I am 19 years old. I have asymmetrical breasts by...

I am 19 years old. I have asymmetrical breasts by a full cup size. One breast is a full A, the other is a full B. My breasts have been uneven since I began to develop as a 13 year old.

My asymmetry makes me really self-conscious with guys to the point of interfering with my relationships. Bras never, ever fit. Bikinis are a nightmare as I have to try to conceal my lopsidedness. When I wear low cut tops, my cleavage is uneven. I can only wear padded bras because when I wear molded I look lopsided. I cannot go braless even though my boobs are perky because it looks off!

So, after several months of research, I've decided to get a breast augmentation to improve symmetry. Initially, I considered doing an implant on one side only, but after thorough research I decided that while that might match my breasts for now, down the road they would become asymmetrical again as one began to sag. Also, I didn't want the difference in feel.

I consulted with 4 or 5 doctors. I finally found a doctor who said he could do silicone implants because my asymmetry qualifies my surgery as "corrective" rather than cosmetic. I prefer to use silicone because it gives a more natural appearance and feel overall. I am thin and want to avoid rippling and palpability of an implant, which is more common with saline.
I really want a natural look--I want people to not notice I had surgery, if possible. I would not be considering breast surgery if not for my asymmetry, so "big" is not the goal here. I told my doctor I would be okay with being a full C or small D (so a cup size increase over my larger breast), but no larger as I have a small frame despite being almost 5"6. I am 120 lbs.

My biggest concerns are that because the doc will be using different cc amounts, my cleavage will still be uneven as I'll have more upper pole fullness on one side. Not sure if this concern is warranted, I will need to discuss further with my doctor. But I guess no one is perfectly symmetrical. Also, I worry that because silicone isn't adjustable, I will still have noticeable asymmetry. But silicone implants come in 25 cc increments so I guess even if the difference still ends up as 25 cc or fewer, that's not going to be super noticeable unless I am looking for it. Another concern: implants come in different widths, so I don't want one side to look a lot wider. I will talk to my doc about all of this and post an update later. He is away right now.
The doctor plans to do an aerolar incision. One of my aerolas is bigger than the other. He said he could correct this but there would be a scar all the way around. I'm not sure yet if its worth it to have them perfectly even but scarred more. I feel like it is only notable that the aerolas are uneven because the breast size difference enhances it.

I am a perfectionist and a worrier by nature so of course I am certain to have lots of questions for my doc. But I'm also very excited. You don't know until you've lived with asymmetry how frustrating and humiliating it can be. No amount of people telling me guys don't care, or it's not noticeable, or I'm being silly and it's no big deal has ever made me feel better! I want normal, mostly symmetrical boobs and I want to fit into a bra like a normal woman! I like my boobs individually, but together they just do not match.
So, here begins my journey. I am planning to get surgery in December when I am home for the holidays from university. If I could I would do it now! So anxious to get it over with....less time for me to over-analyze and worry! :)

Hi anonymous, have you ever thought of just doing a fat transfer? Just try to match the fuller breast. I'm not sure that you have any fat to transfer, but I would look into that if I started out looking like you. I think you look great, I do see the difference in size. Look into a Fat transfer, and you'll be super perfect & all natural! No Foreign Bodies to deal with.

Thank you so much for starting your story and sharing your photos. I have a REALLY similar asymmetry issue (though it did not really get noticeable until after nursing my kids), so I can relate. I just live with it by stuffing one side of my bra, but not having to would be liberating. Please keep us posted! When is your surgery scheduled for?

Hi Angie, Thanks for your comment. I am working on scheduling right now. It will mostly likely be the end of December but I still need to figure out my final exam schedule-- I will certainly update when I know for sure! :)

I spoke to my surgeon, and asked some more...

I spoke to my surgeon, and asked some more questions. Here's what he told me:
He told me to avoid dental work post-op for 6 months and a few other interesting things. He said he does not insist on post-op massage but will teach massage techniques for those that want to do it. He doesn't think it's 100% necessary. He told me I am good to travel a week post-op as long as I have someone to carry my suitcases!! He said his rule for bras post-op is no underwire for 6 weeks. He said he needs to examine me in person but I may need 2 different implant profiles (i.e. one high profile one moderate plus or something like that). I asked him if I might have a big gap between my breasts and he said I did not naturally have a very large gap so I should be okay. He said to push gently on my breasts and see where they begin to see how big the gap will be.
Also, I asked about the rounded fake look some women end up with. He said this was due to using too large of an implant. He doesn't like to do that and agreed with me that it was an unflattering look.
I am officially scheduling surgery tomorrow, for mid or late December. Fun Christmas I'll have...lol.
I'm getting surgery for assymetry at the end of the month! It's so exciting to think of how wonderful it will be to take my shirt off and not be embarrassed and appalled. Good luck!!
Yay! Congrats. I totally know what you mean. Good luck to you too, let me know how it goes :)
hey florida~ I too had a bit of asymmetry prior to my BA. My PS initially wanted to give me different size implants, but decided to put the same cc's in both sides. At almost 10 months post op they look full and pretty now! I can see how you would be concerned about going with different sizes. It's very important you talk with the doctor and request to see photos of his work with patients with cases similar to yours!  your breasts have a lovely shape- just make sure your doctor is board certified and reputable and the results will look wonderful!!! Good Luck:-)

My surgery is scheduled for Dec. 27th at 7:30 am....

My surgery is scheduled for Dec. 27th at 7:30 am. Pre-op is Dec. 21. I bought a sports bra from Lulu lemon today; doctor says they'll give me a bra for immediately after surgery. I've been doing a lot of research on sizes and profiles...I think my best bet is moderate profile, around 250 ccs (but obviously they're uneven, so one boob may have 300 and one have 200 or something crazy, and I may need 2 diff. profiles). I really don't want a ton of upper pole fullness because to me that looks very unnatural. So if my doctor must use two different profiles I hope he can do mod and mod plus. Also nervous about the fact that one nipple is higher than the other...can't remember if my doctor said he could fix that, or if it was going to be really noticeable after surgery (I don't think it is super noticeable right now).
Hi Sleepless, I think you are approaching this very logically. The one thing I would ask your PS is does he use sizers in the operating room to get the right profile and cc's in order to correct for the asymmetry? IMO, I wouldn't worry about moving the aerola to match the other. We rarely have perfectly matching boobs ... like eyes ... one is always higher.
Hi westwind, thank you. I have been researching like crazy but I know ultimately my PS is the expert! :) He does indeed use disposable sizers while operating. He says he'll make a guess as to the size difference and then have several sizes and profiles ready to try out. So I feel relieved knowing he'll be able to judge pretty accurately which cc amount/profile to use in each breast. I think you are right about the aerolae...being a perfectionist is certainly counterproductive in this process. I need to calm my nerves! haha.
You are scheduled a week before me. Look forward to reading and sharing some updates.

I wanted to take some better quality photos with...

