Breast Implant Removal

Hello Ladies! I am new to this website & am so...

Hello Ladies!

I am new to this website & am so thankful to God that I found it :) I want to share with you gals every detail of when I get explanted so those of you that are planning to remove your implants will know what to expect.

This is where my story begins! I have saline implants & have had them in 4 years now. I was originally a non-existant A cup to a small C cup (300 cc's filled). They were placed submuscular (under the muscle). I am in my late 20's. I want to have them removed for several reasons; when I workout in the gym & certain exercises contract my chest muscles, I feel them; when I lay on my stomach or on my side, I feel them & since I have very little breast tissue/fat you can feel the ripples & sometimes I can feel like an air bubble in the them.

Why did I get them in the first place? I got them mainly for the wrong reasons ..I was very insecure of myself & the guy I was with at the time just made me feel so insecure. I caught him watching porn on several occassions & the girls in the videos had huge balloons. I felt inferior to these women & not sexy enough. I also got them because I was tired of trying to find padded bras & my tops would not fit nice :(. These were the dumbest reasons but we are all human, we all make mistakes, we all learn & we all grow from them (hopefully). Needless to say, he got the boot & I was stuck with a pair of fake hoo haas. I did enjoy them for a while, I will be honest. I got some attention & I did like it & my confidence went up. I realized the attention was for my fake boobs, not for me. That's not the attention I want nor the attention I deserve. So out these bad boys go!

That insecure part of me is in the past now. If I knew then what I know now I would've never done the surgery & put that money towards something better (a house, a car ..a nice vacation). I want to have them out to avoid future surgeries & health issues. I want to love myself & be content with what God gave me naturally. If a man truly loves you, he will love you for you, not for your outer appearance & some pair of fake tits! Beauty fades with age but the heart that is in love with a soul, remains forever!

Here is where my journey to loving myself & going back to the old begin ...
I went to a few consults & found a doctor I really felt comfortable with yesterday. I am going to schedule the explantation today & will hopefully have these things out in a few short weeks! He is basically going to remove the implants through the same incision that they were placed; in my case, the nipple. Since, I have little to no breast tissue, he is not going to remove the capsule & assured me whatever little bit of capsule did form around the implant, will dissolve in my body throughout several weeks & that it was safe to leave it in. I heard the same answer from several of the other doctor's I saw. The estimated surgery time is between 30-45 minutes. I am going to be placed under local anesthesia with light sedation. He basically explained I would feel like I've had one too many margaritas lol. No drains are needed for my procedure & no exercise for 4 weeks -- This one will be difficult since I am very much into fitness & weight lifting but I will have to twiddle my thumbs around during that time. Maybe, I will get into a new hobbie ;) He did say, I am to expect some sagging but being that I am young, haven't had children yet & my implants weren't the size of pam anderson's; I should be able to bounce back nicely. He also warned me that I may be a bit depressed & that is normal. Just as it took time for me to get used to my implants, it will take me time to get used to being without implants.

I have several questions about the surgery/post op & am hoping maybe some of you gals can answer!
1. How does it feel to have them removed? Does it feel weird? Is the skin really loose & dangling around?
2. Have any of you gals bounce back to pre-implant breast?
3. Any pain after the surgery? If so, how long did it last?
4. How is it like to exercise again after not being able to for a while?
5. Any good / comfy compression or front zip bra's you gals can recommend?
6. How are you dealing with post-booby blues?

Any other comments/experiences of what I can expect that you gals can share would be great! God Bless you all for putting out your stories on here :) I'm sure we will soon see a trend of women wanting to be natural again! Small boobies rule!

- Iron_Baby

Removing Saline Implants in 2 weeks!

Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to give you an update! So I went ahead & scheduled my explant (implant removal) in 2 weeks! These are going to be the longest 2 weeks of my life! I have to fill out my paperwork on Monday & get the prescriptions. I am anxious, excited, nervous ...a bundle of mixed emotions! I know that I will experience some depression & I'm preparing myself mentally for that now. At the end of the day, I know in my heart, I am making the right decision to do this for myself. I am at a completely different place in my life right now --- Heading to the more natural everything route & within this time, I have rebuilt a deep relationship with God. Our bodies are temples, sacred & should remain natural ..just as God created us. We should not fill out temple with artificial crap for the pleasure of a man that is only interested in us because of boobs! We need to be content with what we were given & stop complaining that we don't have big enough tits --- there are other bigger & more important problems to deal with. STOP! Think about your life for one second, it may not be the greatest but remember this, there are a lot of people out in the world far worse than you right now. You are rich & abundant in other aspects, whether it be your health, your career, your fitness level, your talents ...we are all different & all beautiful in our own ways. Let's stop comparing our boobs & who has the bigger pair. Let's end the superficialty & differences amongst us!

Ok, I'm done ranting now lol I should seriously write a book :) I really get into this stuff.

I will update you gals daily & hope that I can help change someone's life & view on beauty & life! God works in mysterious ways, you were meant to read this post & take with you some sort of lesson or thought ;)

Have a blessed day!

10 Days Til Explantation!

Hi Ladies,

Here is an update! I went today to the PS office & signed my forms, got my prescriptions, took the before photos & am officially 10 days out from being explanted! I have a lot of mixed feelings. I know I am doing the right thing for my body though so there is no backing out. Now, tomorrow I'm going to get blood work done to send the results back to the PS. This weekend I am going to buy a front closure compression sports bra! The PS told me to get a really tight one to hold everything well in place. I saw Walmart has a few options :)

Well, all I can say is I am somewhat excited to be have these things removed! I guess I just want to remember what I felt like before implants ..I don't know how I will feel without them since I've had them for 4 yrs! I'm kinda nervous & scared because doctors are scary in general lol but for the most part I really can't wait to get them out! I've read so many horror stories online with saline implants causing people to feel sick & some even had mold growing in them! Talk about toxic yuck! I feel like I have some of the symptoms I've read online, such as; fatigue, insomnia, kinda depressed & really low energy. I was the oppositve of all of those 4 years ago! Seriously looking forward to returning to my natural self again.

The doc said, if I ever want to get implants again, I reply, "no thanks doc, I was born this way & I will exit out in the same way!" lol

Hope you ladies have a great day! Stay strong, remain in faith --- YOU are doing the RIGHT thing by removing your implants!

9 Days Til Explant!

Hello Gals!

When I scheduled the appointment to get blood work done yesterday at my docs office, they asked me for a prescription from the PS. So, when I called the PS office & asked them to fax it to my doctor, the PS said I did not need any blood work done. To only get the prescribed medications & that's it! Have any of you gals ever heard of not needing blood work before surgery? I always thought you needed blood work.

Well, 9 days away! I have a countdown going on & am getting more excited & nervous! Last night, while I was sleeping, I felt my right boobie sloshing around with water & I could feel the 'bubbles'. I hate these implants! On a brighter note, I have been looking for cute compression sport bras online! I don't care if I'm flat. I'm tired of caring around extra weight on my chest!

Hope all of you have a lovely day! Keep your head up, YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!

8 Days & Mixed Thoughts

Hey Gals!

I am having mixed thoughts & feelings today ..not about the boobies but about leaving the capsules in. Perhaps some of you gals can give me your insights? I've read so many contradicting things on leaving the capsules in or removing them. From what my PS explained to me, I could leave them in. My breast tissue is very thin right now (you can see my saline ripples very easily it's horrible), my breasts are soft & he said my capsules are paper thin. There is more risk involved in removing them such as more damage & trauma to my barely existent breast tissue lol, puncturing the lungs & a longer recovery time. He assured me that the capsules do get reabsorbed by the body with time. The body forms a capsule around a foreign object to keep that object away from the body & organs. Once that foreign object is removed, the body has no need to continue in keeping the capsule so it dissolves. I've read stories of some gals that leave them in with no problem at all & others take them out due to problems they were experiencing. I feel that I am experiencing some problems such as insomnia & I've been getting really tired all the time ..but that could just be due to work as it's happened a few months ago. Any advice, tips, stories would really help :)

Implants Out Tomorrow!

Evening Ladies,

Well, tomorrow is the BIG ..or little day! Lol I am so nervous, anxious, scared many emotions at once. I know I am doing the right thing for myself, my body & soul; yet why do I feel like I'm going to be lost without these water bags :( I think it's the fear kicking in. I'm in need of some major support.

