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I love this website! What relief it has been to...

I love this website! What relief it has been to view other peoples stories, concerns, and ideas. I am no different and clearly not alone at all. It's been an amazing resource for me, so I thought I should post as well and spread the love.

I am 5'9, 130lbs, age 31 w/ 2 kids (age 5 & 7) I am currently a 32A hoping to be a 32D or close to it. I am looking at getting 450-500hp Silicone implants, under the muscle. Hubs is super supportive, we've been married for 11yrs so he's obviously good with the size that I am now. However, you won't find him complaining about me wanting to go larger either :D I don't know how I'd get through this emotionally without him. He's been great

I have had my first consultation and scheduled my surgery for September 25th 2013 :):):) Like everyone on here, I am super excited and nervous at the same time. I know I am not alone when I say I've never really done anything for myself like this. It is time to take the plunge though and I'm thrilled to finally get to do it. I have been saving for this surgery for a long time so it's crazy to finally have the date set, it will be done :)

I have my pre-op appt on Sept 10th - I am a little concerned with the size of the implant, I don't see a lot of ladies going that large. I understand I am taller than the average woman and have been told I can handle and need the extra cc's to compensate for my height as well. But, I do have this fear that I'll be Victoria Beckham (no offense victoria) but that is not the look that I personally desire, something a little more natural is my style. However, I am very pleased with both rice packets I've made in the 450cc and 500cc. I really trust my PS too. Also a friend of mine had them done, who has similar stats as me, at 450cc and she looks lovely. I'm sure I'm just over-thinking things, I'll stop now :)

Anyway, thanks to everyone for making this website what it is, I have learned so much from reading your stories!
I'll try to get the hubby to take some pics of me soon to add (I'm sure he'll hate doing that) :P
Yay! How exciting! :) Thank you for your sweet comment! We will be 25th sisters! ;) LOL. If you are happy with the results you saw of other patients of your PS then I would just trust that he is giving you the size implant that will achieve what you are wanting. That's what I did and I couldn't be happier! :) I was afraid that the high profile implant would be too much projection for me, but I love the side boob I have now! Would love to see some pre-op pics of you on here since you said we have similar looking before breasts! :) the only advice I like to give is to make sure you are eating after surgery. I didn't eat enough with my pain meds and at 3am on night two I was up throwing up and it was extremely painful! And shaving your underarms after surgery is almost impossible. I kinda wished I got them waxed before! It was about 2 weeks until it was back to normal on shaving underarms! Well congratulations!!!! You will LOVE them! :)
I'm a lot shorter 5'6" and I got 492cc and they are too small for my liking. Planning my revision to go bigger. Good luck with everything, can't wait to see how they turn out
Thanks for the comment! I read your page and your breasts look great and are the size I want for my after. Good luck on going even bigger!! Sounds fun! :)

Pre-Op appt tomorrow!!

Pre-Op appt is tomorrow - I'll officially decide on size and set my deposit! Starting to feel real and I'm a little bit more confidant about the size. I am looking at 500cc HP Silicone, being 5'9 I know I'll need a little bit more to pull off a D but it's not a decision you can take back quickly if you mess it up! I initially had a lot of fears about bottoming out, however I have had 2 children and inflated up to a full C at that point with no issues of stretching so I think I can handle a little bit bigger :) I'm hoping!

I sported my rice bags all weekend and have grown to like them a little too much, I don't like taking them out now and even forget there in sometimes! I am hoping that means the size is right for me also :D
How did your preoperative appt go? It will not be long now! Yay!!!

11 DAYS!!!

Quick update:

Pre-op appt went well. PS and I (and hubby) have decided between 450cc-500cc HP Silicone, under muscle. Surgery is 11 days away and I can't wait!!

I think I have everything I need for post surgery EXCEPT zip front bras....where on earth do I find them? I will admit I found only one today at Sports Authority for $50 and just couldn't pony up the $$ for it when I know I'll only wear it for such a short time. If push comes to shove I'll do it, but surely there are more options out there! :)
I wouldn't fork out the money to get a zip front bra. I just got a hook and eye front closure bra from Walmart. It was maybe $7-8. I would get a couple of sizes bigger than you previously wore though. I am a 32 band size and got a 34 and it was too snug (the bra only comes in 32,34,36,38. No cup size). Got the 36 and it was a lot better. It's just cotton t-shirt like material. Really comfortable and easy to put out. Once you are able to move your arms more with minimal pain then just stick with regular sports bras that you can even pull up over your hips (might still be too painful to lift your arms over your head). I honestly would have regretted buying a $50 bra because I would have only needed it a week max. Hope that helps! :) Glad everything went well at your appt!
I thought of that too but wasn't sure if I'd have the strength to re-hook them after my surgery ... hubby has to return to work a day after my surgery, I could just make sure he's there to dress me before he leaves also LOL
I saw your comment and posted above ... thanks for the reminder!! :D

D-Day!!!! :):)

Am I seriously all packed up and ready for my surgery this morning?!!!
Can't believe the day is actually here, felt like it would never happen!

I'm feeling good, a few butterflies, but other than that I'm very excited. I'll try to post later today too but no guarantees :)

Best wishes today!!! Take it easy after xo

I have BOOBS!!!! :D:D:D

Well this is crazy!!! I can't believe I made it through! My husband said the first thing I said when I came to was "I woke up!" :)

Dr went with 500cc HP Silicone on both sides. I threw up 10-12 times after getting home from surgery until 3am the following morning. That was by far the worst. I believe it was the General cycling out of my system that did it as I have not puked since and have had no more reactions to any of the other meds I'm taking.

1st day post-op was this morning and everything went really well. They are high and tight as to be expected today and I am looking forward to my shower tonight :)

If any of you have had children I would compare the pain around the same as having your milk come in and your breasts being swollen and engorged. Not comfortable, but do-able for sure! Especially if your not throwing up along with it! :)
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