3 months post op. New pics!

I'm really concerned. I went to bed last night...

I'm really concerned. I went to bed last night with a bit of an upset stomach...thought it might have been nerves about my upcoming surgery. Didn't sleep well and woke up with diarrhea, low grade fever (99.8) and feeling slightly achy. Was hoping this was just nerves, but called my PS office and they want me to go see my primary doctor. If we have to cancel this surgery, I don't when I can reschedule it because of work and my kids' school schedule. I had it all planned out with my kids out of town for a week for my recovery. Now what do I do? I've been such a nervous wreck about this surgery anyway, and now this!!! Has this happened to anyone and what did you do?

I'm at the surgery center and doing ok so far...

I'm at the surgery center and doing ok so far.  Surgery is in 1 hour!  My doctor gave me some anti anxiety meds last night which really helped me get a good night's sleep.  My stomach trouble has passed and I think it was just nerves and anxiety.

Wow! Day 2 is not fun. I had my rhinoplasty...

Wow! Day 2 is not fun. I had my rhinoplasty procedure yesterday and it lasted almost 6 hours! My PS said my cartilidge was thicker than he expected and he took extra time and care to smooth out my bridge woke up with lots of bruising around my left eye, but feeling ok. I slept great last night because I could still breathe through my nose.

Today, my nose is completely blocked and my left eye is swollen shut. I still feel kind of shaky from the after effects of anesthesia and lots of pressure in my face. My eyes feel hot and swollen. Pain is not bad, just a lot of pressure and I can't really see out of my left eye. Fast forward to tonight at 2:30 am--cannot sleep at all! Nose is totally blocked and my mouth and throat are so dry, I feel like gagging. My face is swollen beyond recognition. I can only see out of right eye. I sure hope this is all worth it. How will I ever get any sleep? I called my doctor and he prescribed some steroids to help with my swelling. I know you all have said day 3 is the worst, but I can't imagine it being worse than right now. Sorry this is such a downer of a post, but I'm feeling pretty awful. Need some words of encouragement. Feeling those "days of regret" right now.

My primary rhinoplasty is scheduled in 2 weeks....

My primary rhinoplasty is scheduled in 2 weeks. I'm terrified and excited at the same time. My husband and I have 3 beautiful young children (4,6 and 9) and they do not know I am having this surgery. My husband has been the perfect picture of support in this decision. Our kids will be out of town visiting grandparents for the week of my surgery and will return home the day after my splint comes off. I am really quite nervous about changing the appearance of my face, even though I have wanted rhinoplasty since high school. I was teased about my nose being "different" since the 2nd grade and always expressed my humiliation to my parents. Of course they told me I was beautiful (since I was their child) and they dismissed my concerns as normal teenage angst and peer pressure. My nose isn't particularly large and doesn't really have a bump. It will mostly be tip work. My doctors have described me as having "excessive columella show" with "nostril retraction" and a "slightly bulbous tip". My nose is very similar to Debra Messing's, Sarah Michele Gellar's and (not as petite as) Ashley Greene's, but very similar shape.

Each P.S. I met with asked if I had previous rhinoplasty and one doctor even accused me of being dishonest about my denial of a previous surgery. Apparently, my nose has the appearance of a bad rhinoplasty job (nice!) even though I've never had any type of plastic surgery! I have waited until my late 30's to finally do something about it because I feel like it's either now or never. Either get it fixed now and free myself of this insecurity or learn to accept it and move on. I also dislike the way gravity and aging seems to be making it worse. I am also an actress and my insecurity about my nose is making me really self conscious in my auditions. So, after months and years of research, I have decided to do it, despite my ever growing anxiety and fear! I really like and trust my P.S. who specializes in rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery.

(This is not a breast guy...only faces!) He's known as "The nose doctor" and the "Michelangelo of facial plastic surgery". Our goal is subtle changes that look natural. Not a complete overhaul of my nose. Despite this, my surgery will still be a complex one, lasting at least 3 hours. Things I am having anxiety about.... Will I be able to adjust to my new reflection and will I like it? What will my children think? Does this send the wrong message to my young daughter as she grows up? I'm afraid of regretting my decision, but also afraid of regretting NOT ever doing it. Will I be messing up my face? I'm told these are normal fears and concerns, but as a mother, there is also a feeling of guilt involved. I guess I'm just looking for some positive and constructive feedback from those who have been through it. Especially, from "older" patients, like me ;) Thank you, Nervous mom

My cast came off on day 6 and it was a bit painful...