Got my compression bra today at Walmart for $7! Also got my meds for tomorrow. The nurse called me & she basically went over some do's & don'ts. Wish me luck ladies! I will post up pics along my journey to recovery & share my thoughts.

I also wanted to attach a few photos of what my cha-cha's look like now. I'm throwing them a farewell forever party tonight lol! I've never taken pics like this before but in looking at them now ...they are small for being 300cc's. I think I'll bounce back & I'm starting to have a positive spin on this :)

Finally Implant Free!!!!

Hi Girls!

I finally did it! I am implant free :) I am officially 'on the other side' lol. Apologies for not updating you earlier today but I was really out of it with all of the medications I took. I went in early this morning & signed my consent forms & took my medications there. We waited a bit until it started to kick it. The meds left me like if I drank a few tequila's lol they changed me into my gown & I loved my PS; he was super funny & cool! He turned up a radio he had in the surgery room & had me jamming along. I would wake up every so often throughout the procedure & he said, looking great! They were able to pull out the right saline implant intact, but the left one popped as he was yanking it out :( The good thing is that the right saline implant was crystal clear on the inside ...I was worried about mold & all of those horror stories I read! I got to keep the implant as well :)

Right now, I am on no pain medication although my nipples are hurting! I am very anti-medicine. The pain & discomfort is manageable. I wanted to send you gals a pic but they put this styrofoam board thing on my chest lol with wraps really tight & I can't take it off for 48hrs. I can shower after 48hrs & change into my sports bra. I am ever so curious to find someway to take a peek & see! As soon as I can take this off, I will snap a few pics so you see :)

Well, other than that...don't have any other updates! Let me know if you have any questions :)

Day After Implant Removal

Morning Sunshines!

I am feeling fine & dandy this morning without my water bags lol :) I opted not to take any pain medications yesterday because in reality the pain/discomfort was minimal & bearable. I'm the type of person that likes to avoid medicines whenever possible & believe in natural healing of the body. I did not get any drains because my procedure was to just remove the implants & since my capsules were paper thin, the PS said they will dissolve in my body with time. Even though I had to sleep flat on my back last night, I must say, I slept very well! I did not have the weight of the implants on my tiny chest. According to the google search I did, 300cc ..or 600cc total for my saline implants equals 1.268lbs! That's 1.268lbs less on my chest now :) lol

Called my PS office this morning to find out when I can remove the wrap & shower. His suggestion is stay compressed for 48hrs before removing the bandage he wrapped me in by tomorrow I should be taking it off & I will take a few pics so you ladies can see. Lord knows I am trying to take a peek before tomorrow lol but it is difficult to see because he glued this styrofoam thing on my chest to keep it very compressed.

I prayed to God this morning & thanked Him for my surgery going smooth yesterday & asked for forgiveness because I was already perfect the way He created me; it was stupid of me to alter His creation. I WILL love my myself fully for who I am & what I look like. Despite my flaws, God created me this way & He thinks I'm perfect. It's wonderful this special relationship & bond I've built with the Lord these past few weeks.

Well girls ...tomorrow should be the big revelation!

Day 3 Post-Op & Pics!!

Hi Girls,

So, today marks 3 days after my explant surgery. I must say, it is quite difficult to post up these pics as I feel so flat ..& actually am :(
I am having a blue kinda day. Surprisingly, my boobs are not saggy or wrinkly ...just non-existent. The only person to see my boobs so far are my mom & she said wow, they looked great. She was expecting droopy boobs down to my ankles lol.

I know I did the right thing in getting rid of those plastic toxic bags but wow :( just feel so flat. I wish I would've never gotten implants in the first place because then I would've never known what I would look like with them & then I wouldn't miss something I never had; if that makes any sense at all. I don't think it's possible to be any flippin' flatter than a pancake.

I was looking up pictures of 'flat' chested celebs for inspiration. Maybe, in the next few weeks some kind of boobie will appear on my pancake chest :(

Day 5 Post-Explant!

Hi Gals!

Just wanted to give you girls a mini update! Nothing much has changed since I've explanted 5 days ago. I am wearing a compression bra with a styrofoam board under it to give my chest extra compression. I have my first follow-up appointment with my PS on Thursday & hopefully by then, I can just wear the compression bra!

