3 month anniversary from MM - new pix!

I've wanted my stomach to be flat and toned again...

I've wanted my stomach to be flat and toned again for a long time. My first child was born in September 2004 via c-section. I've had 2 more babies since then, both c-sections, in 2006 and in 2009. I had a tubal ligation with my last child so there are no concerns over getting pregnant again.

Three years ago I vowed to get in the best shape of my life by age 40. My 40th birthday is in May of this year. I am in great shape now except for my stomach. Due to breastfeeding my breasts are also MIA. After a truly heartfelt discussion with my sweet husband I have decided on a Mommy Makeover. He fully supports me and has even helped me research. He's the one who found Real Self. He's also going to the consultations with me as his work schedule allows. He's awesome!

I am fortunate to have a lot of support from my husband, family, and close friends. I'm excited to start meeting surgeons. I have 4 consultations over the next 2 weeks starting tomorrow. I want to be sure I pick the best surgeon that I can and that's why I have arranged so many consultations. I am also fortunate to have a friend who just had a tummy tuck who also works with plastic surgeons (she's a nurse practitioner) who has given me a lot of input. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law have both had many cosmetic surgeries so they've given me a lot of advice as well.

I'm excited to share my journey. My plan is to have the makeover by the end of February so that I have enough time to heal before my big 40th birthday bash at the end of May. I live in south Florida so I'm also looking forward to my first summer of not feeling overwhelmed by bathing suit & beach season. I might just live in my bathing suit this year rather than hiding behind my cover-up. Yay!

I've had 2 consultations this week. I knew by the...

I've had 2 consultations this week. I knew by the time I woke up this morning that the surgeon I met yesterday was going to be a no. The doctor seemed to just skim over my concerns and plan his own idea of what type of makeover I needed despite my expressed desires and deep concerns. His patient coordinator lied to me too and I knew it. I don't know if she was just trying to make up for her lack of knowledge or if she really was directly lying to me. Either way... that was a big mistake.

Today's consultation went so well that if I had to choose a surgeon right now, I'd choose him. He put his priorities right in line with mine and he listened to me. He offered his best plan based on my own personal concerns/desires and that was awesome. I asked him, "if I was your daughter, knowing what you know about me, what would you do?" I super liked his answer and his reasons for his answer. My husband was very pleased with him too. His price was also about $3000 less than the first surgeon. Even though price isn't going to be my determining factor unless I like 2 surgeons equally, I was surprised to see that much of a difference.

Do your homework, ladies. Both of these surgeons have advanced credentials and have received numerous positive reviews. Their work is so beautiful, each of them. However, one is much more on my preferred approach than the other. I don't trust the first guy, but I do trust the 2nd one. I have 2 more consultations to go to. They are both next week. I'll update after I see them. I hope to have my final decision on which surgeon I'll choose by the end of next week so I can move from there to testing and then finally to day of surgery. I'm still aiming for my MM to be at the end of February.

I've had three consultations over the last 2 weeks...

I've had three consultations over the last 2 weeks. I am supposed to go to another one on Wednesday, but I'm going to cancel. I found two surgeons that I like almost equally, but I've decided which one to go to. I'm hoping when I wake up in the morning I feel as confident as I do about that now. If so, I'll go ahead and give them my deposit to hold the date of my surgery. As of today, February 22 was open for them so here's hoping it still is when I call them.

I've decided on saline implants underneath the muscle. I tried on a sizing bra today and I think I love what 400-450cc looks like on me. I had a lot of fun with that part. The nurse and I were like "Yes, that's the one!" when we got to the 450, but then she reminded me that my breast tissue will be on top so that's why I think I'll go with 400 so there's room for my own tissue on top without looking too big. I'm not sure how to describe that.

So, here we go. I have a lot of tests I have to do pre-op -- a mammogram, EKG, and complete blood screen. I'm not looking forward to any of that, but I understand why it's necessary.

Today I paid the deposit to schedule my surgery...

Today I paid the deposit to schedule my surgery date. I have a follow-up appointment with my surgeon's nurse on Feb 8th which is 2 weeks prior to surgery. That's when the total amount for the surgery is due. I have another appt with my surgeon the day before surgery for pre-op. Surgery will be early a.m. on Feb 22nd. They say it'll last about 3 1/2 hours and I should be home mid-afternoon.

I also scheduled my mammogram for this week and found out that my insurance covers mammograms 100%. So happy about that.

I wanted to list the questions I've been using...