I wanted to take some better quality photos with an actual digital camera. My asymmetry looks pretty pronounced with this camera! Yikes. Less than a month until I'm lopsided no longer!
I think the difference between them is around 100 cc, maybe slightly more.
Good luck with surgery! :) I am going to schedule my appointment this Monday for the beginning of the year. It took all my courage to do it. I have asymmetry by 50cc. Which might not sound like a lot - but when you have hardly anything to begin with - it's definitely noticeable. I feel your struggles and I'm excited to read your future updates.
So excited for you!!! I can tell the difference but it isn't so bad so hopefully you have a nice and quick recovery :) these will be the longest 27 days of your life lol
Thanks AesSedai! PS says I'm lucky that they're very similar shapes, that will help in achieving closer symmetry. I'm hoping for a quick recovery as well. Have to start up my second semester back at university two weeks after surgery. Is everything still coming along well for you? Are you loving being able to wear bras with out padding in one side etc? All the best to you!

A few questions to anyone who has an...

A few questions to anyone who has an answer:
-Honestly, are my breasts far apart? Still wondering about potentially having a big gap...
-Do you think I'll have a hard time going back to classes after 2 weeks?
-Is it true you can't lift over 5 lbs the first 6 weeks??
Hi Sleepless. A common recurring theme on this site is our fear of P.A.I.N. And I was a champion of FEAR. Sweetheart, there is none, pressure definitely...but not PAIN. You will be more than ready for winter session. As for heavy lifting, I was back to lifting 2 weeks post op, no choice, work related. I think you will have amazing results! Good Luck :)
Thank you so much for your kind words Adiaphoria. I see you're in Quebec...I go to McGill in Montreal.
Cool, I went to Concordia! What brought you up here?

Trying to decide if an areola reduction to the...

Trying to decide if an areola reduction to the larger areola is worth it. They'd be even but then one would have a scar...decisions, decisions.
Hi again! When I had my implants my ps did a nipple reduction on the larger breast. My larger breast the implants was a 190cc and the smaller breast had a 250cc. Honestly the upper pole fullness worked itself out with the different size implants. Lots of luck to you. The 27th come so fast.
Hi BeagleBaby1, thanks for stopping by! I can't believe how close surgery is, it still feels surreal. Thanks for the good wishes.
The scars heal very well, not even noticeable...I was pleasantly surprised! : )

I'm home from my pre-op! Doctor said he wants to...

I'm home from my pre-op!
Doctor said he wants to do moderate plus and high profile, 250 and 325 cc (maybe up to 275 cc and 350 cc but I told him to err on the small side). He didn't want to go much smaller because the implant would be too narrow. My BWD is 11.6 in both breasts. I am a little worried about high profile but he does natural looking work so I trust him and it is not a large implant. I emphasized that I want to look very natural and have a nice slope. He said I shouldn't do an areola reduction on the larger areola because the negatives outweigh the positives. (Negatives=greater risk of sensation loss/breastfeeding issues, visible scar)
He also pointed out I have some chest wall asymmetry! I never realized. And that one of my inframammary folds is slightly lower. He won't change that because it is subtle.
We reviewed my goal photos and then he told me I could do either the crease or areola incision. I previously thought he only did areola. He said either incision would work well for me because my skin scars very well. I am leaning toward the crease incision only because I may want to breastfeed eventually and I don't want the slightly increased risk of losing that ability.
I later gave a urine sample and had some blood drawn (3 vials). I was given prescriptions for Valium, Keflex, anti-Nausea meds, and Vicodin.
And I paid in full!! I'm poor now.
I loooved the doctor and his staff. They were so comforting, nice and didn't rush me. I feel really confident in their abilities. Payment process was a breeze as well.
I had a great time. So excited for this coming Thursday. My mom drove me to the appointment and has been surprisingly supportive (she wasn't sure I was making a good decision when I first decided to get the surgery). And now my grandma even knows about it--she's great, she was a nurse and was just interested in anesthesia etc.
So I am happy and confident in my decision today. I am going to do a little more research on incisions; doc said I can make the decision anytime before surgery morning.
Less than a week!!!! It is going to feel like the longest 6 days of your life! In the end everything will be worth it! Can't wait to see the results :) I would also ask about taking Motrin after surgery. The Vicodin didn't really do any more than the Motrin and also made me feel strange in my head so if you don't like that feeling I would suggest asking about the Motrin! Good luck please keep us updated.
Tell me about it! Luckily I will be celebrating Christmas with lots of extended family to distract me in the mean time! Thanks so much for the tip about the Motrin--I will ask.
So excited and happy for you! What a great Christmas present! I can't wait to see how the different profiles look. You're going to look great!

Just a quick update...surgery was today. PS said...

Just a quick update...surgery was today. PS said it went exceptionally well and he thinks they looked really good. They look pretty big but not huge, I think they will still be proportional. Post-op appt. tomorrow and I'll ask how many cc's I ended up with. I do have 2 different profiles. The smaller boob with more ccs and high profile looks a bit higher up, makes sense that it would. I'm in pain unless I lay back propped up on pillows. Taking 1-2 Vicodin every 4 hours. Threw up once when I got up and walked around, guess I need to take it really easy. It's tricky to go to the bathroom by myself, but I'm too proud to ask for help so I've been managing. I just need major help getting out of bed. Getting back in bed without help is fine; I scooch with my bum and make sure I don't use arms. I don't seem to have Frankenboob but they are definitely a bit high. I will hopefully see them tomorrow. I ended up with the crease incision. My incisions are pretty sore, kind of a burning sensation.
I have full sensation on my nipples as far as I can tell and on the rest of my breasts; just not on the middle cleavage area. Hopefully that'll return. Not too concerned.
Pain is pretty severe when the meds wear off. I feel sooo tight when I stand or sit up. With meds it is bearable but uncomfortable. I feel a bit tired but pretty alert and cheerful otherwise. Have been eating hot soup, crackers, water and jello.
I hope the pain subsides tomorrow, but I am prepared to feel just as badly.
And these boobs look EVEN. Just looking at them, all high and hard and painful, makes me smile. My boobs are pretty symmetrical! Here's hoping with the bra off they still look pretty even. I know one is higher and they have different profiles and cc amounts so they may take a while to look as symmetrical as I hope they will be.
Anesthesia was great, it was twilight but I slept thru the whole thing. Don't remember much until I ended up in the car on the way home. THAT was painful. I wasn't given meds before embarking because you need to take them on a full stomach. Man oh man was I happy when the pain settled down a bit.
I was given Ambien to help me sleep. I hope I can. I am the WORST sleeper in the best of situations, and sleeping propped up seems pretty uncomfortable.
More updates tomorrow, til then, wish me luck.
Wishing you a speedy pain/complication free recovery! : )
I'm glad your operation went well! Mine is tomorrow and your story's giving me courage!!! Love and hugs :)

Today, I woke up, having slept decently, wakening...