Boobies still looks flat like pancakes lol but they are all mine & I don't care! I can say that although it's only been 5 days since I explanted, I'm starting to feel some energy come back! That was one of the few things I noticed. I had been going through a lot of fatigue, tired all the time, some extra hair falling out, stress, joint aches & mental fog. Now, I cannot say for sure whether it was the implants causing this but if I am feeling better from all of the above symptoms, I'd say it's pretty darn close!

I will update you ladies again on Thursday with what my PS advises me to do at this point :) I am also going to start back up in the gym very slowly next week. I will probably do 2 or 3 days of just legs but very lightly; nothing that will make me strain my chest area. My PS told me to avoid any upper body lifting for 4 weeks.

Just wanted to remind you all, that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Flat, saggy, perky, big boobs, little boobs or deflated boobs! We need to value our self worth more often & not try to change ourselves for a man or to compete with a Pam Anderson or Dolly Parton. A man will love you for you. Remember this, you can have the nicest boobs in the world, but if a man wants to leave, no boob will retain him! My point is, love yourself first, be a little selfish put yourself first before others & take care of your body, mind, soul & spirit. YOU are important & YOU matter!

Sending lots of positive vibes & blessings to my sisters-in-Christ!

1 Week Post Explant Update!

Evening Ladies,

Today marks 1 week since I took out those bags of toxic plastic! lol my PS told me I can remove the styrofoam thing he had me wearing under my sports bra for extra compression today ..aahh what a relief! He told me I should get a really tight compression bra & wear it for a few weeks to hold 'things' in place but I have an teeny weeny problem ... I'm flat like a pancake! There is nothing to compress lol tried to find a compression bra today but nothing "fit" ..since there is nothing to really hold. I'm wearing a regular sports bra for now until I hopefully find something more 'compressing'.

My PS also said I can sleep on my side if I want or however I feel comfy, no need to keep sleeping on my back which is great because I was getting tired of trying to sleep that way!

Will post some progress pics in a few days when things start to hopefully 'fluff' up :)

Staying hopeful!
Sending positive wishes & blessings to my sister-in-Christ!
Bless you all! :)

2 Weeks Post Explant!

Hi Girls!

Well, I'm 2 weeks post-explant ..tomorrow! Wanted to write today though! This past week has been great! I've been able to sleep nice & comfy on my side ..haven't tried laying on my belly just yet. Showering is much easier now ..I am moving my arms much for freely but with caution. A few days ago I moved my arm a little to quick & I felt a weird pull in my chest but now I have better movement :) Taking things one day at a time. My teeny boobies aren't so indented inwards anymore. They are slowly starting to pop out & last night after I showered, I removed the surgical tape from under my nipple. I must say, you can barely see that the nipples were cut! I am ecstatic!

God has provided me with strength to go through this surgery & HE gave me strength to love myself again how I am naturally. God is good! Just a little faith & prayer can work miracles.

Any ladies that are contemplating removing your bags of toxic gunk ..don't think about it twice! This is your health. Health comes before any vanity or beauty enhancement any day. Pray to God for strength in accepting & loving yourself. I was scared to death when it came time to remove them. I started questioning myself & if I would be miserable flat chested. Yes, I had lots of fun & wore many cute outfits with my balloons but all of that fun fades with time. I started noticing EVERY girl had fake boobs ..I started to think, I became one of them. I fell in a trap that big boobs is what I needed to feel good about myself & be accepted by society as 'attractive'. Well society can kiss my a**! I don't want to be just another girl with big fake boobs ..I want to be ME. Natural, different & unique. Not a walking impersonation of a barbie doll. It's not realistic & its plain stupid! It's stupid I put my body through all of this & my wallet ..oh boy let's not even go there! I could've probably put a down for a house! Lol ..well maybe not a house but a car!

I have forgiven myself for doing this as many of us our so blindsided by the media & society. We are practically brainwashed with commercials & advertisements with perfect looking women that are merely just airbrushed because no one looks that perfect in real life, yet we still believe that they do. Well that is my rant for the day lol

Hope all of you ladies are having a great day! Happy healing to those of you who have recently explanted! For those that haven't explanted, what the heck are you waiting for? An invitiation?! Get those plastic bags of garbage out of that beautiful God-given body!