I wanted to list the questions I've been using with each surgeon I've seen. Hopefully this will help those of you who are seeking your preferred PS. Some questions are geared towards my own wants/needs. Tailor your questions to your own desires. This is just a guideline.

• Are follow-up visits a part of the price? If not, how much are they?
• How long until I can resume exercise, sex, driving, picking child up?
• What if there is a rare emergency and I have to go to a local to me hospital, will he meet me there?
• What is his policy and what would he do to correct any surgical mistakes or treat any problems like infection or poor healing?
• How do I reach someone after hours with questions/problems?
• Does he use a pain pump?
• Percocet makes me vomit. Can I use Vicodin? What about Valium? What prescriptions are needed before and after surgery?
• What tests do I need to do before surgery?
• Is surgery [on date I've chosen] possible?
• Do I need to buy any equipment or garments over and above what his practice gives me the day of surgery?
• How long will I need full-time help at home?
• What are risks to having surgery? How do I care for myself to minimize the risks?
• I want the incision as low as possible incorporating my c-section scar.
• I want a natural looking belly button.
• I want my muscles sewn tightly. How will that affect future workouts?
• Is hernia repair, if needed, a part of the cost?
• Is there an overnight stay available the night of surgery? If so, the price.
• Will there be drains? Why or why not?
• I’d like to avoid a breast lift and I don’t want my nipples messed with. Is it possible to achieve the look I want with just implants alone?
• I want a full C cup or small D cup. How will that look on my frame?
• I want the incision underneath my breasts.
• Will implants eventually need to be replaced? If so, approximately when?
• Will I need to massage my implants?
• I'd like saline implants under the muscle, is that something you're comfortable doing? I don't want silicone.
• Are saline implants safer than silicone in your opinion? Pros/cons.

Good luck!! I'm getting more and more excited and less and less nervous each day. :)

I had my pre-op mammogram today. It wasn't as bad...

I had my pre-op mammogram today. It wasn't as bad as I expected. It's humbling and uncomfortable, but not painful. I guess I better get used to people touching my boobs for the time being. Sheesh! I asked the lady who performed my mammo how things will change after my implant surgery and she said it would actually be easier for her and for me since the implant sort of pushes the breast tissue forward. She said she'd have to take extra images, and it will be much less uncomfortable for me too because she won't be able to squeeze it as tightly in order to keep from damaging the implant. She asked if mine would be placed underneath the muscle and I said they would and she repeated herself nodding her head yes that it would be fine and no worries. That made me feel so good inside. My grandmother died from breast cancer that spread to her lung in her 80s so I've always been so concerned about implants causing a problem with a mammogram. Looks like I never had to worry at all. Happy dance.

One month until my makeover. Very excited and...

One month until my makeover. Very excited and anxious. Enjoying the time I have left before more doctor visits, tests, and pre-op stuff though. I think this journey is mostly fun although I am looking forward to getting it over with. Have a great day!

Mammogram results are normal. My breast...

Mammogram results are normal. My breast augmentation gets the green light. Just a few more tests to go, but they don't happen until a week and a half before surgery. Excited!!

Four weeks from today and I'll join those of you...

Four weeks from today and I'll join those of you who've made it through. Today I paid half of the cost for my surgery. I'll pay the other half in 2 more weeks. Each day I get more and more excited!!

I had my pre-op appointment today. I'm so excited....

I had my pre-op appointment today. I'm so excited. We finalized all of my decisions. I am getting a full TT and BA with saline, under the muscle, 400cc in my larger breast and whatever it takes to even them out in my smaller one (maybe 425cc).

I have my prescriptions all ready to be picked up at the pharmacy. I'll get them tomorrow. I've been told to discontinue all aspirin and ibuprofen products, double my multi-vitamin, take 1000 mg Vit C, discontinue fish oil, and continue as prescribed other meds. They also said start the stool softener 2 days prior to surgery and then take them with every pain pill after surgery. I have a few supplies to buy, but it's really just first aid kit stuff. Easy.

I also paid the entire balance due today. Wow. I'm really doing this. Happy dance!!

The greatest news I got was that my surgeon does the incisions super low so that I'll be able to wear a bikini if I want to. A BIKINI???? I haven't worn one of those since my 20s. I'm not sure I'll feel comfortable in something like that, but maybe? See... I just haven't been used to having that much confidence in my body, especially my stomach. Smiling ear to ear today.

All of my pre-op doctor visits are finally done....

