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I used Dr. Roger Khori horrible doctor after...

I used Dr. Roger Khori horrible doctor after reading he was the pioneer of fat grafting I decided to go with him. when went into Dr. Khouri's office for the procedure, .After I had entered the Operating Room, I was told by the nurse that I was to undergo general anesthesia and would be asleep in a matter of seconds.When I woke up from the procedure, I was in excruciating pain. I could not move my whole body. I was unable to walk or go to the bathroom. I had a firefighter lift me up to my hotel room. I felt nauseous for days. I vomited and could not keep food in my stomach.
I woke up fully numb and so sick like I was in a serious accident ... I asked for a simple fat transfer and instead he pulled my skin to enlarge me making it hard to stand strait .he also took fat from places like my butt which he not told me he would do. I am still in pain having a hard time using my hands i used to do 50 pushups a day, now i cant lift my hands ... it makes me cry alot. i also have alot of numbness in an few places, including my leg and breasts and between my breasts a pocket of fluid that is numb....I contacted the Miami Breast Center after doing hours of research for an alternative to breast implants. The fat transfer procedure advertised by Dr. Khouri as a simple non-invasive out-patient procedure. I am so deeply depressed from this , only G-d can lift my spirit and heal me..
. I was interested in a simple fat transfer, The surgery I underwent was very complex. I have numbness still in my leg that im undergoing tests if there is nerve damage. On my post-operative consultation, they put a hard cast applied with a glue gun, which made my skin burn for several days thereafter. and after all this I have to breasts that are 2 different sizes cause he used me as an experiment and put the splint on each breast different
anyone that wants to contact me I am willing to show them I don't want anyone else to go through this hell


Hi, it's one month after surgery, how bad pain right now? I did fat transfer Almost 3 months ago and I don't have pain right now. When I woke up after Anastasia I felt weird, I don't even remember going to bathroom or dressing, I felt bad day after but not that bad as u did. It's all depends on what ripe of anastetic u had and whether u ate before or no, My doctor and me discussed before where he will take fat from!!! And I had problem because not much fat, he would never take fat from my butt, I told him take from belly if u can take something but I prefer not too( only if he must!) so he didn't took because he could take from area we discussed, very good experience, I did felt a lot of pain after liposuction ( auther thigh and a little bit from waist) I did not take too much medication because I felt slooow with them:( Can u send me pictures? ********* U also can see my profile to see my results, Where from did he took fat? Something happen there, u not suppose to feel all that staff!
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Dr. Khouri destroyed my body that's why I'm in so much pain he didn't do just fat transfer he pulled my skin up I asked him not too and he also put a siringe(it's threads that are like stitches all around..and ... that's why i can't use my arms !!! That's why I'm suffering so much it's had for me stand straight ....I just wanted to be a b or c cup now I'm a double d Victoria secret and it's ugly when I take off my bra cause my boobs split into 2 parts cause he pulled the skin and they are sagging so I went from a -A to a ugly double D....which doctor did u use
Did u go to other doctor for an opinion ?

here are the pictures I promised

Link at my beauty mark from before the surgery that how I know he pulled my skin....


Miagirl1234 is NOT exaggerating. I had the same procedure done on May 15 (but I also had my ruptured implants removed).....I've since had to take narcotic pain medicine with NSAIDS EVERY day because the agony has been so severe. I have skipped a few dosages here and there to make sure I haven't started becoming an addict. So far I'm fine--and very thankful I at least have some recourse, because it feels like I have barbed fish hooks ripping through my pectoral muscles....Of course I knew I'd have pain in the lipo sites and also on the breasts--but I never thought the pain level would get as high as a 10, where it literally feels like torture.......I still have pain all over, but the pain in my breasts is the worse. It even sometimes starts in my armpits and travels down my nerves into my arms....Something is just NOT right with this surgery. And I thought I would just be getting fat injections. Yea right.
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I mean loved ones
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As members we all come here to learn, share our knowledge, experiences and for that I think almost everyone is greatful for the information. I do not write negative comments to anyone for what they choose to post. For those that have had a great experience with Dr. Khouri we are happy for you, especially those who have lost their breast’s to breast cancer. You have been through enough and it is wonderful that your surgeries were successful. But if someone else has not had a positive outcome with their surgery they do not need to read any negative comments. We all should be here to support one another and as miamigirl has stated several times, if you don’t like what she wrote don’t come to her site. She is going through enough stress right now and no one needs to add to it. I along with many others support her during this time and if she nees to vent some days it is ok with me.
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cast i wore for 3 weeks

