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Best $3000 I've Ever Spent. - Florida

Can't say enough about how this procedure has...

Can't say enough about how this procedure has affected me positively. Had the first treatment several weeks ago and am experiencing very little to no sweating in my underarms which I have had extremely excessively since my teens.

Tried all the prescription antiperspirants for years. Nothing helped. I had the Botox done several years ago one time and it worked very well buy lasted only about 9 months. I believe I have found what I was looking for. My anxiety is gone, other areas of my body that were sweating from the anxiety of very sweaty armpits have stopped, it's a very calming feeling. At $3000 it is not cheap and my insurance did not cover any of it but took my tax return and drove 2 hours to get it done.

The techs that did it were great. The only uncomfortable portion is the multiple anasthetic injections and I felt a burn a couple times in an area that wasn't totally numb but it's not a big deal. My pits were pretty swollen,numb, and not pretty for a few days so give yourself a day or two to relax with some ice packs and it'll be gone in no time. I receive the second treatment in May but am very happy with the results already so it can only get better. I'm confident this will last for a long time of not indefinitely. The peace of mind and confidence it has given me back is priceless. I am still in awe of how well it has worked. If I could give it 6 stars I would.

Update for me: Megan asked me to give an update, I thought I had posted one but I guess it didn't go through. It's been 6 months since I first had it done. Can still say it has been phenomenal. Really happy with the results. I don't think about it anymore and it's difficult to remember the years I had spent with the excessive underarm sweat. Everything is great. Armpits have healed up pretty well from the second treatment. I will say that there are still some marks on them and it seems like I don't have as much hair there as I used to which I can definitely live with and who knows, it may just take some time to grow back. It's hard to describe the residual markings but it is not bad at all. I could probably post a picture here soon if anyone was interested. And that may heal up completely in time as well. All in all, fantastic procedure and am 100% happy with the results and hope everyone who chooses to do it gets as good of results as I did.
I'm glad you mentioned the health care changes. I have not asked for assistance since I was denied by United Health Care. I have recently been switched by my company to Blue Cross and have not tried any appeals with them yet. I'm saddened by the lack of coverage for people suffering with this disorder.

Botox has actually worked really well for me and I use Robinul in between treatments to make the most out of them. However my assistance program is coming to an end and I'm very interested in the MiraDry procedure. Looks like cost will be around $3500 for two treatments in Seattle. Costly? Yes. But I'm hoping worth it. I'll be interested to hear your update about 6 months from now. For me it will be worth it if the result are long lasting.

P.S. Thinking about hitting my mother in law up for a "small" loan if I decide to go ahead with the procedure. She has a weak spot for me ;) I will gladly pay back every cent for something like this!!

Thank you so much for your reply and for the updates!

I'm very anxious to hear how this is going in the next month or so. I'm done with my botox assistance in the next 7 months or so and am looking for a longer lasting alternative. While the procedure isn't cheap in the long run is way cheaper than botox every 6 months. Thank you so much for sharing!!

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