My Invisalign Journey- Overjet/overbite

I've worn metal braces before and my teeth are...

I've worn metal braces before and my teeth are straight on the upper jaws and lower jaw. The only problem was the upper jaw is protruding out. Overjet sufferers will understand this- my upper teeth are always constantly grinding against my lower lips. It hurts so much that I've decided to go for invisaligns. I'm on day 2 of tray 1 right now :) and I'm looking forward to the day of a perfect bite! Here are some pictures. I'll be updating u guys when I get my second tray. That's when my dentist would put in the attachments. oh and by the way, notice the big buccal corridor at the sides of my mouth. I told my dentist I would like to reduce them, so he gave me the opportunity to expand my arches a little ;)

I'm on day 5 of my invisaligns right now. To those...

I'm on day 5 of my invisaligns right now. To those who are comtemplating between metal braces and invisalign, i'd say go for invisaligns! Invisaligns are a million times more comfortable than metal braces. Metal braces seem to apply much more forces. I remember I couldn't eat vegetables at all, all i could eat was soft foods like cooked oat. With invisaligns, i could eat anything I like.

So far, invisaligns have reduce the grinding of my upper teeth against my lower lips. There's a bit of pressure here and there especially on my lower incisors. I'll be updating again when I get my attachments!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post below!

Hey all! It's been so long since my last review. I...

Hey all! It's been so long since my last review. I just wore the 11th tray and this was the tightest. I've 19 more to go but I've already seen improvements. You can check out the new comparisons between the first and my current teeth. I'm already so happy with the treatment. As I've mentioned, i wore metal braces before and those were the most horrible and painful experiences. Invisalign is absolutely comfortable, but I've to warn ya, you will experience soreness for 3-4 days of a new tray.

I'll be updating further on the 15th! Keep watching this space!
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I just found you because I was looking for overbite+overjet cases.  How did your treatment turn out?
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Oh my gosh, I can see a huge difference in your bite between the 2nd & 10th tray pictures you posted. Does it feel different to you, or was the change so gradual that you just got used to it as it happened?

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Hello megan! The change felt gradual, but looking back at the pictures I did get quite a shock at the changes so far. However I did notice that the lower four teeth are curving downwards (I've quite a similar situation as ocdave). I did shaving of my teeth too on my upper jaw and till far I haven't noticed any sensitivity of my teeth. So far so good!
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That is great that you can already notice a change in the relationship between your upper teeth and lower lip. How are you doing with getting your 22 hours in? Has it been a challenge, or a pretty easy adjustment?

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hello megan. Glad to have you here! There's still grinding between my upper teeth and lower lips if i take out the trays. The invisaligns kind of act as a shield. Yeah, i'm clocking in 22 hours very diligently (invisaligns are expensive!) It's been really easy adjusting. I guess that's because I've been through metal braces and they are really a pain in the butt. :)
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Good luck Shady, I'll be watching your progress! btw, how many attatchments and trays do you have?
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hello ocdave! Nice to have you here! I havent gotten any attachments yet but i'll be getting them on the 2nd tray. I have 30 trays for upper & 30 for lower. I'll be posting clearer pictures the next time. :)
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