Bye Bye Gummie Bears, Hello ME - Florida, FL

I have never felt like myself with my implants...

I have never felt like myself with my implants (mentor 275cc silicone "gummie bear") and am sooooo excited that today I have finalized all of the paperwork on their removal! This website has been so helpful to me in providing information, support, and courage.

I am 45 and have had implants since I was 37. Naturally I was a 34 medium B. After my child my weight was lower than before and I had considerably less breast tissue, making me asmall 34B. I thought, why keep wearing all of these padded bras when I can just get implants? DUMB. It was a tough time in my marriage and we both thought, big boobs, yes! Even bumber. With implants I'm a medium/full C. I will be very happy to be a small B again.

The problem is I have never felt like they were mine and I've hated any attention they have ever brought. I don't wear tight shirts or plunging necklines, and the fine ballerina's posture I was trained to have is often hiding, with shoulders slumped to keep the boobs in. I am 5'7'' and 125 and very active. I love yoga and it has brought me so much joy over the years but I feel so self-conscious as my big, hard boobs stick off my rib cage during most of the poses. I want to lay on my yoga mat without two little cantaloupes between us!

I naturally am more of a booty girl and my chest is thin and flat, with my ribs showing. I never felt the implants looked like they could even remotely have come with a figure like mine. They also made me feel like I looked heavier in clothes and I have a hard time finding tops that actually fit my shoulders and waist but that don't pop open or pull across the bust line, with the alternate larger size looking baggy and frumpy. Total mismatch here!

I am getting explanted with no lift. I'm fine with sagging, I'm older and have had a kid. I've had some cc on the right side that is definitely getting worse with time, making my implants look harder and squished up, moving up my chest and not hanging down naturally.

My husband has been super supportive, "I just want you to be happy." But I am a little worried I won't feel so hot with my bra off. We'll see. I'm happy to buy new, cute, lacy bras that look great on small boobs.

It's three weeks until my procedure. I'm going back to my same PS as I trust him very much and felt the office treated me professionally and with great care.

Thanks to all of you who have posted your stories before me. It has been such a huge help.
Congrats on your decision! Will be thinking of you!
Welcome to the best site and group of women around to go through your explant with! You will find knowledge, friendship, support, and understanding here. Congratulations on going forward with your decision to explant, as it is a scary thing indeed. We are here for you. xoxox
Congrats on you decision! Looking forward to your updates hope to get booked for mine ASAP too!

Feeling good about my decision

Thank you Hlp105, littlehugger883, and Nicole N for the welcome. Each day that I get closer to my explant I know this is the right decision for me. I pride myself on being honest and real and I know my implants are not part of that story. I'm not against implants or doing anything else that makes one feel good about oneself, I just know they don't fit my body and lifestyle and I will feel better when they are gone.

I actually have had two sets, first time asking for a C and getting a D. Disastrous though very sexy! I had them reduced but still, just not right for me. This website has really helped me navigate the route to take: "Lift?", "What kind of lift?", "Smaller implants?", "Fat injections?" It got very overwhelming before I found this site. Now I know I can just get them taken out and will happily (hopefully!) deal with what's left.

Thank you for the support and sharing,
Thank you for your update, I too have navigated the lift or no lift, bigger or smaller or none at all. And the best thing for me is to get them ot , see who I am then if after a year or so I am freaking out about something and I want to blow the money - It can wait...18 years with CC right and saggy left - what is 1 year. I do hope I will have peace without wanting any new cuts! Kind dream fat injections will be a more popular and solid option one day but now they gotta go. Good for you!
Wow, you sound like a perfect candidate for explant. I too am very active and my implants just never fit with my lifestyle or my body. I had mine out 2 weeks ago and am very happy. I feel like my old self again. I was doing a lot of the same things with my posture trying to hide them. Slouching to hide boobs was causing me so much back and neck pain, it was awful. That has all gone away. now I'm light as a feather and don't slouch at all! In fact, I stand taller and straighter than I ever have! I look forward to following your journey and look forward to hearing about your results!!
Oh thanks soooo much Mommy2Two! I have only recently started to wonder if a pain I get in my neck is related to the boobs and my compensating posture? This is really helpful and would totally be icing in the cake if it goes away after my procedure. Thank you and wishing you continued healthy healing!