Blessings & positive vibes to my sisters-in-Christ!
God bless you all!

P.s. Will post a pic up sometime this week or beginning of next! Not much of a difference yet!

2 Weeks Post Explant Pics

Hi Ladies,

Wanted to show you some updated photos of my teenie weenies! I think they are looking a little better than before. I see a little bit of 'fluffing' going on & can't wait for a few more weeks to pass by & see what happens. I honestly look like I never even had implants put in! It's amazing how fast the skin bounced back! My nipple scars are healing quite nicely too :) Although, there isn't 'much' there, I would not go back & change anything! I love myself enough now to know that God created me perfect in His eyes & that's all that matters. Any guy that doesn't like it, like the saying goes ..."Hit the road Jack!" ..& to finish off the song ..."And don't ya come back no more, no more, no more!" :) lol ..I am just ecstatic with my boobies! Who would have ever thought I would be happier without implants than I was with!

Sending out blessings to my Sisters-In-Christ!

If anyone comes across my blog & needs support or has questions about the whole procedure ..I am here for you!

xoxoox :)

3 Week Update & Counting

Hey Ladies!

Had my 3 week doc visit :) wanted to update you gals on what's going on with my teeny weenies lol

Doc said they have healed up quite nicely. So, at this point wear whatever bra fits best & is comfortable. He told me to wait at least 1 more week before doing any upper body exercises. In the following month, make sure to wear extra compression at the gym when doing upper body movements like back but hold off on chest stuff. And after the 2 month mark I can do any high impact direct chest workouts like push ups or high impact running.

My PS was great & told me I did not need to go back to him unless I wanted anything done lol so I said, guess I won't be seeing you doc lol

Pics attached :) they are starting to kinda 'fluff' I guess. How long did you gals take to see some 'fluffing' action?

Blessing you all!!

4.5 Weeks Photo Update :)

Hello Ladies,

Just wanted to post an update of my boobies here at 4.5 weeks! I think they are getting better by the day :) what do ya'll think? I bought my first VS push-up bra this weekend! Not a whole lot to work with but I love it! Small boobies make you look younger mom says I look like a teenager ;) happy about that!

Blessings to all!

6 Week Update With Pic!

Hi Ladies,

Wanted to share my progress! I'm on week 6! I am very happy & pleased with my decision. Feeling natural feels so good. I wore a dress without a bra in public for the first time ever! I didn't try to use a stuffed up bra, just me myself & I :). It was a little scary at first of what people would think but then afterwards it was fantastic. I didn't care what anyone thought. Why should I try to live up to anyone else's standards other than my Lord & Savior's? I was flat, but so what? I'm happy. The best thing is, I can be braless & I don't have anything to support lol which is an advantage. I personally hate bras lol. I am in a truly happy place with myself right now. I now truly love me for me, it feels surreal.

I hope all you ladies are doing well :) God bless you & you are beautiful. Love yourself & value your body!


2 Months Post Explant!

Hey Gals!

Well, here is my 2-month post explant update! I am thrilled & very happy with myself & my decision. I am on cloud 9 with my teeny weenies :) I love everything about me ..all my flaws, my ups & my downs because that is what makes me, ME & unique. I thank God everyday for blessing me & enriching my life in many other ways. I don't have large boobs, who cares. I sure don't anymore. & whoever does, it's a sick obsession that will only lead to loneliness & self hatred. You will constantly never feel adequate enough. Idk about you gals but I don't have time anymore to be obsessing over boobs. If a guy likes them great & if he doesn't great too. I got bigger fish to fry - so to speak lol.

Thank you God for helping me find my true self again. I love you Lord & please bless & give strength to all of those that are reading my story & are wanting to explant.

God bless you all!

5 Months Post Explant Update!

Hey Gals!

I've had several messages from many ladies wondering what my teeny weenies look like now! Well here's an updated photo! It's been 5 months & I feel fantastic! :) Time really flies!

