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Smartxide Dot Therapy for Fine Lines and Sun Spots

I had Dot Therapy on Thursday afternoon and today...

I had Dot Therapy on Thursday afternoon and today is Sunday afternoon--4th day. I was very scared prior to the procedure as I have never had any laser treatment on my face before. I had a mild chemical peel and microderm before but I did not see any changes. I just turned 40 and was showing signs of sun damage, brown spots from birth control and lines/wrinkles under my eyes.

I read lots of reviews and spoke with my plastic surgeon about dot and he agreed with my choice. So I went in and they put numbing cream all over my face and neck for 45 minutes. Just an FYI use a ponytail and head band--the gooey gel will get all in your hair.

I spoke to 2 other ladies waiting there also getting dot--that made me feel much better because they had good things to say about it. I looked in my pocket mirror and rubbed the gel a bit to cover lower neck and around my eyes--the assistant missed some spots. Then I went in for the procedure.

I told the surgeon about my desire to remove under eye wrinkles--just a reminder for him. Then he started and I was very relieved because it did not hurt only a pinch here and there. He went over my whole face and neck including eye lids and under eye one time. I was glad I rubbed the numbing cream around because it stings very badly anywhere it did not get covered well. It took about 20 minutes and his assistant used a tube and blew air on my face the whole time.

When he was done I sat up and felt an instant burning sensation. The doc put his own goo mixture all over my face--he said it was vitamin E with a mild pain reliever--looks like Vaseline. It was uncomfortable but not terrible. I was glad my husband was there to drive me home--I could have driven myself but given the choice I would rather not. My face was bright red and kind of pulsing a bit.

So they gave me a jar of goo to put on for the next 3 days along with face wash and moisturizer for later. He said to put damp wash cloths in the refrigerator in a plastic bag and use them every few hours as needed for the first 1-3 days--good idea. My face was swollen the first night and 2nd day but went down on the 3rd day. I had square track marks all over my face and neck.

From the first day my face felt like sand paper with little dots with brown patches all over and still does on day 4. I have put the goo on every 4 hours to keep my skin moist as directed since the start. I showered--quickly the 2nd and 3rd day and washed with his cleanser and put more goo on.

Today the 4th day I am to shower and wash with his mild cleanser and start his moisturizer with Copper in it. I looked at my skin under my eyes and all the fine lines are GONE! My skin feels a little tighter and the lines on my forehead are also GONE--Yipee!!!

I noticed today a little bit of peeling but still look weird with those laser squares all over. I am hoping it starts peeling more so I will feel like I am progressing. I was thinking about going out to a movie because I am bored from being inside. I feel great but I look kind of weird--oh--maybe a hat and glasses will due for now. He said no sun on the face at all so I will cover up with a scarf too just while outside.

I am very happy with my skin tone and the fact that my fine lines are no longer there. I am so glad I did this--I have been thinking about it for a year and worried about adverse reactions like hyper pigmentation or other problems. I think picking the right laser for your issue and going to a skilled plastic surgeon seems to be the best thing to do. I also bought the un-petroleum jelly made by Alba that another real self member used--I liked it because it is natural and gentle. I used it starting the 2nd day instead of the doctors goo. I will post later as things progress.

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I really want to do another one but I have been really busy starting a new business. I even thought of doing a more intensive laser but need time to research it. I would do another dot in a second---very minimal down time and very good results. For me all the money and time spent doing facials, peels, micro was no where near the results from dot. I would say just go for it--I am going to. Good luck :)
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Thanks! Keep posting!
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I am still happy with the procedure. I usually get botox regularly because of my crows feet and have put it off for 4 months now. I don't feel the need to get botox as often because the laser helped soften the crows feet so much--of course we all smile--I hope--so wrinkles come back around the eyes. I am planning to do it again this winter on my face. Just an fyi it is so hard to stay out of the sun in florida so I prefer the winter treatment. Good luck :)
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Hi....I was wondering if you had another dot laser over the winter? I am still so nervous about doing it. I am such a big chicken! I have been going to Dr. Landon's spa monthly and really want to go to the next level, but I guess the summer is not the ideal time for the dot.
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Are you still pleased with the results? I'm 42 with medium-to-deep crows feet from sunbathing & I was told that lasers "plump" the skin right after procedure so that the lines disappear but that months later the lines re-appear once the skin has calmed down from the laser procedure. Thanks for sharing your experience.
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Thanks! That doesn't sound too bad. I hope I will be able to take some time off over the winter to have it done too. Please keep me posted.
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The down time was not long--about a week. You are really red and all shiny because of the goo you have to apply like every hour. Some people go back to work in 3 days but I would not--your face looks kinda weird while its healing and that makes me uncomfortable. The whole process was not bad but I did like having a whole week at home to recover but that's just me.I do love the results and plan to do it again this winter when I have free time--and there is less sun to deal with.
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It has been a couple of months since the smartxide dot procedure and I wanted to touch base. I was freaked out at first because my face was kinda pink and blotchy but I used the sunscreen that the doctor gave me--spf 45 with zinc oxide--less chemicals and it all worked out. My face has less fine lines and hardly any sun spots which is a huge improvement. I am so happy with the results that I plan to go back and have it done again at the end of the summer. It took 5 years off my face and that is what I wanted. I would say if you have fine lines and sun damage you should do it---then use sun glasses a visor and sunblock everyday!!!
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Thanks so much for updating us on your progress. I also live in Trinity FL and I am considering the smartxide treatment with Dr. Landon. I was excited to see that somebody on this site has used him and has been pleased with the results. I am a big chicken when it comes to this stuff and it takes me alot of research before getting comfortable. I am turning 43 in a few months and have been noticing the fine lines and loose skin around my eye are getting worse. I have acne prone skin and have some scars from that too. I was wondering what the downtime was for you. How long before being able to got back to work? Anymore info you can offer is highly appreciated! I am interested in doing the procedure after the hot Florida summer is over.
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I also wanted to say that I felt really comfortable with Dr.Landon and signed up for monthly spa treatments and i love the microdermabrasion!
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Thanks for all the infomation. I would like to know how things are looking now. End result.
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Thanks for this...it's very comforting to see the pix and hear the blow-by-blow. Thanks!
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