"What happened to Mommy's boobies?" Has Anyone Had to Explain to Their Little Girl?

I have a 10 year old who sees me naked plenty and, as she is now a "tween", probably way more than she'd like! We have often showered together over the years and she's used to "mommy's big boobies". It's funny because when she was six she actually told my mother, "my mommy's boobies are much bigger than yours!" Awful!!! :$

I am going to stay at my sister's for surgery and few days of recovery before I will be home. There will clearly be a difference in my boobs the next time she sees me naked. I am totally perplexed about what, if anything, to tell her. She's so innocent and honest and I know she will be really confused about why I would ever get implants in the first place. She doesn't even know what implants are!

Perhaps I should wait and make something up? Mommy lost some weight (in her breast only...?) On the flip side I feel so much better being able to show her the real me. She is petite and athletic with zero body fat and I expect she will have nice but very small breasts when she matures. I've always felt like a charlatan with her seeing mine and expecting she would be a C too when she grows up.

Any stories to share are much appreciated lovely ladies,
Hi NN, I've just popped over to read your post. Welcome. Its such a lovely community to be apart of. Little Hugger and Luv are right. Honesty is best. She'll see how beautiful you are naturally. Continue to shower with her as that's your relationship and bond. She'll trust you for being honest and it'll make her feel involved too. It can be upsetting when a child feel's out the loop. I think it will be good for your evolving relationship as mum and daughter too. She will see you've made a mistake and you're putting it right. X
Thanks so much for your encouragement and support. I'm really looking forward now to having this chat with her :)
Totally agree with LuvRealBoobs! Tell them the truth. All the way. My kids were 7 and 9 when I got them. I told them the truth before the surgery, and why I was getting them, in an age appropriate way. I also told them when I got them out and why, they both still live at home at 19 and 21. They view me as They have been raised to talk openly about everything....rule around here it...just tell the truth. Right through their teenage years they never got way out of whack with anything. They experimented, but they always knew they could say or talk about anything, no matter what, and I wouldn't freak out. We would work things out. Truth is good. I say, and they say...tell the truth...less trouble, less guilt, no betrayals. They are great kids because they have been raised with age appropriate explanations and discussions about real honest events. Lies only lead to trouble in relationships. Plus at 11, there is no way in hell my daughter would have not known I had implants. Your daughter MUST know what implants are, these days 7-8 year olds know what they are (the girls anyways).

Two weeks from today my shirts will start fitting properly!

I can't wait until my button down shirts fit well again! Even today, I'm wearing a cami under my shirt so I can have it unbuttoned halfway down. I can't stand wearing shirts that are too big and wide just so they fit my boobs!
It feels so good to be able to wear camisole's and tee's and not have cleavage up to my chin! Love my "little ones"!
Honestly I can't even imagine what that would be like. Can't wait!

Two days til surgery and in need of post-op bra suggestions!

Hello lovely ladies. I haven't been able to log on for some time. Super busy with per-op doctors appts and blood work, including my first EKG! ( a must do for my doctor if you're over 45....wahhhh,) and wrapping things up at work, getting our daughter home from camp and ready for school, marathon laundry and grocery shopping so I don't feel awful leaving my family for 12 days. I'm on my layover en route to my sister's in Miami for my procedure on Thursday.

Yesterday I went to Target, TJMaxx and Khol's in search of a zip front compression bra with no luck. Tomorrow is my only day to shop. Any suggestions on a great post-op easy to put on compression bra?

On a side note I had to go to a chiropractor last week with serious pain from out of place ribs. He snapped me back together but god was I in pain before! I think I've totally whacked my posture from both trying to stand up tall whilst shrugging my shoulders forward to hide my boobs. I know I feel their weight in my neck always and can't wait to have it "off my chest!"