All of my pre-op doctor visits are finally done. Yesterday I did the EKG and chest x-ray. Today I did the blood and urine tests. The results should be to my surgeon by the beginning of next week. I'll have a pre-op visit the day before surgery to get my markings, ask any remaining questions, and talk to the anesthesiologist. I'm very anxious now. I hope the next 10 days aren't filled with anxiety, but I honestly can't wait to get this over with. I have a fear of anesthesia even though I know so many people "go under" every single day and I've never had any complications. Still. Ugh!

I have my week and weekend planned to the max. Next week is filling up quickly too. I've already started doing final projects around the house. Next week I'll be cleaning like a mad woman. I want it all to be ready for me to just kick back and do nothing for a couple of weeks.

Excited, nervous, anxious. That sums it up.

I posed this question to the docs on here, but...

I posed this question to the docs on here, but it's stuck in moderation hell so I'm going to ask you ladies. I hit my head hard on Saturday. I didn't lose consciousness or see stars or anything like that, but since then I haven't felt right. The tv, computer, and phone screens bother me most plus loud noises and bright light. Each day I get better and better, but it's slow progress. I told the doc I saw on Monday (pre-op clearance) about it and she checked me out and then didn't seem at all concerned. My sister got me all worked up this morning about it so now I'm wondering if I should alert my surgeon or not or just wait and see how I feel Monday. I don't want to put myself at risk, but I also don't want to cause an uproar over nothing. Thoughts? Thanks.

I went on a date with my sweet husband last night...

I went on a date with my sweet husband last night to try to take the edge off of my nerves. I talked mostly about my upcoming procedures and he was a calm and patient listener. It was nice to get it all out. We had a great time. I keep thinking that next weekend at this time I'll be post-op and bed bound. It's always in the back of my mind just below the surface of everything I'm doing. Racing thoughts. Reminders. Ugh. I have made several lists so I forget nothing.

I'm mostly nervous about anesthesia. I know I'm not alone in feeling that way. I always get nervous about it even though I've never had any issues with it.

I wrote about hitting my head in my last post. I'm feeling much, much better. I spoke with my surgeon's nurse and she asked some questions, but she's not worried. She said she'd tell him and call if he wanted further evaluations, but she didn't call me back so I'm taking that as he isn't worried either.

I'm five days from surgery. It's on Friday. I have a couple of appointments, a play date for the kids, and 2 full days where I get to clean my house in preparation. I think I'll do a final grocery shopping trip on Wednesday. I'm trying to fill up the week for two reasons... one, so time will fly and two, so I won't have much time to sit around and be nervous.

Have a great day ladies!

My anxiety level is back to normal today. I'm no...

My anxiety level is back to normal today. I'm no longer freaking out. I spoke to the nurse this morning and she calmed my nerves considerably. She told me my surgical clearance came through and I'm all set. She also said being nervous about surgery is very common, but assured me that I'm in good hands. I feel much, much better.

Today and tomorrow I'm concentrating on cleaning and getting things in order at home. Thursday morning I have my pre-op appointment to get marked and then Friday super early I will have my procedures.

This week has been the hardest as far as anticipation goes. I can't get over what an emotional journey this can be. I am 100% without a doubt sure that I want this though. Come on Friday!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone brave...

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone brave enough to create a story, post pictures of themselves, and/or post comments on RS. This site has been such a blessing to me. Surgery pre-op for my markings tomorrow morning, then my much anticipated MM is early Friday morning. I almost can't contain my excitement!

Just adding some new before pictures since this is...

Just adding some new before pictures since this is the last day that I'll look like this. Wow. Last night I took all of my bras and put them in the wash so that I can donate them. I laughed as I thought about how much money was spent on them just a year or so ago. Gulp! Ha ha. That's nothing compared to how much new boobs cost, right? :)

I'll probably add a couple more photos of my markings later if I get time to sit down. Today is super busy and my PS is an hour away.

This will likely be my last post until I'm feeling...

This will likely be my last post until I'm feeling up to doing an update post-op. Surgery is tomorrow morning early. Here's what I decided. I've seen so many reviews and was dying to know what each woman chose and having to scroll through gobs of posts to find out was annoying so hopefully this helps someone who is sick of scrolling. :-)

Breast Implants:
Saline, under the muscle, incision underneath breast. No lift.
Asked for 400 cc in larger breast and to even up smaller breast to be symmetrical. However, I gave "after" pics to my doc that I found online to show him the look I like best and he said that I shouldn't get stuck on a # because he may have to use a little more. I said go for it.

