Lipo After Tummy Tuck: Happy with decision to go with Azurin.

I had a full TT 2 years ago and did not get Lipo...

I had a full TT 2 years ago and did not get Lipo at the time with Dr. White in Dallas. I was advised by my surgeon at the time that it wasn't a good idea because of blood flow and healing process would take longer. Although I think my TT was phenomenally done, I was not happy with my silhouette. Mostly because the shape of my body naked looked like I had muffin top.

I have been wearing a girdle since my surgery because my body shape shows through all of my clothes. The only way to fix it is to go ahead with Lipo.

I want so badly to pick the right surgeon. I am leaning heavily toward Dr. Azurin. I have an upcoming consultation this Monday Dec 3 and I will keep you updated. Anyone else had this problem? Any advice is much appreciated

Hi there, welcome!

Good luck with your consultations. JUts be sure to make sure you ahve several consultations, until you find the doctor that you're most comfortable with. Do your research and make sure your doctor is board certified!

Please do keep us updated with your progress.



Okay ladies.... I had my consult with Soto and it...

okay ladies.... I had my consult with Soto and it was okay. I met a lady in the waiting room who was extremely happy with her results from a TT, so that was a plus. Dr. Soto came in and seemed to rush through my consult. The staff was really friendly but I didn't feel that he was the doctor for me when I left. Nothing really bad to say, but I personally didn't feel that he was the one. Then drove down to Coral Springs to see Dr. AZURIN. I loved him and the staff. He was very honest and said what he was willing to do and what he did not recommend. He said that the upper abdominal could be liposuctioned, but not aggressively which is what I want but respect that he opted to be modest. I felt so comfortable that I didn't even make it to Salhauzer. I am going with Azurin and my appointment is set for Feb 18! Please help with with any Lipo tips and preparation. He is also going to do a scar revision for me. Any advice on minimizing the scar for african american or asian skin is heavily appreciated!
Hello, I just saw your post while I was updating mine. I just had flank lipo February 1. I did not go under general. I had local. It was easy! So talk to your doc about doing local instead of general if you do not want to go under. I had a tt in August and also did not like the muffin top. The flank lipo helped a lot! Feel free to look at my pics and reviews. What type of scar revision are you getiing? I am not black, but I have darker skin (Sicilian & spanish coloring). My scar is thick, dark and heavy too. I hate it. I use cocoa butter, bio oil, palmers, I even got fade cream at walmart (in the ethnic section). I think african american women use it for dark spots. I don't know what to do, It is not a keloid scar, but hypertrophic...raised and dark and ugly. It sucks. I am considering getting a tattoo over it, but my doc said to wait 1.5 year from the surgery. Plus, it is raised, so I don't know if a tattoo will work well. Anyway, check out the option to do local anesthesia, it was a breeze. And let me know about your scar treatment. Thanks
Thanks LADY! No suggestions on anything to help with the look of the scar. I am getting scar revision because Dr. Azurin said my scar feels hollow and is going to use a different closure. am doing general because I am getting upper abs, flanks, and back done. I am nervous. Hope all goes well!
Babe I just sent you a personal message. Please check your inbox.

Okay... Tomorrow is the big day. I am excited,...

Okay... Tomorrow is the big day. I am excited, nervous, anxious, EVERYTHING! I will keep you guys posted on recovery. I am having Lipo of Upper abs (conservatively), flanks, and back. I am also having a chin lipo and a possible scar revision! We will see how everything goes.
It totally depends on how much fat you have removed and where. I was kind of excited cause they might give me an epidermal??But since i needed my whole back, whole abs , under arms and inner thighs, it was too much so I had to have general. Really whacked me out for a week. Lots of meds..ugh Good luck and keep us posted.

The Day After Lipo and Scar Revision! Okay ladies...

The Day After Lipo and Scar Revision! Okay ladies.. Yesterday I went in and was extremely anxious. Dr. Azurin came in and did markings and took pictures. The anesthesiologist came in and she was SUPER DUPER nice. They took me in, the surgical center is IN HIS OFFICE! I was talking about my girls and the next thing I knew someone was telling me to wake up. It was EXCRUCIATING to be honest! but not as bad as the FTT. My husband drove me back to the hotel and I slept! Woke up took pain pills and slept again. Woke up starving.....ate salmon and slept again. I drank lots of ZICO coconut water, I don't care much for gatorade and took plenty of deep breaths throughout the day and walked up and down the hallways. As far as what I look like....I don't know yet. I am going this morning to see Dr. Azurin and maybe I will get a peek at myself. I am ever so nervous and I pray that the results are what I am looking for. I vaguely remember Yashira (the patient coordinator) coming in, she was my go-to person throughout this process and was bery helpful up to this point. and one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. I am feeling much better today, I'd say if I had to pick a number 1 - 10 I'm feeling like 3 or 4. I didn't take pain pills yet, but I am going to and I am moving around much better than yesterday. Hope this helps someone. I will be posting more as the days go on.

