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I started Latisse as a result of using fake...

I started Latisse as a result of using fake eyelashes they pulled out my own.

I am seeing wonderful results with this product but am very concerned about iris color change. My iris color is a really pretty green/gold. The side effects say it can change iris to brown permanently.

What is the chance of my iris turning brown. I have been using product for 9 weeks?

Oh my god i wanted to buy that but i wondered how it work do you put the liquid in your eye every hour, that's what i was told
I have milk-chocolate brown eyes, and after using Latisse for a month, I noticed a blue rim around my iris. I went to the eye doctor and she said, yes, that was from the Latisse. I said, no where in the literature does it state that your iris will 'lose' color...only that you might develop hyperpigmentation. Hyper means increased, and it even says "more brownish". Well, I got anything BUT more brownish pigment. I now have milk chocolate eyes, rimmed in blue...not real attractive. Have to admit, I probably would NOT have used Latisse if I had known this would happen. Lesson learned...hopefully that will help others. Did get great eye lash growth. To it's credit, it did that part very well.
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Don't want to.

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