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Well here I go again. Already had the TT & the BBL...

Well here I go again. Already had the TT & the BBL now getting the boobies done. I'm also getting a round 2 to the butt. I'm 44 and have a 23 yr old son. When I was a teen in high school, even before that, I was teased and made fun of so bad. I had no boobs and no butt. I would get called so many things but the one that stuck out was flat as an ironing board. When I got pregnant, that's when I finally got boobs. They were HUGE. I didn't breast feed so when the milk stop producing they dropped & sagged and so did my stomach. Boy was I disappointed. It bothered me for years but I let it go. As my son got older that's when I really started to think about it. I would workout to try and rid my tummy but it didn't help. I did manage to shed some pounds though. When my son turned 19 & moved out on his own, I decided to do something about it and get my first procedure done, my tummy tuck. My second procedure I wanted to get both BBL & BA done but I couldn't find a surgeon willing to do both in my area who wasn't so expensive. I finally decided out of the two procedures I wanted to get the butt done first so I picked Dr. Ghurani and flew out to Florida and had that done but I didn't get the roundness I was looking for. Back to the research department I went and this time I was going to search for a surgeon to get both procedures done because I wasn't going to go under again. My choices were Hughes, Shulman or Salzhauer. I picked Dr. Salzhauer. I already had my first consult with him and my pre-op consult done. Had my bloodwork and physical today. My flight & hotel are booked. Surgery paid. I'm a bit scared of the after pain but I want to get it done and over with. I know what to expect for the BBL. I only had discomfort the first time around I hope it's the same this time around. It's the breast pain I'm concerned about. Having lipo all over too going right to my butt.
Heyn there had my breast and Dr.S...and the breast was a breeze...only now 4 wks post op..tiree of the sweeling and looking forward to them to setttle.. but I love what he did...his work is great..
Sorry for the typos...tired of the swelling..
Not a problem. That is great to know. So your happy with Dr. S and his work? I'm not looking forward to the swelling but I am looking forward to the outcome. With Beauty comes Pain. I keep telling myself that.

My mother is ill I hope I can still go & make it to surgery

Surgery is 6 days away and I didn't realize it. I didn't know we were already in December somehow I lost track of my days. I thought I had another week yet. Now I'm getting very nervous. I have everything packed & ready to go I'm still waiting on my scripts from the doctor so I can get them filled. I hope that I am able to go because my mom is very ill and was taken to the hospital today with pneumonia she also has dementia & diabetes. She lives in a home but my dad wanted her taken to the hospital. She hasn't been eating so they were starting her on an IV. She's very weak. My dad sometimes tends to over exaggerate about her condition. She did eat some of her food yesterday but not much. They were going to start her on some medication today for her infection in her chest in hopes that will have an effect but other than that there is not much more they can do. If it comes down to it I will have to reschedule surgery but I'm hoping I don't have to because I don't want to chicken out.

All set & ready to go

They finally faxed in my scripts & I got them filled yesterday. Now I'm set. Today I got the news my mother is responding to the meds she's getting for her pneumonia. That's great! She's doing a lot better. I'll just be down in Florida for a week. I'm praying everything remains on the good side.
Great news. .hope your mom recovers soon..and you get to do will be wishes
Thank you for the well wishes for my mother. I hope all goes well too!

Tomorrow is the day!

We are getting snow today so it's the perfect time to get away to hot weather. My flight leaves tomorrow and I have butterflies in my stomach. I'm so nervous I know I won't sleep tonight. I have my consult same day as surgery I chose to have it that way so I can get situated and go to the grocery store and get what I need so I'm all set. Wish me luck ladies.
Hi, In little over a month I will be going under the knife & I'm extremely nervous. My first procedure & experience with Dr. Salzhauer. It's actually my first time with him but having several procedure done. Please share your outcomes & experience. Hope your mom is doing better :)
i had BBL & BA with several lipo areas done and everything went great! Doctor was great & his nurse was awesome. The only pain after the 1st 2 days (breast were throbbing) were my lipo areas. This was a round 2 BBL so I had no pain there. Ice paks on breasts helped alot. I had lipo on arms which was very tough cuz I could barely move. My sister had to feed me help me in & out of bed and other things. My areas of lipo are still sore and black and blue but I feel much better. I'll update my page soon I actually have 2 journeys on here one for my BBL and this one. Good Luck to you if you have anything other questions inbox me.
Good luck! Happy thoughts!

