My Breast Reduction Journey!!!!

I first want to give glory to God who made all...

I first want to give glory to God who made all this possible!!! But I also thank relaxed for there cares and concerns any question that I had they had an answer breast reduction journey started when I was 14 years old but back in the day I was to young and it was chance that they would grow back so my child hood was a painful one I couldn't run or jump because it was to painful so I made
the pain apart of my life so after I got a God job an amazing hospital I took on there insurance which is Cigna I went to my pcp and she looked at me and said you need a reduction and she referred me to a PS and from there it was a there week process and the PS told me that he was going to handle all the insurance stuff wonton there weeks Cigna called me told me I was approved I was so shock I asked the young lady to repeat herself there times I just thank God it was all him IM currently a 50ddd hoping for a small c or d
married with three children

My before photo awful!!!

I'm ready for the new me!!! I'm so ready to change me life

my photo!!!

I'm ready for a Healthy me!!!!

14 more days!!!!

I have my count down going I have 14 more days I'm so nervous just found out that it's going to take two surgeons for my surgery I'm so embarrassed!!! I'm nervous I'm two weeks away from my big day!!!


I finally decided to put up pictures I really think mine is the biggest on this website!!! Please beware


I just got a phone call from my doctors office they moved my surgery day up omg!!! July 12th is the big day omg I can't believe this IM freaky out I'm so nervous!!! So I have 10 more days

Physical Therapy!!!

My mind is running a 1000 miles per hour I was thinking..I have been carrying this heavy load for 14 years I wonder if IM going to have to learn how to walk again


I can't believe that I'm days away from one of the biggest days of my life I have tired so hard not to think about it but that is really hard to do!!! My stomach is on edge


I'm six days away....this stage I'm in now is worrying about being put under
I'm so nervous about it...but I put my life in God hands in he didn't bring me this far to leave me!!!!

4 days away!!!

This morning my shoulder was hurting so bad I'm so over this!!!!

My Pre OP!!!

I went to my pre OP appointment today and now it's feeling all so real I went to buy my surgery bras...I cried tears of joy because today was the first time I was able to buy a bra from Walmart...I'm so happy I have THREE MORE DAYS!!!!




I made it to the other side I'm one day post OP and I feel amazing I felt instant relief no more shoulder pain our back pain I'm just ready for the healing to began...after pictures coming soon

Drains Removed Today!!!

I head my drains removed today I took my pain medicine right before the appointment I didn't feel anything my doctor told me I'm doing amazing 8 pounds was removed from each breast!!!


I'm so scared to shower omg!!!

Five Days Post OP!!!!

I'm so ready to heal up I'm feeling Lonely my husband had to go back to one told me that the healing process takes

Ready To Share!!


Sutures Removed Today!!!

I got my sutures removed today and I must say that it didn't hurt I'm happy I feel better now that they are removed...on my way to a happy healing

Break Down!!!!

I had a break down moment today my husband took me to get a few things today and every thing was fitting like it did before I tired on my old bra it was fitting it was a little big I'm so freaking out here

Serious Question!!

I'm I able to go a few hours without the surgical bra on to let my new girls me please

A Little Worried!!!

This morning I was cleaning my inscsions in I have a area that is not healing has well has the areas..I'm a little worried

Two weeks post OP!!

Went to my PS today he is so amazing I really love him and his wife he told me the whitish area was normal he put some type of stuff on it in it turn the color of my skin I'm happy about that I also asked him why are my breast still so full he had to remind me that my breast was so large in he wanted to keep the circulation in I didn't want my nipple grafted in I'm still swollen alot I'm happy I'm not having any back pain out shoulder pain anymore on my way to a happy healing

Two Week Photo!!

Talk to my PS today he said that I'm still very swollen he said that I'm going to end up a very full d or a small DD..I wasn't very happy to here that but I had to think it is way better than a 50ddd I'm happy I can't complain

Before And After Photo!!!

New Update

I'm 3 weeks and 3 days out of surgery I had a major bump in the road I had An area to open up the size of an half dollar the PS says it's normal with huge reduction I didn't settle for that so I went to or local wound care center so now I'm going for wound care so I'm going to be posting photos of my healing so it can help someone in the future...other than that I'm doing great I've lost 30 pounds in three weeks I'm so happy in the more weight I lose the more my breast go down.when had surgery I bought a size 48 sports bra then I went down to a 46 in the other day I had to go buy a 44 I'm do happy with the changes my body is going threw I want to lose 50 more pds...other than the wound care I'm doing ok...BEWARE OF THE PHOTOS


I have a question I'm I the only one that is happening to..when I'm laying in bed and when I get up to walk my breast are so sore is this normal anyone else feel this?