Today, I woke up, having slept decently, wakening only to take pain pills. I threw up because I took them on an empty stomach in the middle of the night, my mistake.
I felt a lot less pain so I refrained from taking pain pills. Went to my post-op.
Yes, they're even---but they're SO BIG. I am gutted. I emphasized that I wanted modest. I found in today that he put in 300 and 400 cc Mod plus. That is not modest on a small frame like mine!! I am so sad. I didn't want anyone to notice, I just wanted to be even. I feel so embarrassed. I have been crying all day. I know they are swollen but I also know that when they drop they appear fuller. So upset. I don't know what to do. I am stuck with these stupid things. I feel like I am going to be "boob job girl" back at school. Even my sisters admitted they look huge. Way bigger than my sister's perky 34DDs. God knows what size they are.
I am just so distressed. I feel like I will end up revising within a few years to go smaller. I wanted in the 200-325 range, max! I am including some photos. I feel sick to look at them. I feel like a spoiled brat crying over something like this. I should be grateful they are even and that I am feeling well.
I would welcome some support. I pray they will end up looking somewhat natural. I know the size is not natural. No 5'6 120 lb girl has boobs like that from nature. :( This is literally my worst nightmare, and all my PS said was "they won't be too big, don't even worry about it, they're swollen.." etc.
God help me.
I agree with the ladies you do look amazing. Hopefully the swelling will come down and you will adjust. Give it some time - until big hug. It's ok to cry - get it out. You will feel better soon.
i honestly think you look incredible hun.. you need to remeber they look high and swollen they are going to drop and fluff you think they look that big but they really arent they will drop down to natural looking breast.. time is key .. if i were you i wouldnt have asked for anything smaller or bigger i think you got the perfect size and your doc did an amazing job... just stick in there cuz i guarentee when they drop an swell goes away your going to be estatic about them!
I think you look good and he did a great job getting them the same size. I think initially it's a shock because of where you started from, and then going bigger overnight...can be very overwhelming. Give yourself some time to let the swelling settle. Take it one day at a time, I think you'll be fine hun! Sending you lots of hugs!

I feel they shrunk a little, or I just got used to...

I feel they shrunk a little, or I just got used to them a bit more. I tried on a cardigan and they actually looked normal. Thank God. I think I will be able to hide them in this initial period.
I just want to thank every single woman who commented on my post. You are all so caring and kind, and your words of encouragement really improved my spirits and made me feel more confident. You're the best!
I added a photo of me in a cardigan/a couple others.
My boobs already move a bit when I walk and the bigger boob pre-op is getting squishy. They even jiggle a bit when I put on lotion. I've been putting cocoa butter on them a few times a day to try and avoid stretch marks and irritation. I had some old stretch marks on one boob and you can barely see them now, which is nice.
You look great!
I know exactly what you're going through! I felt like my boobs were way too big and I wouldn't be able to wear all my cute clothes anymore. I also didn't want to be seen as "that lady with the big fake boobs"! But low and behold, I went to a Christmas party and no one even noticed, even friends who knew I was getting them were like "oh yeah, I forgot you got boobs, I can't even tell!" Then I was thinking maybe I should have gone bigger!! Haha! The first few weeks can be a roller coaster ride of emotions, just hang in there..and listen to the advice of all these ladies here on RS. I don't know what I would do without all the support and words of boobie wisdom from everyone here! And p.s., I think your boobs look amazing!!! (-:
Thanks, that's so encouraging to hear! My family has been telling me that (clothed) they really don't look much bigger than they used to. I did wear padded bras a lot of the time to help even me out and give me a boost. I'm hoping once they settle I'll appreciate them more.

Feeling better about them. I feel no pain, just...

Feeling better about them. I feel no pain, just discomfort managed with extra strength Tylenol. Went shopping at Urban Outfitters today and bought a bralette, size large. I'm putting up a pic so you can see my figure. My hips are quite curvy so maybe the new boobs don't look so bad after all? I'm tired out after shopping so I'm taking it easy now. I still don't like my boobs at all naked but hopefully as they settle I'll like them a lot more. Clothed, they are "growing" on me. BTW, I'm super bloated, hoping this goes away soon.
You look fantastic! I hope my BA turns out as well as yours!
Ok, I LOVE them!!! Wow!! I'm actually thinking about using yours as a wish pic for my doc if you don't mind...? I know you had some asymmetric issues but do you have a before pic? I'm glad you are starting to feel better!! You look perfect!!!! :)
Wow, thanks for the huge compliment. I do have before pics, they somehow got deleted. I'll try to reload one for you.

Feeling ambivalent towards them; one second I say...

Feeling ambivalent towards them; one second I say "yeah, they are nice and maybe not so massive after all" and the next I wonder if I've mutilated myself! Trying to keep my emotions in check and be logical. My incision on my right boob is SO ITCHY. It woke me up :( I still feel tight and sore but no pain. I realized I am numb underneath both boobs. :( It creeps me out to touch there, but I have to because I put on cocoa butter a few times a day (don't worry, I avoid the incisions).
Thanks again for all of the support, I can't tell you how comforting it is to me. You all are awesome women.

I just had someone send me an unsolicited video of...

I just had someone send me an unsolicited video of a leaking gel implant being removed in what I think was a deliberate attempt to upset me. I have contacted the moderator. I'm a little disturbed that someone would do that, especially when I am emotional and recovering from the operation. Luckily I'm not extremely squeamish so the video itself didn't terrify me, but it made me angry and hurt to think someone would send that to me.
all i can say is your boobs are gorgeous... stop looking at the negative and love them.. i was exactly like you a few days ago. i think they look beautiful on you . they dont look fake because they are not round and high.. they are positioned in the perfect place and they will fall naturally... love your boobs. im starting to think positive and love mine... who cares what other people say as long as you like them be proud of them. you paid a lot for them and thier yours!! as for the video dont pay anymind. people are stupid now a days and have nothing better to do.. for someone to actually take time out of theur life just to send you that video they have no life prob cuz they are jealous of your results and body and their probably butt ass ugly lol!!
Hi Sleepless, Wow that's crazy that someone sent you that video! And what the point since you already got them in? Out of curiosity, was it of old gels or new gels? I think you look great and I am hoping your swelling goes down enough for you to be happy with the size. Shame on that doc for doing that to you. IMO, that is technical assault as it is more than you wanted and you told him to err on the smaller side. They always assume everyone wants to be big. SMH....well you will see that they are easily minimized in clothing (depending on what you wear), and you can certainly now go buy bras without padding or those minimizing bras to help with that if you want to. Happy New Year, enjoy the new you!
Yes, I'm planning to tell him I'm disappointed at my one week post-op (politely). I was too in shock to say much the day after surgery when I first saw them. I am going to try to get used to the size because I can't afford to do a revision just to go smaller, but in a few years if they still feel this big I will definitely downsize. I don't know what the point of sending the video was, it was so strange. I'm not sure what generation of gels it was; it was a shoddily made video and pretty unpleasant so I didn't watch the whole thing.

