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don't do it - Palm Coast, FL

I received a micro laser peel (Yag laser) made by...

I received a micro laser peel (Yag laser) made by Sciton. DO NOT DO IT!!! Unless you are severely disfigured it is definitely not worth the risk.

I was told that given my fair skin, there was a 2% chance of hyper pigmentation and that since this laser was very gentle (only a "micro" laser peel) that scarring was not likely. What no one tells you is that you will most definitely be left with micro-holes all over your skin. Thank goodness they look a lot like pores but they are not. The problem is that these micro holes are in straight lines across your face. Especially on the forehead, these holes tend to form lines that appear to be wrinkles all over your face! This cannot be bo-toxed away, because although they look like you have a million wrinkles on your forehead, they are not wrinkles--they are lines of micro holes.

In addition, I now have spider veins covering my entire face (previously I had a few around my nose, as most people do). These spider veins were directly caused by the laser hitting my skin and breaking my capillaries. I have called the Sciton company 4 times but they refuse to call me back. Sciton's website says nothing of these complications, except the slight risk of hyer/hypo pigmentation.

I was a beautiful woman with some acne scars my forehead and between my eyes. The plastic surgeon told me that it might not help the acne scars and that there was a 2% risk of hyper/hypo pigmentation, but he never said that it could make my skin look much worse w/ micro-holes and spider veins (he did warn of hyper/hypo pigmentation, but told me the risk was near zero!) . Now I have 3 additional skin problems and my acne scars are still there. Caution!! Do not be fooled by the seemingly excellent results you see about a week after your skin has "healed". Once the swelling really goes down you will begin to see the micro holes all over your face. Then about a month or even 3 months later the hyper pigmentation will set in and it hasn't stopped yet and I am 8 months post-op. When you go to the doc all they will say is "just wait and see". the truth is, after you have waited for 2 + years and the problems are still there, they will then blame it on aging or sun exposure, etc....Now it is too late to prove it was all the laser. I have always looked young for my age, but thanks to this laser I aged ten years in 3 months.

I tried to get a glycolic acid peel today (8.5 months post-op), as was my usual custom, but my skin still isn't healed enough. I did a lot of research b/4 getting the procedure but unless you type in "micro holes" and "laser" and things like that--that you cannot possibly know to search for since no one tells you about these complications, you won't be warned. I am a highly education woman with a strategic MBA from a well respected, brick and mortar university. I have a Biology degree as well.

PLEASE feel free to e-mail me if you have had a similar response to a laser treatment. Perhaps as a group, we can complain to the FDA and finally put this laser companies out of business.

It was difficult for me to receive a true...

It was difficult for me to receive a true understanding of the exact procedure that was performed on my skin, thus this update. The actual procedure that I received was a microlaser peel on my entire face and a profractional laser treatment from my forehead all the way down to the bridge of my nose. The profractional laser treatment is what caused the micro holes all over my forehead, temples and inbetween my eyes (on the bridge of my nose). The laser company was Sciton. The profractional treatement went 200 microns deep into my dermis. Even though I only received a micro laser peel on the remainder of my face, It too was damaged, in my opinion. the skin is much dryer, crinkled, and I have many more fine lines than I did before. I also have spider veins all over my face. Thankfully I have been using an excellent vitamin K serum that has almost entirely cleared up the vein problem in only one week!!!. It is: Vital K non-aqueous serum made by the company Skincare Essentials. you can purchase 3 vials on amazon.com (best pricing found here) for about $35.00 plus s&h each vial is 3.5 ml, but it does go a long way. I will keep everyone updated on any other solutions I find. I will be receiving botox treatments on my forehead soon to see if this helps the appearance the "my forehead has one million wrinkles" appearance.- good luck to you all!

DO NOT LASER YOUR FACE!!!_ EVER!!! Just Say No to Fraxel.

I had slight acne and chicken pox scars on forehead and in between eyes (see b/4 pic w/ no makeup). I have posted often but now I am brave enough to put up these pics. My entire face was lasered. I was told it was Fraxel. On my medical records it says: YAG ablative laser, 2940 NM with 200 depth and more aggressive treatment on forehead and in between eye areas (not much detail is given). The pain was severe! Please note it has been 4 years since this treatment, I believe it was between 1200 and 1500 dollars--I cannot find the exact figure and paperwork. I was in bed for weeks and did not leave the house, excepting Doc appts. for one year.


I truly believe that my physician was misinformed by a Sciton sales person. When the laser companies lie to the physicians about the true percentage and range of complications, how are young physicians (my surgeon was young and has only been practicing independently for 4 years) suppossed to know the true risk?

