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So after much more consideration, I think I've...

So after much more consideration, I think I've pretty much decided who I want to go to. In addition to the reasons stated above...

* I don't want to go to Salama because lately I've been hearing how poor his people skills are. One woman commented that the place is run like a factory. Another woman stated that Salama didn't even acknowledge her husband's existence in the room during her consultation. With that much business, of course customer service quality will go down. I also hate the fact that you almost have to wait 8 months from scheduling your appointment until the day of surgery- that's crazy!

* Mendieta is out of consideration because long ago people commented that he's getting "sloppy". I'm not dishing over that much money and feel as if there's a 50/50 chance of getting what I want.

* I really adore Azurin's work. His bodies look so real and flattering. But I've been informed that he does not perform 'aggressive' lipo. I am 5'3 and weigh 120, so I need as much junk taken from my stubborn belly fat and back as possible.

* Jimmerson will be the one I go to (I believe). He is aggressive with the lipo and I hear he is a sweetheart. I just loved hearing the story of how he walked a woman to her car after the procedure. THAT is a gentlemen! He gives wonderful figures and I believe he'll give me what I want when I emphasize it. I really hope the quality of work doesn't change in about a year when I'm finally ready to have this procedure done.


Have you looked into Dr. Markmann?
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I have Jan 21 Dr. Salama looking for someone to reimburse me my non refundable deposit $779. I have joined the TT train and I cant take the money loss
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I have been wanting to get the bbl for a year now....

I have been wanting to get the bbl for a year now. I have researched extensively and I am frustrated at not knowing who I want to go to. One moment, I was 100% positive that I wanted to be a patient of Mendieta. Then, women posted regrettable reviews about their experience with him. Stating that their butt isn't as big as they had wanted, that Mendieta did not contour their body as expected, and that they were treated with disregard by the staff after the procedure was over. So I thought, "Why spend so much money if I am not going to be ecstatic about my experience and results?"

Then, I leaned towards Salama. Once again 100% positive I would be another patient of his. He has so many perks- driver, garment, and massages (Mendieta offers none of these). But, seeing review after review, I have reached a painful conclusion: all his butts look fake, like they've been 'done'. I hate that boxy, Kim Kardashian look. And he really isn't that great at contouring the body.

I already have a nice butt, and while I really want it to be bigger, what I want more than anything is an hourglass figure. I feel like Salama COULD give me what I want. Mendieta CAN, but it is not guaranteed. So my question: Emphasizing that I want a bigger NATURAL looking butt and a well defined hourglass figure, should I go with Salama, Mendieta?

I hope you lovely ladies understand my dilemma. Please offer me any advice or suggestions. Thanks in advance.

I have posted some of my wish pics. They include the hourglass figure I desire and the big, round, S-curve of a natural looking derriere.


I'm going to go with Jimerson too! From all his reviews it sounds like he is friendly and informative and gives people what they want. What attracted me to Jimerson's work was that he doesn't just have one butt type he gives everyone and he can sculpt extremely well. From the reviews I've seen, Salama and a couple of other popular doctors can put alot of fat into your behind, but the emphasis is on size, not shape like it should be.
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Good luck on your journey girl!! I am scheduled June 28th with Dr. J
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