If you are still contemplating on removal, do yourself, your body & your health a favor & remove them! Don't keep them because you think a guy will stop loving you. If he does, he's a jerk & never truly loved you. Boobs are not what make you sexy. You're confidence & personality do. If a guy needs boobs to play with tell him to go fly a kite or play with his mothers! He's not worthy of your time. If you feel you will not look good in clothes, I promise you that you will! All it takes is a little extra shopping for the "right" fits!

I've seen billboard ads recently with a girl in lingerie holding onto a guy & she has these massive balloons & the billboard indicates that to get a guy or have a hot love life you need jugs...bull effin sh*t! I laugh now when I see this because I now know better. They have brainwashed us all to believe this non-sense. Back then I would've believed it but God has graced me with His light & I truly am in love with me now ..naturally the way I was brought into this world.

Sorry for a long rant but it does bother me that we still feel inadequate if we have small breasts. Wishing you lovely gals Happy Holidays & New Years :)

If you need to reach me, send me a message :) I'm always here to help anyone through their journey!

Remember, YOU are beautiful. Be a little selfish when it comes to this major decision for your health.

Blessings to all!
Your Sister-in-Christ

What has society come to?

Hey Ladies!

As I was driving around, I couldn't help but notice all of these billboards regarding women getting breast implants to "look" more pleasing to their man. What has society come to? We are expected to put our health, bodies & lives at risk to "look" sexier for men. Why don't guys get surgeries to be more "pleasing" to us where many lack! Why is it that the women have to do all of the dirty work & go the extra mile? Sorry ladies but I am on a serious rant here because we need to all stick together & unite to get rid of this nonsense.

If you are thinking of getting breast implants, DONT! They are not worth it. I had them 4 years believe me. If you are contemplating removing your implants, DO IT! Be content with what God have you, us. Love yourself, value your worth. Don't let other women or a man make you feel less than the beautiful person you truly are. Look at yourself in the mirror & notice all of your beautiful features & qualities that you possess. There is no one out that can be a better you, than YOU! Pray & have faith in God & he will provide my sisters. Remain in faith!

Hope you are all doing well :)

Your Sister in Christ!

10 Months Post Explant Results

Hello Ladies!

It's been a while since I write. But yesterday marked my 10-month anniversary of being implant free! I must say, I have never loved my boobies like I do now. I was so insecure & looking back & reflecting on how far I've come with loving myself is amazing. I love my breast more now than when I had those awful implants.
I have spent thousands of dollars putting them in & taking them out. Big lesson learned!

Hope you ladies are all doing well & for those who are contemplating on removing your implants, do it. Don't wait any longer. Do yourself a favor & free yourself from that burden that you do not need to carry. YOU are beautiful just as God intended you to be naturally. Heck, I even went back to my real hair color. This is me, like it or not this is how God brought me to earth. I will love myself au-natural.

God bless you all! If you need any advice or tips, feel free to shoot me a message :) always happy to help light your path!