Yesterday night I ended up in tears again. I think...

Yesterday night I ended up in tears again. I think I'm still more fragile than I thought. I may have mentioned this earlier, but I am home between semesters and my parents have been helping me during my recovery. My mom and I aren't close but my dad has been really helpful, going to the drug store to get my meds, etc even if he doesn't fully get why I got the surgery (obviously he never saw my boobs before and it's uncomfortable to talk about with a dad).
My mother took it upon herself to tell my 88 year old grandmother and aunt visiting Florida from Canada. I don't see either one very often so I'm not extremely close to them; our relationship is kind of formal. Her telling them about my surgery upset me. This is a very personal surgery, and the reason I did it has mainly been for corrective purposes because I had asymmetry pre-op.
I didn't say anything to her about how this upset me, because trust me, she wouldn't have felt she overstepped any boundaries.
Last night, my grandmother, aunt and my aunt's Welsh BOYFRIEND came over for New Years. Right in front of him my mom said,
"[SIT's sister] is sick with a cold and Sleepless in Turquoise is still sick with boobs." They all had a good laugh about that. I was in the other room but it really annoyed me.
I didn't say anything. I was wearing a new peplum top that I had purchased, size small, so it was a little loose (I am usually an XS) even with my boobs, and I swear you could not tell I had anything done unless you were looking for it.
I came out and said hi to my grandmother and she only said, "Well, I don't know which eyes to look at!" This again in front of this STRANGER (aunt's bf) who now looks very uncomfortable--I don't blame him. But it made me feel so self-conscious and re-awakened my worries about size.
I cannot tell you how uncomfortable this made me feel. I am just SO shy and modest, and my boobs were never a topic of conversation before, I don't see why they are now. I also don't think my mom told them this was mainly corrective, so they just think I randomly got big breast implants to enhance normal sized boobs (my big boob was a small C cup already, and I padded one side so in clothes you would have thought they were even despite the small one being a barely-B).
The rest of the night was ruined for me. I felt like everyone was staring at my chest (honestly, wasn't much to see in a loose top!), and I felt nauseous I was so self-conscious. I have problems with anxiety but since going to university have really overcome these issues and I am proud of that. At times like these, though, my symptoms are really exacerbated and I lose control.
I am just so eager to get home to Canada and hide these stupid things in coats and sweaters until I have accepted them. I am lucky to have really, really supportive friends who don't judge me and who encourage me. I need that kind of environment right now. My mom keeps making fun of me for getting "double-D implants" even though I've already told her no, they come in CC amounts and I did not request this." To be fair, she did say they don't look disproportionate on my frame.
I am hoping as they drop they won't stick straight out and will have a bit of hang. That looks more natural to me. They just look like huge torpedoes from the side. I am really trying to accept them but I am very bitter that my PS ignored my directive to "err on the small side, please." That is literally the last thing I said before I was unconscious, and I said it 2 or three times at my pre-op.
I know in the implant world they aren't huge, but in the real world I feel that very few women with my height and weight have boobs this big :( If they do, they don't stick straight out and have a pretty hang to them. Perky boobs are normal at my pre-op size but not at my post-op size. I guess I need to be patient for drop and fluff and hope they sit a bit better later on.
My incision is sooo itchy and sore. I actually got up in the night and took pics under my boob to see if there was a rash or anything. It's so weird not being able to move my boob up and look at the crease like when they were smaller. My right boob is very very squishy for this early and it moves around but the left one is pretty rigid and much firmer. I get that this is because they were asymmetrical pre-op and they have 100 ccs of difference, but I do hope they feel pretty similar when they are fully healed, because it would be weird if one boob was super jiggly and one wasn't. (That's how they were before, but they were a full cup size different so it makes sense that a medium boob would bounce more than a small one).
Sorry for all of these complaints. :( I really am trying to be positive, I just have to vent somewhere, and you are the lucky outlet for my frustrations ;) The creepy video yesterday made me frustrated and emotional to being with, so all of this other drama made things worse, and I am tired of not sleeping well because of my itchy boobs.
Happy New Year everybody, and thanks again for reading and commenting, it really makes my day. I must check this site 10 times a day because the comments are all so helpful and just what I need when I start feeling glum. :)

Just took my new measurements: Bust: 34 in (in...

Just took my new measurements:
Bust: 34 in (in surgical bra)
Waist: 24.5 in
Ribcage: 26 in
Hips: 35.5 in

So not too disproportionate I suppose. I suspect the bust measurement will get bigger when some of the fullness leaves the upper pole, but hopefully not by more than an inch or two.
Bust used to be around 32.5 or 33 in so I can tell there's a lot of compression going on.
Your family is childish like mine. That's one reason I have not and will not tell my mother, sister or brother. Who cares if you got them because of asymmetry or just because you wanted to have more. I saw a post early on from someone who said it something like "any self respecting woman would do the same" - and that helped me. Family may notice but honestly, I wore padded bras so much before that I don't think they will. (Maybe in a bathing suit?) Anyway, people can't control themselves and the sad thing is they have to act that way to have something to be catty about, or to make themselves feel better where they should be supporting you. I'm a mom. If my daughter said she wanted to grow up to be a hairstylist for horses, well, if that's what she wants and will make her happy, I'm all for it and would support her 100%. What kind of person wouldn't support their daughter? (Believe me, I have the same thing with my mother calling me fat when I was in my early 20s....and have never forgotten it.) Anyway, please don't let them worry you. You look amazing and I think your size is perfect for your frame. They're just jealous of you. Like Mariebee said, we're here for you, so lean on those who care.
Aww, thanks for this RavensGal. You sound like an awesome mom, your daughter is so lucky to have you. My mom has never been supportive and has always picked on my sisters and me my whole life. My older sister won't even speak to her anymore. Now that I'm older I can look past it and I try to understand her. I think she has her own deep-rooted insecurities and this is how she deals with it. I don't justify her actions but I try not to bother fighting with her, it never accomplishes much. Luckily my dad is lovely and I don't live with my parents anymore so I don't need to deal with her often. Thanks so much for the compliments and I am so grateful for you and everyone in this online community. It is really a Godsend. All the best to you, Happy New Year. :)
I am really pissed for you that you encountered that situation with your family... it's so hurtful and I feel for you. I haven't told anyone in my family about surgery (which is tomorrow) because I am terrified of their response. I hope that they realize that their reaction is hurtful and unnecessary. I think you look absolutely beautiful and radiant and I would NOT say that if I didn't think it. Try to lean on the support here and you will feel better with time. It heals all wounds.

Added photos of me in the peplum top; you can see...

