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Hello to all of you wonderful ladies out there. I...

Hello to all of you wonderful ladies out there. I am a 34 years old, 5'5", and I fluctuate between 140-145 lbs. I am a mother of 4 children; ages 11, 7, and 5 y/o twins. My husband and I have been married 12 years and together for 16. He is a military man. It is hard being separated for long periods at a time (he is currently TDY now), but we have a strong marriage and make it work. We have lived in OK, AK, Germany, AZ, England, and now FL. We've only been in FL for a few weeks, but I am loving it. Life would be even better if I could actually feel good in a bathing suit. We are very close to the beach.

I am planning on a TT, BA, and liposuction of the hips and thighs. I have always been small up top and have wanted BA since I was in my early 20's, but I didn't want to do it until after children. I always have known that I wanted to be a mother and breastfeeding was important to me. I didn't want to take any chance of surgery interfering with my ability to nurse my babies. I fully breastfed all of my children, including the twins, for 18 months each. The only time in my life that I was a c cup was when I was engorged the first couple of weeks after the twins were born, but that's it. Usually, I'm a AA cup and I only grew to an A cup during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I guess one good thing about that is they're not too saggy.

Genetics and motherhood has given me a pear shaped body. Clothes have never really fit well on me. If my jeans fit in the legs and butt, they were always very big in the waist. It's hard to find flattering tops. Even with padded bras, I still look small especially compared to my bigger butt and hips.

My husband has always said that he liked my butt. I think he says that because I never had much on top.

I have worn a Spanx compression tank (the Incognito Slim one--a bit tighter than the other Spanx) since the twins were about one year old to try and hide my belly. It gets pretty uncomfortable and hot in the summer, but I feel so naked without it. It helps to hold everything in, but I am so tired of wearing it.

Honestly, I've never really felt sexy or all too good about the way I look. Even when I was in my early 20's and only weighed 118 lbs, I wore a shirt over my bathing suit. I was slim, but I never had boobs.

I have spent so much of my time taking care of other people. When I was a kid, my step-mother was a home day care provider. Often, I could not play with my friends because I had to help her. When I was 18, I became a CNA and worked in a nursing home. Then, I became a nurse, wife, and mother. So much of my time is focused on taking care of other people that I feel it's finally time to do something for myself.

I've been researching plastic surgery for a little over a year now. I wanted to do it shortly after we moved to a new place before I got to know a lot of people. I just don't want everyone to know I had plastic surgery. This is for me and no one else. I don't want to be talked about or gawked at or judged for it. Not that I really care what other people think of me or I'm embarrassed by it. It's just personal.

I had my consultation appt on 13 September. The doc took a lot of pictures of me. He used digital imaging to give me a pretty good idea of what I'll look like after the surgery. Looking at my expected results, I wanted the surgery more than ever. I was bummed when the finance lady gave me the projected cost. It was a lot more than my husband and I were hoping for. Looking at other people's cost, mine does seem to be high. Maybe it's our location? Maybe my doc is a bit more experienced and costly? I didn't even think of going for another consultation with a different doc. I really liked the one I saw. I feel comfortable with him. Plus, he has his own surgery center and no overnight stay. I am a nurse, but I hate hospitals and I hate being the patient.

My surgery is scheduled for 10 October. Five days after I turn 35. My husband will be back on 01 October. He is taking a week off from work. I'm confident that by week 2, even though I know I'll be sore, I'll be able to at least get the kids back and forth to school. I'm planning on starting a new job on 24 October (2 weeks post op). I don't have much choice. We need that second income. Hopefully, I'll have my drains removed by then.

I haven't told my kids anything about the surgery yet. My girls are ages 11, 7, and 5. My son is the other 5 y/o twin. I worry about what kind of message am I giving my girls? I've always tried not to pick at myself in front of them and have told them that what matters most is what's in the inside. Now I feel like a total hippocrit.

I also feel guilty. Guilty for spending so much money on myself, guilty for delaying working, guilty for not being able to take care of the house and kids. I have always done 95% of the house work and taking care of the kids (my husband admits to that), and I do 100% when he's deployed or TDY. I've never had a supportive family or even been close to family for them to help me when he's gone. I don't want to feel like I'm burdening my husband.

