I'm actually more on the TT area but wanted to...

I'm actually more on the TT area but wanted to post here too! I'm a 38 year old mother of 2 boys (8&9) & I never even considered this surgery until the day before my TT consult, when I was looking at my body in a mirror & wondered when the heck my breasts had gotten that droopy. lol I've always been busty (i'm 5'3 & usually around 135 lbs but sitting at 138 since the holidays), I was a 38DD until losing 45 lbs 2 years ago & now I'm a 36 full C or small D. I chose a lift over a lift with augmentation because I like my current size & definitely dont want to be bigger just wanted that perkiness back. But now that I'm less than 8 hours from surgery I'm wondering if I shouldve went with the implant too!! lol Wish me luck......

Ok I'm not sure if its the fact that I got a TT...

Ok I'm not sure if its the fact that I got a TT with the BL or what but I only feel pain on the sides of my breasts & its very tolerable! the breast lift has been awesome, just questioning the size but I'm going to wait the 3 month healing process & re-evaluate. Since this procedure has been so easy I have no probs going thru an augmentation at a later date if I feel that its necessary.

Ok so I do like the lift. Boobs are perky &...

Ok so I do like the lift. Boobs are perky & recovery was easy. I'm on the fence about implants at the moment but was thrilled that my PS said he wouldve talked me out of getting a BL & BA at teh same time as he doesnt like the vertical scar when the 2 are combined. He said the skin streches for the new implant as will that scar & it becomes fatter. oh well here are some new pics at post op day 11, lemme know what u think

So I'm still liking the perkiness & the scars are...

So I'm still liking the perkiness & the scars are looking better & better every week that goes by. BUT I want my size back lol! so I'm going to consult with my PS about augmentation next month. Would like to get them in March to be completely healed by summer. So any suggestions are greatly apreciated. Right now I'm thinking Under the muscle, around 300-3?? cc's depending on how the consult goes & I'm up in the air about saline or this silicone gel. I attached a 4 week pic but will post a better pic of scars next week.

Here are my post op 5 week pics in that same...

Here are my post op 5 week pics in that same bikini as pre op. I must say the lift looks fantastic compared to the previous. I'm still going ahead with the implant but I definitley am going for a small implant, as I dont want to be a DD. I really notice the difference tho & my scars are healing really well

Hey all I'm 6 weeks so thought i'd update :) I...

Hey all I'm 6 weeks so thought i'd update :) I have been using palmers Vitamin E Merderma & silicone gel sheets on the bottom of my breast but not the vertical line going up to my nipple, and thats not because I dont want to I just ran out of sheets as I needed the bulk to do my TT incision. I am ordering more as I think they are truly working. I think I have been using them for about 10 days & they have really flattened. I'm also posting a few pics in bikini tops with & without padding to see the difference. I'm still on the fence about implants lol

OK so I finally scheduled my BA & I'm so excited!!...

OK so I finally scheduled my BA & I'm so excited!! I'm posting the before & after pics from my plastic surgeons office. Sorry they didnt photograph well but after looking at those I love both my TT & BL & now I'm adding the final piece. I am going with Mentor Silicone gel, under the muscle, 450 cc's & moderate plus profile. My biggest concern is being too big but they do the 3D picture of you so you can see what your breast will loook like with that specific size you choose (well actullly he chose the size after going thru about 20 pics of women who were my same height & build & I just agreed lol) I had done so much research tho that i had honestly picked that size & profile so I was happy that we were on the same page. I paid my deposit today & will have surgery on the 30th of March. I just hope the recovery isnt too much. any advice is welcome :)
Oh about the BL they told me the flattened area under both boobs will round out over the next few weeks, and they said my scars are healing ahead of schedule so I was happy to hear that. I use silicone gel sheets at night & the silicone gel during the day

Ok I havent updated this in forever but, I paid...