I went in for post op visit and all the girls were...

I went in for post op visit and all the girls were there. Yashira is my patient coordinator and I can't say enough good things about her. She is soooooo nice and patient. I am that patient that can get annoying with the whole "One more question thing" I can see that I am loving my shape so far even through the garment. My husband thought I had a BBL because my but looks amazing just with Lipo. I must say it is quite nice. Don't know if it's just swelling or what. but i'll keep you posted.

Today I got out of the girdle to shower and just...

Today I got out of the girdle to shower and just take a look at me 2 days post op. DR AZURIN.. My husband calls him "Azz-u-ran-----the booty man"

Today I got out of the girdle to shower and just...

Today I got out of the girdle to shower and just take a look at me 2 days post op. DR AZURIN.. My husband calls him "Azz-u-ran-----the booty man"
Happy healing Zizi you look great already
Girl , you look amazing.
Thanks ZiZi.... I thought about you while I was down there. I just had Lipo and Scar revision. I could not imagine a bbl along with all of the other life problems and worries you had. Bless you

So...... I go in tomorrow Wed. Feb 27th for my...

So...... I go in tomorrow Wed. Feb 27th for my second post op appt. I am so happy with my results. Dr. Azurin is AMAZING!! I am also a little disappointed that I have not received a phone call from anyone at Dr. A's office since I went in for the first post op appt. I live 6 hours away and I figured someone would call to see how I was doing or check on me some how. Don't get me wrong, I am not a baby but when I see other patients of his talk about someone coming to the hotel to make sure they were okay and bringing fruit baskets, I assumed that was standard. I was in a hotel 4 days after surgery then drove home. My husband is driving me back down today staying overnight and driving back tomorrow so that the long drive affects me the least amount possible. He has taken all of these days off of trying to start his own business for me and I appreciate it so much. I won't change my rating for aftercare because the staff is there when ever I initiate a call and Yashira always calls me back and replies to any emails I have. I do appreciate that. I will update tomorrow with pictures! Again, Dr. Azurin is an AMAZING Surgeon and I am sooooooo happy I went with him!

So we got a call as we were walking out of the...

So we got a call as we were walking out of the door for the 6 hour drive that we are rescheduled from 11:30 to 3:00. The receptionist said that Dr. Azurin would be in surgery. It was a very last minute call and we had to rearrange babysitters and schedules. We had no choice because we had a prepaid hotel and would lose that money. I struggled with the aftercare rating and due to after care courtesy I have to decrease a star. I feel I owe the real self community my honest feelings since you guys have given so much to me.
How was the operating room? You said it was in his office...were you concerned?
It was a bit concerning because my Tummy Tuck was done in a surgery center. So, it was like "Lord, let me wake up" lol. But I was also thinking, "I'm not the first one". The things we do for beauty.
Also MsNYC..... He is so good at what he does that you completely disregard all of the "whispers of concern".

Disregard my last post where I was venting about...

Disregard my last post where I was venting about the schedule change. Dr. A as in Surgery and they squeezed me in at 11. Couldn't delete through realself but you guys need to know.
please please is it possible to show me just one pic? pretty please with icing on top? trying to select being Azurin and Yily
Pics Posted!!!

I went for my three week check up today and...

I went for my three week check up today and everything looks good. Dr. Azurin's availability his limited these days, but I promise he is worth the wait! There is nothing like regretting a cosmetic procedure. If anyone has the opportunity to go to him I recommend they do it with 100% certainty. I pray that he gets the quality treatment that he gives. Prayers are with him. Also, I got my girdle taken in today and it is super tight. Tara Escobar custom girdles made my girdle for me and it is AMAZING! It was $200 and worth EVERY PENNY! She does the first adjustment for free and only $20 for each additional adjustment! Her girdles are comfortable and HIGH QUALITY. She is definitely highly recommended. her number is 954-663-6079
Great results! Thanks for updating your page, even post-op! It is extremely helpful. I'm scheduled for Dr. Azurin in July!
He is amazing you will love your body. Feel free to contact me for any advice!
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