Advice Needed - Wanted 425cc Implants, Came out of Surgery with 375cc

I had Breast Implants 5 days ago. I had gone...

I had Breast Implants 5 days ago. I had gone through the imagining and selected saline 400cc filled to 425cc in advance. On the day of surgery the doctor suggested going down to 375cc. I told him I wanted at least 400cc which he said I would have.

While waiting for surgery I heard a nurse say they did not have a 400. After surgery I discovered I had received 350cc filled to 375cc. How much difficulty will it be to demand that they be filled to 400cc or 425cc as agreed upon in writing prior to surgery? is that possible? Or is this complete new surgery? On the bright side they do look good, just not the size I wanted.

Overall staff was very nice and healing looks good not much bruising. Just not happy with size and want to know how difficult it will be to get the size I wanted.

After several visits and performing imagining...

After several visits and performing imagining octures I decided on 400cc filled t0o 425cc and gave this decision in writing to the doctor two week prior to surgery. On day of surgery the doctor said it was to big and that we needed to go smaller. His last words prior to surgery was you will be no less that 400cc. I can out of surgry with 350cc filled to 375cc. Is there a way to increase the size without starting over. This has been very painful and I can't do that part again.

Any advice?

Doctor stated that I would be at least 400cc prior to surgery, he instead put in 350cc filled to 375cc. Is there a way to add to 400 with existing implants or will I have to replace the implants completely?
Even assuming you had a surgeon willing to top your existing implants to 400cc, there's another issue to consider. There's a fundamental difference in the shape/size of 350cc implant shells vs 400cc implant shells. So overfilling 350cc to 400cc will not have the same look as 400cc implants filled to rated volume. Similarly, overfilling 350cc to 425cc just won't compare to 400cc overfilled to 425cc; the former will start to take on more of a 'ball' shape, at least when compared to the latter. It's really starting to sound like the final look you wanted would have required you to go beyond 425cc. I would gently suggest you give your current implants ample time to heal (6+ months) then do the "rice test" to get a sense for how much more you'd need to be content, then go back to your surgeon to discuss. If your surgeon is fundamentally opposed to the newer size you're considering, don't fight him on it, start shopping for another surgeon. As a bonus, if you find a surgeon who works with post-operatively adjustable implants, you would have some latitude for going bigger (and going smaller, if after a fill you decide you went too big). Once you're convinced you've hit the perfect size, your surgeon can remove the fill ports with a simple outpatient procedure.
We all attempt to suggest a cc amount when we prepare a patient for surgery. The cc or implant size does not equate with cup size. It is the look we simulate with implant sizers at the time of consultation that guides our choice of implant style, cc volume, and projection. When the doctor is within 25 cc of anticipated volume, I believe the surgical decision is noteworthy and proper. Remember, 25 cc is less than 2 tablespoons of volume. The operation is not absolutely perfect but we attempt to come within 15% or so of anticipated volume. To add 25 cc is not appropriate or safe since you will have to manipulate the valve again. It is performed in unusual situations with careful patient to doctor discussion. We try to give a range of sizes with our saline implants so we have some wiggle room. Do not feel underserved if a certain number of cc has not been reached. I am constantly surprised, for example, that one breast may take more or less fill than another, when preoperatively, the breasts looked perfectly symmetric. This is why I prefer saline in many cases. Try to be patient.
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He did not give me the size implants we agreed upon.

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