How Do I Choose the Best Size Implants After Mastectomy? Going from 475cc to 650cc - Daytona Beach, FL

Bi-lateral Mascetomy in December 2010, 475cc...

Bi-lateral Mascetomy in December 2010, 475cc implants in April 2011. I am very unhappy with the size and look of them. I am told I will never be perfect but as you can see from the pictures they are not even close. I have been very insistant that I want to go larger and have them re-shaped.

It is now June and I am told that my dr's schedule is full until the 1st of September. I go every day with some degree of pain. I am at a loss. I have no before photos but I am 53, 5' and 120 lbs.

If I give my doctor pictures of what I want my...

If I give my doctor pictures of what I want my breasts to look like can he change the shape and imperfections with the 2nd implant surgery?

The pictures that are terrible breasts are mine,...

The pictures that are terrible breasts are mine, while the other ones I added is what I want. A beautiful job. I am so jealous. My dr's office just took another set of post op pics that look just like the ones I took of myself. Now we are waiting to hear from the insurance company, I am getting set up with a Pain Management Center and a nurse's assistance to see why I am still having pain issues.

Opinions Please: I am having a 2nd opinion in...

Opinions Please: I am having a 2nd opinion in regards to my replacement implants. I brought in pictures that I found of what I would like my breasts to look like, my dr. glanced at them after I told him that is what I was looking for but he DID NOT put them in my file. To me he is saying he does not care what I actually want. Am I wrong in that assumption?

So it is now June 24th, insurance has been...

So it is now June 24th, insurance has been approved and now I get to wait until August 9th before I have my implants replaced. In the meantime I am going for a 2nd opinion since my dr and I do not seem to be getting along. I brought pics of breasts that I find very appealing and what I would like mine to look like and told him so. He barely glanced at them, and never put them in my folder. What is that telling me? The other dr I talked to said he could schedule my surgery 2 weeks after our consult.

Getting a second opinion and hopefully sit down...

Getting a second opinion and hopefully sit down with my existing dr and have a heart to heart talk and try and find out why we are having personal problems. I am direct, I ask questions, I don't like the job he did and am scheduled for a replacement but scared.

Anyone know of a surgeon located in Ponte Vedra...

Anyone know of a surgeon located in Ponte Vedra who has a A+ reputation in reconstruction?

I have finally found a new doctor in Palm Beach...

I have finally found a new doctor in Palm Beach Gardens FL. that understands what I want, asks me questions regarding my wants. He took the time to talk to me as a person and was more concerned about my wants and needs than him thinking he knew best. He spent almost 2 hours with me during our first consult, again talking to me and asking questions. I am very excited about Dr. Pinsky. It may be 3 hours away but I feel like I now have some control over what I am going to look like which is something I did not have with Dr. Z. He even said he could try to open up the inner pockets depending on my anatomy to close the gap between my breasts. At least he is willing to attempt it once he has opened me up. He is also not going to use the same incision on my right breast that is now lost the roundness of my breast due to that incision being cut 3 times. This is another item that I asked my previous doctor NOT to do with the implant surgery. Now all I have to do is find some pictures of what I want. I will keep u updated and post pics with my new breasts.

New doctor, New outlook, New Implants. I love all...

New doctor, New outlook, New Implants. I love all 3 of the above. Dr. Pinsky in Palm Beach Gardens is my hero. He has given me cleavage, he has given me a great shape and has filled in the divots, indentations and imperfections that were left in the "cancer" breast. All these things I now have my first doctor told me was not possible. Dr. Pinsky did the fat grafting same time as the implants, my previous dr never did the fat grafting, told me cleavage was NOT possible. And to top all the good things off I have less pain now than I did before this past surgery and that was after 4 months my first implants. Today is 7th day out of surgery and I have not taken a pain pill in 48 hours. Go figure. Dr. Pinsky is great, I see him tomorrow for my 1 week check up. I will post pics as soon as I can get some decent ones.

Change of doctors to Dr. Pinsky in Palm Beach...

Change of doctors to Dr. Pinsky in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. I cannot say enough good things about this doctor. He is a true reconstructive surgeon. He is caring, kind, wants to know how the patient feels and what they want. The Biggest plus in my opinion. Even though he is 4 hours from me I would never go to another surgeon. Dr Pinksy gets 5 stars across the board from me and that includes his staff.

