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Bringing Sexy Back. SmartLipo on Upper/Lower Abs and Hips - Florida

In a week I will be having Smart Lipo on my upper...

In a week I will be having Smart Lipo on my upper and lower abs along with my outer hips. I'm pretty active and eat healthy except for the occasional sweet tooth here and there. I have 1 child and have been unable to lose my little pouch afterwards no matter how much exercise and controlled eating. So now Smart Lipo here I come. I'm starting to become nervous about my procedure, but excited as well. I'll be doing this process by myself per my love has a change of station. Still love the military anyway. He will be checking in on me and hopefully make it there by day two. Below are my stats.

Age: late 20's
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 145 normally 135, but I decided to take 2 months of eating what I want b4 lipo
Stomach: 29 1/2"
Hips: 41 1/2"

I will add before and after pictures soon. iPad does not allow pic uploads to this site.

Tomorrow is the day. I have everything setup for...

Tomorrow is the day. I have everything setup for easy access since I'll be taking care of myself. I think I have everything I need. I even got a back scratcher to help with reaching itchy spots. I'm excited about my surgery, but a little nervous about all the other blogs I read about people having bad experiences and gaining weight in the wrong places later. I will keep updating and post before and after pics when I'm back home with my laptop.

So I had my procedure this morning. The nurse and...

So I had my procedure this morning. The nurse and doctor was awesome. So I had a light breakfast then arrived at the office. I had to sign some final papers and pay my balance. I was then taken to a private room were I changed into my surgical garments. I then had my pictures taken. Right after that the doctor proceeded to draw on the areas I was having done. She was such a doll and made sure I was comfortable at all times. Her nurse also made sure I was warm since most operating rooms are cold. I was laid on the table and disinfected. While I took some HAPPY pills to calm me. After that the numbing meds was introduced. I know a lot of smart lipo patient says this is the worst. However, I only felt a tiny pinch here an there. The laser tickled so every now and then I had to laugh. The doctors bed side manners was amazing. I felt like I was with family. The nurse stayed with me the entire time. I was never alone. So all of my fears was gone. The doctor and nurse were both at the front of the office and greeted me when I arrived. They both asked if I had any other questions and answer them and even advise they would call me to check on me later today and tomorrow. Meds are kicking in so I will finish later. Currently no plain. I had a 20 min rise from the office back to my location. Was also able to stop mad get Sunway sandwich. I'll finish latere dozing off
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SC are you uploading pics? How are you feeling today? Almost four months for ya ha? Any tips or expectations for me that I'm behind you?
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It took about four months for most of my swelling to go down and start to see real results. I've taking pictures, but have been extremely busy and not load any. I'm almost 6 months post and still have swelling from time to time. I still wear my garment 8-12 hours a day. I'll be stopping the garment next month. Also, pineapple juice helps with the swelling.
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Who was your doc? Do you have any pics? How are you coming along?
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Hello Renewmesoon, the healing is coming along. Able to move around just sore. Still painful to get in and out the car or turn over while in bed. Still swollen, but I can see results in my outer thighs. Not much change in upper and lower abs. I'll be posting pics soon. iPad is so handy, but doesn't allow pic posting. How are you healing?
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Hello! How has your healing process been?
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Thanks for the tips. I have water and healthy snacks bed side along with pineapple juice. I keep drifting off to sleep
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You should make sure you have your bed made with a bed cover or shower curtain liner for the drainage and towels near. Also pillows helped me because it was hard tor me to get up from laying flat down. Have waters and crackers bedside. I ate soup when I came home and had no problems just wanted to sleep. I don't think you will be scratching your back with a back scratcher that seems like that will hurt. When I run the water on my back it feels better.
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Hey there,

Wanted to wish you good luck with your upcoming procedure! I hope everything goes well for you. Please keep us updated on your progress!

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