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I'm a 32 year old mom of two. I developed huge...

I'm a 32 year old mom of two. I developed huge boobs (32F) as a teenager and had always wanted a reduction, I hit a 36I when pregnant/breastfeeding, and then lost volume and am currently a 34DD. I didn't gain more than 35lbs with each pregnancy, but got horrible stretch marks. The skin is so stretched, it hurts sometimes. I have a decent sized diastasis too. I exercise reguraly and have super strong, flat abs under the pizza dough but nothing I do get rid of the skin/fat. I'm scheduled for a tummy tuck with lipo and a breast lift on 5/17/12. I'm excited for the outcome, nervous about surgery/anesthesia/recovery/going back to work, and feeling guilty about elective surgery/money/time that I won't be available for my kids. All my pre-op visits have been done, I got a call last Thursday that the OR wanted some labs done (the surgeon was fine with my last blood work from the fall) so I had those done Friday and haven't heard about results yet, so I'm crossing my fingers that everything processed in time.

Surgery was yesterday, preop at 730, woke up about...

Surgery was yesterday, preop at 730, woke up about 1230, home around 2. Pain was pretty bad at home, but was undercontrol by 6. Got up to pee at 7, and hada wave of nausea, but didn't have to throw up. Night went well, slept great in the recliner. Today I had a follow up at the office, and got a little worn out. They changed my dressings and I got a look at everything. My boobs are so high and rock hard. My belly is pretty swollen, so its hard to know anything yet. My scar is low, and there is no vertical incision (I'm very long waisted so a small vertical incision was a possiblity.) I do still have some stretch marks, but they are lower, will probably still stick out of a bikini, but as long as my belly is flat, I can deal. So far I'm happy! My husband is being great, he's so concerned, my mom has been doing most of the care. My kids are being sweet, but the little one seems worried. Hopefully I'll bounce quickly so I can be momma again. Only icing and taking lortab for the pain, hated the dilaudid.
I'll post new pics soon, when I change dressings again.

Post op day 3: Doing pretty good today. I weaned...

Post op day 3: Doing pretty good today. I weaned myself off the lortab and vallium and onto Tylenol and motrin. Was doing really well, until a bit of food went down the wrong way caused a coughing fit, OUCH! Still not very hungry, but making sure to eat regularly to keep meds down. Has to poo for the first time today and it wasn't that bad, I've been taking miralax with Apple juice and drinking plenty of other fluids too. Otherwise, I'm just pretty tired and have been napping (and I normally hate napping, I'm very busy and hate sitting still!) I'll work on getting some pictures up tomorow and all my pre op measurements.

Day 4: Pulled out my pain pump this morning,...

Day 4: Pulled out my pain pump this morning, strange sensation, not looking forward to the drain removal.

Day 4: Attempted a shower tonight with my...

Day 4: Attempted a shower tonight with my husband's help. Went ahead and took some prophylactic pain and nausea meds to prepare, but my back hurt so so bad, I had to sit on the edge of the tub. I've been moving around ok, but I guess the compression garment has really been helping. I'm uploading a picture (sitting in the recliner, didn't feel up to standing any longer after the shower). I'm still so swollen and bruised it's hard to see any results. I can't wait till the swelling goes down enough that I can make this all seem worth it. I'm very happy with my breast lift at this point though.

Forgot to mention, my belly button seems a little...

Forgot to mention, my belly button seems a little off center to me. I don't know if it is from the swelling, or not, but I don't know if anything can be done about it.

Day 8: I'm doing really well! The only thing...

Day 8: I'm doing really well! The only thing that hurts is my lower back when I stand for too long, and I'm off all pain meds, even motrin and tylenol. I am keeping up with the arnica montana, and will start using the gel topically soon. My incisions are healing well, and the dermabond is starting to flake off. I am still hunched over, but I am straightening out a bit every day. I had my one week follow up visit yesteday, and the docs were happy with the way I was healing. They said the dressings can come off, and both drains are out now so I feel a million times better. The worst thing right now is a blister on my side (underarm/rib area) from tape. The doc said one more week of rest, then I can begin some light, low-impact areobic exercise. I'm excited to get back to 100% and get back into the gym, I need to do some butt is disappearing from sitting too much! My second shower went much better, I was able to do most everything myself. My daughter's last regular season volleyball game is tomorow, so I'm really hoping I can make it to that. Next week I have a school play to go to, and a job interview. Hopefully the swelling is down enough that I can fit into some acceptable clothes!
I've still got alot of swelling, but I've put some new pictures up.

