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I have always disliked how my chin melts right...

I have always disliked how my chin melts right into my neck. Originally I went to my ps for alittle botox and casually inquired about my chin. Surgeon said, sure we can put a small or med implant in with alittle lipo to define chin area. Boom!!! . quote given.. i was so anxious and quickly put deposit for a march date..

As the pre op apt came quickly approaching I had many questions. I was reading more and more about the procedure. I called and asked if I could just come in for a re consult regarding my implant. As you may recall I never really had a proper consult the first time, I realize this was partially my fault.

Staff said it would be no problem, to just wait until my pre op and the dr would answer my concerns or questions at that time. So I waited.

Day of pre op. the questions flowed to my surgeon. He answered them all. One I was really concerned about he does the intra oral route to avoid scarring. I asked if he ever had infections occur in any prior pts. He said no. They give antibiotics along with pain medication and chin strap. He also screws in the implant to avoid displacement.

I worry about the common concerns like nerve damage. Some of the surgeons on this site suggested neck lift but he told me i didn't need one. I will trust his option as he is board certified and preformed many implants.

After talking with him he advised i wait until after my vacation for surgery. Do to we are going zip lining and horseback riding.. Hence you have to wear helmet..

I'm still a bit nervous and anxious and wanted to share my story and post some before photos. Will update soon


You don't need an implant!!! You have a great profile!!! I would recommend neck lipo or neck tightening... It will make a huge difference and you will have so much less downtime!!!
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Shaye, I really studied your posted pics tonight and have to agree with Leigh14 below. You actually have a very nice projection of your chin, its the jawline that I think you don't like. Why not start with a little neck and under chin lipo, heal from that and see what you think? I got nice tightening in my neck at 49 years old and think you should get as good or better, good luck!
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Hi Shaye I've read your story and comments. My advice is: GO SLOW. Why don't you do some fillers and a little lipo, then see how you feel? I'm 2.5 years post-op on my chin implant (small one--or so I was told...) and honestly, I wished I never did it. I was obsessed with my chin and STILL am, even all these years later--it's like the surgery didn't really calm my insecurities. There were the few normal issues right after the implant was placed--like numbness and swelling, the wing bubbled a little and caused an infection, etc. Nothing lasted more than a month or so and believe me, NO ONE has noticed. I think that was my biggest fear: having people notice and judge me. But just remember, even though you are obsessed with your chin, doesn't mean the rest of the world even notices. And in all honesty, you don't need this procedure. You have a wonderful little protrusion under your lip. I think the implant will elongate your face--extending the area from your lip down to your chin. My front view is too long now--the side is nice, but I mostly look at myself from the front and I hate the way it looks. I feel like a "chinny person"--I went from thinking my petite chin was too small to feeling like a person with a big chin--very weird. It's all really arbitrary in the long scheme of things, but it is your face and you have to live with it. I guess, in hindsight, I would have preferred only the lipo and just lived with that for awhile. I have an appointment scheduled with a different doctor to discuss removal.
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Well tomorrow is my pre op! I've read your comments about not needing implant :/

At times I feel the same but other times I think it's the right thing to do for long term results. I will talk with dr about the neck tightening as he is planning on doing the lipo anyways..

I either encounter people who love their implant or hate it.. It makes it so hard for me to decide if its best to do.. After talking with Dr he said a small will be likely used along with lipo. I originally asked about a lower neck lift, he said I didn't need it that lipo should give good result.. I mean he could have said yea and I would be paying more for necklift then implant.

He's going to let me look at the different implants and see some before and after pics of prior pts. I'm going to grill him again on some of the things you all have posted. I defiantly want to know how this may change my frontal view as well. Thank you all for your feedback it's truly appreciated !


Sorry to add to the confusion, a size small with neck lipo is exactly what I had, and I admit it does give the jawline a little more structure to hold everything up (at least on the side that is not messed up on mine) and I don't think it will distract from your looks at all, but if you aren't convinced you want to risk changing the front you can always go back in later for the implant. So you know, the implant did not really change my front profile in a noticeable manner using a size small.
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I'm going to talk with dr today when I go. Do you feel like implant didn't do much for you or just didn't change your frontal profile much?
I'm still not sure with the one side being messed up, but I definitely do not feel like it made my face wider or squarer as some people report (I didn't want that either). The projection is very subtle but my bottom lip doesn't protrude much as yours doesn't appear to either so you don't want to over project your bottom lip and you have more protrusion of your chin before implant than I do after. I've used fillers the last couple of years in my chin so I'm having a hard time remembering what it was like before then. My implant is not any more than a fresh top off of filler gave me but I guess if I don't have to put filler in that area any more I'll ultimately be happy even though I think I was hoping for more of a wow factor.

