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Smartlipo on Abs, Flanks & Upper Back [Bra Rolls] - Leesburg, FL

(¯`·._.·[ HiSTORY ]·._...

(¯`·._.·[ HiSTORY ]·._.·´¯) Im 19 and im a mommy of a qorqeous 2year old boy. Hence is the reason for my stubborn unwanted belly fat! i have made huge efforts to make this belly fat vanish,but i was never able to get back to my pre-pregnancy body. I went to the gym 5times a week;i did pilates,zumba,belly dancing,plus my cardio on the treadmill and my weight training. just recently [April] i gave up and stop going & gained back 10 lbs. I am hopinq Smartlipo would give me the results ive been looking for,i do plan on resuming my work out plan as soon as i can! i am 5'4 and i currently weigh 167 lbs

(¯`·._.·[ NiGHT BEFORE ]·._.·´¯) Today is June 22,and it is the night before my procedure. Over all im am feeling pretty nerious,but not about the precedure or pain..i am more nervious about the RESUlTS! I think i may have done a tad bit too much research lol, the fact that i have seen some really good results and not to good results has me kind of scared.. i will post my awful looking before/pre-op pics please excuse my "motherhood strechmarks" lol well im off to bed to rest up for the big day tommorrow! wish me L U C K =]

& ill try my best to keep updating!

& ill try my best to keep updating!


(¯`·._.·[ MORiNG OFF PROCEDURE ]·._.·´¯) with less then a couple hours away, i find myself getting very nervious;but as i said before,not about the procedure...more about the outcome and results! well im keepin my fingers crossed and will keep updating.

(¯`·._.·[ PROCEDURE ]·._...

(¯`·._.·[ PROCEDURE ]·._.·´¯) JUNE 23,2010 I had my procedure done in Lady Lake,Fl. As soon as i went in one of the nurse took me back to the rooms, i changed into the gown and as soon as Dr.S came in,he came straight to me and marked me up. And before i knew it i was in the operating room. The staff and nurses was very accommodating. I have to say i have a VERY high tolerance for pain and the worst part of the procedure was the NUMBING,i actually got teary eyed. Once the numbing was done it was pretty much a piece of cake, although i have to admit my lower abbs hurt the most. When he was done with my abbs he turned me over and did my flanks and upper back...I DIDNT FEEL A THING. Dr.S took his time and went back and re-did every area 2 more times, he wanted to make sure that he got everything. All in all he removed 2 and a half containers of fat. When i got home i felt very light headed, i had intentions of taking a walk around the block but i just couldnt. I tried eating but i threw up the couple of times i did eat a spoon full of something. I ate strawberries and watermelon and i was able to keep that down.

(¯`·._.·[ DAY 1;MORNING AFTER...

(¯`·._.·[ DAY 1;MORNING AFTER PROCEDURE ]·._.·´¯) JUNE 24,2010 I was able o sleep through most of the night,i got up 5am to use the bathroom and take some pain meds. Im having a lot of drainage, when im laying down i could actually feel the fatty liquid draining. The pain is manageable,it feels like ive had a really intense work out at the gym. so far my back is looking good,i can actually see my back bones again..haha And also my stomach looks flatter.I am currently wearing 2 compression garments because i want that EXTRA tightness.

(¯`·._.·[ DAY 1/EVENiNG...

(¯`·._.·[ DAY 1/EVENiNG ]·._.·´¯) JUNE 24,2010 Today the pain was very uncomfortable,i am very sore. I have a lot of swelling.I took a shower a warm shower i made sure the water was not too hott,but the shower helped relaxed me a bit. I managed to eat some Special K cereal and lots of fruits today. And i was even able to take an evening walk around the block a few times.Im not really draining anymore.I am still wrapping with the Ace bandage and wearing a compression garment over it,the soild firm tight hold helps a lot with the soreness. well good night everyone, i am going to attempt to get a good night rest =]

Hey i had mine done the next day with him and it went great a lot easier then i thought honestly. I need to update my profile but so far very swollen but happy: )
ohh yes please update!i will love to see pics and your results..& btw did they provide a compression garment for you or did you have to get your own like i had to? im still hard and swollen and i have one or two lumps on my side area..hope to get better results as the time goes on.
lol...you two crack me up! my Mom was very supportive of me, too...she is also considering having it done! so glad that you have each other! i also totally agree with Star...you will have so much fun shopping! i got the Arnica at GNC...wishing you a very speedy recovery!