4 Weeks Post OP!!! one whole month!!!

Is so amazing how my life had changed in just a month I'm four weeks out in I'm feeling great I went to my first wound care appt today in that told me to keep doing what I'm doing that it looks good than he comes back in the room in tell me he thinks I need a wound vac it's this thing like a vacuum for a wound in I'm looking at him like what are you serious so I had an appt with my PS today has well in he was mad at me he told me that wound care center are dirty in that he didn't want me in that environment so I asked him what's going to happen to my wound he told me that I'm healing in that it looks good he told me I'm also able to wear a normal bra that was some awesome news I'm able to go back to work next week...I also asked him about the size of my breast he said I have to keep telling you that they are still so full because I didn't want my nipple grafted so I'm learning to deal with what I have I'm happy they aren't what that where

Four Week Continued!!!

I'm learning to deal with what I have.he told me in a year if I want I can under go another sir I'm happy I've never been able to wear a dress without a bra in I'm able to now I'm ok I'm able to wear nice lingerie for my husband I'm really happy!!! I know the wound is healing because it's not painful anymore in it's not draining I was told to clean it twice a day with the gold dial soap and iodine well I will update my first day back at work....happy healing every one......(plz excuse miss spelled words)


I must say before my surgery I loved myself but boy now I feel on top of the world I feel sexy I wore my first sexy gown for my husband last night in we have been married for seven years in I have never wore lingerie I felt so sexy...I'm wearing bra less dresses in shirts stuff that I would just over look before surgery...I went bra shopping for the first time I bought a bra that was on sale for 5 dollars IM now able to wear matching bra and panties I've never owned a colored bra now I have pink ones and blue in green IM so happy best thing I have ever done!!!!!

Another Before And After!!!

This is a size large dress you can see It was so awful before!!!
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Were you a 50DDD before or after the reduction? I'm also a DDD but mine aren't as big. Glad you crossed over to the other side. The girls are looking great. Happy healing!
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Edit the cup size you had pre-op because you were way bigger than DDD just for accurateness of procedure.
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You look fabulous! I am so happy for you! That dress looks really pretty :) hugs
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I'm so happy to hear that you are enjoying the new you and I am sure your husband is too. It is great to have that confidence to wear sexy things that you couldn't wear before. How are your wounds doing? As soon as my two just about cleared up I am getting another one to take their places. And it is always the right one - the left one is fine.
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My wound is doing so good it is healing I'm so sorry to hear about...hope all gets better for you
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My wound is doing so good it is healing I'm so sorry to hear about...hope all gets better for you
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This is really great to see, thatnks so much for sharing the journey for others considering surgery
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Good for you! I am glad you are feeling so good about yourself!
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Aww, that's awesome!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!
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I'm so happy for you! So, so exciting! What a blessing ;)
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You sound so elated. Its crazy how something like a cute bra or a shirt you always wanted makes a huge difference. I'm so so happy for you!! Keep up the great progress. I return to work on the 26th and am a little nervous about driving and how a whole day will be...keep us posted :)
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Congrats lady!! So good to hear how awesome you're feeling, & your after photos look beautiful! You have a lot to be happy about, $5 bra off the rack, who knew?! Lol, that's one thing I'm definitely looking forward to, no more buying bras off the internet or from specialty shops (unless I want to, but not because I HAVE to ;) Best wishes on everything, your doing great, I hope it only gets better and better ! :)
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Thank you so much it's just an amazing wishes to you
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You are doing great! I am so happy for you!! You are smart to go to wound care right away. It's way better to be proactive instead of waiting. I can't believe you lost 30 pounds already! That is awesome! Keep up the good work!! :) xoxo
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Thank you so much
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Well done on losing so much weight! I have to be honest, I could have cried for you when I saw your before picture, there must have been terrible pain from your breasts. Mine are nowhere near as big and I get back ache, grooved shoulders and a rash in the hot weather, as for nice bras, forget it! You have such a change now, you look so good! I hope your wound heals quickly, you certainly had someone watching over you and helping you along. Thank Goodness you went for wound care. Bless you and prayers for continued healing.
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Thank you so much yes before my life was a mess but I'm happy now and thank you so much about my wound
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That happens to me to - I think it might be the sudden movement of lying down and then getting up and walking. How is your wound doing? Mine are starting to open up in two places but so far they haven't gotten that big.
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Thank you so I'm not wound is starting to heal I hate that it got that big..but make sure you tell your PS that you notice that areas are starting to open so it want get as big has mine...happy healing hun
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Did your surgeon mention why it happens. It's weird that everything is healing fine and then boom - there they are. Some guy rammed into my breasts in the supermarket yesterday and he knocked his elbow into the right one so bad that it actually opened up underneath and started to bleed. Now I have to go to the surgeon to have them all looked after. UGH! I am glad you are healing. You must feel fantastic with all that weight off your shoulders. I just had five pounds removed and I noticed such a big difference.
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Wow oh my God I would have died I'm going to keep you in my prayers I'm for weeks out in I'm scared to be around family members scared there going to hug me to PS told me that mine happen because he took the sutures out to soon in that area
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I have the same thing happening under my left boob! Im almost a month post op and mine are still really sore.
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I thought it was the sports bra but it isn't
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What do they have you doing for it? Ive been walking hunched over and not doing anything except for cooking. My PS office told me to keep cleaning it and bandaging like I have been all along and not do anything. But it is incredibly sore!!
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