Just a short note I am doing great with my new...

Just a short note I am doing great with my new implants, very little pain, only occassionally, twinges more than pain. Emotional outlook is 100% better, I am thrilled when I look in the mirror now even without the nipples yet. My implants are settling so great and I see improvements weekly. So glad I did not give up and Thanks to all who suggested I keep searching for a better doctor because I definitely found him. I will see him in a couple of weeks and give an update. Hugs!!! Darlene

I want to post how happy I am with my new look and...

I want to post how happy I am with my new look and how grateful I am to Dr. Pinsky for his artistic work. I will be meeting with him in a couple of weeks to discuss nipple/aureola reconstruction. I would like to have texture for both the nipple are aureola and if anyone can accomplish that he can. Then I will follow with the tattooing of scars from where my nipples were(to match my skin now) and to darken both nipple and aureola. I am so happy I did not settle for less.

Nipple reconstruction done, ouch, be prepared. 2...

Nipple reconstruction done, ouch, be prepared. 2 weeks post op and still pain but Dr. Pinsky is very happy with the results. Skin color is good,looks like nipples are going to be successful the first time, that would be a first with my track record. LOL Having hard time finding a bra that works with 5 4x4 gauze pads for each nipple without seeing the pads and without the bra mashing the new nipple tissue, any suggestions?

In case you missed my other posts about the great...

In case you missed my other posts about the great new boobs from another ps after this disaster I am posting my pics here so you know there are ps's out there that are skilled in reconstructive breast surgery and can give you the look all women deserve. My new dr was Dr. Mark Pinsky of Palm Beach Gardens FL who took me from "freak" to "wow". I never thought it was possible but I have learned that almost anyone can slap in a pair of implants but it takes a very talented, skilled ps to do the reconstructive surgery. Take heart that you can have great breasts but you have to have a great surgeon. Look for ps that specializes in reconstructive surgery, one that goes behind others and can fix what others can't. My best wishes to you and feel free to ask me any questions, private or public.

As you can tell I have come a long way since my...

As you can tell I have come a long way since my bi-lateral mastectomy in December 2010. I love my new boobs and am thrilled to get dressed everyday and undressed at night. It was a long and painful journey with my first doctor but my 2nd doctor made up for it and so much more. I feel so much better about myself and consider myself very lucky that I did not have to suffer through chemo or radiation due to the bi-lateral and the fact that my lymph nodes were clear at time of surgery. Ladies, if at all possible go for the bi-lateral masct. and don't put yourself through the rest of your life worrying about the cancer coming back, suffering with chemo or radiation and your breasts never being the same size or shape. I highly recommend the bi-lateral for all the reasons I listed above. Please check out as many doctors as possible and call other ps that do not do boobs and ask for recommendations. You will get a better recommendation this way. Also check out doctors online, read what other patients have to say about their experience. And by all means ask as many questions as you can and ALWAYS make sure you get an answer and not the "brush off". If a dr cannot answer your question; Run, don't walk as fast as you can. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. My heart is with you and I wish the the best.
Ormond Beach Plastic Surgeon

