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Went through a divorce - not easy - so wanted to...

Went through a divorce - not easy - so wanted to do this for me - and it was the best thng I could have done!!

It took me a long tme to decide to have a facelift & eye procedure -I read all the "horror" stories and I was scared - but I wanted to do this for "me" so I went to seminars, and really studied up on the procedures, the doctors, etc.

I am so, so happy with my procedures - it is better than I expected and for me, there was no pain whatsoever - maybe that will not be the same for everyone - but it was for me.  I had my surgery May 11 so I am still healing, but so far the resuls are amazing!!!

Ocala Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Niher has excellent credentials, his seminars are very enlightening and he came across as knowing exactly what I wanted. Let me just say Dr. Nijher is absolutely the best!!

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Truly amazing work.You look so good! How amazing that is that you had not pain.Did I understand correclty that you had your eyes done as well?
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You have an amazing result. Just wondeful !!! I had a facelift March 8th, neck and forehead, smas in lips and laser around the eyes and mouth for wrinkles, so I am just about 6 weeks out.
I am still a little red where the laser was done and my neck muscles are really tight.I have hardness in front of both ears, more so on the right than on the left.

I decided to do this because in 2009 I had the "fraxel repair" done in hopes to reduce wrinkles. What a waste of time and $$$$.

Will be posting pics of both procedures.

I think that anyone that is going to undergo such procedures should really do thier homework. Sure, you can go back to work in 2 weeks, but you're not going to be 100%.
I too am still dealing with swelling. Lots of tingling that lets me know nerves are reconnecting.
I do believe the payoff will be worth the price.:)
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Where/how are you now? I have a procedure in two weeks and am satisfied single but feeling alone through this?
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You look fantastic! Thanks for your inspiration.
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you look so beautiful! congratulations. You are so inspiring. I really want this done. I HATE looking old. eeeyew. I HATE it! I am 50

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WOW!! You look great! I just may go to see your surgeon. Did he do any fat injections, laser? Was this just a facelift?
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Hi Jewels, Thanks for all the great info. Looks like you turned that clock back 15 years. Congrats on such a successful experience. Could you be a little more specific regarding your procedures. I was wondering if you had both upper and lower eye lids done? Also, did you have a combination mid and lower face lift? Was the neck part of that? Finally, the difference in your skin is phenomenal, no hyper-pigmentation in your afters, smooth and silky, girl you are glowing. Do tell....


PS I'm assuming 10k was for your doctor. Could you please tell us what your total cost was, facility, anesthesia, and any little extras came to? My email is jms****@yahoo, if you would rather.

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Dear Jewels, you look wonderful! Not just great surgery results, but you are so radiant and it makes your beauty complete.
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Thank you so much - I feel great
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Hi Donna - YEAH!!! I am so happy for you - now it is all over - and you just need to pamper yourself and heal - and the "beautiful swan emerges"! You will go through many emotions - but for me it was a time to reflect and evaluate my life (and watch some great movies with my puppies by my side lol) And another great by product - I lost some weight as I could not open my mouth too wide - so no big hamburgers!! Anyway, I knew you would do great - I just had that feeling - and look at Helen Mirren also 66 and voted Best Body - WOW - 66 year olds rule!!! If you need to talk or have concerns please contact me. PS Where do you live - state?
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Jewels - I will be posting my own experience in a few weeks - my surgery went perfect yesterday - had the twilight sleep and got on the table and next thing I know 3 hours had passed and it was over - and when they woke me up I was like totally alert - no pain or nausea! Next day I am home and having some minor pain just on the lower left side of my neck but a percoset will resolve that! I am just a bit swollen and bruised which might get worse - time will tell. Thanks for your encouragement - us 66 year olds have to stick together! I read no many horror stories I scared myself silly but your post really helped calm me down! DonnaB
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thanks so much for your reply jewels. It is very reassuring to know that what i'm going through is normal. Just like you my swelling is up and down and I have had an eye infection. I was beginning to think that I would be like this forever. My face is very numb still but I expected that, however what I didn't expect was the sort of "frozen" look that I have. My mouth and lower face move when I speak, but from my cheeks up and back it still seems very tight and "fixed", hard to describe but it makes me look odd. I could pass for normal in a photo because its static but in the flesh very weird at the moment. Anyway have to sy it again - your results are trully amazing, hope I get something near as good as yours!
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You look absolutely amazing, how long post op were your after pictures taken. I had a facelift and lower lid reduction on the 18th July along with a tummy tuck. I am so fed up at the moment because I still have so much swelling and bruising to my face. How long before I look normal again???
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Just hang in there - it will all come together and you will be so happy. I know how you feel - I went through the same thing - the swelling kept going up and down - one day it looked like it was fnally going down the next day back swollen again - my dr said very normal and that is the healing process. I also has an almost continuous eye infection and had to take drops for that. I had the same thing you did - facelift and lower eyes done. Actually, I still have swelling under the jaw and sore behind the ears - face still numb in many spots - but that is to be expected too. The before picture was taken July 16 and my surgery was May 11 - so about 2 months - so please write me back at two months - and I bet you will look in the mirror and see how happy you are - and gorgeous!!!
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You will do wonderful - I know you will!! And remember - you will be so so happy with the new you - I can't tell you how happy I am that I did it. I was like you - really scared - and actually I was going to seminars, etc. for almost 4 years before I got the courage to do it - and I did it for me - so now I look in the mirror and I like what I see - so will you!!
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Thanks for the useful information and the excellent pictures. WOW! You look fantastic! Hope my results are that good. Yes I will absolutely be sharing my story in a couple weeks. This website is fantastic and I have read everything I possibly can on several procedures (scaring the heck out of myself sometimes but your story gives me courage) - hah - guess I won't be going to Wal-Mart for awhile ;-)
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Good luck today, ddlbddlb!

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Yes please post before pictures. You are the exact same age as me and I am going under the knife Aug 2 - no pain? WOW - did you have a general - did you have to stay overnight in a hospital - mine will be local -
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Hi - good luck on you upcoming surgery!! I just posted some before pics along with a pic the day I had it done (May 11, 2011) I guess I did not realize how I had aged (I feel due to the stress of the divorce - it was like almost overnight that I just aged). I am so happy with the results and I a sure you will be also. Let me tell you I was scared and questioning myself right up until I went in. I did not stay overnight - but had my siste and a friend stay with me for a few days - but like I said - I did not have any pain - the hardest thing for me was the sleeping as you cannot lay flat and have to sleep in an almost sitting position so it you have a recliner - that would be where I would sleep. Another thing I did not realize and after doing some research I found out I was not alone - and that is I did get depression and I guess that is somewhat common - you really are very limited, for at least a few weeks) in doing anything - no lifting, etc. - so you liteally can do nothing and it can be depressing - and I am a very upbeat person - so realize that could happen and have close friends/family visit - get some good books, etc. - it does go away - and I love my new look - please keep me posted I would love to see your before/after and your comments.
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Thanks for sharing your story and photo, jewels. Your "after" photos looks great. Do you mind me asking how old you are? Please post a "before" photo too, if you can.

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I forgot to say I am 66 and I will be putting up my before photos along with some photos of right after my procedure.
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