Extreme Allergic Reaction to Laser- Terrible Swollen Itching Patches - Florida

I just finished my full bikini sessions at my...

I just finished my full bikini sessions at my laser place, after 3 sessions I was ready for touch ups. Very happy with the results on bikini.She used Alexandrite laser on my normal skin tone. Im not super white, but my legs are still tanned from our Thanksgiving cruise vacation. With the great results on my bikini I was ready to start my lower leg.

Since I had no problem on my bikini area I was very excited to get the same results on my legs too. No pain or anything but the next day I woke up with extreme itchiness and swollen red patches on my skin. You can see it on my pictures. I called the laser lady and she said: don`t worry it will go away, and stated it can take a week or a month. She said yes, my legs were tanned so she needs to use the laser on a different setting next time...

The itchiness on the 3rd they was so unberable on both legs that I could not take it. I called my allergy doc and he saw me the same day. Gave me zyrtec and zantac. Told me its a histamine reaction to the laser. I have to say on the top of zyrtec I took nyquil so I could sleep, it was so horrible. Not only itching but painful swollen patches.

By day 6 it started to get better and day 8 was when the sweeling and itching was totally. I dot~t know if it was the zyrtec but luckily it was gone. Now, after 4 weeks I`m left with dark patches and circles on both lower leg. I have no idea if its there to stay or will go away. I live in Florida so its hard to stay out of the sun, but for now I just have to make sure to cover it. I have to say as far as hair grow the laser did work, I can surely tell. But I~m terrified to try again on my next session.


Well that's something to be thankful for!

yes I did, she said it will go away in time...

After 2.5 months my legs almost back to normal....

After 2.5 months my legs almost back to normal. Very light discoloration, fading every day. I have an appointment with the same salon for my bikini touch up and my second session on the lower legs. Still debating if I continue with the legs. I have to say that the treatment worked for sure. Even after 1 treatment my legs have hardly any hair , but the side effects were horrible. I will talk to the lady , let's see what she has to say.
I have tried LHR 3 times in the past 8 years, each with a different doctor (all dermatologists) and I have reacted the same way EVERY time: swelling for up to a week, EXTREME itching, and oozing yellow fluid...all on my face. It has been frustrating to say the least, as I would do almost anything to get rid of my dark facial hair (chin, neck, sides of face, upper lip). Settings have always been on the lowest option because of my sensitivity but this has not altered my results. This last time I took Benadryl and Xantac in case it was a histamine reaction but have had the same outcome. It is so itchy I could scratch my skin off. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Although these pics are over 2 years old, I feel the need to comment. Consumers: please learn from this. Being tanned either by the sun or by self-tanning products, before any type of laser treatment, is going to increase your risk of burns. I believe that there was a combination of burns and a histamine reaction in this case. I can tell by the pics that there was an obvious change in the color of the legs 4 weeks later, proving there had been some sort of tan present. Practitioners: If you are at all suspicious that a client is using tanning products, take an alcohol swab and wipe the area. If the color comes off, DO NOT TREAT! Lastly, contrary to what Dave8930 says, it takes much more to become a Certified Laser Technician. Legitimate companies that sell lasers need to see a copy of your license and almost all states require you to register the laser equipment with them once it is purchased!
Yes. Thank you . You are right. I had very tanned legs and since then I'm on maintance , I still go to the same salon . But she puts the level low and it never happened again . I'm Pretty much hairless now :)
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