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Class action lawsuit should be started as punishment, and to ban it's use from harming others.
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I had co2 laser the result is very very less but the damage is very i agree with you do not do laser because it damage your self your confident and it will make you a sad human so please not do it before to do some thing serch about that thing
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You are right , we should sue the manufacturer of this Fraxel laser to prevent these things to happen again to anybody.
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I had the same problem with Fraxel after I had it done in June, 2007 by Luminesse Medical Spa in San Diego, CA. I had a very smooth skin and I look younger than my age before I had Fraxel treatment. My face was ruined by Fraxel resulting into enlarged pores, rough skin, more discolorations, wrinkles and I aged a lot. The doctor whom I talked with said that the enlarged pores were already there and as if it's just in my head, I know my face, I look at it everyday so many times. Then as times goes by, I have more wrinkles and rough skin texture now and the glow of my skin is gone and have more discolorations. Please do not do any laser treatment. Check all the comments/reviews first. Those doctors and medical spa are after your money only.
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Doctors are such condescending liars. Sue them.
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Are you also a victim of this laser treatment?
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Not with this surgery, and do not plan to be. Just in general with ANY health issue. 99.8% of them are despicable, arrogant to the point of stupidity, incompetent....or a wicked combination of all .
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Same happened to me with Fraxel, I have microholes all over covering my entire face it is horrible!It is now nine months post my fourth and final Fraxel. I went back to the doc who didn't listen to me at all, kept saying they are pores and it is all in my head basically.He said he couldn't see any "holes" as he put it, mocking me, and that I have a beautiful skin. When I said that they are there but hard to see in a warm light and thatif he would just open the pictures I had sent them, I could show him. He never opened the pictures even if I asked him to, which was very bizarre, just kept saying he can't see anything, and that enlarged photos always shows pores. My photos show the damage and are not anlarged beyond what my face looks like if you would look me close up. They show the holes, and the line near my eyes where Fraxel didn't touch me, and there are no holes there. I am also seeing a brown spot showing up in the corner of my eye, and a shadow in my upper lip which is getting darker and darker, which I assume must be damage also since I am so scared of sun I have curtains closed in my house and i wear sun block everyday even if I rarely go out. I hate the fact that this laser has made me so scared of sun since my skin barrier is not the same anymore since laser. I wasn't told about the possibility of this happening, only a minor chance of hyperpigmentation and it might not work on my scars. When I told the doc you HAVE to tell people about these adverse effects so that they can make an informed decision, he said no we don't have to tell people, because it's rare.What?? I would have never done this knowing I might end up with more damaged skin, I am so angry! I went to Facial Rejuvenation Clinic in Sydney and I don't recommend it to anyone, unless you do your research. Don't trust what they say about the safety of these lasers, there are lot of people dealing with same issues and even worse.And when things go wrong the doctor will argue with you instead of listening to your concerns, and try to make you look like a silly little girl who is just seeing things. I am thirty year old woman and know my skin, and it is way worse what it was before. Now I also live in constant fear of what is happening to my skin at the moment, has the damage stopped or did I pay to get my face to start ageing super fast.
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Hi there, I received the same treatment 2 years ago and exactly have had your problem with the "fine wrinkles" and holes all over that look like pores (my derm said to him look like pores but I still think they are not true pores in a sense). I too used to feel and be beautiful. I am looking into dermabrasion to see if I can get rid of all the damaged skin. How do I get in touch with you? All the best.
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Oh startrekvoyager how terrible I feel for you! I did have some botched jobs myself in the past and so I deeply feel for you! I do hope you'll be able to find ways to improve the bad effect of that laser thing! It's nice you are justifying the young doctor, but we ALL have to pay for our errors - why should YOU have to pay for his error? Anyway i hope you'll make him pay for all the remedies you are using to return your beautiful face; if he refuses, a civil court will do you some justice. Good luck!
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I'm so sorry you've been hurt. I have the same vein problem and would like to try the vitamin K serum. I can't find it on Amazon. Also, tried googling it but still can't find it. Can you send me a link? Thank you!
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Your doctor wasn't "misinformed" by a sciton sales rep. If you believe that, then you're kidding yourself. Obviously, he had to receive training on how to use the laser and, resultantly, had plenty of opportunity to ask questions and do his/her own research. And unless you were his/her very first laser patient, then he/she also should have gained some knowledge and perspective via experience over time. These doctors know EXACTLY what the risks are - They are consciously deciding not to inform patients because the laser companies and the FDA haven't "officially" acknowledged the many complications that HAVE occurred. Moreover, a doctor with any sense shouldn't depend on the knowledge-base of a "sales rep" on how to advise patients or on how to use a very sophisticated instrument (and if he/she does, then shame on them) - He/she should do their own independent research and seek out proper training by credible sources and experts in the field. You were outright lied to and not advised properly just like every other laser victim. He/she may have even bought the laser right off of eBay and not even interfaced with a sales rep from Scriton at all. ...Rationalizing something can only get you so far.
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Just replied to your email in case it goes to your Junk folder again :-)
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Hi Startrekvoyager - I sent you an email... I really hope to hear back. Thanks so much! Kim
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