Added photos of me in the peplum top; you can see they're relatively modest in normal clothing. I'm sure they could look huge in something fitted and low-cut, but I don't wear stuff like that unless I'm going out to a club or something, and even then nothing crazy. I'm kind of boring and conservative with how I present myself haha. Woke up with the dreaded "morning boob." Trying to make peace with my boobs still and not let the cc amounts scare me. I hope everyone's doing well. Going shopping again, that always makes me feel better ;)
My bigger boob w/ the smaller implant is dropping really well, still jiggly and squishy (although only to a point, it's definitely firm in the center). Smaller boob doesn't seem to have budged much. I was expecting that, it seems logical. I had two different boobs pre-op, so it's like two operations. I'm sure they'll catch up to one another in a few weeks.
Your figure looks so good and proportionate!!! Like I told you before, you look amazing!
Thank you Angel!!
You look great! Definitely not too big for your frame, you look very proportional!

Okay, I am still trying to be positive. If my...

Okay, I am still trying to be positive. If my worst problem is that my breast implants are kind of big than I really need a good slap in the face. It's hard to put things in perspective sometimes. I'm trying to stay upbeat and reasonable. I looked at some progression photos and I keep reminding myself that half the reason I feel freaked out looking at my new boobs is that they are still swollen, high and hard. I was thinking about it and I did agree to the possibility of 250 or 275 cc in my bigger boob; 300 cc is a spoonful or two more. It's the 400 that freaks me out but that had to be large because of my asymmetry. I also need to remind myself that a lot of women on here are much more petite than I; I am 5'6, 118-120 lbs so pretty tall, and I have "childbearing hips" (which I have no problem with, they emphasize my small waist!) So I can't feel awful when everyone who looks super natural seems to get smaller implants than me--with a few exceptions of course. I also did have some breast tissue to begin with (lots of it in my big boob), which hopefully will soften my look when I'm healed.
I woke up with morning boob but it went away really quickly! I feel great now. I have a lot of my strength back; can pull open sliding doors, put things in the microwave, etc etc without gasping or feeling really uncomfortable. An interesting thing: I did have a muscle spasm near my collar bone. Really creepy. I could see the pectoral muscle twitching under the skin. I researched it and this is normal. Kind of made me feel badly that I was making my poor muscle stretch so much, but it will adapt.
Also, sorry if TMI: I believe I have a yeast infection from the antibiotics. I've never had one but my middle sister gets them once a year or so (she has Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic illness, and often needs antibiotics to prevent lung infections), and she confirmed my symptoms. Bleh. So icky, but c'est la vie. I will have to get some over the counter meds.
Sent a photo to my ultra-conservative sis who lives in NYC of me clothed, she said they don't look too big. Glad to hear everyone confirm this.
Also, I notice my boobs already move to the side a little when I lie down, like natural boobs! I love that. I was hoping they would. The squishy factor seems about the same. They're still not very soft, kind of remind me of dodge balls. haha. But I don't expect them to feel "real" this early. Still have my bit of jiggle.
Next post-op appt. on Tuesday, then off to Montreal on Thursday to brave the cold. I am excited to leave Florida and get back to my routine. I happen to be a nerd so I'm looking forward to getting back to school--taking some really great classes this semester ;)
Yay, so glad to hear you feeling a little more upbeat. Yes, we gotta look on the bright side- the "having boobies" side. Lol! What are you majoring in if you dont me asking?
Yes, thanks, I'm feeling better. Trying not to look at them too much or I'll obsess; instead I just try to focus on how they look nice in clothes. :) I'm majoring in Cultural Studies. It's pretty inter-disciplinary but it's kind of like communications/journalism. We study all aspects of culture (women's studies, race studies, popular culture, ads, films, novels and other forms of media etc). I'm double-minoring in Communications and Spanish Language (even though I go to McGill, which is in French-speaking Montreal, haha). I'm planning on doing PR or editing after school. I did an internship last summer in a NYC PR firm and loved it! I love writing, too. (Though my rambling/typo-filled RealSelf review isn't much of a testament to that. Yikes, my profs would kill me haha.)
Hi there I've only just seen your story & congrats on your op-you look great, really I can't believe you think you're too big! I think it's the actual number that has freaked you out, when you heard 400 it sounded huge but in reality you carry it really well. I was very swollen post op & as mine have settled they appear slightly smaller (sad for me!) but I think you will be happier as time goes on. It took a couple of weeks for my swelling to settle. And as they drop they will look more & more natural. It's not obvious at all that you had surgery so don't worry. With regard to your family's comments, this is the reason I told nobody apart from my husband & sister, I don't think people realise how personal this is. I would be so upset, as you were, if those comments were made. All I can say is as time goes on they will forget, it will be old news. I was very emotional in the first week after my surgery too. I remember visiting friends and imagining they were staring at my huge freaky boobs & laughing. Of course they werent, i had told none of them & had a very loose top so they didnt know. I thought i had made a huge mistake. Give yourself time, its surgery after all, anaesthetic effects us too & its a huge emotional drain, not to mention pain & drugs. But its worth it, wait & see. Enjoy your fabulous figure, you look truly beautiful & in proportion :)

Brief update. Morning boob, went away with in 15...

Brief update. Morning boob, went away with in 15 minutes. I feel really good. Lots of energy, no pain, boobs don't feel as heavy anymore, tightness has subsided A LOT. Regaining sensation beneath boobs near crease, some still lost thus far. Nipples are a little hyper-sensitive now. They were normal immediately post-op. Hmm. My crease incisions are a PAIN. So itchy and uncomfortable. My grandmother's a former nurse and said it's a sign of healing that they're itchy. I am currently cheating and not wearing any sort of bra. If I wear my surgical bra it just feels tight and digs into my incision. And my bralette is tight on my sensitive nipples. (I feel like I'm writing really bad porn, bleh).
Anyway, so not fun. But otherwise I am good. Yesterday I went to the mall, out for lunch/dinner (really living the high life with my Christmas money. haha). Had lots of stamina, though my boobs did get sore by the end of the day.
On a sad note I wore my fitted white crochet dress to dinner and I think my boobs looked huge. I felt like everyone knew they were fake. :( I try to remind myself that my old boobs looked bigger in that dress too because of the knit. Still can't entirely shake the feeling I'm going to need to revise for smaller down the line...I'll post a pic of the dress so you can see what I mean.

Just added a photo to show how squishy they are...

Just added a photo to show how squishy they are for 8 days post-op. Left is firmer than the right but it had less breast tissue and a bigger implant so that makes sense. I'm impressed by squishiness thus far, hope they keep on getting softer!
My sister said for the first year she thought she went too big, right after her surgery her husband said oh no, they are too big, haha, but she is happy now, so after my surgery I felt like you, I didn't want anyone to know either, I haven't told my inlaws, I was nervous on New Years but no one knew, I am starting too feel a little better about the size now and I am 1 month post op
I think they look great in that dress!!!
sweety your size is perfect dont stress about them being too big they will drop and start getting more natural size... i wish mine were as big as yours you paid the money you have phenominal results trust me you look amazing

Still sleeping propped up a bit because I find it...