wore this for 3 weeks


I would like to clarify something that keeps being said: 1St I don’t believe that anyone has told someone to get breast implants during this discussion. But, if a member decides that she is interested in getting breast implants that is really her business, not yours or mine. There have been reviews and comments made to members on other sites, but not this one. On another site, I have read someone say to a member thinking of getting implants. I got implants many years ago and I am very sorry that I did. There were not the options, back then, that you have now. You will at some time need to have additional surgery and you can always develop complications, but, it was always done in a very nice and respectable way to that member. I do believe that Dr. Khouri does breast implants. 2nd, I do not believe that anyone has told any member not to have fat grafting or to not have Lipo, or that anyone is trying to scare women. Speaking for myself, I find it wonderful that this is being offered to women today. It is truly amazing to see where technology has taken us. One, of you wrote, that it is laughable to say that someone would have fluid draining for at least 5 days. It, also has been said, that it is no big deal and you should be ok in a couple of days. Again, I don’t know if that was said in the heat of the moment. But I have read many reviews by different women that had fat transfer surgery and none of them said in there reviews that it was no big deal and they went anywhere in a couple of days. Many of those women were hardly able to walk to the bathroom, or get out of bed. As I have stated before, I have read many reviews, and I have never seen a member who wrote something negative about their surgeon, ever be attacked, especially like these ladies have been. I would like to believe… that much of what you have written, has been out of passion from your own personal journey.
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Thank you, love pink :) Well said =)
Hey love pink , Great comment ! Hey Miagirl , look at all your supporters here hun !! We are behind you !! Keep your head up !!'

Update :(

Dr Roger khouri, performed two procedures on me without my consent and I am now living with excruciating pain. I believe I am the victim of malpractice.

I am a 34 year old mother of three. I was athletic, trim, and happy with my figure--but I didn't like the effect that nursing had on my breasts. So, in January 2014, I flew from NYC to Miami, FL, to have the renown Dr. Khouri give me a "natural breast augmentation", in which the surgeon takes fat from one area of the body, and transfers it to the breasts.

Dr. Khouri did give me a fat transfer Breast Augmentation. But Instead of ONLY doing the surgery I asked for, Dr. Khouri also performed a "flap" procedure, called RAFT (Reverse Abdominalplasty With Fat Transfer). During the procedure, the doctor made dozens to hundreds of needle pricks, wherein he separated (ripped) the skin from my underlying tissues, pulled it up, and created a new breast fold. This procedure, to which I never gave consent, has only recently been used to reconstruct mastectomy patients' breasts. Unfortunately, Dr. Khouri's experiment to augment my new breasts with skin from my belly, has failed. And now my breasts look deformed.

But I'm not done yet! Dr. Khouri, implanted me with a permanent, suture device made out of BARBED polyester mesh so that he could artificially lift his newly created breasts. Again, he did this WITHOUT my consent.

The makers of the Refine mesh implant (see refinemedical.com) advertise that the patient can not feel the presence of the device. On the contrary, from the moment I wake up, to the time I fall asleep, the Refine implant causes me so much pain, that's it's essentially turned me into an invalid.

Fat transfer Breast Augmentation has become a mainstream procedure. Many doctors perform the surgery and it typically gives lovely results. Unfortunately, however, Dr. Khouri experimented on me and did a procedure meant for mastectomy patients, that failed, and thus ruined the natural shape of my breasts. Worse than that, he implanted me, without my knowledge, with a permanent medical device that causes unending pain.

I used to be very athletic, but now I can't even do simple tasks. For example, I now have to ask my children to get things off of shelves, because it causes me too much agony to reach for things


I am so sorry as well for your pain and suffering !! I am sure there must be a way to correct his horrible work? Are you feeling any better? I am soooo grateful to you for posting this! You are one courageous girl! If you need any help pls don't hesitate!!!
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I'm so sorry that you had that experience :( It's people like you who voice this that save people like me who are searching for the right answer to solve my current issue. Well I see he is not it. Thank you, you're very brave to not break down but to fight back. I hope you find resolution soon. By the way.....what were wrong with your original breasts? They were beautiful!!!! :/
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Hi Miagirl, how are you doing ? Is your pain level improving any ? Have you been able to seek help from another PS or legal help ?
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I included a picture when I startd using brava and a picture of results one came out a bit smaller not sure if you can see in photo but over all my pain is still crazy

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