(¯`·._.·[ 1 WEEK POST-OP...

(¯`·._.·[ 1 WEEK POST-OP ]·._.·´¯) JUNE 30,2010 So it has officially been 1 week since my procedure, and i am feeling great. I am able to move about and get things done. I was able to cutt the grass in the backyard today and i also was able to run around at my sons birthday party [i was only 3days post op] I took everyones advice and got the Arnica tabs & gel and started using it & its pretty amazing..all of my brusing is gone! looking at my pics from my 1 day post op i look really good,i look bigger now and i feel bloated! but i saw Dr.Serra yesturday for my post-op and feeling my belly and back he said that i am REALLY swollen,and when i finally decided to poke around my belly and sides its really hard and sore..so i will also asume that the reason i look bigger now is because im swollen...Dr.Serra also said that he removed roughly about 2000cc from all of my areas [abbs,flanks,upper back] I am very please with Dr.Serra, i can basically say he is a perfectionist, he loves what he does and he makes sure its done right! my only thing i have an issue with is that in my pre-op letters with instructions it said that directly after the procedure i will be given a compression garment to wear,so when i came out of the operating room i assume that the nurses will give me the garment and help me put it on..boy was i wrong. I was just wrapped in Ace bandages and was sent on my way. when i asked them about the compression garment, they gave me a confused look as if they didnt know what i was talking about. so all i all, when i got home the Ace wraps were SOAKING WET from all of the drainage, my mom had to run out and buy more Ace bandages and padding and also spent big money on girdles garments she brought 3 different types for me.. but all in all i feel better and im back to my every day life and activities. my only problem is the ITCHING! omg i feel like im going crazy when i start to get the "itch" lol ohh and weighed myself today and i now weigh 158lbs, pior to the precedure i weighed 168lbs

Posted udated pics [1week post-op]

Posted udated pics [1week post-op]

Its 4th of July today $ only been 1week and 4days...

Its 4th of July today $ only been 1week and 4days since ive had smart lipo, and i suppose its still early to tell if i am happy with the results or not. But for now i am not really happy so far, my belly and sides are hard and i have a few lumps..the front of my belly also is uneven,there like deep sinks here or there...i just hope this is just a phaze and that it will get better,hoping for the best..i have been doin abbs and push ups..but just not seeing the results i expected is kind of discouraging.

Posted 2week post op pics still swollen and lumpy...

posted 2week post op pics still swollen and lumpy on the sides. Not sore at all.I am working out doing abbs/push ups & evening walks around the block pushing my son on his baby bike.

hey everyone i am about 1 hr post op and i feel like i am grossly swollen.....kinda freaky any on u get the same thing?
lol haha join the club! im 2weeks post op and im very SWOLLEN and plus i have a few hard lumps on my sides...you have a lot more swellon to go, im so swollen i cant even see any results, everyone keeps telling me its a phase and the best is yet to come. all the best =]
I had mines done 1week from yesterday and I too am very hard and sore, my Stomach is actually bigger than what it was b4 the procedure.2 of my girl friends who had the procedure done said this is to be expected it is part of the process.they say the best is yet 2 come. But final results would b in 2to 3 months. So let's keep one another posted on the process. Wishing u a speedy and satisfying outcome

(¯`·._.·[ 3 WEEK POST-OP...

