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I have always had small breast. My daddy side of...

I have always had small breast. My daddy side of the family is very blessed with both front and back. My mom side lacks the front. Unfortunately for me i took after my mom. Ive always been flat and started developing something @ the age of 17, after 21 it stopped!!! What a dissapointment. I started thinking about getting breast implants since i was 20 years old. Ofcourse at that time i wasnt financially stable to be able to afford it. Been researching about it since the age of 22. Finally i have decided to get it.YAY. Ive read a lot of horror stories that had always put me off but luckily i have 2 friends who has them. one for 6 months and the other for 15 years(Shes had two wonderful children and breastfed them). They both love them. No complications and both have saline. I have decided to get them done and confused about the sizing. I want them to look extremely natural and so i am thinking between 350-400. I am 28yrs,5'7 and weighs 132 with No children.. I am very thin with a very small waist and very blessed and i mean blessed in the rear.(thats the only thing big on me). Haahhahah.. I would like to hear from you guys. What do you guys think about the size? I dont want it too big neither too small. Please fill me in.....I am so excited..:) Surgery Date: June 26th!!!


Hey lovely~I see you have very pretty shaped breasts...you're going to look AMAZING! I would suggest you get between 300-350 cc's based on your height/weight. That will give you between a full C or D cup. I got 304 cc's and now fit into a C/D bra. Do you want saline or silicone? I wish you the best of luck:-)
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Hello Kooberry, Thank you. Well i am definitely certain on Saline under the muscle with the breast fold incision.Will keep your size suggestion in mind because i want mine to look very natural.I am also torn between moderate+ or high profile. By the way your boobs look incredible. Thanks for you words of encouragement.

I'm excited for you! Here's what some doctors have to say about choosing the right size for you! Please let us know what you decide to go with.

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Im getting very nervous!!!! I just hope that...

Im getting very nervous!!!! I just hope that everything goes well. I am also very excited. Mixed emotions....ive decided 350cc but might change my mind again lol. I just want them to be perfect and look natural. The days are flying. I went shopping today for some loose tops and some sport bras. Can't wait!!!!


Soooooo happy for you!!
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Thank you lady. I am nervous though. sigh* Hope i dont call to cancel....Mixed emotions...ive wanted this and now am almost close and.....lets see what tomorrow brings...Staying positive! :)
I know how you feel!! I have had mixed emotions throughout the whole process, but I promise it will pass and you will be so happy!!

OMG!!!....how many days left??? Tuesday is right...

OMG!!!....how many days left??? Tuesday is right around the corner. I am so excited but yet still very nervous. I am still indecisive about the size. I am still thinking between 350cc-400cc.I pray to God to guide and protect me through this journey for the most perfect results!!!! Any suggestions on the preparation before and after the surgery? I love RealSelf, this site is awesome, i cant stay away...:)

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Tomorrow is my big day!!! 06/26...my surgery is @...

Tomorrow is my big day!!! 06/26...my surgery is @ 8am. Check in time is 7:30am. I am very nervous but I know it shall be well. The size will be between 380cc-400cc Saline underneath the muscle. Breast crease incision. I think am very confident with the size range. Thanks for all the support and will definitely update you ladies soon. Tata..xxx :)


Girl, how did it go? I hope you are doing great! Can't wait to hear about your new girls!
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Good luck tomorrow! I'm looking forward to hearing the next update =)
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Good luck tomorrow!! I will be thinking of you! Hope you have a painless and fast recovery! :-)
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So i had my surgery on 06/26. Surgery went very...

So i had my surgery on 06/26. Surgery went very well. i went with 425ccHP in both, saline unders with breast crease incision. i was torn between the sizes but my doc assured me that the 425cc will look natural and will be perfect. I trusted him. Since i was torn between sizes and didnt want to go too big or too small. Before surgery he came and did his markings and i told him i wanted to be in the 380-400 range, he told me his first patient of the day had 425 and she was smaller than me with less tissue and it went great. He assured me they will be beautiful.