Ok I havent updated this in forever but, I paid for my BA today & get my new girls on March 30th!! Nervous but mor e& more excited as the day has gone on! I will post my latest BL scar pics right before surgery so we can compare how they look after surgery. Hopefully wont see too much of a change. So I am getting Mentor Silicone gel implants, 450 cc's on 1 side & 475 cc's on the other and he is doing under the muscle. I was a frickn basket case about being too big & was going to go with 400's but a few ladies on here & my PS finally made me see the light, also I finally accepted the fact that I'm not a C-cup but actually a full B cup lol! wow I wore a B in 7th grade! So what I was told (and its a little different for saline) that every 200 cc's approx equals a cup size so the 400 will bring me up to a D, the extra 50/75 cc's are what help give you the roundness at the top & you will lose a little of that siz from it being placed under the muscle. I hope I didnt mess that up. So I'm not as overwhelmed! I still love my BL, they are very perky & compared to my before picture where I looked like I had tube socks for boobs I should be thrilled with them ;) This last piece of the puzzle will give me the total look I was going for, at 38 I only have so many hot years left so I figured might as well get this done soon rather than later lol

OK ladies!!!! I'm super excited & nervous!! Of...

OK ladies!!!! I'm super excited & nervous!! Of course my husband was sick with what we thought was strep throat last week & who is sick as a dog monday, of course it was me! I called my PS & they put me on a Z-pack (5 day dose of antibiotics) I just started feeling somewhat better this afternoon so I'm hopeful that I will be ok for surgery Friday. So after going back & forth a million times I have decided to trust my PS & will be getting 450/475 cc, moderate plus profile, under the muscle, Silicone gel implants!! I'm a little worried about my BL scars looking worse after surgery, as last week they looked to be fading nicely & this week they look red again!! grrrr Not sure what to expect after this surgery (as far as pain or mobility) but it cant be worse than what I went thru after the tummy tuck lol! Wish me luck ladies & any feedback on the surgery or advice on scar treatment is much appreciated. I'm currently (and I use that term loosly as Ive been slacking ever since vacation 2 weeks ago) using silicone gel sheets 10-12 hrs per day & massage all scars with plamers vit e oil & massage again with silicone gel.

Well its midnight so I am about a little less than...

Well its midnight so I am about a little less than 24 hours PO. The procedure was very similar to last time. you come in get undressed the ps draws on your body with a sharpie & we discussed again what size I wanted to be. You come out of surgery & yes that is painful as thye cant give you any pain meds until you are conscious/awake but the pain was a thousand times better than the TT. So than they just keep giving you pain meds until it is tolerable. I had moraphine & demeroll agaim.

Opps I wasnt done yet lol. So my bad pain is...

opps I wasnt done yet lol. So my bad pain is mostly in my armpits & radiates down both my arms. He went thru my bl scar not thru the armpit so not sure what thats about. the middle of mu chest feels funkky & its hard to move my arms. I do have percocet that I have been taking. So when I come to of course youstill all groggy & this was all I remember my PS saying was that when he got in there he decided to go with a 500 & 475 cc implant, and I wasnt exactly thrilled but was too out of it to say anything. Then I get home to register my implants thru mentor as they gave me a card with a serial number, lot # & reference number & I see that he didnt use the moderate plus profile but a High profile. He may have told me that while we were talking after surgery but i was a little surprised. I orginally wanted high profile & he thought Id look better with the moderate plus but anywho I emailed him to see what was up with that. Im hoping they are just really swollen & will decrease in size soon as they look frickn huge to me but on a happier note my BL scars look so so much better with the implant. Not sure why but the incision down the front is barely noticable!!! so happy about that. I inculded a before & after pic, tell me what ya think good or bad I like honesty lol

Ok Ladies last night was ok, I slept in a recliner...

Ok Ladies last night was ok, I slept in a recliner cuz it was easier to get up & use the bathroom! Ive been drinking so much water I was making frequent trips. If I stay on top of the pain with my meds i feel great. I'm posting some pics in clothes,kinda disappointed that i dont have better cleavage was hoping they would be closer together which is why he recommended the moderate plus profile & if anyone has any recommendations on how to deal with the burning sensations you get I'd appreciate it. Oh and not sure if I said it alrady but my BL scars look 100 times better so happy with that part.