Still sleeping propped up a bit because I find it more comfortable. I always get terrible cramps during my period and I just got them this morning. I took Tylenol but that doesn't do much, not sure when I'm allowed to take Advil again :( Doc didn't mention. The cramps woke me up. Bleh. Also, I still have a yeast infection and it's really grossing me out (I've never had one before). I had to stop doing the suppository midway through treatment because I got my period and I am too grossed out to keep placing a suppository up there. Sorry for TMI but it's reality! I am going to try oral yeast infection medication instead.
Still morning boob but they feel fine this morning now that I'm up. Really not very tight anymore but I can't say they feel like "me" yet. I can still feel something sitting on my chest and stretching.
Last night I had a really sharp pain on the side of my left boob. I figured out that it was the nerve from my nipple to the side of my chest. It must be regenerating. Controlled pain with extra strength Tylenol. I've been taking Tylenol frequently, it keeps aches and soreness at bay.
I'm not noticing my boobs dropping a lot...hmmm...though if you compare "squishy" photos they seem softer.
5 days until I go home (to Montreal)....getting excited. I miss the snow and my apartment. I keep dreaming of falling alseep in my own, comfortable bed, not the guest room bed at my parents' house. haha.
That's all for now!
I have asymmetry too!! I am a large C in lt and B in rt! After 2 kids and mastitis it is even worse.. I am excited to have them even... You look amazing!!
They look great! And I agree, they do look smaller now that the swelling has gone down!
Thanks! Yes, I think they did shrink, combined with dropping a little. How are you doing? Have you got surgery scheduled yet for Feb?

Yesterday was a great day! Started out gross but...

Yesterday was a great day! Started out gross but got so much better. I found out I got an internship with a prominent investment banker on Wall Street for this summer. I don't want to be a banker but such connections are always to my advantage because my major isn't the most practical. So happy. I'll be doing assistant sorts of tasks.
As I was saying to Cinnamon Girl, it's like a light switch went on yesterday. My boobs seemed to drop all of the sudden. I did feel great yesterday, pretty much like I never had surgery, but my cramps were so bad I didn't think about boobs. When I finally did look in the mirror my jaw dropped. It's like they dropped overnight. They are still high up, so I am starting to getting excited about how they're going to look in a month, 2 months, a year...I know implants are like a fine wine in the beginning stages, as time passes they get better-looking. (Unless you encounter a complication, so I'm not out of the woods yet).
I have been sleeping propped up because every time I lay flat I felt like my boobs were a person sitting on my chest and I got sore. Last night I was feeling so great I decided to sleep flat. Slept like a baby! No discomfort. I woke up once because I was about to turn on my side. Stopped that, lay flat and fell back asleep. Yay!
Also, tried on my 32 DDD bra that I bought...on day 5, it felt tight, but now it's roomy so it will definitely fit after drop and fluff in my estimation. That made me happy too! Tried on my best friend's 30 FF Freya bra and it was too big! She'll be happy to know she's still the bustiest roommate ;) I know we're not supposed to base our happiness on cup sizes but I know a lot about bra sizing and was hoping I wouldn't size out of a 28 FF/G. 32 DDD is the cup volume equivalent to a 28 FF/G.
Speaking of bras, please measure yourself properly! Google "A Sophisticated Pair's" bra calculator. The add 4/5 inches to your ribcage measurement is outdated and was created by manufacturers to shoehorn us all into a few sizes. My ribcage is 26 inches, so even a 32 band is 6 inches too big! (Just bought it to have a loose bra for the first few months). Pre-op, I was a 28 DD or 28 E, so don't let the sizes fool you. In proper sizing, a D is quite small. It represents only 4 inches over the ribcage measurement. (I.e. if you're 30 inches below, 34 inches over fullest part of bust, you're a 30 D).
As for my boobs being bigger than I wanted, every time I get that thought I interrupt myself and think about something else. Positive thinking! I've never been good at that but I'm getting better!
Anyway, end of rant. Best to everyone, thank you for your unwavering support--I think you're all awesome. Still don't know what I would do all of you and without RealSelf.
They have a,ways looked good one you. With the swelling gone down they look so natural...like you didnt even have them done. I think you will be very pleased with them once they've settled.
Thanks so much. I'm excited to see how they turn out if they continue to look more natural. Glad I asked for that look!
They look fabulous; ad you are but at day 10...imagine what they will look like at the 3 month mark! : )

I feel great! Almost like I never had surgery. No...

I feel great! Almost like I never had surgery. No real tightness and my boobs are really dropping. Pretty sure no one can tell I have fake boobs when I'm in casual clothes. I even wore a sleeveless blouse with a v-neck and you couldn't tell. My mom, who is usually pretty negative as you know, yesterday said: "Your doctor did a really good job, I would have no idea you had implants." And I was wearing a fitted cotton tank top with an open cardigan and pajama bottoms. I'm really impressed that I am passing for natural at 11 days post-op. I was worried I'd have Frankenboobs, and for weeks at that. Makes it easier to go back to school without everyone noticing a change. Guess I got lucky. I don't work out my pecs much so they're probably not as tight as some. Naked/in a bra is another story. My boobs still look pretty fake to me. But I'm not even 2 weeks post-op, I think they have time to change ;) I slept on my back again, no problem.
I do notice my surgical bra feels tight and when I take it off it has left marks on my breasts, so I'm trying to avoid wearing it. In my post-op instructions it says to wear another wireless bra if the surgical bra feels too tight. I've been wearing my bralettes instead. Think I will pop over to somewhere cheap like Kohls and get a loose sports bra. I had bought one in a 32 DD for post-op but it's too tight on my incisions. Will probably be able to wear it eventually, just not now.
Oh, and one thing I'm noticing post-op that kind of funny: under boob sweat!! haha. This won't be an issue back in Montreal for several months. But here in Florida it makes me laugh. My old boobs were really small/perky and barely had a crease. I never had "under boob" anything, let alone sweat. Pretty funny. I feel like I need to subscribe to a "big boob problems" newsletter now.
Best to everyone! Seeing my PS tomorrow...
I bought a pull over cami bra from kohls and it was very comfy and didn't feel like it was squeezing my chest too much but didn't offer a lot of support either.
Check out those Bali microfiber bras at Kohls. A few of us have used them after BA and they are comfy. I use bikini cups in there to hide the nips if I wear it out. =) You should convice your mom to get a BA. =) Wouldnt that be great? She might be a new woman after that!
Thanks for the advice, I'll check that out at Kohls! haha, she's actually quite busty! She never lost volume after each pregnancy (she had 3), instead she gained a cup size each time, so she's a 36 DD now. She's so impressed by my surgeon she was thinking of getting a face lift though. I don't think she needs it! I hope I get her genes. She has no wrinkles at 61, and I think it's because she has moisturized heavily her whole life.