Promise to update more now that ex-planting is my full time job!
Hi Natural! I had 2 bras that did up in the front for after surgery, and both didn't fit properly. I had several other sports bras to choose from, but there was no way you should be struggling to get them on over your head, so I just stepped into them and slowly and gently wiggled them up. Worked fine for me, so if your desperate, you could try that. :) And, your gonna be one happy lady when you feel all that relief in your neck, back, shoulders, ribs, and chest. There is a big improvement right away, and it gets better and better after that. :) Good luck tomorrow! xoxox
Hoping and praying for the very best for you on your "explantation!" We are in this together. Mine is tomorrow morning! So excited! I have several shirts I can't wait to try on without those big boobies!! I'm just praying that they will look "ok" - I figure I can live with sagging - that's how we're supposed to look middle age. Good luck & God Bless!
Will be thinking of you tomorrow! You are going to be so happy when it's all done. Rest well tonight and take it easy during recovery. Don't over do it! 3 weeks post op today and my incisions are still tender but overall doing well. Xoxo

Tomorrow is the day!

I went to my pre-op and all is set for surgery at 6 am! Yikes, means I have to be there at 5:30 but at least it will be over before most people wake up. My PS is a bit concerned with how much sagging I might have. Ughhh, we'll see... I am only having local so I hope to not feel so disoriented tomorrow.

I must say it's a little unnerving to be going breast implant free in Miami where it seems nearly every woman has them. I am just reminding myself that being an authentic me is where I feel best. At lunch today my girlfriends talked about how great it will be for me to be able to wear tank tops and be "waif like." They said maybe I'll start a trend, lol!

More soon and thanks for your support!
Praying for a safe recovery! :)
Good luck! I'm no plastic surgeon, but I can't see you having much sagging. Any anyway, breasts are actually supposed to "sag"! Do men worry that their bits "sag" lol.. I'm having surgery in a few weeks so I'll be following your posts with interest :) I can't wait to be natural too.
Thank you! I could totally do a wiggle up

Implants are out and I feel great!

Everything went really well this morning without complications. My capsules are still in and the doctor was very pleased with how they look! I took one pain pill this morning and had a very nice nap. Think I will take one at bedtime but for now am feeling amazingly well! My sister has been an ANGEL and made me homemade chicken soup. My own Florence Nightengale :)

Posting a pic here. Wow does it feel good to have those hard balls out of me!

As ever, thank you sweet ladies,
Congratulations! So glad your feeling great and happy. That's a good sister taking care if you, and halleluyah to having those hard balls off your chest! Such a relief! It only gets better from here!! :))
Congrats! Rest well and take it easy.
Thank you dear

Day 2 and so happy

Hi everyone. Just a quick update to say yay, they're out! The recovery is soo much easier than when the implants go in. I am not going to use the pain meds anymore, just Tylenol if I need it. My implants were 275cc memory gel, which I figure weighed a pound and a half or so. That doesn't sound like much but wow what a difference in my neck and chest and back! I no longer gave that tight feeling on my chest and that tightness in between my shoulder blades that I had always chalked up to stress and age. Happy!
Wonderful! I love that the relief of this surgery is so immediate! Enjoy and rest!
Thank you NN x

New bra, size small ????

I am wearing a new bra, gift from a friend, and it is a wireless size small! Feels so great. My bandages come off today and stitches come out Friday. I bought a new blazer yesterday, also size small. With the old boobs I had to buy a medium to close the front.. I really wish I would have done this years ago. I'm so thankful for RealSelf and the women here showing me how it was all possible.
Hey, you look great! Absolutely love the bra on you x
I had my implants removed on 8/22/13. Best thing ever. They were placed in 2009 then in 2010 I was diagnosed with RA and Fibromyalgia. Although there is no direct link, makes you wonder. So happy to have it over. Pain is so much less. Looking forward to cute and smaller bras!

Very happy post op but housework is hard!

I am healing well and so so pleased with results. To commemorate I bought a dish with a portrait of a woman from c. 1900 with breast that are undeniably real and wonderful.
I've made it my new profile pic:) I am back home and will admit housework is hard. It was much easier with my sister taking care of me! I am too much of a clean freak so it's my own fault. Reminding myself to rest and the laundry can wait!
You look great! Hard to say no to the housework but please do....I pulled a muscle and its not fun!
Thanks Hlp! After a couple of hours my first morning home I was exhausted and my husband said, "are you crazy? Sit down!" So I did and also went to bed very early last night. That vacuum is calling me but I'm ignoring it :)
Lol I hear ya but it will still be waiting for you in a few weeks! My hubby ran the vacuum a time or two and I actually was relieved! Hang in there, rest well and keep me posted on your recovery!