Tummy Tuck: Full, hip to hip. The incision will be very low. My doc is awesome! I have had hernia repair with mesh in the past, but he said it's no problem. Looking most forward to a flat stomach. I can't wait to fit into my favorite clothes like I feel I should. So sick of the muffin top. NO LIPO!

Pain Relief: TWO pain pumps. One for my breasts, one for my stomach. They will be in for 3 days. After that I have Vicodin. I chose Vicodin because everything else makes me nauseous.

Drains: I will have 2 and they will stay in until they aren't draining much. I'm going to try very, very hard to just deal with having them because I want zero complications.

My at-home care: My husband is off work Fri through Mon. His Mom is also coming to stay with us for about 10 days to care for our three children while I lay around healing. I plan to enjoy my time off. You won't catch me cleaning or doing anything while I'm in the most critical time of healing. At all. I'm sure I'll be bored to death, but so be it. They can handle it and I don't want extra swelling. My friend is a specialized nurse who has also had a tummy tuck... she gave me gobs of medical supplies for free and she's available at the drop of a hat should we need her.

That's all. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See you all AFTER. XOXO

I'm thrilled to the moon with my experience so far...

I'm thrilled to the moon with my experience so far. My surgical team was the best!! Great team. Trying to stay ahead of the pain. Wow it gets awful and I even have 2 pain pumps. Taking 2 vicodin every 4 hours.

I chose saline implants under the muscle with an incision beneath my breasts. The left side is 450cc and the right one is 460cc. I also got a full TT and I just can't believe how tiny I look. Yay!

I have a follow up appt at 9:00 a.m. and can't wait to see underneath all this brandishing.

I'm super happy and have zero complaints.

I'm thrilled to the moon with my experience so far...

I'm thrilled to the moon with my experience so far. My surgical team was the best!! Great team. Trying to stay ahead of the pain. Wow it gets awful and I even have 2 pain pumps. Taking 2 vicodin every 4 hours.

I chose saline implants under the muscle with an incision beneath my breasts. The left side is 450cc and the right one is 460cc. I also got a full TT and I just can't believe how tiny I look. Yay!

I have a follow up appt at 9:00 a.m. and can't wait to see underneath all this bandaging.

I'm super happy and have zero complaints.

Day 1 PO going better than I expected. I am so...

Day 1 PO going better than I expected. I am so glad I got 2 pain pumps though. Wow! Sometimes my boobs feel like they're on fire near my armpits. Taking pain meds every 4 hours, but the last hour is really tough. Walking and using the bathroom unassisted which is nice. Not eating as much as usual. Swollen all over my body. I posted a pic yesterday and I'm about to add another one. Even though I'm swollen I'm so excited at how tiny my tummy is and how full my boobs are. Yay!

Day 1 PO going better than I expected. I am so...

Day 1 PO going better than I expected. I am so glad I got 2 pain pumps though. Wow! Sometimes my boobs feel like they're on fire near my armpits. Taking pain meds every 4 hours, but the last hour is really tough. Walking and using the bathroom unassisted which is nice. Not eating as much as usual. Swollen all over my body. I posted a pic yesterday and I'm about to add another one. Even though I'm swollen I'm so excited at how tiny my tummy is and how full my boobs are. Yay!

I'm sick of the Vicodin already. Would like to cut...

I'm sick of the Vicodin already. Would like to cut dosage and see how it goes. Boobs hurt more than tummy for sure. My lower back hurts too. Can't wait to get over the hump of the first few days PO, but still so happy and excited. Emotionally I'm doing fantastic. Feeling super hungry this morning. Gonna wake hubby soon and ask him for a big breakfast. Mmm Mmm.

The last 24 hours were hell on earth, but saw doc...

The last 24 hours were hell on earth, but saw doc again and now I'll be fine. Pain pumps have been removed, everything is healing as it should, cleared for a shower. Taking one as soon as I get home. Exhausted.

What a difference a few days can make! I'm...

What a difference a few days can make! I'm standing almost perfectly straight and the pinched nerve feeling under my armpit seems to be mostly resolved at least for today. Still laying low but I can fix my own lunch and get my meds, water, and wear a tshirt without needing something that buttons now.

Appt tomorrow to remove drains. Looking forward to it. Almost done with antibiotics and narcotics and super happy about that. Sick of waking in the middle of the night to take meds. Still sleeping in recliner for now. Dying to get back in my own bed though.

Excited to have turned the corner and getting better each day instead of suffering so much. Happy healing everyone!

