Had to Go Back for Corrective Surgery After 1st Face Lift - Florida

First face lift was March 2010. I did all the...

First face lift was March 2010.

I did all the research on my Dr prior to the surgery and EVERYTHING came back very positive. Even Board certification.

Even though the Dr results came back positive, after the first face/neck lift and upper eye surgery, I tend to be disappointed in the results.

The eyes came out perfect, but the face lift was not satisfactory. I immediately had problems with my neck, chin and jawline and my Dr said he would take me back for a surgical correction a month after the facelift. I told him let's wait to see if the puckers correct themselves. 10 months later, the problem was getting worse, so I went back in for surgery 12/28/2010 for the surgical correction.

This 2nd surgery was to correct the neck, chin and clean up the jaw line from the first surgery.

Dr said he pulled up the neck again, and removed 1 inch from the neck. He said he sutered in place in 3 areas of the muscle in the neck to hold the neck in place.

I was cut under the chin again for the puckers to be corrected, the jaw line was cleaned up for the 2nd time, and I was also cut again, behind the ears, and down into the neck line.

2 weeks post op, all the bruising on the neck is almost gone. All stitches come out today (14 days post op).

Under the chin, in front of and behind the ears into the neck line are hard, numb and very sore (they were still sore from the 1st surgery).

First week after the surgery, it looked like the puckers (at each end of the suture lines) under my chin were gone, but today, 14 days post op, it looks like those pucker lines are STILL there.

This is the reason I went in for the 2nd surgery was to correct areas from the 1st surgery, but it appears the problems still exist.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see if everything moves back into place. If not, I will NOT go back in for a 3rd surgery. I am tending to question my Dr's experience with face lifts. It's a shame because he is a wonderful person, and I hate to jump from Dr to Dr.

I'm also questioning why the results of my Botox are not what everyone raves about, so my confidence in my Dr is sadly diminishing.

I'm so sorry to hear about all you've been through with your surgeries.

I can't really picture the pucker lines that you mention, although it seems strange for them to come back so quickly. :( Do you have any photos, if you don't mind sharing?

Please keep us posted on your recovery and I hope things get better for you soon.


Sharon, Thanks for your reply. If you look at the...

Sharon, Thanks for your reply. If you look at the picture, you will see where I have marked just under chin (and lower neck). The same flaw is on the other side of my chin, so I have (what I call) a pucker at both ends of the scar. This is from the first surgery, I have not taken a picture yet from the correctional surgery as I'm still healing.

Thanks for posting the photo. I see what you mean now. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the corrective surgery. :)

If you look at the 2nd picture I posted (2 wks after the 2nd surgery) you will see the problem is worse :(
I am three months postop and my "puckering" is similar to yours but 10 times worse, and sore, too! Actually, botox in the neck really helps the discomfort aspect and reduces the pulling sensation. I'm going in for a revision in one week. Your last picture was only 2 weeks postop. Did it look this bad so early on last time? Please post again at 4 or 6 weeks and let us know how it's going.

I am a month post of after the 2nd surgery. On...

I am a month post of after the 2nd surgery. On comparing the very first surgery from March 2010 to end of January 2011, I can see a HUGE difference. I guess I did not realize how good the surgery was until I compared the two pictures, which I am sharing with you.

You cannot see the concerns I'm having under the chin, but hopefully that will correct itself in time.

I am 7 months post 2nd surgery. Since my Dr. does not cut above the sideburn area (above ears) I have a pulled back look and look kinda clownish still.
I dont get stares anymore but still 2nd looks I think.
my neck is good but what good is that when you have a weird look to your smile?? Im just venting because I can. My husband and family are tired of hearing me..
I am 2 1/2 weeks post op and could tell immediately that the doctor did a better job securing the muscle of the neck and around the jaw. It's been very tight feeling but there's no uneven downward pulling sensation. At 2 weeks last time my jowls had already returned, but not this time. I was afraid to go through the anxiety and pain, but this time has been much easier. I don't know if that is because I'm more patient, or the surgeon just did a better job. I took a chance having the same surgeon redo the work because I respected him personally. So far things look good, but as someone on this site said, "don't fall in love with the swelling" so I am waiting at least 2 months to evaluate!
I'm happy that you are satisfied with your surgery.

As my healing progesses, I see things I do not like (1.5 months post of on 2nd surgery)

I hope your results come out better. Good luck
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