OMG first post op appt & can you say ouch! So they...

OMG first post op appt & can you say ouch! So they showed & practiced the massaging techniques on me & I need a glass of wine & a percocet ASAP! Is anyone else having (or had)pain & discomfort trying to massage the implant down? Then they threatened me (well I think I took it that way cuz I was hurting lol) that when I come back in 2 weeks they should see more of a drop & if not they were going to have to work on me! Uh no thanks I'll get right on it! Any extra massaging suggestions are welcome :) Hows everyone else doing?

Ok let me start out with i love my BA!!! Even tho...

ok let me start out with i love my BA!!! Even tho they are still high & not fluffed (lol) I still am happy I did it. my BL scars look better with the implants (or at least I think so). I had an appt today & while they have really softened they are still high & my dr said it could take another 8 weeks to drop especially when u have a more muscular chest! Great, while im not uber defined I was working my chest twice per week befoer surgery since I knew I couldnt work it for 8-12 weeks post surgery lol. oh well hopefully I can massage these big mama jamas in place by then or else its surgery again :( anywho give me some feed back on the scars, massaging the girls or anything else!! I missed u ladies!!!!!

Hey ladies I hope all are well! I'm still loving...

Hey ladies I hope all are well! I'm still loving my big girls! They look so much better since they dropped, the left is still slightly higher (5 mm's) but he said it should settle into place soon. My PS said if around 6 months it still hasnt settled they will look at other options (like surgery blah) to get it into place but he doesnt for see a problem. I am cleared for all exercise now & i will say doing push ups the 1st weeek was very awkward at first my now I'm feeling back to normal. I am very happy with the size, shape & feel I mean they honesetly feel like my normal breasts!! I thought it would feel funky having something foreign in my body but I seriously dont even notice at all. I'm finally cleared to wear bra's & I have now been fitted 4 times & have 3 different measurements lol I'm thinkn the 32DD felt the best so I'm running with that size. Questions tho do any of you notice you have sweat marks under your boobs now from the sweat pooling down there? lmao besides that quirk everything is going well. scars are healing nicely & have faded a lot. I've included a few pics :) Oh & my only other lil issue is that I was hoping they would be a little bit closer together but its not a big deal at all
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Hey girl, you got any updates for us?? :)
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Hey girl!! Every weekend I keep saying I'm going to update & I forget!!! But yes I am posting some new pics & updating today! lol how have you been?
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:) Good, I have my date set! Eep! Still just can't decide if I am going to go with implants or not... :/ The problems of living in a first world country! lol
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Ok just got message from ps to massage my nipples!!!! How is that possible. It is so painful!! Oh well I guess I have to follow orders, but I don't have to like it!
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uh no thank you on the nipple massage unless they give me a numbing cream first lol! yikes tell me how that goes
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Yes, it is to me plus I'm definatley getting them raised higher so I figure why I'm there lets get them to match as closely as possible. Both of my nipples are on high beam at all times and it is driving me crazy! Hope it ends soon.
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My nipples are driving me crazy too!! I cant stand it! I just sent my PS a message on what I can use on them. With the kind of lift my PS uses he is against any massage. Mine have softened a lot and have dropped some. My surgery was April 3 so we are very close. Yours look great by the way. Just give it time. The hardest thing for me to do is wait!! I am going back for a revision which my dr does free in his office. He is going to raise both areolas and fix the shape of my left, it is a bit oblong. I wont do this until 6 months after surgery. Otherwise Im very happy with my decision. Again, You look great!!
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Thanks girl I gotta post new pics tonight. mine just seem so high still but a lot softer this week. That sucks that you cant post your pics on here anymore. Some people are way too nosy :( I have 1 super sensitive nipple & one that is still numb & they are really red around the areola! So I walk around with 1 nip at attention at all times & the other is normal!! lmao So 6 months until the revision?? is it very noticable?
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hey there!!!! wow I am in love with ur results.... u look amazing... I am going in for my BL at the end of May and I am starting to get nervous.... I am only 24 and its the thoughts of the scars that are killing me but seeing yours I am actually amazed.... i noticed that you said you used silicone strips and gel, I am wondering is there a particular one? I am in Ireland so I need to order all these thing in the next week or so to make sure that I have them all in time.... I am getting the BL without the BA as my surgeon is against doin the both together. I am a E/F now so I am hoping to be perhaps a DD after and If I am I will be a happy bunny :)