Few more before pics

Just wanted to share a photo of the side that really bothers me. My frontal view I can deal with. Just not this


I think your chin looks great and you could maybe use some neck lipo/ tightening. I am going in for a chin implant in July because I have hated my chin for many years now and I want a more balanced profile. My chin is small but yours seems perfectly fine. just maybe some neck sagging,etc could make your chin look worse. Best of luck to you!
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***I meant to say *neck sagging could make the chin look small but most likely it is not. Good luck with whatever option you choose
Yeap, that's the same type of pic that I always hated, as long as I have at least a half smile on everything lifts up and the chin pokes out a little but when people catch me from the side just chilling out and not posing, I used to see and hate the same view. I can see now where a little added structure would allow you to feel more confident with your side view even at rest. Good luck Shaye I think you are on the right track and your doctor sounds awesome and reassuring.
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Day of Surgery

My procedure was scheduled for 11am. Dr was running a bit behind. They brought me back hooked me up to IV with lactated ringer solution drip and pushed a antibiotic thru IV. The anesthesiologist came in to see me went over my medication he would be giving me thru surgery. Which was twilight sedation. Versed. They also give pain med which was dilaudid, which I don't like at all,had it for my sciatic pain before. So he gave me an alternative pain med. plus gave something for nausea. My surgeon came to chat about what we would be doing again and asked if I had any questions. I was walked back into the OR with the RN. Laid down and after he put that in my IV ..lights out. I was in surgery for 40 min. I woke up in the OR,still bait groggy but I remember asking questions :) they wheeled me to recovery were I sat for 30min or so. Compression garment was on with another garment over that to hold ice. The right side of my lip is numb, to be expected this early. The incision in my mouth is whats sore. So I'll have to force some jello with my antibiotic tonight :)


Can't wait to see pics! So you went for an inside the mouth incision? Wish I had in hindsight, I chose the under the chin in order to avoid the problems I'm still experiencing. Can't wait for an update, rest well and happy healing!
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Downside to intra oral mouth is very sore. Hard to even get jello down. I have no nausea which is good. I can feel my lip now. I've been icing nonstop. Dr called to check on me and said keep it iced all the time. I'm a nurse and always taught to do 20 on 20 off with ice, but heck what do I no. I do notice bruising setting in right below this garment. Worried what the rest looks like. They said I can take it off to shower tomorrow, I'm scared to look. I have to wear this lovely thing for the next week. Hope your doing better!! Thanks for checking in

24 hrs post op

I didn't sleep much last night. I knew if I laid in my bed I wouldn't stay elevated enough so I laced in the recliner all night. I dosed on and off and kept icing all night. When I did wake up my chin all the way down my jawline was very very stiff and hurt. Talking even hurt. I did venture into the shower and snapped a few pics. I wasn't as swelled as I thought but I'm bruised. I applied the arnica Montana and will see if that helps over the next few days. I'm still icing to try and keep swelling at bay. Still can't eat. just drinking protein shakes, water and alittle jello. Will update soon


Looking good just 24 hours post!
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Thx. Just so sore still :/

Day 2

I slept fair last night. Tried to stay in the recliner as long as I could. I do notice more swelling today. Chin is still stiff and more of a discomfort then pain. I'm still icing and wearing the chin strap. My neck hurts very bad we're the lipo was done. Hurts to touch when I apply the arnica. Still drinking the shakes to sore to eat. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better

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Day 3

Slept upright in bed with about 4 pillows. Iced before I went to bed, first night I slept thru the night. I started taking bromelain yesterday along with the arnica gel applied 3 times a day. I ate some mashed potatoes and turkey medallions for dinner. Still hard to eat. Still drinking out of a straw, if i dont.. i get it all over! My neck is still hurts bad from lipo. My chin still feels very stiff. I'm able to open my mouth alittle more each day. It's so true how you see a little improvement each day. I have some numbness around my right ear and right under my chin implant were lipo was done. I'm starting to get houseatosis... I've been inside for 3 days and it's driving me crazy. I'm going to venture out in my backyard and hope my neighbor's don't get a glimpse. I go back to work Thursday and seriously need to look into buying some concealer to hide this bruising. I've heard derma blend is good so maybe I'll try.