Picking the correct size implants is almost impossible without some type of digital imaging or a way to try on different size implants using a type of bra. As silly as this may sound, get to know the staff is as if not more important on a personal level than the dr. They run the office, he relies on his staff to run his office, tell him his schedule and when he has what surgeries. The staff of my doctor is a nightmare, rude, uncooperative, and unaccommdating, even to my cancer surgeon, these were "his" words. Of course in front of the doctor they are all smiles and helpfulness but that is as far as it goes. My pain level has been continous since December 10, 2010 and I have to beg and plead for any type of pain meds and when I do I am made to feel like a drug addict from both staff and dr. I am very confused at this point and it has been 6 months. The only reason I am recommending my doctor is because I believe in the end I will be happy with the final results when ever we get to that point. The pictures that are terrible breasts are mine, while the other ones I added is what I want. A beautiful job. I am so jealous. My dr's office just took another set of post op pics that look just like the ones I took of myself. Now we are waiting to hear from the insurance company, I am getting set up with a Pain Management Center and a nurse's assistance to see why I am still having pain issues.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi I had a bad Breast reduction and I lost my nipple and I want a second opinion what they did to make it look like a nipple
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that is what I am telling those women who posted up there horrific reconstruction. oh my gosh. did insurance cover the second surgery. I hope he does my Areola just as good.
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I would give anything to find a 2nd doctor. I live in Northern Calif. There is 1 doctor that would do reconstruction. I had double mastectomy 2 yrs ago, my mom had just died of this. I had to wait 13 ms for her. My expanders were a double D, my skin hurt so bad I slept sleepping up for 4 ms. Implants a B. The skin is hanging and wrinkled. The one i have left. I got a infection ???? in July. 1 month before the final surgery. I had hardening of capilaries my left side was 3 inches higher than left. I liked that side. She literally cut implant out in office with no pain meds. It was 107degrees. My stitches came out twice she yelled it was my fault???? She stitched me up so crooked said she'll never be able to make scar ok. Even my primary care doc looked for another doctor NO, No and NO...I am stuck with her. She told me I could start over in Nov. Then she pushed it till Feb. I have to live in poverty to keep state ins. Don't no how I'm going to survivive financially however I look like a monster, I am somehow going to figure this out....She said I am at 550 cc's gel. They are heavy and saggy, she refueses to do anything other than gel. Said if I sign releases for problems I could go to 750...I will never have cleavage....Disguisted with entire procedure in this day and age
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I am so sorry to hear what you are going through and I totally feel for you. My suggestion is to call a couple of Facial Plastic Surgeons that ONLY work on faces and ask for a recommendation from them. There is no conflict of interest. As far as insurance goes if this is due from cancer the insurance, no matter what type it is should cover it. Your dr is totally wrong in saying you will never have cleavage and I would NOT sign any release forms. Don't give up, make the phone calls I suggested and also call your insurance company and ask them for help. Please be very careful with your current dr. it sounds like you could end up in very bad shape mentally and physically if you listen to her. As far as size goes I am 110 pounds, 4" 11 1/2" in ht and my implants are Naturella 650 cc gel. So 750 is not out of the question I would not think. If you were a size B before the surgery, a D which is what I am is truly big, but I don't know your body size either. You should not be sagging at all if they were placed correctly and as far as feeling heavy that would depend on the type of implants and your body size. You have a lot of variables when dealing with implants so as a layperson I cannot say but keep trying to find another doctor. I had to drive 3 1/2 hours to go to my dr that made me "Picture Perfect" but it was well worth it. Good luck to you and Do NOT give up. Please feel free to contact me with any other questions. And yes the pain is horrible with the expander as it was with my first implants, but my 2nd implants I had no pain at all.
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Thank You. I called Ins this morning. They say I can't change counties. This is a "free calif Ins" for very low income. I live on 812, my rent is 700. I am 5'7 and weight 128 lbs. I've always taken pride in my looks working out, etc... this was my mom's body not mine...??? I will keep looking. Left a message with a doctor in sac yesterday 10,000 thou. I think my boyfriend would co sign. He's quit a man. 2 yrs into this and we've never made love without me wearing a shirt...
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Dr. Newman takes all medical coverage hes in so cal. wonderful job by him.
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What a wonderful out come to such a long journey!! Looks great!
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Thank you so much. And yes it was a very long journey. I am so glad that chapter of my life is behind me and I am able to begin a new one. All the best.
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db4758, thanks for posting the update. So glad to hear that your nipple surgery went well!!

I can imagine finding a bra that is comfortable & can fit the gauze in is a challenge. Hopefully some of the ladies who have had nipple surgery will have some suggestions for you.

Again, so glad to hear your surgery went well!

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So glad to hear you are happy as well. I just had my nipples done a couple of days ago so I am still sore but I am hoping in a week or so all that will be gone. He actually built my nipples from the skin on my breasts and the aureola will be textured and tattooed as soon as I can get in with the lady he uses. The allerderm as I understand it is a temporary fix and not something that can be used on the exterior of the body. They used 6x6 sections when they did my first implants to add muscle support. But again like you said Thankfully we found great doctors even if it took us twice to do it. I am thrilled with mine so far. I need to take pics of the new nipples then as they regress to what will be on a permanent basis. Sorry for rambling just took a pain pill. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.
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db4758, I can totally relate to your entire ordeal and frustration. In 2008 I had an ELECTIVE mastectomy with reconstruction. I did not have breast cancer, but we have extensive breast cancer in my family. My husband at the time had amazing insurance so I was able to get it done. Initial surgery went great, no problems with the tissue expanders. Little glitch with the JP drains and my doc took them out to early and I had to go have fluid aspirated a couple times. Not a huge deal, just more of a pain in the butt. Then about a week before my surgery to change from expanders to implants, I felt a sharp pain on my left side. Just like someone stabbed me, then it was done. I just figured I must have turned wrong or something and forgot about it. That was a bad idea.

