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Going to try and make this short and to the point....

Going to try and make this short and to the point. Pre tummy tuck 270lbs. I have lived with the lower pannis for over 15 years, lost 68 lbs then had a hysterectomy, went through nursing school and gained 50 lbs this time I gained it mostly from the belly button up. I have struggled since the hysterectomy, I am not on any hormones. 35 yrs old, 4 kids. My PS did amazing job from what I can tell so far.

My surgery was on Oct 1. At 14 days po I still have one drain in, light colored but still draining a lot. No pain at my incision, just my muscle. The right side feels so tight and it pulls so bad when standing. I had a AWFUL experience having a BM the second time. I can almost stand up straight, I am exhausted. My legs start to shake and feel like they are going to give out after walking for a few min. It has only been two weeks but I feel like I am never going to be better. I know I will but, I am in a rut with emotions. I was told I could start working my steri strips of, but where some ofthe ones that have fallen off my incision has pulled open a little. I have some steri strips so I just reapplied some and so far so good. I am still a work in progress! I now have to lose all this other weight on my arms, back, and chin. I am so thankful that terrible flap is gone. I have always lost weight, but never the pannis. I will post pics soon.

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Hang on girlie!! Everything you are feeling at this point is normal.   At my two week post op appt I was in my doctors office crying.  I assure you that it does pass and you will feel normal again.   

The tightness will ease up, back pain goes away and you will be able to fully stand straight again.  You will get there and be happy that you did this for yourself.  

Keep massaging that tummy, take pain meds as needed, rest and walk.  The hardest part for me was being patient with myself.   

Hang in there and keep us up to date.


How do i add photos

how do i add photos
Its amazing!the change right after the operation.I hope you heal well and I hope you feel great for getting this done.
Why did the PS not drain anything? How did the appt go?
When do you get the Seroma drained?
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