I'm adding this info mostly so I won't forget...

I'm adding this info mostly so I won't forget.
Diastasis was 25 cm and is now 7.5 cm.
1000 grams of tissue was removed and the implants weighed 1000 grams so even exchange.

Day 6 drains removed, pain pills stopped,...

Day 6 drains removed, pain pills stopped, antibiotics gone, standing straight, so happy!!

Today was fabulous! I'm standing and walking...

Today was fabulous! I'm standing and walking completely upright. I cooked or prepared all meals for my family, made trips to the mailbox outside twice, and only needed 1 short nap this afternoon.

Breasts are riding high and so silly looking. I'll be glad when they drop. I'm swollen just like everyone else, but quite happy still. I shaved my legs and armpits today for the first time since surgery and I can't tell you what a relief that was. Yippee!!

Hi everyone. I saw my PS again today. He had the...

Hi everyone. I saw my PS again today. He had the nurse remove all of my stitches and told me it was time to shop for Spanx. He said for a little while I could wear my binder with the Spanx, but when I'm ready I could just wear the Spanx alone. I was seeing him every 3-4 days, but now he said not to come back for a week. He said to continue to take it easy and no exercise, strenuous activity, or heavy lifting for awhile longer. He also said my breasts (esp the left one) are starting to soften which pleased him.

I'm feeling stronger and I have more range of motion each day. Last night I slept in my own bed instead of on the recliner couch for the first time since surgery. It felt so nice and I slept so well.

This week I plan to shop for Spanx and a new halter bra that has front enclosure so I can wash this one that the OR gave to me. I can't wait to buy a real bra, but all in due time.

A Mommy Makeover is totally worth it. I took good care of myself beforehand and I'm convinced that's why my recovery has been such a breeze, all things considered. Good luck to those of you on your way and happy healing to those of you on the "flat side". :)

I bought this today so I could have an extra in...

I bought this today so I could have an extra in order to wash the one I got after surgery. It feels like wearing almost nothing. It's so comfortable. I don't want to go back to my surgical one now. The only downside is it's back-fasten instead of front. Since I'm 11 DPO now I don't struggle, but I would have in the beginning.

Playtex makes it. Found it at Target for $12. Oh happy day!

Two weeks ago today I had my Mommy Makeover...

Two weeks ago today I had my Mommy Makeover procedures - extended tummy tuck & breast implants. I am happy to report that I'm doing better than I expected to be doing at this point. I still get tired easily and I stay home most of the day, which gets really boring since I also can't lift anything heavy or do much housework beyond the basics of laundry, dishes, and dusting. To rest is so important, though, and so I keep my activity to a minimum in order to get through the day without being exhausted by 5:00.

Tomorrow I plan to go watch my son play football in the morning. I haven't been able to do that for the last 2 weekends so I'm very excited about it and I'm trying to save my energy so I can enjoy the whole game. Sunday I plan to return to church. I'm looking forward to becoming more and more "normal".

Monday I have another doc appt. I plan to ask about breast massage and continued wound care. My incisions look great and are all closed up so I'm wondering about scar therapy. I also want to know if I should wear Spanx with my binder or if just Spanx alone is fine. I have a few questions.

My breasts are still high and tight, but they are no longer painful and I have most of my range of motion back. I don't have full strength back yet though. I'm still taking it easy and I'm very careful about lifting/reaching/carrying. When my pec muscles move I am aware of it and so I try to let them rest as much as possible. I don't want to mess anything up. My left breast is dropping and softening quicker than my right breast, but my surgeon says that's because I'm right-handed and the side that's most used usually takes longer to drop into position.

I am still very happy I had a MM and I would recommend the procedures as well as my surgeon to anyone. Two thumbs up!

Breast Aug = saline, under muscle, high prof, 450cc left, 460cc right

I had an appt with my PS today. All went really...

I had an appt with my PS today. All went really well. I have graduated to Spanx without my binder. So happy about that! It is a bit uncomfortable pulling it up over my incision and stomach, but I think it would be that way whether I had a huge incision or not. They are tight. I like how they feel. It's not much different than the binder, just way less bulk.

I purchased scar therapy from his office too. I bought bioCorneum+. It was expensive, but I am worth it. :o)

I can start light exercising like walking and yoga-type stretching. I'm glad. I feel so mushy in some areas of my body now that I haven't been active for so long. I'll start tomorrow.

