Finishing the Journey: MM After 100lbs Lost - Florida

I have lost 100lb over the last four years after...

I have lost 100lb over the last four years after struggling with my weight for 20 plus years. I am happily married mother of 3 (9, 7, and 5 years). Breastfeeding 3 kids plus the weight loss has left me "deflated".

I am scheduled for next week, still struggling with if "I deserve this" Wondering if I have lost enough weight for the procedures to be "worth" the pain, surgery cost and time off work. I am currently 5'5" and 157lb. I was hoping to be around 145lb for surgery, but have gained 5lbs instead of stress eating!

I have lost weight through learning to love exercise-running and elliptical mainly, so I am very nervous about not being able to exercise for (? 6 weeks!). I am use to being active, never sitting still, ultimate multitasker, so hard to imagine all this down time! I don't want overly large BA, just want enough volume to fill the stretched skin. Nervous about picking the size. Plan is for 297 cc silicone after consult appointment. Sorry so rambling, just trying to get some thoughts down! I'll post before pictures this week. So much stuff to do before the surgery!


mgbfl08 first let me say WELCOME! this board is full of what will become WONDERFUL friends! I think everyone has a bit of nerves when it comes to picking size. But trust your PS (Plastic Surgeon) I do know that implant size is decided by the width of your breast diameter. If the implant is not wide wenough it would look something like a base ball it its to wide you will look fake and other problems can occur. when you do go in ask the PS why they chose the size that they recommend...they should explain it.
i too lost A LOT of weight so I understand... Go ahead and read my review. Just click on my name to do that. there are 2 of them (identical) but the one with photos is current and has all my info
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Ok, its surgery day! Excited and nervous. Kind...

Ok, its surgery day! Excited and nervous. Kind of broken up sleep and now up two hours before time to report (more time to think about not drinking anything!)
I keep thinking I hope I lost enough weight for the TT to be beneficial. Took some pics, just ran out of time to upload sooner. I'm not worried about the pain so much as the inability to do anything after the surgery. I am normally a busy working mother "multitasker".

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Trying to add pictures..

Trying to add pictures..


You're on the other side by now! Wishing you a speedy recovery :)
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Good luck and congrats on the weight loss!!
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POD #4. So surgery went well. I did stay a few...

POD #4. So surgery went well. I did stay a few more hours observation because I just couldn't wake up. I remember trying to keep my eyes open, but they just wouldn't. Pain was not horrible. Breasts just felt heavy like engorgement with nursing. Tummy burned a bit but nothing horrible.
Let me just say the power lift chair and raised toilet seat have been a such a help! I've done laps around the house, can almost stand up straight. That little bit of hunch does put a workout on the back muscles though! I'll be happy for drains to come out, but they are not painful, just get in the way. I have to keep them covered when showering, which means needing help to shower.
So I mistyped above, actually were 397cc style 15 implants, (not 297). Will try to post pics soon, but it is such a hassle to get the garmets on and off! Breasts look too big and high, but I know that is likely due to swelling. My incision for TT looks higher than I would have thought, but I haven't had energy to put on panties or bathing suit to see where the incision falls.


How are you healing?
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Hope all is well and your recovery in wonderful and problem free. I did not see a name of the dr, was hoping for a good referral in the nw fl area. Can't wait to see ur pics
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Cannot wait to see pics. Glad your doing well. I'm next ;)
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