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Double Vision with Botox - Florida

I wanted to look good as I was seeing a friend...

I wanted to look good as I was seeing a friend whom I hadn't seen in 10 years so vanity took over and I had botox around the eyes one week before visit. Three days after the injections I woke up with double vision that was 2 weeks ago. I am wearing a patch over one eye just so I can work. I was told that the botox migrated into the eye muscle and I should see improvement within several weeks. If not, it could be 3 months. Never again would I do botox. It is not worth it. Have you heard of this problem with botox?

It is now one month and still wearing a patch. Have seen slight improvement with double vision but not enough that I can keep this dang patch off. I keep hoping that I will wake up and be cured but it seems like I may be in for another 2 months. Hopefully the botox will be out of my system within 3.

Thanks for the update Joy. Yes, I to hope it will be out soon, I'm glad you did find some people who are dealing with the same thing, thus providing support.

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I'm so sorry you did not have a positive experience with botox. I haven't gotten botox but I'm thinking about it.

It has been 2 months since I had the botox and...

It has been 2 months since I had the botox and unfortunately had the side effect of double vision. I am probably 60% better and have double vision with distance but I can finally use the computer without a patch and read, which I could not do. Still need patch for driving. Spoke with a female doctor who also had botox and also had side effects and she said it probably will take 6 months before I am close to 100% improved.

It is three months to the day when I had botox...

It is three months to the day when I had botox around the eyes and suffered double vision. Had to wear a patch and honestly it was hell. Approximately 3 weeks ago I started to see an improvement and did not need the patch when I was at home except for watching tv. Last night was the first night I did not need the patch for tv and this morning I drove to work without the patch. My eye sight is still fuzzy but at last I am becoming somewhat normal again. No more botox for me. I love my eye wrinkles!!!

I still have slight blurry vision, with right eye...

I still have slight blurry vision, with right eye but I do not need to wear the patch. It was exactly 3 months to the day when my vision returned and no double vision. Would I ever do botox again. No way.

I had the SAME problem with blurry/double vision after botox. It started to subside after 2 months, but the Botox did not touch my crows feet. Some of the Dr's on here MUST know a way to inject the Botox without having blurry and/or double vision. At least if we can find out so that this does not happen again, the Dr's can advise us so we can tell our Dr's the best position to inject the Botox.
Joy - I have had blurry vision since I had botox injected for my 11 lines November 23rd. Some days are better than others but my vision has never been so bad that I had to wear a patch. I had everything under my brow droop the night after I had the botox and it was not until a couple of weeks later that I started having vision trouble. I went to my opthamologist and he said that my eyes were extremely dry and he thought my vision should go back to normal once the botox wore off. In addition to vision trouble, I've had a whole bunch of other problems. I just passed the 90 day mark and although I feel better, I still look awful. Vision is much better though most of the time now. I would never have botox again either. Spend money to get rid of two little lines only to be sick and freaky looking and have tons more wrinkles below my brow for months? SO NOT WORTH IT!
I totally understand what you have and still are going through. Although I do not have to wear the patch, I still have problems with blurry vision in my right eye. I see better when it is cloudy and not bright out. It was hell and when I called the manufacturer they just put me off like I was crazy suspecting botox. My doctors wanted me to go for MRI's and some even tried to tell me that it was MS. I lived a nightmare for 3 months. Best of luck and let me know how you are doing.

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