My cast came off on day 6 and it was a bit painful. I had a lot of scabbing on the inside of my nose that was really stuck, so that was painful. The stitches coming out didn't hurt too badly, but pulling the cast off was not fun! I took my pain pills before the appt. but it didn't seem to help much. Tears quietly streamed down my cheeks while the nurse gently stroked my cheek and spoke so softly to keep me calm. Love her! I was so nervous to look in the mirror! He handed me the mirror and I just held it with my eyes closed for a few minutes and asked them to describe what i was going to see. Anxious much? lol! So, when I finally opened my eyes, I was surprised that it didn't look like a "shapeless potato" (which I had read on these posts before) but more of a swollen version of my nose. My profile was thrilling to see! No more hanging columella, but not totally flat either! Just what I wanted! Still looked like me, but softer and more feminine and prettier!

My 3 children were staying with their grandparents (out of town) for the entire week of my recovery. They returned home the day after my cast was removed and they didn't really notice anything was different. Whew! They could see my bruises and that my nose looked swollen, but they didn't think I looked different or "weird". My husband is very impressed and happy with the results and my parents liked it too.

I am now 10 days post op and very happy with my results. All of my anxiety, worry and stress are gone! I had a really tough recovery with lots of swelling and bruising because my surgery was very complex and it took almost 6 hours! We were originally expecting about a 4 hour surgery, but my surgeon felt that my results weren't "perfect" at the 4 hour mark, so he kept working until it was exactly what I wanted. :) I was prescribed a steroid pack to help with the swelling and of course I used the arnica gel and pills that my surgeon provided.

My nose is still quite sore and sensitive. My bruises are fading and I've been using "dermablend" make-up to cover them. I have been out shopping and dining in public and I'm only self conscious about the bruises. Once they fade, I will feel better.
Yes, the first thing I thought when I looked at your pre op pictures is that this was your second rhinoplasty and the first one went wrong. They call that hanging columnella. But now wow, you look great (you were beautiful before also) but now you have the perfect profile. I am happy for you!!! Congrats!
Congratulations!!! You look amazing!! You sound happy with the results thus far, and you should be! =) Best of luck to you as you continue to recover
Wow! Your nose looks absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on the job well done by your PS. :)

Thanks everyone for your kind words and support!...

Thanks everyone for your kind words and support! This sight has been so helpful to me and still continues to provided me with peace of mind that my healing process is normal! I am 12 days post op now and still quite swollen from the front, but loving my new profile! I'm also still bruised under my left eye and jawbone, but it's shrinking and fading a little each day. Would love to speed that process along somehow. Other than arnica and pineapple, any suggestions? Feeling better and stronger each day. Less tired and I'm able to keep up with my three young kids now. We spent an entire day at Legoland yesterday (I wore lots of SPF and a wide brimmed hat to keep the sun off my face) and I could tell that the heat and humidity seemed to add to my swelling a bit. Haven't started my exercise routine yet (usually pilates and jogging or spin class), so hoping after the 2 week mark, I'll be ready to go again. As for work, (I'm an actress and stunt woman) I won't be able to return until more of my swelling has gone down. I also have to wait until I'm 6 weeks post op to return to the stunt business. I also need to get new head shots, but those will also have to wait until my nose "settles in" a bit more.
Anyway, thank you all again and despite all of my crazy anxiety and nerves, I feel that this was worth it for me.

I commend you for getting consults from different doctors and going with a facial plastic surgeon. Your homework paid off nicely...you so pretty!
Hey Jules! Thanks so much for your comments. I bet we do have a lot in common! Feel free to ask me any questions. I was such a nervous wreck about this procedure even though I have wanted it for as long as I can remember. With 3 kids, it made the decision even harder. But I am really glad I did it! My recovery was really rough, (maybe b/c I'm older than most of the girls on here) and I definitely experienced the "days of regret" on days 2-4 post op. I cried and had lots of anxiety about the results and on day 3, I actually wished I hadn't done it. But, now that it's over, I am thrilled that I finally did this for myself. My kids didn't even really notice a difference, except for the bruising. I just told them that I hurt my nose at work and the doctor had to fix it and put some stitches in. That seemed to satisfy their curiosity (or lack there of!) about the bruises and swelling. My parents were pleasantly surprised that I still looked like me and that the change from the front isn't much different. My profile is the big difference, but I love it and it's how I imagined it should have looked anyway. In the last 10 years, I had noticed some dramatic changes in my nose. Age, gravitiy, or genetics obviously kicked in and I found myself avoiding the camera and preferring to take pictures of just my husband with the kids. That was a wake up call for me that it was time to do something about this. It's now or never.
So, I hope I can be of some help to you like so many people were for me. It is scary and it wasn't a fun week, but I'm really happy with my results. I hope you can find a doctor you like. I was torn between 2 surgeons. One was really nice and personable and had a fabulous spa-like office, but his before/afters weren't exactly what I was looking for. The other had a very small, average looking doctor's office with really nice nurses and staff. His bedside manner was fine, not as warm and friendly, but he was very skilled in rhinoplasty and the functional aspects of the nose and I loved all of his natural, subtle before and afters! So, go with the doctor who produces the best work for your specific case. I met with him twice before making my decision and he was a 3 hour drive away! Also, ask to speak with some recent clients of your PS. That was helpful to me. Good luck and I hope to hear from you soon!
Hi! There is so much I want to say!!! You sound exactly like me!! I even just had my mom read your profile logs. She said 'you girls would be fast friends'! Your pictures are amazing!! You were beautiful before and now you're a stunner!!! Congrats on getting thru it, I'm envious! I have yet to hone in on a Dr choice and the type of procedure that's right for me (open or closed). I'm in MI or I would be at your Dr!! He did an amazing job! Good luck with the rest of your recovery and keep that nose protected during your stunts! :)

