Scar Tissue in Nose After Septoplasty, Turb Reduc, and Sinus Surgery

So far has been a good experience. Just have a...

So far has been a good experience. Just have a couple questions. Happy I had minimum pain and sweeling. Had to hardly use my tylenol number 3.

I'm only 3 weeks post op but I had a question regarding scar tissue in my nose. Though I can actually breath alot better then i could before the surgery I did notice that air going in and out of my right nostril would fluctuate over the past week. I had my 2nd post op today and when I ask my dr he said I have some scar tissue that formed because I had such a deviated septum the tissue wants to go back to where it was. Will this scar tissue subside or go away at all? I'll ask him in 2 weeks at my final but am VERY curious.
Dr. Oleh, After reading the initial post comment, what are the types of things that can be done about scar tissue on the septum? I had a septoplasty, and on the CTscan there are some small excess bumps that block air flow around the bridge area. What kind of "minor" procedure are you talking about? And what type of injections? And how effective are they?
HI Robert,
Its very difficult to say without actually seeing your nose.

You may benefit from additional surgery but I would hae to see your nose.

Best, Dr.S.
Dr. S I am a40 year old male with a history of rhino/ septo plasty x 3. I now have only a 1mm opening in theleft nostril and the right one is completely blocked. I have lost the sense of smell and loosing sense of taste. Life is quickly becoming a struggle simply to breathe as my o2 sat is around 91% and we know it should be in the high 90 percentile without any COPD's. My doctor is telling me there is nothing to do with the scar tissue and this is literally killing me. Do u have any advice as I am desperate at this time.

Thank you,
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