I am feeling great. I almost have full range of motion back. I am functioning slower than normal, but I can tell I'm picking up the pace each day. I do light housework and all laundry now. I don't carry heavy things, but I do what I can. I haven't swept the floors or run the vacuum yet. Too afraid to try that still. Hubby takes care of that stuff for now.

So far the time is flying. I don't see my PS again for 3 weeks. Since he's an hour away from home, I'm happy. I'm still so excited about everything to do with my surgery, surgeon, surgical team, and before/after care.

The swelling is going away some and my breasts are dropping. It's a sloooow process, but absolutely worth it.

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy!

MM was 3 weeks ago today. I am feeling great. I...

MM was 3 weeks ago today. I am feeling great. I get tired and swollen by the end of the day, but that's all normal at this stage. I saw my PS on Monday and he released me to wear Spanx full-time instead of the binder. That is going just fine and I'm happy to be done with that binder. He also said I could do light exercises, but I honestly haven't done much because I still get so tired. I have done some light stretching mostly. I hope to start going on short walks next week. I see my PS again in a couple of weeks.

My breasts are taking their sweet time descending. My left one is ahead of my right on in the race to settle. I'm right-handed, though, so that's also normal.

I started scar therapy this week. I'm using BioCorneum+. So far so good.

I have no complaints or concerns. This experience has been a positive one for me and I'm grateful to God for that. I appreciate these reviews and forums on Real Self too. You ladies have helped me in this journey more than you know so thank you.

I feel great! I am almost 100% back to normal. My...

I feel great! I am almost 100% back to normal. My daily routine minus exercise is basically normal. My kids are on Spring Break this upcoming week so we have many plans including the zoo. I feel up for it and I'm excited to be able to share in fun family times again.

My breasts are inching down towards their final destinations ever so slowly and I have noticed they are softer. My scar is doing great and I have full range of motion back completely now. I do stretches everyday and try to get some walking done.

I've started cleaning up my diet again especially since I can't exercise yet. I have another PS appt in about 10 days. I hope he'll let me out of the Spanx for good, but trying not to put too much hope into that. They are a PITA, but I understand why I have to wear them. I'm just dying to be done with all this extra effort getting dressed and using the restroom each day.

Otherwise, not much to say. I feel great and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way I look. I seriously love it. The honeymoon is still ongoing. I am constantly in awe of the new me. I hope that feeling never fades.

Each week I get stronger and less tired and more...

Each week I get stronger and less tired and more able to resume normal life. I'm still very, very pleased and I highly recommend these procedures to any healthy woman. I have another PS appointment on Monday.

I hope everyone has a blessed Easter!

I had a follow-up appt with PS today. He released...

I had a follow-up appt with PS today. He released me to start my regular workout routine (slowly) at 6 weeks, which is this Friday. I'm happy about that. He said everything looks great and he's so pleased with how flat my stomach is -- and so am I. That is what I wanted the most. Now when people who don't know me see me with my 3 kids they can't believe I'm their mom. That's some awesome sauce!

He also said I could buy bras. Finally! So, I went to Victoria's Secret after my appt to get measured. I am a 38 C according to their measurements, but when I tried on the bras the C was too snug and uncomfortable. I tried on the D just to see and it felt great! The only problem is that I want NO underwire so in order to get my size (38D) in wire-free I had to order online b/c they only had one in the store. No good. I left and went to Macy's instead. I tried on about 10 bras that didn't have any underwire. Thank God for their selection. Some of the 38D bras fit great and some were too big. Some of the 38C bras fit great and some were too small. Funny, huh? Long story short... I bought two 38C bras today and plan to wait it out to buy more since my breasts are still not fully dropped or fully soft. I had my 4 yr old with me too so I had to move quickly before boredom struck him. In a few weeks I'll go bra shopping alone and really take my time. I'd like to get a few with very little fabric since my breasts are already a great size and I don't need bra padding at all.

I'll see my PS again in 3 months (July 1st). Until then I have to keep wearing Spanx. I'm not sure I'll be able to hang in there esp if I want to go to the beach so I'll see how I'm doing in about a month and call to see if I can go without it from time to time. I live in FL and wearing Spanx under clothes is going to get really sweaty soon. Today's high is 84 already.

Everything is going wonderfully for me. I still have no complaints. I wouldn't say my experience has been easy, but it hasn't been anything like some of the stories I've read on here. For me, it has been exactly as I was told it would be and everything I've experienced was "to be expected". My left breast is softening and falling into place faster than my right one, but the right one is still headed there. I am right-handed so I knew that could happen. My left breast also has the most numbness. That part is a small annoyance, but no big deal in the grand scheme if you know what I mean. My lower abdomen is also completely numb which doesn't bother me. I've actually been grateful that it's numb b/c I feel nothing when I massage or rub the silicone ointment on it. That's been a blessing in a way b/c that means I feel no pain there.