Today is Day 5. The first three days were very uncomfortable and painful. It gets better each day. Today woke up feeling sore and a lot of tightness. Took my last pill of anti biotics today. I am just anxious to see how they will look after they've dropped. They are still high. Havent started with the massage yet. They are very firm. I just cant wait for them to drop. Any pointers?


Well I am 5 months post op now and they are doing great. They have dropped and fluffed and I could not be happier. You will start to feel considerably better around the 2-3 month mark when everything softens up and the achey pains subside....Take Care!
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Congrats on the new booooobies!!! Lol you are going to look amazing when they settle. I hope you have a speedy recovery lovely lady:-)
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Thank you very much love. How are your girls fairing? cant wait for them to settle. they are just very firm and cant wait for them to settle so i can start massaging them..:)

Day 8 Well today has been ok. Not in pain but the...

Day 8
Well today has been ok. Not in pain but the incisions hurt. They are slowly dropping. umm still having started the massages yet. still a lil bit swollen at the top. overall feeling is good. I'm just being patient......Cant wait for it to fully drop!!!!. God is in control. :)


Initially I felt like mine were small too. When I first saw them after surgery I was like WTF??!!....bcus I thought they would be sticking out more. But you will see how much better they will look eventually. Mine have settled nicely at the 2 month mark-. So glad I did not have to wear a dreaded band!!! my doctor does not believe in them and mine dropped just fine without it. Sounds like some sort of torture device...Lol Look forward to seeing the 3 week pics soon...Take Care! :-)
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its the 15th day and i feel awesome. All the pains are gone and started massaging. Its softer now and the massages actually feels good. i am using the strap to help with the dropping as instructed by my doctor. It is extremely uncomfortable but hey some of us do have tighter skin and muscles i guess. Even though i didnt wanted to go over 375cc but the doc suggested 425( i almost died, i hated the morning of the surgery cause i just wasnt sure about it and was so scared), i for some reason feel like they are too small. But i heard they get bigger once they drop and others do say they get smaller. Either way i will never try to go under the knife again because of the size. i am cool with it. if it gets bigger or smaller either way, it will be bigger than what i had before. lol. Thanks for following up with my story and being a great support system. I will update a pic @ my 3 weeks post op. one more week exactly to go. How are your girls? :)

Hello lovely people. Hope everyone is doing well....

Hello lovely people. Hope everyone is doing well. today is day 17 post-op. I feel good. resumed normal activitties. They are slowing dropping but my right is a little higher. I am still using the strap. I am getting a little bit worried as i am always reading stories and its freaking me out. As am typing am having second thoughts as to why i did it even tho ive always wanted it. Well i hope all these feelings go away. i am continuing to massage them. They are soft and massaging is always a breeze. i still have my surgical tape on my incisions as my dr said to keep it on until they fall off on their own. i am just starting to feel nervous and starting to think about the "what ifs?". What if my right never drops? What if the gap doesnt get a little better? what if it doesnt settle in the pockets? i know i wanted between 350-400cc but i know that i would have regretted going smaller than i have now(425ccs in both). I trusted my surgeon. Sometimes i think its small but like i said, anything bigger than my initial volume is cool with me. Now the question is what if they are too big and thats why the right isnt dropping?...well i am still very early and have almost another week and a half to hit my one month so i guess i shouldnt freak out. I guess am a little bit emotional because i miss my fiance. :( .


Lovelyone, you sound so much like I feel about all the scary stories we read. I too am afraid of my right side not dropping into the pocket like it should. I'm guessing that maybe its because I'm right handed!?! I just know I'm freaking out. I want them to take their time & drop, at the same time I'm super impatient! Anyway, I have read so many stories & there are those stories like ours where they are freaking out, and then they are doing fabulous. I just think we just need to wait it out, right!?!? I'm 15 days post op, implant & lift. So I'm really freaking out. You've been blessed that you don't need a lift...you will do great! Take care
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Day 19. Today has been an emotional day for me. My...

