Looking Forward to Mommy Makeover on 9/27 - Florida

Mom of two boys, I'm in my late 30's....

Mom of two boys, I'm in my late 30's. I've decided to get a Mommy Makeover because like many here I've exercised for years (10 to be exact) and I haven't been able to lose the belly, but almost lost my boobs in the process. I also have discovered that I have a hernia and muscle separation and need to have that repaired.

A total of 5 people in my real life know. Two girlfriends that have had work done themselves. My husband and sister. I've avoided telling others because I don't want to be judged, criticized, or answer any questions. My best friend is anti-surgery, she has voiced her disapproval of it and so I only told her I was having a hernia repaired. She doesn't need to know that a flap of skin and fat will he removed or that my boobs are getting lifted and enhanced.

I'm looking forward to my surgery. I've wanted this for 8 years. My husband supports me. He has gone with me to all my appointments, has sat down and listened to everything I learned through my research. He is taking time off from work to take care of me, the house and our kids. He says he has done some research of his own. I'll take his word for it. I promised never to complain for not bringing me flowers in the past because this is pretty generous and will last way longer!

I often compare this experience to my experiences...

I often compare this experience to my experiences of having children. Since those were the only times I've had surgery (both through c-section). I recall bouncing back fairly quickly and feeling good at about 3 weeks out... Oddly my husband seems to have the same idea because he some how got it into his head that he can come into surgery with me. Ummm...NO! First of all, why???? I can't even bring myself to watch surgical videos. I thinks it's sweet and hilarious. Five more days!

I'm going to be brutally honest. This year has...

I'm going to be brutally honest. This year has been tough for me weight and exercise wise. I yo-yo'd quite a bit. 5 lbs up, 5 lbs down, 10 lbs up, 10 lbs down. Around the end of spring, beginning of summer I did P90x and had the best results to date. As usual the belly didn't go anywhere. I lost maybe 1.5 on my waist but the lower belly pouch just didn't budge. I questioned everything like I've done so many times before. My diet, my exercise routines, my sleep, supplements, etc. I started to think if this is it? Is this the point were a woman just gives up a lets go. I'm almost 40 and I thought, is it really don't hill from here. That's when I started to revisit the idea of a Mommy Makeover, like I've done before. My hubby, an athlete and fellow P90xer said, Babe if you want to do it, go for it. As long as it gets you back on track.

Fast forward to my pre-op visit on 9/15 and I'm told I need to stay away from alcohol. I resolved to eat clean the two weeks before surgery. Everything home made, lots of fruits and veggies, and lean protein. I also have been juicing. The benefits of juicing fresh fruits and veggies are endless. Wow, I'm so glad I did. Today four days before surgery I'm 3 lbs away from the top of my ideal weight range. A bit nervous and anxious, but I have to admit I feel great.
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Hope everything went well with your surgery! Keep us updated!
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I honestly want to be able to wear a thong and see it all and the front not hidden under my belley so ugly! yes of course I love beautiful lingerie!!
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Yay! 4 more days to no more tummy flab, and perky boobs! I have to admit, some of the first things I bought were sexy lingerie to wear for the hubs as soon as the PS clears me for all normal activity ;)) I'm going to be thrilled to say good bye to all the industrial strength scaffolding I call bras!!

What about you girls what can't you wait to wear that have never been able to before?
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I also had a c-section and the next morning I was shaving my legs and bouncing all over the place so I too feel as though this won't be as difficult as they say, at least I hope!

You definately deserve it - you should post pictures so we can see your wonderful results!! I'm so excited for you, I have only told a select few as well, though my husband told two of his friends and the one talks about everything to everyone so God only knows how many people know.

I don't want to have to answer questions either. People won't notice my belly at all because I'm already a 2, but I'll be able to wear a bikini now. The boobs are another story. Mine are so deflated - BOO!

Well hang in there, keep me posted!! Only 4 DAYS AWAY!
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lol @ your hubby I had 2 c-sections also so I know the feeling of it!
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@ my lady you know it makes me feel so relievied knowing what I am going to go through!
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Wow, 9/27/11 is right around the corner! I'm 7 days post-op and would do it all over again. My stomach muscles were jacked up and I had an umbilical hernia as well. Currently, I'm going through the stage of "swell hell" but this website has totally helped prepare me for it. Good luck on your surgery and please continue to keep us updated.
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aHHH HOW EXCITING!You know what a true friend support you because it makes you smile. i am glad you havesome gurlfriends to talk to! You have a supportuive hubby! Have you bought everything for your surgery! I am excited for you!
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