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Hi I'm sorrry I'm so late in replying!!! the scars are a little overwhelming at first & its hard to get a read on how they will finally look as they start to look really red one week & 2 weeks later they look more faded. I havent been diligent about putting the strips on lately but I'll post some scar pics hopefully today or tomorrow. Doesnt sound like you need a BA, you should look like a perfect DD when your done. I'm thinking I'm a full D or small DD but I love love love my results. Had I gotten the BL when I was a DD/E I think i wouldve been satisfied with just that. If you havent checked her out already maumee (on this site) has a fabulous BL only. when is ur surgery?
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I realized I didnt answer your question about the silicone gel. I used NewGel strips & silicone gel (I also had a tummy tuck so I used the strips for that as well) This is their website if you want to check it out
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Thank you so much! going to have a look there now. I have order some things off makemeheal already! Three weeks tomorrow is D DAY! getting more excited then nervous the closer it gets! :)
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Lisee I was thinking of getting those. Dud your doc recommend? Are you pleased with them?
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They sell them at the office & he recommended them. I bought them online tho b/c it was cheaper (cut out the middle man lol) I am pleased with how my scars are looking. As soon as I get everyone off to soccer I'm going to update & post scar pics. I didnt start using them until 6 or 7 weeks post op & havent been as diligent as I should especially lately. But the adhesive sticks really well for the strips. I wore them usually for 12 hours in the evening & night would wash them the next morning & let them dry & they were just as sticky if not more the next use.
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I have a question for you, Lis. How did your breasts feel after just the lift? Were they firm enough for you? Do the implants feel very different? Hope you're doing well!
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Hey there not sure how i missed these posts. After the lift they felt firmer. My husband said it felt like I had implants already & it was definitly a firmer feeling than before. Now if the implant softens the way my PS said (which they are getting softer every week) they are going to feel very close to what my left felt like if not softer. I wish you couldve felt them cuz its hard to describe lol. so are you doing just the lift still?
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Thanks! I am 99% sure I am getting implants because I like how they look better than just a straight lift. I don't think I would have any upper pole fullness without them.
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Hey lisee, you are looking great! I understand how you feel, I can't wait to start training for my competitions! I'm so bloated and mt stomach feels huge. I feel like I'm in a strangers body! LOl. Well im going to ease back into working out. I really cant wait to start lifting again!
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Looking great!
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Looking good Lisee~

as for massaging,it gets easier, but there are days it is more uncomfortable than others. . At first the massage therapist told me to do it almost like a self breast exam with my three fingers and work all the way around the breast in a circle. Then after 2 weeks the DR really told me to "get in there" so to speak and make sure you are really moving the implant.
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Hey Megan!! So you went to a massuse? Good idea! Have u noticed that yours have dropped in place already or does it take a while! I'm being impatient I guess :) omg in starting to feel like a slob! I had just got back from vacation b4 this last surgery & now 3 more weeks of no weights! Not a happy camper do I'm going to walk & work on my core I guess I have to do something
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Love the blue! Looks like you had a little fun. :-)
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LOL yes I couldnt wait & had to try on some tops I had bought a few weeks ago as I was afraid these mountains wouldnt fit in them! The blue is my fav too :)
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New pics look GREAT! I can't wait to try on clothes too. This is going to be a great summer.
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Hey hows your recovery coming along?? Did you have to wear a band around the top of your boobs the 1st week? I do & I hate it lol. I see my PS 2morro so I hope everything is healing good. Have a lot of soreness on the sides & tops of my girls
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