me
Back right away. He asked me to send him pictures of my drain area and my incisions on the inner thigh. He assured me that what looked like puss was actually just protein and told me to apply antibiotic ointment to the uncovered incision area. He also told me to call the office and schedule and appoit for Monday or Tuesday. That makes me feel so much better, I was a little concerned about everything.

4 days post op

Here is 4 days after my TT and thigh lift. My vagina is super swollen my TT incision other than the not being able to
Stand up straight it good, I barely get pain anymore. However the inner thighs is a
Different story. I am always thinking that my stiches are opening up or something. It's very annoying, and I feel like I kind of smell like that damn drain fluid.

Had a bowel movement

So it finally happened ladies. I went to the bathroom and pooped. I am so very excited about it! LOL, it had been 7 days and I was literally walking around full of shit!!! Anyway so I also went to see Dr. Salama because as I had posted ealier I popped a stitch on the back of my inner thighs. I have to say Dr. Salama is AMAZING! His bedside manner is the best, he is attentive, funny, comforting and very professional. I can not wait to get my BBL.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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So he did all this for 5,000 ? You look great btw !
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Psst Howre u? How was the swelling in your thighs, I'm having severe swelling. Do you have any progressive pics u can share?
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update ! you look great !
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Any updates
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hows everything healing? Im getting mine done on the 8th of aug with a ba.
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Hi, everything is great now. I had 3 stiches that opened up on the thigh area. Other than that I love love my results. Can't wait to get my BBL
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That's great. How long before you went back to work or could do normal activities. I live out of state, three weeks should be sufficient to stay in FL? granted there are no complications... Im glad to hear you love your results, your thighs look amazing! I want a bbl but not til next year, want to heal first and then Id need to gain some weight. I don't want a huge booty just a nice cuff...lol
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How are things with your thighs?
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Looking great hun. Wishing you the best a great recovery.
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Thanks love
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U do look great! Congrats.
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Trying to make out pics can u give a description and check your inbox for my private message
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Thank you
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You can always call the office and the answering service will contact the doctor. I would do that if you have any concerns. After my TT, my pubic area was swollen and painful. You look great btw. Hope the doc is able to address your concerns. It's funny you mention your bunion surgery being worse. I actually just had mine done 4 weeks ago, and felt that recovery was much easier than this! I never really had so much pain with that surgery, but the swelling caused the most discomfort. Anyway, good luck with everything and keep us updated!
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Thanks lizzy82, I will try and contact him now. Also how long after you had a bowel movement, it's been like 4 days and I haven't been able to go
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I was taking 2 colace twice per day. Went on day 2. You can also take milk of magnesia too. I also drank prune juice twice a day till I went.
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Ok awesome, cause I do have a whole lot of gas but no actual movement.
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I also took gas x for the gas pain lol.
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Safe recovery..how are your thighs? Im scheduled. 4 a thigh lift n 3mths...update when u can plz.
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Hello, it's more uncomfortable than it is painful. They are swollen but he cut in the groin area so I don't have a scar on my inner thighs.
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Wishing U safe recovery.
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He has almost 700 reviews. Have you looked through those? Salama is the one of the best plastic surgeons in the U.S. His work is amazing. And he's an wonderful booty artist. You definitely made a wise decision. :) I see you put a deposit on a TT and thigh lift? Are you still getting a BBL?
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I am, but that won't happen until Feb of 2015. I put a deposit on that as well. I can't wait! He recommended that I get the tummy tuck first and then the BBL.
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Oh okay, I see. Still sooner than me! Lol! I wish I was going that soon, but I gotta keep losing weight and keep saving money. Its pretty difficult to save money since the government contractor I work for went out of business. Its been almost two years and I'm still looking for work. *smh* So, the saving money part is on hold, but the losing weight part is a little easier since I can't afford to eat! Lol!
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Hi I wanted to know if $5000 is the total amount for all 3 procedures. I live in ATL and I'm reserching docs in ATL Or FL that can get me a TT/ Lipo on my back. And this Dr seems like he may be a great option. So is that the full cost you were quoted for all 3?
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