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Thank you for sharing all of your stories. I have enjoyed reading them, and it helps to know what to expect.

I will try to get some before pictures up early next week.

Pictures added. They were difficult to take. ...

Pictures added. They were difficult to take. Since my hubs is still away, I took them with the mirror and right after having lunch. I also took some with my clothes since that is what other people see. I am wearing the padded bra from Victoria Secret, but you can tell how small I still am. I am also wearing my Spanx, which really helps to hold in the belly. I can't believe I'm posting naked pictures of myself on the internet, but you ladies make me feel comfortable.

I meant to say the padded bra from VS that is...

I meant to say the padded bra from VS that is supposed to add 2 cup sizes.

I had my pre-op appointment today. The first...

I had my pre-op appointment today. The first thing I had to do was pay. Then, I had to sign a bunch of surgery consent forms. After that, I saw the nurse. She went over everything with me; I didn't see the doc at all. I was cool with that. I have my complete faith that these people know what they are doing, and they do it very well. I have done so much research that I couldn't think of many questions. Plus, she explained things well. I wasn't offered to try on different implant sizers, not that I needed to. I am very sure of the size I want. I will be getting 500 (!) cc silicone implants. They will be the moderate plus profile. My lipo is not just inner and outer thighs, but complete thighs-including knees. I'm so very excited about that! Maybe I can wear skinny jeans that I haven't been able to wear since I was a kid. I love the look of skinny jeans and high heels, but I wouldn't be caught dead in a pair with my current legs/hips/butt. The lipo on my hips and thighs will give my butt a better shape. Good news for the hubs who is a butt man. I have to wear a garment that goes from right under my boobs to the middle of my calves for 6 weeks. I can't take it off at all for a week, but I can shower with it after day 2. They said I can just towel or blow dry it. Weird to think of taking a shower with my clothes on. After a week, I can take it off to wash it. I will also have a binder on the tops of my boobs a couple of inches above my nipple to help push them down. I will have 2 drains that hopefully will be removed week 2 or sooner. I am getting Demerol for pain, since I'm allergic to Percocet. No Valium. Phenergan for nausea. That's about it. I dropped off my scripts to be filled. I also had to do blood work to check for anemia.

I have been feeling really bad about myself the past couple of days. I'm about to start my period and feeling really fat and ugly :( I hate feeling this way. I usually am a positive person.

Only about 12 more days to go! I think I have let go of the guilt, and I'm getting super duper excited. I am ready (emotionally)!

I have a job interview tomorrow. Wish me luck,...

I have a job interview tomorrow. Wish me luck, Ladies! This is the one I want. A new body and possibly my dream job all in the same month? That so totally rocks! Hubs comes home on Saturday. Yay!!!

Such great things are happening to me right now. ...

Such great things are happening to me right now. I got my dream job. Not only is it the work that I want to do, but my boss is super flexible with my hours. I can work some at the hospital and some at home. This means, I don't have to worry about before and after school child care for the kids at all. I can work and yet still be with them. I am so lucky and feel like I'll have the best of both worlds--working and stay at home mom.

Hubs came home on Saturday. It's great having him back.

My birthday is tomorrow! Yay, 35. I feel like I'm in the prime of my life. I have such a wonderful family. Hubs is my best friend. The kids are all at such a great age. I'm enjoying motherhood and watching them grow up.

My surgery is less than a week away. I've stopped obsessing about it so much. I feel ready. I've filled my scripts, did my labs, bought some lounge clothes, got some body pillows and books. I will stop by the library later this week and check out a bunch of DVD's. This weekend I'll clean and go grocery shopping.

I'm really happy with my life and to realize that I'm going to feel even happier and more confident about myself is so awesome. What did I do to deserve such a wonderful life?

OK, so I thought I was emotionally ready for the...

OK, so I thought I was emotionally ready for the surgery but I'm getting really nervous again. I go on Monday, and I feel that there is still so much to do.

Hubs can't take off of work completely that first week like I thought. He will be off on Monday (Columbus Day), but the rest of the week he will take the kids to school, go to work, then pick them up and come home. He has been on edge lately (new job, money, moving), and I'm worried that the kids and I will be too much for him to take care of. He's used to me doing everything around the house and for the kids. I pray this all works out well for all of us.