I survived the ordeal, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS

It's been a little over a week since surgery and only my lipo areas are sore. I stopped taking pain meds last Saturday. I also stopped the antibiotics I was taking. There were so many pills plus my regular medications that I felt like shit. I am now starting to feel like myself again. He had me on like 6 different antibiotics, iron, Vicodin, Xanax, Arnica & a nausea pill all those on top of 6 other regular pills I take I was a walking pharmacy. My sister was laughing at the pills bottles. I have this bad taste in my mouth from all those pills. I'm still taking the iron. I changed into a sports bra that gives me more support & I'm wearing my full garment with arm compression sleeves. That's a bitch to get into but once your in it I must say it is comfortable. Out of all the garments I've had to wear this one has been the best. It's supplied by the doctor's office. Well let me start from the day of surgery, I met Miriam, Dr. Salzhauer's nurse, she was awesome, I went in at noon and was put in room with a TV, sofa and a bed. I was told to change and put on gown and get in bed. First one to come in was the anesthesiologist, she was great, I told her that I was one of those types that have trouble with veins and she cringed. Her first 2 patients prior to me were the same she said they were very difficult. She explained things to me and said she'd be back to put in my IV. As time went by and I waited I got to watch TV. I wasn't nervous or anything I was relaxed. She came back and inserted my IV with no problem and said she'd come and get me shortly when it was time. Next a nurse came in to take before pictures. After she came in, the doctor came in to mark me up. I told him areas I wanted lipo'd. We went over implant size he had lifted my breasts up and said that's what they would look like in a push-up bra and I wear push-up bras and I wanted bigger then that so he said suggested 36DD. He mentioned he was having a good day, shit what if he was having a bad day? Anyway, looking at my boobs they don't look big but my sister thinks they do and she says they are perky. I guess I have to wait and find out. After he was done marking me up I'd say it was about another 40 minute wait and I was rolled into surgery. I remember switching beds and putting on a surgery hat and I was out I awakened by a cup of Gatorade being shoved in my face telling me to drink. I remember my sister saying, I'm here", getting into the taxi, Miriam giving me a big kiss on the forehead arriving at the hotel and waking myself up during the night because I was snoring too loud, LOL. It was after midnight when I left the surgical center. Day 2 was awful my sister had to help me get in and out of bed, she had to feed me I could barely move. I felt like a crippled. Day 3 same thing Day 4 I forced myself to walk to the Walgreen's across the street for some Arnica gel for the bruising because I forgot mine at home and I thought I was going to pass out. The lady at the register says to me, "you will feel better soon" God love her. I was out of breath by the time I got to the room so I laid down quickly. Day 5 I couldn't sleep tossed & turned walked in the room Day 6 I couldn't sleep tossed & turned walked in the room Day 7 went to see doctor had a noon appt got there and the elevator wasn't working no one was there yet. I'm thinking oh my god there is no appt. I was ready to go back to the hotel. Then some girl comes walking in she has an appt too and said she had received a text that the doctor was running late. Another couple walked in as we sat there but I was the only one there to see the doctor. Finally he arrived and we all went up together in the elevator and then I had to sit and wait my turn in the lobby I was so uncomfortable. Sitting that is. Doctor called me in & asked if I had taken a look and I said, "no" so he unwrapped me and I stood in front of the mirror. He says, "Look at those curves" I had no words really. I finally had boobs and they weren't hanging. When I was younger when I was supposed to have boobs, I didn't have them. Anyway, he said the butt will fill out on it's own now I play the waiting game. He removed all the little stitches in the lipo areas and gave me the ok to go home. The stitches on my breasts will dissolve. Day 8 I flew back home to SNOW. I was in 83 degree weather. SHIT!!!!!
Thanks for the encouragement & glad everything is going well w/ your recovery. Please keep us posted on your progress. :)

Concerned with how high my boobs are

The more I look at my boobs the more I see how high up they are. Will they come down? I feel weird with them up so high.
Did your PS give you a strappy thingy? Don't worry's a process and we are all here for ya ;)
No I didn't get a strap and no instructions for massages.

Received a call from the PS

Finally got a call from the PS himself and he answered all my questions and concerns. He also gave me his cell number for emergencies. I sent him progress pictures and I received no reply I was starting to think that I didn't matter. My emails were going unanswered, my pics didn't receive a reply and I hadn't heard from the doctor himself. Anyway he wasn't able to tell me how many cc's were put in my butt in round 2. My breast implants are Mentor brand. My left side is 480 and my right is 400. Now if I can stop the itching, it's driving me crazy. He did say I can go bra-less. I had a lift with lollipop incision so no underwire bra until I get the okay from him but I knew that already. I know now that I can shower without putting plastic over my boobs, which is what I was doing. I thought I couldn't get the tape on my nipples wet. When I told him I felt my boobs were so high I felt they were smothering me he started to laugh. I feel so much better now having talked to him.