I go into surgery to have my saline implants in,400cc I believe. Little did the doc, or myself, or my family/kids in the waiting room realize this was going to turn into a 4 hour surgery! My allograft on the left side had ripped somehow and was a giant mess. Apparently it had kind of snapped up like one of those old spring loaded window blinds. So he did his best to fix that and was able to place both implants. I was happy, initially. Then something started happening with my right breast.

Seemingly everyday it was a little more odd shaped. He decided to replace the implant d/t a possible leak. Well, what had happened was my tissue had grown into the valve on the back of the implant causing it to leak. OK. Problem solved. Wrong. A second time this happened and he replaced the implant again.

OK, again. 3rd times a charm right? Not exactly. I switched docs, and recommended silicone implants. Well this doctor came highly recommended by many ppl. So I trusted his recommendation to go with silicone implants. THEY LOOK HORRID. After so many surgeries so close together, scar tissue has built up. This doc also did a little liposuction from my tummy and put it above my breasts trying to create the illusion of some fullness. I'm 5'10 and 130. That "fat" he placed up there lasted maybe a week. So to see me without a shirt my neck and bony chest go straight down to 2 deformed breasts. To top it all off, the 2 areas he did lipo from my stomach,left 2 little jiggly holes!!!

My question, do you, or does anyone know if I can have these implants removed? I don't even want implants. If this is the best they can make me look, I want them out, Forever.

Sorry for your ordeal, but I'm glad for your happy ending!
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Dear ShannRN08, I do not see why the implants cannot be removed but it sounds like neither of your PS's had the skill to give you what you need, want or deserve. I believe ALL women deserve to have a PS that appreciates the natural look of a woman's breasts. All but mine that I have found but I am sure there are PS's out there. You have been through a lot and honestly after what I have been through and the results I now have, if I were you I would not give up yet. If you have not yet, post this in the "Question" section asking for PS in your area and go do some consults. Pick and choose wisely. You need a dr that specializes in "Reconstructive Surgery" not just implants. There is a world of differences between the 2. Almost any ps can do implants but to do reconstructive surgery it takes true talent, so focus on that. If by chance you live in FL or can afford to come to FL I would highly recommend Dr. Pinsky. He will be honest with you on what he is and is not capable of doing for you. He loves a challenge and loves coming up with the solution that will make YOU happy. My cousin had a consult with him for some breast issues and he came up with a solution that no other PS had suggested. My trust in him is total. On top of giving me great boobs, I chose him to do my tummy tuck, lipo and butt augmentation on July 5th of this year. WOW, what a great job!! I am still healing but at 54 to have a flat, tight abdomen is amazing. I would never had any of my 3 procedures done, let alone at the same time by any other dr but him. It was a 6 hour surgery and I am doing great. You can see the before and "so far" pics in my profile under Lipo Done and 54 and Flat Tummy for proof. I wish you the best and encourage you not to give up. Your insurance should cover your surgeries for repair since it all stems from your first surgery. If you need more information or have more questions feel free to send me a private email or post openly. My best to you in the decision you make. Sincerely, D.
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Sadly, I don't live in Fl. But I still wouldn't mind looking in to that physician. I'm just completely frustrated and self conscious. I'm 39 and single. Right now intimacy is NOT an option. Thanks for your advice, and I'll likely write you again. Until then, sincerely, thank you.
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So glad to hear your happy , i read about your dr. and i must say i had the same problem as well with my old doctor and i am very happy with my new doctor and the new implants i got and i am out from surgery now since aug31 which is about 11 weeks almost now and they are soft and they look more round and not flat in the front like i hit a wall with them lol,, and; they dont hang way down either and i got a cleaves that looks alot like breast then just a unaboob which my doctor called them at the beginning, i have a little more contourning to do myself then nipple which i am going to have him do a lipo that needs to be done on my breast on the sides and have the nipple made with that fat instead of the allodum i had before which i hated.. hope the best for you.. :_))) Happy Thanksgiving and by the way they look awesome also,,
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Darlene, YOU look awesome! I am so glad you posted pics, and that you are having wonderful after-effects! What a difference in everything! What kind of 'touching up' are you planning to do? Is the scar from the mastectomy under the breast? It looks like there is very small scaring almost like where the nipple would be. I know you told me, but how much bigger did he go? I am also impressed you have no extra skin under your arms! I must say, I am so proud of you for not settling; I am glad insurance covered it too. You did have to get it pre-approved? Anyway, you look so hot! It comes across in your face! How is Dr. Pinksy planning on doing the nipples? Does he have someone who does the tattooing? Does he expect any changes from what you look like now? Are you wearing any kind of special bra? As I said, You look great! Thank you so very much for sharing this! It helps me, as well as others, I am sure! Jeana
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Darlene, always good to hear an update from you! Your nipple surgery is coming up so close, how are you feeling? Excited or nervous?