Today is my second day post-op. I am very sore. ...

Today is my second day post-op. I am very sore. My boobs look HUGE and swollen. I only got a peek of my belly when I saw the doc yesterday. It looks great from what I can tell.

I'm going to have to post more later. My pain meds just kicked in, and it's hard to concentrate.

One week post-op. I had just typed a long...

One week post-op.

I had just typed a long update, and for some reason the site kicked me off.

I'm changing my vote to "not worth it" for the time being.

It's been one week and I'm regretting this whole thing. I have been so miserable. I'm in constant pain, I feel like I look like the bride of Frankenstein, my face, hands, legs from hip to toe are super swollen, I walk like an old woman, I have tons of bruising (even in my feet--why? from the massive swelling?), I can't take care of my family like I want, I barely have left the house (I can't put on a pair of shoes from the swelling). My boobs hurt, my back hurts, my belly hurts, my legs from hip to toe hurt. This really, really sucks.

I want to return to the land of the living. I want to start my new job next week, but it's doubtful that I can. I'm supposed to go in this week to do a drug test and more paperwork, but I can't even put on a pair of shoes. Plus, I have drain tubes hanging on me and the only thing that fits is a pair of sweat pants that are one size up my pre-op size.

When does this get better? I was no way prepared for all of this. Some people almost make it all look so easy.

9 days post-op Hi, Ladies. I am feeling much...

9 days post-op

Hi, Ladies. I am feeling much better today. I saw the doc Monday afternoon. He says everything looks great, even the swelling. The bruising in my feet is due to the lipo. Doc says it'll even travel to my toes. The swelling in my face and hands is gone--progress! My boobs are still hard and sore, but they have dropped a little. My nipples no longer point to the floor. I have another appointment on Friday. I am hoping to get my drains out. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I am doing much better emotionally. Over the weekend and through Monday, I was at an all time low. My husband actually moved us into a new house last week. I was left alone most of the time at the rental house. I think between being alone and not being able to help with all of the work of moving and the kids, I just felt helpless and mad at myself. I was also putting a lot of pressure on myself to recover so I can start my job and help out financially, especially after creating such a large bill. Well, it turns out that Human Resources couldn't process all of my paperwork to start me next Monday. I have a couple of more weeks to heal, and I still get my dream job. Money is going to be very tight, but hubs has a plan and at least I should be getting a paycheck in time to do some Christmas shopping.

Thank you for those that posted. It really helped to have some support. I wanted to have the surgery soon after we moved to a new place that way to try and avoid the judgmental people, but it's been rough not having anyone. I'm starting to rejoin the land of the living (thank God). I went to the grocery store Monday evening, took the kids to their dentist appointments yesterday and I've cooked dinner the past couple of nights. It feels good to be taking care of them again.

14 days post-op Hi, Ladies! I'm feeling really...

14 days post-op

Hi, Ladies! I'm feeling really good. I think that I would've been fine to start my new job today. The first few days is classroom and computer training.

What a difference one week has made in my recovery! I got my drains out on Friday. That hurt!! It felt like someone was pulling out my intestines. There was a lot of gunk on the tubes. The infection probably make it a bit more sore. Doc gave me some antibiotics to clear it up. It was so nice to be free of those drains. My incision looks really good! It's just a very thin slightly pink line. I was also very lucky with my c-section scar. After it was fully healed, you can barely even see it. During the weekend, the swelling in my legs started to go away. I knew it when I was up all night peeing. My legs look and feel so much better! I'm wearing a pair of pre-op jeans today and they are baggy! How exciting. I probably still have some swelling in my legs because so far, I can't see my cellulite at all. As far as I know, liposuction doesn't take away cellulite. One can only hope that they were the exception. The boobs are still sore and a bit high, but I'm liking the fullness. So is hubs:) I'm walking fully upright. That is helping so much with the back pain. My energy levels aren't back to normal; I want to take little naps during the day, but what a huge improvement from last week. The bruising in my legs has improved, but I'd like to to totally go away before posting pics. My twins walked in on me yesterday while I was stepping out of the shower. I had been avoiding them seeing my body at all since surgery because I didn't want to scare them. They were concerned at first, but I told them that it looks much worse (mostly all of the bruising) than it feels and it will all go away soon. They were cool with that. None of the kids have really commented that my boobs are bigger. When I told them about the surgery, I had mostly focused on the belly.