Many blessings to those of you on this journey. Hope you all heal just as you should with no complications. I'll update again in a few weeks. Hugs!

I am excited that I get to start working my way...

I am excited that I get to start working my way into my regular exercise routine and plan to start Monday. I tried to go without Spanx the other day just so I could wash them all and I didn't like that. After about 2 1/2 hours I was glad to put one back on. I love wearing normal bras now too. My "size" ranges from a 38C to a 36/38D. I have 2 bras that are 38C (no underwire) from Macy's and one strapless bra that is a 38D (with underwire) from TJMaxx so far. I plan to buy more in a couple of months once my breasts have settled and softened a bit more. I bought 3 sports bras that are all size L. It's fun!

Happy healing everyone! This has been the best money I've ever spent on ME. Worth it worth it worth it.

Wow! Eight weeks already. Time is flying now. I...

Wow! Eight weeks already. Time is flying now. I love my breasts a ton. I am swollen in my stomach more than normal and I believe it's because I am back to working out regularly. I still wear Spanx all day and night except when I'm showering. I'm quite sick of it too, but it is what it is and I know someday I won't need them anymore. I love all the cute clothes I can wear now and I plan to go bathing suit shopping in a few weeks. I can't believe I'll be able to wear a bikini. So cool.

I have a lot of numbness still in my abdomen around my BB and scars. My R breast still has pains and discomfort from time to time and my nipple on my L breast is still numb. The underside of the L breast is also numb.

When I do chest exercises I want to crawl right out of my skin. It doesn't hurt, but the feeling of my muscle contracting over the implant is wretched. I am so disappointed in that and I hope and pray it resolves.

Otherwise, I am doing SUPER great and I love my confidence -- esp (TMI) in the bedroom with my husband. Wow, we are having FUN!! ;)

I'll update pictures on my 2 month anniversary. Hope you're all doing well.

My how time flies after the first 4 weeks. I love...

My how time flies after the first 4 weeks. I love my new bras. I wear a 38C or a 36D depending on the make and brand. My boobs look awesome. My stomach is swollen again, but I think that's due to working out. I don't think I've gained any weight at all.

Happy healing everyone!

Just wanted to add as a reminder... Saline...

Just wanted to add as a reminder...
Saline implants, under the muscle, 450 cc left, 460 cc right, high profile Mentor.

THREE months PO plus new pix

I am doing great! I even had a full body massage last weekend and had no trouble lying on my stomach as she pressed into my back. I have saline and I'll admit I was afraid she'd pop my breasts like a balloon, but they're fine and I needed that massage a lot. Ha ha!! I'm back to normal in all things including workouts. I lift the heaviest weights I can manage and I go hard with whatever workout I have planned. I'm still uncomfortable doing certain chest and ab exercises so I stop when I don't feel right. It hasn't hampered my ability to stay in shape.

Honestly, I don't think much about my surgeries anymore. Life has resumed.

I can tell you that I am absolutely appalled that 2 doctors I had consultations with suggested a crescent lift. The doctor I chose said I did *not* need a lift and he was right. Check out my new pics. Everything is beautiful and I'm super, super happy.
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