Day 19. Today has been an emotional day for me. My tapes on my incisions i was told to let them fall off or to just rip them off when they are loose. i start to take off the left with no problems to find out i have a possible double bubble forming. OMG. ive been crying sooo much. dont know what to do. i am not going to use the strap again. I just wait till morning comes to call the doctor. Were my implants too big? i know i wanted to be between the 350-400cc range which the doctor gave me 425. the size isnt that big but maybe i should have stayed in my initial range. i am so nervous and do disturbed. i had nice small perky breast but the thought of this bubble and possible revision is making me wanna just mayebe get them taken out. i am confused..very..my fiance tells me it might get better over time...How? i'm just dissapointed and very mad...sad maybe...i dont know...i cant stop crying...:(


Hi lovely! Just wanted to stop by and say hi. Thank you for the birthday wishes, that was so sweet!! I hope your 'double bubble issue" has totally gone away and it was just marks from the tape. How are you feeling? I hope you're becoming happier with the new girls and have no worries. Look forward to seeing more piks soon :-)
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Hi lovely! Thanks for your kind words. Your pics are awesome! I like you are riding high. If you are right handed that will drop last as you.re stronger on that side. I.m left handed so my right will drop first. It already is softer and a tiny hair lower (wishful thinking? Hahaha) Who was your dr at coral gables ? I had Dr. Altman. I.m very pleased with my experience there. Were you? I.m only 8 days out but i.ve been massaging them quite a bit and vigorously for about 4 days or so three times a day. Definitely massage them at least that much everyday and you will feel a difference as your tissue accepts the implants and the massage helps with circulation and tissue response. All my best thoughts to you lovelyone - Your breasts are absolutely beautiful!
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yeah i loved it over there. They are awesome. Helen was and still is my counselor. Well i had Dr. Frieman.i am right handed but my right is the highest one lol.. weird isnt it? but it take up to 3 months for almost all the swelling to go down and upto 6 or a year for the final position of the implants to be obtained. we just need to be patient. I am also taking vitamins E(2000mg, from GNC) and vitaminsC(1000mg) for better healing and softness. Its working beautifully. Before i used to have morning boobs, when u wake up it will be so hard but now its so soft even in the morning when i wake up. Well the last pic was about my 8th day up. i am now 3weeks and 2 days up. They feel amazing hun. Soft and have dropped some more compared to before. They still need some more dropping tho. I had a tape underneath my incision which i was told to take off when they get loose and ready to fall off. i took them off past sunday when it wasnt that loose . i had no pain taking it off but it had created a dent under my boob cause it was wide and i had a double bubble scare. i immediately called the officeand emailed pics to Dr. Frieman and he assured me it isnt and that my boobs has to drop some more to fill it out. The line is slowly fading. whew! am so glad i took them off. Hun i massage those boobs until they are tired of my hands..lol...

Today is 3weeks 6days!!! I am grateful. The...

Today is 3weeks 6days!!!

I am grateful. The crease is faintly still there under the breast and i think its due to the doctor lowering my crease. I just pray that as it continues to drop, it will blend completely and adjust to my new crease. You cant see it until i lay down. Either than that, im doing well. i am happy i went with the doctors suggestion about the size compared to my initial range that i wanted to stay witihin(350-400, doctor suggest 425). They are perfect.

I am going to wear the strap for one more week and then stop using it because it dont want it to over drop. Its still healing and gravity will still be taking its toll. i take 2000mg of vitamin E and 1000 vitamin C. the scars are very fainted and my breast are super soft. my only concern is the crease either than that, i am happy with everything about them. they are awesome and cant wait to hit the 3 months mark. I am hopeful and thinking positive about them. I pray over them too because whats inside and going on, only our maker can see or will know in my perspective. what do you girls think? how do they look to you?

Hope you all are having a wonderful day and gracefully healing...:)


I think you look great! How does life feel without the strap? I'm glad the crease is less of a problem. As the girls drop more it will become even less noticeable. Isn't the softening awesome? I love how they feel, so natural. I think I like the softening part the best.
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Hi lovelyone...! Slowly dropping but no more frankenboob. Whats the good word boobie girl...now that you.ve got all that! Ha!
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Hi lovelyone! Whats the good word? Update ! Itching to know how the boobies are doing!
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