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I don't think there's any denying that Vanquish...

I don't think there's any denying that Vanquish works. We didn't take measurements, but I went from a tight size six to a size four over the course of a month without changing my exercise or eating habits (in fact, I added nuts and seeds, both arguably a vegan's nightmare when it comes to sudden weight gain, to my otherwise healthful organic vegan diet and did throw off results).


(Isn't there always a but? :)

I find that my shape is now more of a rectangle than an hourglass, the way it was before undertaking the treatment. I think you'll really need to weigh the pros and cons of this quick fix before getting the treatments---or keep in mind the "look" you're going for so you can strategically figure your treatment plan to get good results without overdoing it. The first two treatments left me with a nice shape, but somewhere between the third and fourth I started taking on an up-and-down look that now requires CoolSculpting to reshape my hip/waist/chest to a pretty little hourglass.

I think once they start designing the smaller pieces for legs and arms, they'll also come out with a flat area for just the tummy (or whatever other flat area someone might want treated). It's the side panels that really did in my shape.

I also feel like where the bone meets fat had more adipose loss than other areas. There's still a bit of a pooch in the middle of my stomach around the umbilical area, which I assume is because there's nothing to bounce the RF off (like the idea of water reflecting sun to cause sunburn while in the ocean/pool :)

Buuuuuut... what do I know? I'm not a medical doctor. I'm just judging from the way my body reacted to the treatment.

Either way, YES, do this if you want the awesome magical powers of RF to melt your fat away... but please keep in mind that it doesn't have SCULPTING ability like CoolSculpting or regular lipo! :)

Hope this helps some of you decide for or against it!

(Would I do it again? Oh HELL YEAH. :)
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