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How Horrible is This Going to Be? - Florida, FL

I got a labiaplasty one week ago and he amputated...

I got a labiaplasty one week ago and he amputated my labia minora looks like he messed up my clitoral hood. I have no inner lips and am freaking out!! Omg its so horrible looking. How long until I can repair? Please if a plastic surgeon can look at this and tell me the truth. Have you ever seen a labiaplasty like this? Dr. And staff assures me it'lll be fine but I don't trust him.

Labiaplasty was performed on 10/31, I went in...

Labiaplasty was performed on 10/31, I went in today to see if everything was okay and needed some reassurance. I was scheduled to have my sutures removed on Wednesday but he went ahead and took them out today. I'm still in pain, although I don't think it looks swollen. Could this be fixed soon that it is so new, I don't want it to heal the way I think it is. I'd rather get it done now that it is still fresh and deal with the pain and prolonged healing if it means that it will look better. Also, I failed to mention the reason I did this is because I have always been embarrassed of my labia, my husband has never seen me in the light when we have sex. He is in the military overseas and is coming back in one month and wanted to surprise him by letting him see me and think that his wife is attractive and sexy. I so regret it

Why would a surgeon trim the inner labia and sew...

Why would a surgeon trim the inner labia and sew them to the outer? has anyone seen this method? What result does it give? I feel like prying them apart now that they aren't fused yet to my outer labia completely yet. So I can have inner labia. Please someone help me I will fly anywhere I need this fixed asap before I heal this way!
two words. period. Best in the world, in Laguna Beach. Flawless Perfection. You can't get a wedge at this point and Dr. Di Saia's wedge method is questionable on some people. Dr. ALinsod is a true artist whose work is so beautiful and flawless that it puts everyone else in a category down. I do not work for him. He is my surgeon and I am ecstatic at how beautiful my vagina is. It's like a stroke of magic from heaven. Seriously. He does incredible revisions too.
I meant to say RED ALINSOD as the two words.
Dr Di Saia's wedge method worked great on me. Your doctor does not put mine down at all. What do you work for your doc or something? Geez.

Okay it's been almost 2 months and it seems to be...

Okay it's been almost 2 months and it seems to be healed. I'm not pleased at all I look open and unnatural. I am so embarrassed and ashamed of my new look, sex won't be the same. :( updated pics as well.
mine is exactly the same done with the same unknown method ..i trusted my surgeon and i regret it :( i look so top heavy with an open look .im soooo depressed after i planned the surgery paid tons of many i m so dissatisfied plzz i m 2 months post did u get better?! i need hope
Looks like too much taken off...another bad Trim. Maybe you can get a good Wedge to fix it? Experienced doctor only if you have any more surgery. Hugs!
Don't go to Red Alinsod. He ruined me
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