5 week update: I've been meaning to update for a...

5 week update:
I've been meaning to update for a while but it's been busy!
At my doctor's ok, I went back to the gym for cardio at two weeks, I was very deconditioned from hanging in the recliner, so I had to be at a much lower resistance to keep my heart rate down. I still haven't started anything heaver than just cardio, but I hope to soon.
I was back in my bed (rather than the recliner) at two weeks.
Both my kids got out of school for summer at three weeks, so my schedule has gotten busy, and my ablity to time and sit with my feet up to recover has greatly diminished.
Also at three weeks, I started back to work. It was rough, but I managed. I did part time for two weeks, and just started back full time now at five weeks (I'm an ER nurse and full time for me is three 12-hour days). I wear my compression garment for work, and will be for a while. My doc said I could stop wearing it at night at two weeks, and during the day at four, unless I was really going to be exerting myself. I had a couple of sutures that were being stubborn and still hanging on, so I just removed those myself yesterday :P
I'm pretty happy with the way I look. I'm still having swelling, but I can see it going down. It is way way worse at the end of a day of work, and unfortionatly those are the pics that I have to share today (I ment to take some this morning, but I couldn't wake up in time to take them and still make it to work on time :) My only complication has been a spit stitch on my vertical breast lift incision...that then got kicked by my daughter during a tantrum :0 It's healing well now, and I'm sure it will look fine with some time. Several people at work have asked if I lost weight (even just seeing me in baggy scrubs) and commented that I look like I lost 10-15 lbs. A friend that didn't know I'd had anything done asked me if I'd had implants when I was wearing a cleavage showing top. Most of my clothes are fitting, no decrease in pants size, but I do need to find some different styles since I have a waste now. I have had to buy new tops, because I was just swimming in my old ones.
Here are my measurements
PreOp/4 weeks post:
bust: 44 1/8 / 41
waist 34 7/8 / 32
hip 42 5/8 / 41
collarbone to nipple 10/8
weight 169/162
I'm exhaused and hungry so I have to go for now. I promise I'll update again with some better pics.
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I think I'm probably a D. I haven't been refitted yet, still just wearing sports bras the doc reccomended.
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You look great! I'm also getting a BR and TT. I'm currently a 34F or G and am worried they are going to take too much tissue out and I'll have small boobies. I'm use to having these ginormous things! What size do you think you are now? I'm still shooting for a D cup
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You look great! I'm also getting a BR and TT. I'm currently a 34F or G and am worried they are going to take too much tissue out and I'll have small boobies. I'm use to having these ginormous things! What size do you think you are now? I'm still shooting for a D cup
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Good. I've been meaning to update. I'm at work, but I'll try to tonight!
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How are you doing?
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you look great! that is exactly what I'm having done.Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks! Just a lift, no implants!
I think the pain pump must have helped since I was able to quit the pain meds so quickly.
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Did you have just a breast lift or did you also have implants. You look great! Do you think the pain pump helped? Hope I look as good as you!
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I had a TT the same day as your surgery. I thought i mentally prepared myself for this since i have had previous lipo but the swelling associated with a tummy tuck is no joke. Happy healing to you and look forward to seeing your progress. You look fantastic!
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You look great!
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I hope it goes well with out the pain pump!
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Pretty good. Still taking it very easy, but the pain pump being out doesn't seem to be affecting the pain yet, although it was a -cain drug, just like what they use to numb you at the dentist, so it probably takes a bit to wear off.
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How are doing today with pain pump being out?
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How are you feeling? How bad was the pain?
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Before pics will be coming soon. My kids are around over the weekend, but maybe I can get some tomorow while they are at school. I'm still pretty swollen though.
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I am so excited to see you after pics. My body looks like your before pics. I am getting a fully tummy tuck, lipo in my stomach flanks and back. Also a breast life and augmantation. Hop you have a speedy recovery!
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Healthy and happy healing!!
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Your surgery is today! Good luck, praying for u!
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Hello, what part of Florida do you live in and which doctor is doing your surgery? I live in Florida as well. I'm thinking about getting my procedure done in the Dominican...
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This is a big step and I'm so glad you're sharing your experience with us here on RealSelf! You look like a great candidate for a mommy makeover. You might want to check out JenBob's great article about 10 Things she wishes she knew about an MM.

Keep us posted!

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