13 Days Post Op

Here are pictures 13 days post-op. Incision marks are still red and bumpy but overall I have no complaints. I went for a 45 minute walk today to try and get some exercise but took it very slowly. I get tired more easily and definitely don't want to do any bouncy type activity. My PS recommend not wearing compression/sports bras as he thinks they restrict blood flow and thus impede healing. Still super happy with my decision!!!
Wow! You look amazing!! Great results!!
Thank you and you too. I hope your healing continues to go well. I read you are a chef. Be careful lifting! I really notice anything having to do with pec muscles is difficult. And lol about spelling and mistakes! I cringe every time I re-read one of my posts and there is a mistake!! So silly but yes, I'd love to be able to edit afterwards.
you look fabulous! thank you for sharing your story. I would love to explant my 320cc saline implants and your story gives me inspiration.

3 1/2 weeks post ex-plant and the mostly ups and a few downs

Hello lovelies,

I haven't been able to write in longer than I'd like. Full time job, family, and reality make it hard to check in. That said, thank you for your continued kind feedback and I'm so happy to have connected with some women who are just in the planning stages.

I've had a couple of evenings when I'm trying to get ready to go out or have guests over and I literally change clothes 3 or 4 times. This is not me. I can usually get dressed in 3 minutes. I have realized I have spent the last 8 years dressing around my boobs, mostly to hide them, and now it's totally different! I've put on some outfits that I have always relied on and felt really dumpy. I am not going to buy a whole new wardrobe, totally not needed. I just need to re-learn how to dress to my natural figure. When I get it right I feel slim and strong and fantastic!

Am also three days late on my period which never happens. My belly has been sticking out since the surgery. I think the combo of pain killers and antibiotics has my system way off, even though I'm taking probiotics every day now. No way around it, surgery is a trauma to the body.

Still, all that said, I am so thankful and relaxed that I've explanted.

I went to my first post-op yoga class and was fierce and proud in my tank top!

natural and namaste to all!
You're results are excellent, how inspiring! Thanks for sharing :)
Thank you Goddess. Natural has been very good so far :)
mmmeeeeeeee too, my tummy hasn't been right since! Your doing yoga already? Dang! I don't feel like I'm quite there yet, i still get pain if I try to lift something to heavy or brace myself up with my arms. I did go for a walk on Monday and felt great. I decided to go on one again yesterday and decided to try and do it a little speedier (if thats a word)..and now my left boob has been hurting today...guess I took it to fast for my body. Oh well, at least I'm able to sleep on my side now without any pain at all :) I thought about going close shopping too but my tummy is still super bloated. Im having the worst time with regularity. I think Im going to have to go to the Dr.'s soon anyway because the last 3 times I have been able to go I noticed a little blood. Im not sure if its from the laxatives I was using in the previous weeks or what...I was hoping to see if next time if it was the same, and if so i'll call my doc...

Feeling so happy one month plus post op

I have been back in the "full swing" of life for a couple of weeks and am sadly not able to check in on all the wonderful women here as much as I'd like. I just told another gal on the site my surgery and recovery felt like a vacation, lol.

I am healing well and my scars are getting less and less noticeable. I think my breasts have settled and I'm back to a 34B. So glad for this. I think leaving the capsules in definitely helps keep volume so if you can do that I would recommend it.

Here is a picture of me in a favorite new blouse. It fits perfectly and doesn't pull at the buttons. I feel like my chest area looks normal for my shape again. I never was meant to be a big breasted woman and am totally happy being little me again!
Thanks for the positive encouragement and for sharing with all of us. You look amazing!!
You look great! Isn't is a wonderful feeling? So glad I can wear my normal shirt size!!
I just have to say it again. I'm so happy for you! I wish I would have enough breast tissue for a result like yours!!!
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