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Thanks for posting an update. So glad to hear that you are pleased with how things have come out!! :)

I really don't think there is much any of us would rather read - so encouraging!!

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You look great now! I don't know if you are considering it or not, but I would recommend the nipple reconstruction for sure. Mine have flattened and need to be tattooed if not even redone, but even still, they went a long ways toward making me feel more complete again ;) and the procedure for doing them was nothing compared to what we've already been through. Good Luck~
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Oh I am definitely having the nipple reconstruction and the tatooing as soon as my doctor gives his approval. I am so happy with my breast and feel that the pictures do not do them justice but Thank You for the compliment. Good Luck to you as well.
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It is wonderful to hear that Dr Pinsky did such a great job for you..I guess there is hope for us all.
Take Care
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Yes there is hope. You have to be determined, know what u want and do not stop until u find a surgeon that; 1) You like them personally, 2) They take the time to Listen to you and what u want. 3) Are willing to do their best to make your wants happen. If you have a dr tell you cleavage is not possible, walk away right then, if they tell you "Trust Them" or "they will take care of everything", walk away. It is Your body and you have the final say in what happens to YOUR body. I cannot stress this enough and I learned the hard way. I am so Thankful for Dr. Pinsky words cannot express. I am less than 4 weeks out of surgery and still cannot believe how good I feel. It's unbelievable. Never take no for the 1st answer!!! Maybe the 3rd or 4th but never the 1st.
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Sounds great Darlene! How did you know what size bra to get? So, let me ask you, do your breasts actually 'project' and how should I say - 'hang' some? Do you have some volume up at the top? I think this is what makes them look more 'natural too. Did he use any kind of tissue from anywhere else? You sound like you are happy and doing wonderfully. I am happy for you, and also very curious because I will be going through this as well. I am sorry for the illnesses in your family, that does make things harder. So sorry for so many questions!
Hugs! Jeana
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Hey Jeana, Believe it or not right now I am wearing a 36DD but they look great on me. Yes they have great projection and I have no hanging as of yet. And yes I have volume on top. As each day goes by the implants settle a little bit more which makes them look more natural. I have no under arm boobs, I can put my arms straight down at my side. This is exactly what Dr. Pinsky used in case you want to talk to your dr about them. Naturelle 45-650cc, smooth surface implants.
No he did not use any tissue since this was just a replacement of implants going with a larger better shape for me. The size bra I bought for surgery was a 36D and then I went and tried on bras until I found a couple that met his criteria and was a comfortable for me as possible. Now if you have not had implants yet my first dr did use 6x6 Alederm which is a synthetic muscle to help support the implants.
Ask all the questions you want Jeana, I am glad to help. Take care & Hugs, Darlene
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Well Darlene, ain't you the cat's pajamas? Wise words from a wise woman. Thanks for your support here in the community.



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Hi Darlene, Thank you so much for the information, AND most of all your openness. I have noticed with most breast cancer survivors their openness and kindness is in abundance! I think you said you said you were in central FL. I am in Gainesville. Do you have an e-mail where I could talk a little more privately about this? Or is there a way for me to get mine to you? Thanks! I appreciate it so very much! :) Jeana
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