I can't wait to see how I look and feel next week! I'm beginning to change my vote to "worth it."
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Dr. Burden is great! He seems to really enjoy what he does.

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Thanks for sharing! We are military too & just moved to the same area of Florida you must be in. I am doing the breast lift & TT next week with Dr Ennis(Dr Burdens partner). Just wondered how you felt about the staff & experience there. I'm a little nervous about the surgery but have enjoyed everyone I've come in contact with thus far
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Hi there, I noticed you had surgery the same day I did. It is definatley a journey! I was miserable the first week also, didn't care about anything but getting better. I got a TT and BA. Im still very much swollen and I have my days where I just wonder if it will ever go away. But everyone says it takes time, it could even take up to 3+months. Glad you're doing better, Im back to work as well. Feel better, now I'm waiting to look better. (I do know my stomach looks better than bfore the surgery) lol.. Good luck on your healing!
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Hello. I have really been very lucky in having a fast recovery. That first couple of weeks were horrible. By the third week, I was standing straight, all of the swelling was gone, the pain was minimal, I was back to doing all of my normal chores/errands and (this is the best part) I was shopping for clothes. I have been super busy and not good about updating. My bruising is completely gone, and I need to post my after pictures as promised. You are right, it has been quite a journey. Not just physically, but emotionally. I was not prepared for the mental/emotional part. I am happy to say that it really has all been worth it. I feel absolutely FANTASTIC. No longer am I obsessing over what I eat, how my clothes fit, or what I look like. I am just happy and confident all the way around, and that has given me more energy. Since I no longer obsess over myself, I can also devote more time to my family, work, and helping other people. If money can buy happiness, I recommend a mommy makeover :) I hope you (and all of the wonderful mommies) are just as happy with your results!
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Glad you're feeling better. So happy for you!
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Thanks, Sassy!
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Wow, this has been a rough process. Thank you for keeping us updated throughout. You have a lot going on! No wonder your emotions were a little out of control.

Hopefully, when all is said and done, you'll consider this worth it. In the mean time, take care of yourself. I'm so glad your job is giving you a few more weeks before you start. Great news!