Your Sister-in-Christ!
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Iron baby, you look beautiful! and you didn't even need a lift and you fluffed up beautifully. congratulations on being implant free :))))
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Thank you so much Ilovebreasts! I was so worried about my outcome but am so grateful and thankful to God for opening my eyes! :) I feel fantastic natural!
  • Reply
I love your story! I'm a follower of Christ as well and I love that you shared your faith through this journey❤️ I also want to say you had great results! You filled out significantly over this past year!
  • Reply
Hi Darling! Before this journey, I was lacking faith and self love but I'm glad I went through all of this because I have more faith in Christ and I truly am in love with myself how I am now. I lost my identity for a while with those bags of crap! God bless you!
  • Reply
You look so good! They really came back for you it looks like a few months after surgery, I think I would be happy with what you ended up with. Thank you for sharing your story and I'm so glad you are happy
  • Reply
I wanted to share my story to give us gals a ray of hope that there is a rainbow after the rain and that we are all beautiful without bags of goop! God bless!
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Thanks for sharing!!! I am about 13 weeks post op from my BA. Ive regretted that decision from the beginning. My explantation is July 28, ill be about 18 weeks post op by then!!!! Funny thing is, Im actually excited about it, but was never excited about my implant surgery. You look great!!! Im praying i do as well!!!
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You're 10 days away from removal! :) Believe me, I had a countdown going when I scheduled my removal! It was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life :) God bless you!
  • Reply
Thank you for the encouragement!! I'm still excited and I know I'm making a healthy decision...too bad hind sight is 20/20, but I do believe God uses the bad things in life and turns them into good!! :) Still I am nervous and scared, but I know God has this, no biggie for Him. :)
  • Reply
Anytime ;)! You are making a great choice in removing …you will be physically, mentally and spiritually happier. Any time I see someone with fake boobs I cringe and to just think that I wanted a pair so bad lol they're not all that they're cracked up to be. We women have been brainwashed into thinking big boobs = sexy. God will most certainly turn this 'bad' experience into something good. I can honestly say he did that for me :) I love myself now, something that I'm not sure I did before. God bless you and I will keep you in my prayers for everything to go smoothly during your surgery :) If you need anything, holler!
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I loved reading your story (very similar to my story), very inspirational. Congratulations. You look great. I cant wait to have my implants out. :)
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Thank you! It will be one of the happiest days of your life when those bags of toxic are out …I can promise you that! God Bless!
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Hi! not sure if you received my msg. I would love to know who your doctor is so I could consult as soon as possible. Thank you, xx
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Hi, did you experience "fluffing" after your explant? If yes how long did it take??? I was explanted yesterday and I was a 32A before the procedure. I am now COMPLETELY flat (like a 10 year old boy). Will I regain any of the tissue?
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AN24198... I'm with you! Ex planted Friday and totally flat and nips look so sad. Hoping for some shape in the future. Still happy I did it, but don't want the look of these to get me down.
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mmh166... thanks for sharing. I was a 32A barely before the implant. Now I am flat as a board!! Were you flat before your implant?? Where did my tissue go??..
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Me too. Nursed 2 kids, reason I did it in the first place. We are only 2 days out. Need to stay positive right?!? From most have said. Lots of changes to come hopefully. I just want a tiny bit of shape back. Not askin for much.
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mmh166.. yes, the skin will continue to change.. my PS said I need to wait 6 months to see final result..... but even if I stay flat as a board, it's better than having saline bags for a chest. Looking forward to buying cute padded bras. Victoria's Secret has 32AA padded bras so I may try those out. I already have more energy, feel lighter and look thinner and younger without implants. Implants age you. Big boobs also make you look heavier (I thought the opposite would be true).
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How long did you have them?
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Almost 5 years. I was a 32A before the implant. Implanted 380CC (filled to 420) saline implants under the muscle. WAY too big. I was a 32DD after the implant. I had almost no tissue on top of the implants so they looked round, hard and high up. They started to ripple within the last year on the sides. Just wanted them OUT. Wanted to be real even if it meant having no breasts. I knew I would be flat. Very happy I had them removed. I am pleased with how my skin looks. Amazingly, it's almost completely rebounded in 2 days, just a very slight sag around my nipples. I'm 27 so my skin is pretty supple. I had them removed with local anesthesia in an office visit. I will never get implants again. I might consider fat grafting if my tissue doesn't fluff up because right now I am FLAT. I can sense they are changing though. They look much better than they did just 2 days ago. I'll be happy being an A-cup though!
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Has your PS recommended anything for the scars? Mine are quite big :/
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Going back hopefully tomorrow to have drains out. My scars are also quite long. I had capsules removed too. Had allergen silicon 339/371 under muscle. Had them out en bloc because I think they were starting to impact my health..... I'm 37 and also very thin
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Hey Ana24198! I was the same size as you before implants! The first 3-4 weeks will be the hardest! I was flat like a piece of paper! But by week 4, you will start to fluff up a bit & it is simply amazing! Check out my pics on my monthly progress!
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Hi mmh166! No need to worry! You will start to fluff up in about weeks 3-4. Give it time and don't be hard on yourself! I too was flat as a board right after the explantation and believe me, the first 3-4 weeks were tough and I was kinda sad but this is all a journey and I promise you that after this journey, you will love yourself like you have never loved yourself before. You start to really see yourself for who you are, how wonderful you are and that you are worth more than you thought! Boobs don't define you as a woman or as being sexy. We are all womanly and sexy in our own ways! Happy healing to you!!
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You look great...congrats on your 10 month anniversary xxx
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