(¯`·._.·[ 3 WEEK POST-OP ]·._.·´¯) im in the beggining of my 3rd week and i still dont see any improvements. My belly and sides are still feeling rock hard when i poke the areas, the lumps are no longer there. But as for now I AM NOT HAPPY with the results so far. I am doing my own diet and working out,so hopefully i will get the results im looking for thru my diet/workout plan because i refuse to fork out any more money to get a "touch up" done. At this point i am feeling a little disappointed and discouraged. I have my 3week follow up in the morning so lets see how that goes and what the doc says.Ill keep on posting and post my 3week post op pics soon =]

So today at my 3week post op visit Dr. S said that...

so today at my 3week post op visit Dr. S said that i am swollen and that theres still some fluid pockets in my belly. He said that in his opinion he thinks i look great just 3weeks post op and he also stress the fact that it does take 3 FULL MONTHS to get the final results. i understand that everybody is different,but looking at other reviews and before/after pics on here..i personally think that i should have more visable results by now. I am watching what i eat and im also working out. my work out consist of walkin 2 1/2 miles a day, doing abs and push ups. I posted 3weeks post op pics and i DONT see any improvements.. I can really use your honest opinion ladies =]

--as of now just 3weeks out i am not happy at all...

--as of now just 3weeks out i am not happy at all with progress! i feel as though i wasted that $6000 and those of you who have kids will understand the sad feeling of wasting money of that great amount. at this point i am very disappointed,discouraged, and dissatisfied. =[

it's been 4 weeks now for you correct? Have you seen any changes or are you still looking the same as three weeks ago and just as frustrated?
yes i am 4weeks post op now & i still see no changes. ill post my 4week post op pics
Well, I still think it's too soon to tell. My doctor told me that it would take 6 weeks for someone my age (43) to have swelling go away. I do see a difference in you so hang in there.

[4week post up] updated pics

[4week post up] updated pics

I see big changes on you already I need to post some pics after 4 weeks now but I hope there really is still more tightneing and changes to come. When you pay this much money you hope all that can get possibly better will. You know they say that whole 3-6 months thing I hope its true too1
lol girl hurry up and post your post op pics im sooo excited to see your results! omg i know my main thing is really the whole skin tightening. before getting this done my main goal was to at least be able to walk without the belly giggle anymore. my fingers are crossed for both you and i! all the best!
I was told that liposculpture wouldn't be completely ideal for me because I have loose skin which is genetic. Dr recommended a tummy tuck which no Dr will do cuz I'm 24 with no kids.. I'm really bummed out about this :( I'm tired of looking at my body the way it is.. and there is no hope until I'm about 35 maybe :( Everything happens for a reason.

6 weeks post up pics; still have lumps and still...

6 weeks post up pics; still have lumps and still VERY UNHAPPY! i guess only time will tell,still hoping for the best =\

I had laser Lipo done 6weeks ago.I'm still swollen and the swelling is slowly going down. I was told not 2expect a flat tight belly but 2 expect a significant difference.my stomach also feels numb in certain places,but that is 2 be expected also.any updated stories on laser/smart Lipo on the belly area.iam just hoping that my money wad well spent. Sexxy

9 weeks post-op, and I do in fact see a slight...

9 weeks post-op, and I do in fact see a slight difference. I do look smaller, especially with clothes on. However I am not really totally satisfied with the results. I still have a lot of visible fat around my belly and my back area with what I like to call "the jiggles" because when I walk or do an activity my belly fat still jiggles lol and thats what I hate the most =/ added my [9week] post-op pics

3 MONTHS POST-OP and I am very unhappy with my...

3 MONTHS POST-OP and I am very unhappy with my results! I have my 3month post op on monday so we shall see how it goes. I still feel very disappointed, honestly it is to the point where i regret doing it and i think i would of been happier just the way i was before instead of now.. =[

I think you look great after 9 weeks. Maybe we hope we would look perfect after this kind of procedures, but perfection is impossible and you look great, so enjoy it and donĀ“t feel bad.

September 09, 2010 [3 and a half months post op]...