I wore a new, fitted dress out to dinner last...

I wore a new, fitted dress out to dinner last night. I put on a cardigan to be extra modest but I think I looked normal! No funny looks directed at my boobs. Adding a pic. I NEVER could wear scoop neck, fitted stuff like this because that's when you could really see my asymmetry. My cleavage was always wonky and it used to depress me. I always needed to wear padded push ups because the padding helped even out the difference. Hooray for symmetry! That was my main goal, and I achieved it! Never want to stuff my bra on one side or wear padded bras again!
I had a weird allergic reaction last night, I couldn't breathe and needed to take a lot of Benadryl etc. It is not implant related, I think I'm allergic to black pepper. Ugh.
Seeing my PS today for the last time before heading back to Montreal!
I'm going to mention that my boobs seem a bit big but I'm feeling a lot better so I won't make a huge deal out of it. Just curious to see what he says and I want to put it out there so that if I'm still unhappy later on he can't say I never said anything.
Girl you look absolutely beautiful! I know it's ultimately your decision but I really hope you don't get a revision to go smaller. They suit your figure so well and they balance everything out. Just my 2 cents. Amazing results!
Thank you!! I am liking them better everyday. There are still moments where I think, omg these are huge! But you know what? This morning I went to change my bra and I looked and the mirror and thought, "These are actually not very big at all! They look normal!" Who would've guessed I'd say that a few days ago? So happy I'm growing to love them!
I'm glad for you. In the end I'm sure you will love them just like we all do. Hehehe ;)

Saw my PS yesterday afternoon. He and the nurse...

Saw my PS yesterday afternoon. He and the nurse said my results looked perfect! They were really impressed. My PS was already asking when I'll be back in FL again so he can take after photos. My nurse said my boobs should soften up a lot more. She said I am still a bit swollen. They're still pretty firm but they look great. I already think they're looking good and my surgeon saw them and said they're not even near done. That makes me so excited! They already look relatively natural, I can only imagine the end result!
The nurse picked off a little bit of the tape from my incisions. There are scabs on the incisions. I forgot to ask my PS if/when I should start a scar treatment. I always get nervous for some reason and all of my questions desert me.
My PS also pulled out an after photo to show me something and I was a little spellbound upon seeing my old boobs. I'm already forgetting them. My first thought was how uneven they were! It was pretty obvious even at first glance. And also what a nice shape they were! I hope they become that shape again as they drop and fluff.
Still experiencing morning boob, though it fades quickly. FINALLY heading to Kohls today for some wireless/sports bras. And tomorrow, Montreal at last! I'm a bit worried about my suitcase but I'm hoping kind strangers can assist me. I'm checking my bag so not too much help needed. And I'll be taking a cab to my apartment so the driver can lift my suitcase in and out of the car.
I was also thinking that for the first time in my life, I'm not ashamed of my boobs! I actually LIKE looking at them when I go to take a shower. And I wouldn't be ashamed for someone else to see them either, once they heal a bit. I know my pre-boobs weren't disgusting or horribly disfigured, but they sure bothered me. Sometimes it just gets old to worry about hiding your unevenness all the time. Or to worry about whether the person you're dating will notice/care that your boobs are wonky.
I had so many people tell me "Oh, plastic surgery is bad. Love yourself the way you are. You'll end up wanting to 'fix' everything once you start."
That's just stupid to me. If I have a defect and I want to fix it, there's no good reason I should suffer and not change it! Then I will be able to move on and not worry about this slight genetic abnormality that I was "blessed" with. And I think that's just what I'll do when these are healed. I am very happy with the rest of me, and always have been. Boobs can't fix your problems, but if your problem was your boobs, then maybe they can ;)

Took the advice of Scrappy and AesSedai and went...

Took the advice of Scrappy and AesSedai and went to Kohls. Got some Barely There Bras. They're so comfy but make my boobs look huge!! I included a pic. Size large. Only size large I've ever tried on where the band is actually fitted! I got 4 (white, pink, gray, black). No underwire for several weeks!
they look great! have a safe trip home and enjoy the girls, ;-)
hey! I think they look GREAT! The day 9 pic looks PERFECT, not to big or too small, even on both sides, and you have a perfect amount of fullness :D YAY!! Just a few questions, How tall are you? How much do you weigh? and what size did you start and end with? Im sure you mentioned it in your post but its just easier to have the stats all layed out in front of me :) CONGRATS!!
Looks great, I also agree with the ladies, you have such a tiny waist. Your are going to get so many looks on the beach this summer ;)

Finally back in Montreal. What a terrible ordeal!...

Finally back in Montreal. What a terrible ordeal! I had to be up at 5:30 AM to catch my flight, which was tricky because I still have some trouble sleeping and falling asleep on my back. I ended up getting only 5 hours or so of sleep. I had to connect through Atlanta and had an extra-long layover. But worst part was landing...I had to wheel my 50 pound suitcase through several lines, into an elevator, up and down corridors, outside, inside and on and on for a good hour. I was supposed to get picked up by a cab driver but he was difficult to understand so I couldn't find him for the longest time. I ended up bursting into tears. My boobs were sooo sore and my muscles were killing me and I was simply exhausted. I was terrified I was doing damage or going to get a Hematoma or something. My cab driver was a really nice guy and carried my suitcase into my apartment for me and up the stairs (told him I got shoulder surgery..). So kind. When I got into my apartment I went right away and took a hot shower. I felt sooo much better afterwards. I rested a bit and then went and had vegetarian curry with my roommate at a restaurant. I feel fine now, I slept okay. I want to sleep on my side but I'm scared to! I don't know. For some reason it hurts my back to sleep flat..weird, I thought this sleeping position was "healthiest."
My boobs feel really squishy! Not "real" or anything, but kind of like stress balls. When there was turbulence in the plane my boobs were bouncing a bit. They're squishy but firm. They're improving. I hope they feel more realistic in the end. I know it's early. When I lie flat they feel very hard. When I bend over they're the softest. I haven't seen any progress with dropping etc since my last photo. I think I am going to ignore my boobs for a while and focus on my classes. I am still a bit worried about the size. My roommate has always been the "busty" friend and my boobs are larger now, significantly so. Although she is a few inches shorter and a bit thinner. Also, while I have hips, I don't have much of a butt at all, so that's a bit off. At least when my boobs were small my butt didn't look so flat.
I also got a nasty breakout all over the top of my boobs from the cocoa butter clogging my pores. I'm going to let the break-out clear up and then use Cetaphil lotion instead, as it's non-comedogenic. It's annoying though, I can't wear anything below the collar bones or it looks like I just casually have terrible acne on my chest. Yuck.
Anyway, I feel fine now, the boobs aren't that sore considering what I subjected them to, and I am very very happy to back home. My roommate is having a party tonight. I hope I'm allowed to drink? I think it should be fine, I'm not planning on dancing on tables haha.
That's all for now!
wow, what a crazy trip, glad your feeling better and I think taking a boob break is a great idea, its hard to not think about them thoight, good luck!
Awful ordeal.. On the bright side IRS over.. I started sleeping on my side around 2 weeks.. If it doesn't hurt I say go ahead... And drinking shoul be fine. I have been occasionally.
You look beautiful, and I feel so sorry for you with traveling so soon after your BA and dragging your suitcase. I couldn't imagine, and you had every right to burst into tears. The surgery on your shoulder excuse is a good one. I've told everyone I threw out my back recently when I am in public and need help. It's also what I told my kids because they are too young to understand. My daycare provider asked me the other day if my back was okay, because my daughter had been talking about it... oops! I told her my back is just fine. :) Anyway, enjoy your new additions, you look really awesome. You had great results!