My mother passed this morning

I had mentioned in one of my updates prior to surgery that my mother was very ill. Well the past week she had been declining and they were giving her a week if not days to live. For some reason she was holding on. I was hoping she would pass the holidays so my dad wouldn't have this as a Christmas memory. My dad went to the home and was caressing her and she died in his arms. My parents just celebrated 50 years of marriage this past June. My dad is taking it hard but he knows she's in a better place. Me & my sister also have excepted it and know she's in a better place. It helps me to talk about it like I'm doing now sharing with you guys. I can't believe she's gone. My son is flying in for the funeral. I'm surprising my dad he doesn't know that he is coming that will lift his spirits. Wishing everyone a Merry Xmas.
Im so sorry for your loss, My condolences to you and your family. May this new year bring Peace, Joy and Comfort to your hearts. God bless you and your family hun.
I'm sorry for your loss! It's never easy to lose a parent, but during the holidays seems harder. Hang in there!
I am so sorry to hear about ur loss. I know what you mean about how talking about it helps with coping. I lost my father in 2009 and it was completely unexpected. The suddenness made it very hard to except the fact he was gone. It took me months before I could talk about loosing without crying. Buy once I could, talking about him and keeping his memory alive became very therapeutic.

Breasts & butt are looking good except for stubborn rash

Sent doctor progress pics today and received phone call that everything looks really good. I'm coming along very well. I can't use any scar treatments yet. I did ask about this rash I've had on my chest above my breasts since surgery. I don't know if it's a reaction to the silicone but I have tried everything on it and it just doesn't go away. Has anyone else had this happen? His nurse said if it doesn't go away in another week she'll call something in for me. My swelling has gone down, but my scars bother me and I can't wait to put something on them. The nurse said my butt looks great & it will continue to take shape and so will my breasts. Thank god for that because right now I'm not liking the shape at the bottom of my breasts they haven't rounded out yet. I have to give it time it's only been 2 weeks.
About 3 weeks post BR, I developed a very bad rash from my breast up to my neck. Ended up seeing a Dermatologist. It seems the Eucerin (applied only to neck) & the antibiotic (applied to the incisions) apparently mixed which probably caused the reaction. Not sure w/ BA but it took awhile before my breast took shape. For the few first weeks my breast looked boxy & very high up. However, with time they rounded out & begin to settle. The best of luck in your recovery :)
First of all let me just say how sorry I am for your thoughts and prayers to you and your family...I also got a rash on my chest but it turns out it was a reaction to Bio Oil, that friends told me to use, not my PS. When he found out he had me stop it and the rash went away, it happened at 3 weeks so I thought I was passed all the reactions...
Hey There, I agree...I put Bio Oil on my breast and I starting itching like crazy....not good for breat i just use pure africian shea butter..1/2 of the time...and my silicon sheets...the other 1/ can hardly tell I had implants.

Nurse said no scar treatment but doctor said yes

Doctor sent me email saying I can start using scar treatment after the nurse told me over phone not to. I'm going with what the PS said. I've been using Walgreens silicone sheets and I ordered aerola silicone circles. I take the sheets off to shower and then I put them back on. Do I need to take a break in between wear? or can I wear them constantly? This is such a pain in the butt.
Hello "newgel" I order a sheet and I cut them instead of using the one designed for breast augh..I have more to use for the money..and yes silicion scar sheets are most effective. ..but skin must be dry...I usually do the shea butter during the day after a shower in the am I apply it as a massage...and at night after my shower...I put my silicion sheets on...
Where do you get those? I use Shea oil on my butt & belly but not on my breasts my PS doesn't want me massaging yet. I wanna try putting scar strips on my tummy tuck scar I used bio oil and that never worked.