September 09, 2010 [3 and a half months post op] So guys I am 3 and a half months post op and i am not happy at all, I feel as if i wasted $6000 just to look like i lost 5 lbs. I am highly upset, because i paid $6000 just to get the same results i would of got if i did a proper diet. And probably I should of took that same money and invested in a personal trainer and i most likely would have had BETTER results with just spending a couple hundred dollers instead of spending $6000 for SMARTLIPO that had no tremendous affect on me. I am even ashame to tell anyone that i had the procedure done, because most cant even tell! I am left with loose skin,i still have heavy fat areas in the places i had the procedure. My stomach is far from small and firm, i have a fold right about my belly button that makes my stomach looks abnormal [i am thinking that is where all the fluid settled] I spent countless amounts of money on compression garments from regular ones sold in department store to the Ardyss Body Magic, and just recently this week i paid over 70$ and brought another garment from Hourglassangel.com. OVERALL I AM NOT HAPPY AND NOT SATISFIED, i invested another $200 and brought Beach Body Insanity Workout Program..[again more money to achieve an eye catching presentable body] I am going to start the workout program today, so whatever results i get from now on out will be from this program.

jewel are you going to get a retouch and will the doctor charge you?
yeah i got a touch up once i've hired a personal trainer so i'm working out now so i'm trying to see how much flatter it would get before paying to do another touch up
Yes my doctor also suggested I get a retouch but he said 2 wait until after 6months because it would be as if he's going against concrete.the great thing about my doctor he said he would do it free of charge. So we will c what happens between now and then

10/22/2010 5 months post-op Well i am still...

10/22/2010 5 months post-op

Well i am still VERY unhappy with my results, i went back to my doctor to tell him about how i was feeling. He offered to do a free touch up on ONLY my bra roll/upper back. And not on my tummy, he is now saying that i need a TUMMY TUCK for an additional $6500!!! I am very displeased because if that was the case he should of told me i needed a tummy tuck when i first went to him for the initial consultation and i would of probably invested my money into that and not the "SMARTLIPO" that HE HIMSELF recommended i do, he mentioned nothing about a tummy tuck in our consultation and now 5 months later with already $6000 of my money flushed down the drain he is now telling me i need a tummy tuck. *sighs* words cannot express how frustrated and unhappy I am. I am going to take him up on his offer on the free touch up on my back i am scheduled for next week.

thank you for the update.

if you decide on researching tummy tucks, we have an awesome, supportive tummy tuck community on RealSelf.  for instance, one member posted 12 things I wish I knew before getting a tummy tuck


11/2/2010 I am about 4 days post-op from my...

I am about 4 days post-op from my touch up on my bra rolls, and i am very happy with how my back looks now!!! the procedure was in office and not bad at all. i was very comfortable and wide awake during the whole thing. He only took about 45mins and it was quick and very pain free.All in all i am very happy with the results in my back..cant say the same for my tummy.

Came across your blog three years later we both had our procedures done the same time and were unhappy. Find myself on RS again thinking about procedures...maybe a BBL?! I'm assuming if u were unhappy 1 year out your still unhappy. I wonder if we were unlucky of if he just was not an aggressive lipo-er.
hey... just reading your thread. I agree that he needs to get smacked. I just want to say that if you are thinking of a revision with Campos keep in mind that your may have scar tissue from the previous lipo which reduces the amount of viable fat that you will have for a the FG procedure. Make sure your new doc knows of your previous surgeries so that he can give you realistic expectations. He may even tell you to gain a few pounds to give yourself a lil extra fat to work with. I know how you feel. I also had some unsatisfactory work done some years ago and plan to get it revised this year. Good luck... i am wishing your the best on your revision surgery.
Infamous: I got an e-mail saying you had updated your post and I was curious to see what you had to say now that so much time has passed, but I don't see your update...did you update your post recently?
Clermont Plastic Surgeon

He was very good, he took his time and talk to me through the entire procedure. He was very careful and both him and the staff catered to my every needs.

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