He and his office came highly recommended. He is a preferred plastic surgeon in our area who is award winning and board certified with advanced credentials. I wanted the best of the best and I believe I've found him. I also really like that he volunteers his time and skills to surgically help children. That shows me his heart. He is also known for not doing procedures that aren't needed and he aims to give a natural appearance. Safety is his top priority. Even though his office is almost an hour away from me, it's going to be totally worth the drive. I can't wait!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi, you look great! And also feeling "normal" again is very important. So happy for you. I still didn't post my profile, but I will soon. It s great to hear good things about the doctor. I think he is great. A girl from work did it with him many years ago and she is very pleased with the results.
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You look wonderful! I'm so glad you updated I remember following your story closely! And I'll be 6 weeks PO Friday it really does fly. I love how you say at 3 months you don't think about it as much~ I can't wait for that! Have a wonderful summer!
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Thank you!! How are you doing? Have a wonderful summer too!
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Hi there , much better, thanks. What a difference from week 3 to 4 for me. And then from 4 to 5. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel now. I just can't wait to hop out of bed without bracing myself and thinking it through. Just to be " normal" but nothing beats trying on size 6 clothes and having breasts up where they should be so I'll take this trade off ;)
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That first month is hard, but I thought the first week was the worst esp the first 3 days where I questioned my sanity about going through with that surgery. I am so happy I did it though. I still wear compression when I exercise, but that's it. It's great to be free of all that extra stuff. I think as we shed the drains, bandages, stitches, pills, garments, ointments and so on -- with each thing that we are free from we feel better and life gets more normal. You look beautiful! I just checked your new photos. :)
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Oh, Thank you!!! I agree with you that the first week is the worst! I'M so thankful that my PS office said I should schedule it in April to have it over with by summer (I initially wanted July or August) Now we can enjoy our summer ;)
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Golf to hear you are doing so good. You look amazing! So happy for you girl.
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Thank you. How are you doing? I haven't been on RS in a month.
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I'm great. I don't get on he much anymore. Life gets in the way. I'm totally back to normal. Besides the selling. Go for my final post ok in June. Can't believe some days I don't even think about my surgery. Never thought that day would come. lol. You take care girl.
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Thank you soo much!! I will check for your updates. Even though I already have my BA set I m still questioning myself. Last week I kind of freak out, thinking in all the bad stuff than can happen, but now I believe I made peace with myself, haha. I am focusing in the good things. This site really helps. I see I m not the only one that have mix feelings... Is good to hear from people like you that already are on the other side of this journey enjoying and being happy with the results .
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I just updated and added new photos. Talk to your patient coordinator. I contacted mine plus spoke to the nurse and they both put me at ease. Having fear pre-op is so totally normal. I was scared to death the week before my surgery too. You'll be just fine. Believe me, you are in excellent hands. :) Good luck!
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Hi, I just begun my journey and i m a little nervous. I scheduled my surgery with Dr. P. for July 2nd. Are you still happy with your results? What do you think about the pain pump? Is it worth it? I appreciate your response.
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I had 2 pain pumps and YES it is worth it. You won't regret choosing Dr. Pillersdorf. He's the best surgeon in our area, I'm convinced. I am thrilled with my results. I was waiting to fully update until later this week on my 3 month anniversary. Check back in a few days because I'll add some more photos too. My breasts are freaking GORGEOUS! Good luck!
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You look terrific! Wow, 8 weeks. Time really does fly. Your boobs are great.
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U look amazing! Glad ur are so happy and you should be ;)....I am 7 weeks today and I feel the same way....7 wks??? How did that happen....time flies! Went to the gym yesterday and it was awesome....didn't lift more than 6lbs but it was mixed with lots of cardio...squats, lunges..steps etc and it felt great...no pain at all. Even did oblique work! Only thing that felt weird was my tummy is still tight. Didn't swell too bad..just tummy felt tight n hard. I wore lil spanx shorts under my workout pants! I forget that I had surgery sometimes til I get naked....crazy huh? Continued success to you and happy healing girl ;)
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Thanks Audee. It is easy to forget until you see that looooong line across your abdomen.
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BTW: I have 2 schnauzers and one of them looks similar to the one you have as your pf pic.
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Awww...how cool. That's my Lola...she is nuts ;)
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You look great! I like to look at your transformation, it's really amazing! It is crazy how the surgery consumed us and now time has flown by and it's a thing if the past! I have to stop an think about how long it's been since my surgery. I'm glad you am some others post, I like to hear how everyone is doing. :)
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I like it when they check in too. You're right... we go from being consumed by the big day to getting over that awful first week post-op to "wow time flies". Thanks for commenting.
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Wow is right, I cant believe two months have gone by already. You look amazing and it sounds like you're really enjoying your new body and you should, you totally deserve it. Funny how depending the brand of the bra you can be a C or D. I have a feeling that what im going to be too. Thanks for sharing your experience and I cant wait to see your continued progress! (Bikini Pics) :)
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Yeah, I have to take 2 of the same style bra into the dressing room. We discovered I have this issue at Victoria's Secret when I got measured. She measured me at a 38C, but when it was time to try on bras I was fitting better into a 36D. Thanks for the compliments. I'll be buying a bikini soon. I'll post pix of that once I do.
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The same thing happened to at VS. they measured me a 38C and when I put one on I was popping out of it. Had to go with the 38D. But can wear 38C from Soma.
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You look awesome! Your boobs look great! 8 weeks, it doesn't seem like it's been that long.
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Thank you! It's exciting.
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