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I'm looking to do the BBL with a strong emphasis...

I'm looking to do the BBL with a strong emphasis on the lipo. I'm looking into Dr. Salama in FL but I am really liking the price point. How about Dr. Salzhauer. I need some help. I am wanting to do surgery on Nov 12 or 13 of 2014 . Can anybody recommend a good doctor or give me some of your experiences if you've seen on of these Doctors?? Thanks
I'm a dr salzhAuer patient he's done 4 surgeries total on me. Check out my profile page. I m sure you'll love his work
Looks amazing!! I don't know if I'll need a TT or if lipo will work for me. I'm even thinking about getting my boobs done as well. What las the recovery time like? Will I mess up my new booty by laying on my side vs stomach?
Recovery for the tt since I had muscle repair and lipo on my back and flanks was 5 weeks till I felt 100% again. With the bbl I do not recommend laying on your sides if you get fat injected to your hips you run the risk of killing the fat transfer to the beautiful hips and contour the doctor makes . If I lay on my sides now it's very partially and for very short periods of time, I stay on my tummy to ensure the fat tranfer survives, first two weeks after bbl is crucial to stay in your tummy and off your bottom, I won't even sit down to avoid any damage, a bbl is no walk in. The park and u don't want to go back for round two. Dr sal said if I follow all his post op directions to a t , I could keep 90% of the grafts. I believe it's 70% doctors technique and the rest is up to the patient to get the results you want. With a tummy tuck you need to be sitting in a v position all the time because you cannot stretch the skin right away , it takes time to finally stand up straight after a tt . I don't recommend both procedures at the same time, protect your investments and be patient for the best ultimate results . Good luck sweetheart .

Tt or lipo

Here's some pics of my body. What do you think doc will recommend. I really just want lipo and bbl. I'm 5'5 fluctuate between 158-164lbs . I'm a single mom and will have only 12 days off for work. (I have a desk job)

Need some advice

I need some serious advice! I have no one to talk to about this. I'm super excited but anxious at the same time. I'm even torn between doctors. Ladies please help me out, I'm looking for some rs sisters
Hi! Welcome to RS!! First and foremost, just jump right in and start reading reviews. I like to read reviews that have substance and also pictures. This will help u tremendously. I am also looking to get a BBL with strong lipo and I am scheduled for surgery with Dr.Fisher but I may be switching. Anyway, dig in and I wish u the best of luck in your journey!!
oh wow! What made you pick Fisher? I'm torn between and Dr. S and Salama
Fisher gives nice booties. Salama was my first choice but he wanted me to wait a year. And IMO He also has ALOT of girls who get round 2s and that's a red flag for me.


Today I was "supposed" to be doing a consultation with Dr. Salzhauer. It was scheduled for 4:30 but after an hour of waiting I never heard any thing from him. I called the office and they said he was in surgery and it went a little longer that expected which i completely understand. When I finally spoke with him, I felt really rushed and he says i definetly need a breast lift (i agree) and i can do bbl but my need a tt down the road. All in all I'm ready to just change my square body and start feeling more confident
Hi!! I just got my BA and TT and have begun investigating the BBL. My concept was one side of the body at a time. I have read multiple stories about the healing from lipo being the most painful so I went with TT and BA the. When healed I'll so lipo for BBL. I had 8-10 different consultations and felt rushed by some. I chose a dr that took a 2 hour consultation with me and was extremely personable to have the surgery with him and have not seen or heard from him again. Everything is through his nurse!! I do wish u the best of luck and I would like to see your progress... Dnt give up because that consult was a rush... Keep searching mama!!

Surgery date set!

I'm super excited my surgery date is set for November 10th. I am super excited and can't wait for my PS to work his magic on me!!

Let the countdown begin!

Okay so I have my tickets purchased and I'm super excited. I love Dr. Salzhauer he is very personable and I'm confident that he can give me that bubble butt and nice perky breast that I need! My surgery date is November 10th is there anyone who is having surgery around that time that wants to room together in a condo?
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Need sx buddy

Hey I'm looking for a sx buddy!! I will be seeing Dr. Salz in Florida. Please let me know if anyone wants to be my buddy or I will be going down there alone :( plus its so much cheaper to split the cost!

SX Buddy

By the way I forgot to mention my sx day is on Nov. 10th but I will be flying down on the 9th
I'm looking into going around the same time!!! I plan on paying tomorrow and setting my date! Maybe we can be bbl buddies lol
Yes that would be great! I've been looking at places to stay all day yesterday! Let me know what you decide to do, this trip would be a lot better if I wasn't alone. Are you just getting bbl?
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