New bra ordered today-Excited

I ordered my new bra in my new size today. I just ordered one. Size 38B. Victoria Secret. Just to make sure the Victoria Secret calculator is right. I can't wait to see what it looks on the new boobs. I tried one of old bras on, a size 36D, it was a bit tight and my right boob hung out of the bottom not to mention it was not comfortable. It was ok before surgery. Since I ordered a bra for the new boobs I ordered some sexy underwear for the new butt. Since my butt is bigger now I had to go up a size in panties too. My doctor gave me the ok to start working out slowly so I've been using the stepper I haven't used my weights yet because my arms still feel numb and achy from the lipo yet. I get this discomfort in my boobs from time to time and I guess that's normal. They have rounded out some more on the bottom. I still have my rash. I bought a whole bunch of different products I've read about online that may work. I'm trying to avoid going to a dermatologist. I'm using silicone sheets for the scars on my boobs. Not seeing much change I guess I have to give it time. Happy recovery to those who are recovering & good luck to those who haven't had surgery yet.
No sorry my auto correct changed it to aerials in my post before! I think you spelled it right lol

Where else can I buy sexy bras?

I'm itching to buy more bras. I'm still working on my scars. They are healing so slow. I've been using a combination of the scar sheets and bio-oil. I have the lollipop incision so it's going to take forever to heal. Does anyone have any suggestions for healing scars a bit faster? I have a bit of wrinkling too at the scar which I was told would go away and I'm hoping it will cuz I don't like the way that looks either. I love the way my new bra set looks on me. I've looked online at department stores but it seems my size is popular, 38B. All the bras I like r sold out.
Your picture looks better then your wish pic :). Excited to undergo my procedures w/ Dr. Salzhauer. You still recommend, at least I hope so.
Thank u. I recommend Dr. Salz 110%! He is awesome. He did my 2nd round BBL as well and I couldn't begin to tell u how happy I am. Not only is it bigger but he gave me the roundness I was looking for in round 1. You will not regret going to him.


Found something that is actually working

In just one day I see a difference. I'm using acne treatments 2xs a day. Finally. It's clearing up.
Hey awholenewme2013, Hoping all is well & Here I am with 11 days to go, yikes! You were one of the first ones I reached out to when I joined Realself & you helped me appease some of my fears. Thank you for that!
You r very welcome Mama! that's what it's all about helping each other out. I wish you all the best & I hope u get the results u r looking for. God Bless. Good Luck!

All is well & good, boobs r awesome!

Rash is clearing up and my new body is changing everyday & I love it. My boobs r rounding out & my scars r looking better. I've been putting bio-oil on them every other day and using the gel scar pads. My tatas look amazing in bikini tops that I can't stop buying different bikinis. I can't wait until summer so I can go to the beach even though I can't stand the sand. I have another journey posted for my butt where I have full pics from head to toe under the name bellissima2013 if anyone cares to check them out. Dr Salzhauer did an awesome job and I am so happy with my results. I recommend him to all.

incorrect spelling

Sorry BBL journey is under Bellisima2013, can't spell my own username, LOL

When did u start sleeping face down?

I find myself at night almost sleeping face down but I don't know if that's ok at this point in recovery? When did u ladies start sleeping face down? I still sleep on my sides but you know when your asleep you change positions and you don't know it. I'm not hurting anything if I sleep face down am I? It's not a bigger risk of them popping or something? Am I being retarded by saying that? This is all new to me so I don't know how sensitive these things are, LOL. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks


Before & after added

I never put up before & after pics so I thought I'd do that. I also put up pics with the boobies in clothes. I love them. I feel sexy. The curves the bootie and the butt. I send my doctor updated pics every other week to show him my progress and I sent him updated pics along with pics of the boobs & butt dressed up and he said I looked amazing. He was so proud of me. I thanked him for the amazing job he did. He didn't take all the credit. He said it was group effort. Anyway, for all you ladies who r thinking of doing it, finding the right doctor is important but following his aftercare instructions is also very important to get the results you want. Do it for yourself so you can feel sexy & young again. You only live once so live it to the fullest. Good luck to all & happy recovery.
So glad your happy. look awesome....

For those of u that read my blog

I have a main blog under bellisima2013 that I update on a regular basis. I talk about my BBL & BA and I add pics as I progress. If you r interested in reading up on my updates you can check out my blog under that name and you can find it under the BBL reviews. Thanks & happy healing.
Did u have dissolvable stitches for your BA if so how long did it take for it to dissolve ?
Found it!!!! By accident but I found you ;D looking fantastic xo
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I didn't spend a lot of time with this doctor so I didn't rate his bedside manner, my questions that I emailed some were answered and some were not and I had to re-send my questions again happened a couple times. Miriam the nurse was awesome at follow-up care so I give her 5 stars. Over the phone Arianny was professional. Payment process was easy. Wait time at post-op appt was awful doctor was running late and no one was there on a Sunday and I had to sit and wait in the heat after having surgery. Then I had to wait again upstairs in the lobby for my turn when others arrived for their appt.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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