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I just read your review and I am so happy you are feeling better. I also saw you are just 9 days out. That is still really early in the game. For me things got so much better when I could walk fully upright. That seemed to take a while with me :) I am now 6 months post op and to be honest I can't even remember the hard times at all! Things get so much better every day. I will tell you that you might be tired for a while but that too will pass!
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Glad to hear you're feeling better. I was worried abt you. Glad you will still get your dream job. Just think, new job, body, house. Congrats!!!
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Hi, Sassy! Yes, I think once most of the swelling goes away and I get to really see some results, I will be very excited--hopefully so much that all of my pain, suffering, and money spent will be worth it. Your time is getting close! I bet you are counting down the days now.
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Great. I'm glad you're seeing some results. I am getting extremely frantic. Going to my ps one more time this week to go over everything. Been so busy at work. Time is flying!
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Awesome to hear your spirits are better! And u sound to be having a fast recovery I just went out today for the first time and I didn't have a tt just ba and lipo so sounds like your doing good.. Yay! And glad to hear about your dream job giving u a few extra weeks.
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I saw that you were unable to do the tt with everything else. It might be a blessing in disguise. Doc says I've been in so much pain because I had so much done all at once. I'm sure my start date having to be delayed wasn't just a coincidence. Things happen for a reason and everything has a way of working itself out. I wish you the best of luck and hope you have the results that you dream of. Thanks so much for your support!
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Hi! hope you are better today than yesterday. I am feeling 80% back I actually return to work Monday and tomorrow go to my PS I can wait to ask him about my lift. I am in love with one but hat the other :) I know it is too soon and they have to drop and so on but I still have tons of questions. I am absolutely ok with the way my surgery went as you stated it was a blessing and will be 100% by Jan for my TT. Hope you are well!
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I'm so sorry your first week has been so rough on you!! I promise you it will all turn around soon, and it will all be worth it!! Remember "Today is just a day and tomorrow will be better." If it makes you feel any better I went back to work at week 2 and it wsn't that rough. But I had a lot of paperwork and in office meetings to attend. So it wasn't physically stressful on me!! Good luck!!
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Hi, Cottonmomma. Thanks so much for the encouragement. I did a lot of research and knew that recovery would take some time, but I don't think I was really prepared for it mentally. I'm so used to taking care of everyone and working hard that it was a huge adjustment for me.
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hey, read your update and just wondering why your doctor did not tell you that you will not be able to work for at least 4 weeks. I know my doctor did, now after 6weeks I still stay free from work. I just not ready to go back yet. I hope you can find these time as a way to get a good rest cuz your body needs it. Good Luck.
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My doctor told me minimum I would need two weeks. I would have to agree that if you have a light, desk job two weeks would be enough to return to work. I, however, have a very active and strenuous job so have yet to go back to work. I guess in the end it all depends on the individual and their bodies ability to heal. It does seem like the norm is usually around two-three weeks that is recommended off work.
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I'm sorry things are moving slowly for you. I know how hard it can be with a new job to start and all. I'm hoping things turn around for you soon. Sending hugs your way.
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I am so sorry to hear you are regreting it I went in 2 days after u and they couldn't do tt I thank God because I am having a tough recovery just with lipo and boobs however just think u are all done I still have to undergo this again. I am sure you are gonna look amazing! Give it time! Pain is beauty and you will look Amazing! Stay strong!!!!
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I'm sorry to hear you're not having a smooth recovery! Some of the pains you are describing are very normal: your breasts, back (especially lower back), and any area where you had lipo. The bruising too, you end up looking like you were in a gang fight. I was very swollen too but not to the extreme of my fingers and toes. Have you seen your doctor since your surgery? What does he have to say about all you are going through? Make sure you are taking your pain meds right when you are supposed to! A heating pad really helped for my lower back pain. I walked around with flip flops for about a week since I couldn't put shoes on either. You are very swollen so it makes sense that your clothes don't fit. It took me about a week before I could fit into my pre-op jeans. Are you draining a whole bunch in each drain? Hopefully at least one of the drains gets removed in a few days! After a week I was still moving around rather slowly but I don't recall being in as much pain as it looks like you are. You sound rather miserable and I'm sorry :( Have you gotten to see any of your results? I know once I saw my belly for the first time it would motivate me to think positive. Hopefully in the next few days you will start feeling better. It seems like one day you will just wake up and feel SO much better! Hang in there and I'll be sending positive vibes your way!
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Hope you're doing well. Just wanted to check on you.
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I agree mind over matter I gotta thiNk of the outcome perhaps on the third day of post op lol. My girlfriend brought me a cane to get around after tummy tuck and I can't imagine having to shower right now! Mess are definitely helping tremendously!!! I am excited about end result! ThAnk u!!! I am sure I have lots of questions for u but everything is a blur right now cause of mess :/
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Hi I saw my dr and he says he can't do tt till I recover 8-9 weeks and boost my hemoglobins I'm bummed but at least I have time to forget about this pain! He said lipo was a lot and will take time to recover overall he said I look good and he is happy just being cautious
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Is your lipo bothering you alot still? How much did you get taken out? I had 300cc from each flank and 200cc from each inner thigh taken out but it hasn't really bothered me that much. Maybe because I was so focused on my boobs and stomach. I'm sorry you have to wait so long but you're right you will be almost fully recovered and ready to face the tummy tuck! More time to prepare! :)
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Well today was a much better day my lift was not bad the lipo of the inner thighs was the worst of and the flanks, I didn't ask how much was taken out I will next sat. My next apt.
I have deep purple bruises along my inner thighs, my sides, my lower back and betweer my breast. Thr nurse I saw today said oh, he relly beat u up, meaning he put in work ( I never thought I had that much to take off buy guess I was wrong lol) I am much more mobile today also cause a friend came over and gave the the best massage ever! Oh also I left the doctors after surgery with no compressing garmets today they told me that should have never happened and maybe that is why I was in pain, I do feel better now that the compressing gametes are on. Now to prep for next one! At least I can't be afraid of the unexpected to some degree
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