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Day 4

Things slowly getting better. I was able to get alittle pasta in for dinner. Bruising as you see. Not in pain, just restricted in moving my jaw to much. I can't smile normal yet. Still alot of swelling. I truly think I should have took off work for at least 2 weeks.

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Day 5

Tomorrow I go back to surgeon to take bandage off. I'm concerned about this skin under my neck from the lipo. I'm very vigilant on wearing this chin strap night and day so will see what he says. I've stopped with the icing yesterday. Still sleeping with my pillows propped to help with swelling.


Looking so good already!!! You look so much like me in the first 5 days so I can already tell you'll have great results. I had what I called "potato face" for the first week and a half before the major swelling went away. Now it's just the waiting game! Since I had the lipo underneath the chin too I know what you mean - that part took longer to heal than my chin. Just know it takes time and try to be patient - the results are so worth it! Keep us updated! :)
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Thank you! You hit it right on, I feel like a potato face. My bottom lip seems to stick out,I hope it's just swelling. I got this saggy skin right under my neck that I hope will suck back up :) my neck is still so sensitive. This recovery and back to work in a week is a joke. I mean I can say I had oral surgery but how long does swelling occur with that :/ my work is so nosey they will say well what did the due to you! After my appt today I'm going to try and find some makeup to cover the remaining bruising. Have you regained full movement in your jaw yet. Mine just feels so limited.
Really nice results only being a few days out! You look good! Hang in there, I know you are sore but it gets better with each day!!
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Day 6

Today was my first post op appointment. Dr said everything is looking good. All but two stitches in mouth have dissolved. He removed the tape and felt around implant. He advised me to continue to wear chin strap at night as it will help with re- contouring the skin upward. Not thrilled about it but will do it. I got to see the esthetician while I was there who gave me a mild facial and educated me on how to apply my makeup to hide remaining bruising and gave me a bunch of samples so I don't have to go buy anything. Still swelled and I talk weird with that tape off . Tomorrow is a new day !


How did work go today? Your last pics look great, I bet nobody noticed a thing.
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Oh they noticed the swelling.i just said I had dental work done. I've noticed my left side is swelled more. And so did people at work, that's how observant they are! But what concerns me is I can feel like a bump there, kinda like we're the wing would be. There is a bruise around that area as hurts to touch. My right side is healing well. I still can't talk normal and smile normal yet. I went to Dr and he said everything is OK but will starting get to get a life bummed out
*a little bummed out :)

A strange bump

I've felt this little bump or lump on my left side around were the implant wing would be sense the procedure and just thought maybe it's just apart of the healing process. As the swelling is coming down its more noticeable palpable painful and visually more swelled on that side. There is also a bruise around that area. I hate to be a complainer but I may call the dr and see what they say because I don't go back for another 5 weeks. When I went to him 2 days ago and he felt that area,I cringed when he touched it and he said it was still tender in that area and that was that. It's so frustrating to have one side heal great and the other cause problems :(


Hey Shaye, just checking in to see how you are doing. Hope things are resolving, keep us posted.
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Thank you so much for your updates! I hope your problem side starts to behave and heal uneventfully.
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Thank you and hope this heals soon too :)


Well I'm still having pain on my left side and in radiates under my jaw. Some things just not right. I go back tomorrow for followup.i still have numbness on my lip at times. Implant still feels very tight. I regret doing intra oral route. Healing inside mouth is a long process. My neck from liposuction still looks lumpy in areas. I will leave with answers tomorrow. I'm on the fence about just removing it. Just the thought about having it taken out shaved down and replaced and pray I would recover without any further problems is stressful. Not to mention more time off work. So will see what he says tomorrow !


Hi Did you ever get it taken out? I hope it all worked out Best of luck
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My followup apt is this upcoming week. He wanted to wait a full 4 weeks to see if the steroid injection resolved the issue. It still feels the same so I will be asking for it to be removed. Still feel pain and tightness on the left side only.
Had a steroid injection in my jaw. He said give it about 4 weeks. I told him if this pain hasn't gone away by next apt. I'm having it taken out. I'm over this. The incision site in my mouth still hurts on one side. I feel a bad pulling sensation around the incision area when I move my lips to the left. I think it's how he stitched it back together. I just hope if this is taken out I go back to normal
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