So, I'm now 16 days post op, and I'm really happy...

So, I'm now 16 days post op, and I'm really happy with my profile and getting used to the front view (still looks swollen, wide and my eyes are still slightly bruised.) My smile still feels a little funny too like my upper lip kind of disappears. My nose is still a bit runny and crusty on the inside and the left side of my nose is very numb still but my right side feels more normal. My tip (where most of my work was performed) is totally numb and feels like I'm wearing a prosthetic nose. LOL! Don't get me wrong, I'm still really happy with the results. I'm just wondering if other people feel this way too? It sounds so silly, but I will be so excited when I can blow my nose like a regular person again and not have to clean my nostrils out with a Q-tip twice a day. I go back to see my surgeon in less than 2 weeks for my 4 week post op exam. Also looking forward to wearing my sunglasses again!
OMG!!!!!!!!! YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im getting my nose done in january as well. i am sooo nervous!!!!!!!
I am the same way with the sneeze reflex. I can wear sunglasses in 2 more weeks!! I started working out 10 days after cast removal. I took it easy for the first 2 days but was right back to high intensity training and high impact classes after that. They say just listen to your body. If your nose swells or throbs during exercise then slow down. Aww, Thanks for the nice words. I am so glad my story helped. That's what got me through mine... other success stories from members :)
Thanks Texas. Yes, I am very happy I did it. Ughhh, I don't know if I can wait until 8 weeks for sunglasses. I live in the "sunshine state" and my eyes are really sensitive to bright sunlight. Not to mention, I have an annoying sneeze reflex that causes me to sneeze excessively when bright sunlight or lights hits my eyes. (Photic sneeze reflex) I am hoping at my 4 week visit, he will let me wear sunglasses for small periods of time. But I really dont' want to mess up my nose either. When did you start a regular exercise program again? I would like to start my pilates reformer classes or Barre classes this week. I guess I'll try them and see how it feels. I also need to start some cardio. Maybe spin class? That seems safe enough. Thanks again and you look gorgeous! Your success helped me get through my post op recovery depression. That was a tough week!

So, tomorrow I will be my 3 months post op from my...

So, tomorrow I will be my 3 months post op from my primary rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Schwartz! I am thrilled with my results! I wanted very subtle and natural changes to my nose and that's what I got! I didn't want it to be a "perfect little Barbie nose", but rather a softer more feminine version of the nose I was born with. From the front, there is not much of a difference.(This is what I wanted) But my profile is soooo much nicer! I had bruising for an entire month after surgery and I still feel like (with out make-up) I have a hint of dark circles in the crease under my eyes. It might also be that I'm a tired mom of three very active young children! LOL Also, my tip is still a bit stiff and I feel like I'm sniffling a lot more than before. I can't blow my nose normally yet and I still use a q-tip to clean the inside tip area. Not sure if that is normal, but I can live with it. Anyway, I wanted to post some new pics. As you may notice, my nose kept changing shape over the past three months. It was still a bit upturned (slightly) at 3 weeks post op, but now i feel like it has really settled in. Most people didn't even notice anything was different. Not even my Uncle or grandmother! They just said things like, "Wow, you look great!" or "you seem really happy". My family was relieved that I still looked like me and I feel so much more confidant. I hope my story helps those who are considering rhinoplasty. It was a tough decision for me and I almost chickened out. I'm glad I trusted my doctor and I have no regrets. Good luck everyone!
i know your post was a really long time ago, but I just found it and my nose is similar to yours, you have a great result!!! you must be so happy. is it even better now that its been a while?
totally cute!
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