OMG, when I woke up this morning, I actually said...

OMG, when I woke up this morning, I actually said "wow," out loud when I touched my right boob. It feels sooo soft. Almost real. I was amazed. My left boob seems like he's always going to be a week or so behind.
I did drink last night, but not much. I had two small drinks and felt very tipsy--guess my alcohol tolerance is very very low now. I'm not a big drinker in the best of times anyway. But aside from low tolerance, I was fine.
I slept without a bra, as my post-op booklet says it's okay now 2 weeks out. Maybe that contributed to the softness this morning.
I found I tired pretty easily yesterday. I went grocery shopping, made lunch etc, very low-key, but was a bit sore. Probably my body is still exhausted from travel and recovery.
No one seemed to notice that I had my boobs done! I had 10 of my good friends over and not one said a thing. I was wearing the green peplum shirt. The funny thing is that all of my friends, except for a couple, are very busty. I'm easily in their league now but they were talking about bra sizes and still no one bat an eye. I also wore a scoop neck, looser sleeveless lace top earlier in the day and still, I swear no one blinked. Yay! I'm sure that in a bra and topless there would be absolutely no way not to notice, but my friends know I sometimes wore the add 2 cup sizes bra, so they probably figure that's what I'm wearing, if they notice at all. I look pretty similar to how I did in that bra, maybe slightly bigger.
Now just wanting my boobs to drop, drop, drop. I know they're not super high but to me they look a bit like round globes on my chest. But it's only 16 days out, I have a bit of time ;)
Thank you--yep, it's tough, but I'm going to give it a try! Sometimes I forget I got them done..until I look down. hahaa
I wish I could sleep on my side .. I am a side sleeper but my girls are just not that comfortable doing that yet. After 2 weeks of sleeping in an elevated position at least I can finally sleep flat on my back with some pillows under my knees. ;)
Yeah, same here. I tried laying on my side this morning but it felt a little weird, the implants felt sort of heavy. I think I just need to get used to it. It wasn't painful per se. Just weird.

Woke up this morning, looked in the mirror when I...

Woke up this morning, looked in the mirror when I went to take a shower and said "Wow!" again haha. They look so much more natural than even a few days ago! I'm wondering if being more active, using muscles and just generally not being so sedentary as I was in Florida is helping the muscle to stretch. I do tire out quickly. Was in bed by 10:30 pm last night, this from a college student who usually sleeps at 2:00 am. I haven't been sleeping in very easily; tried my side again but it felt tender so still on my back and not terribly comfortable.
Adding new photos! Take a look. I think they'll always seem a bit big to me, but as they settle the size isn't such an issue because they still look pretty natural. Someday I will probably downsize, like if I need to do a revision for CC/rupture or other complication.
I'm changing my status to "worth it" because for the first time ever, I looked at my boobs in the mirror and said "wow!" instead of "eek!" haha.
Best to everyone. Classes tomorrow.
Hey girl! Glad things are going well! If I can offer one piece of advice and that is be careful who you tell. It is better to just not bring it up, there are so many catty girls out there and ones that you might consider friends as well. Someone may ask you at some point, I would prepare yourself an answer. But if I were you I would never own up to it to anyone that you dont super trust. Like you could say"I have the VS add 2 cups size  bra, and thanks for noticing my breasts!" Lol. But seriously- trust me on this one! And as far as guys go- dont tell them either If you can help it! Good luck in your semester!
Thanks Scrappy! I was thinking about this as well. I don't really plan on telling anyone else, maybe one other close friend. I think I might tell people I went on a new birth control pill and my boobs grew a bit, plus I always wear padded bras, which most of my friends know. Luckily no one even glanced at my chest the other night. As for guys, I definitely will not say a word unless they bring it up and I feel comfortable with them. The last thing I want to be known as is "that girl with the fake boobs" on campus haha. People definitely love gossip! Thanks so much for your advice!
Good advice! I remember telling a few ppl I was getting a BA and they were like "why, you don't need it" and "you are beautiful the way you are without being fake" .. even my own primary doc when I was getting my preop blood work done was telling me I did not need it. Meanwhile I'm in there in my padded bra LOL! So, I have been selective of who I have told .. my friends who have had their boobs done are all super excited for me and for everyone else, haters included, it is none of their business! ;)

I keep thinking I should stop updating daily and...

I keep thinking I should stop updating daily and do once a week, but then I think of things I want to say!
Went for dinner with an old (male) friend. He was like, "Wow, you look good," and then stared right at my chest! ahaha. I know him really really well, and we're not linked romantically at all, so I was waiting for him to say "Did you boobs get bigger?" but he just complimented my sweater. So I don't think he fully realized why I looked so "good." I was all prepared to tell him I was wearing a new padded bra. Just thought that was funny. It was a pretty loose sweater, too, but I guess he's known me for a while so he would notice any change, even if he can't pinpoint it.
Anyway, I feel great. I can't even feel my implants inside of me anymore. They spread to the side like real boobs when I lay down, they jiggle a bit, etc. I forget I even have them sometimes!
I have noticed my bigger boob pre-op's beginning to look quite different from my smaller boob. I'm hoping it is just dropping faster because it has a smaller implant and more tissue. It has more side boob, looks smaller somehow, and has more of a slope. We'll see. Either way they're still 50X more even than they were before. I actually looked at all old pictures of my boobs last night and almost cried. They were so lopsided! In pictures, they don't look as bad as they were in real life. I just wonder how I ended up with this genetic abnormality? No one else in my family has it. Oh well, so happy it is an easy fix, and I already feel so confident in my decision to change them. It definitely took all of my courage to do this. If you met me in real life, you'd see I'm not very "gutsy" or adventurous. I'm just very cautious, reserved and conservative. I still am kind of shocked I went through with the whole thing, but again, so glad I did.
They look so natural! They are definitely taking shape and settling in nicely. You'll probably get the "wow you look good" comments a lot. It's funny just sitting back looking at their face trying to figure out why. Too funny!

I can hold a pencil under my right boob! haha....

I can hold a pencil under my right boob! haha. Somehow that made me really excited. Cannot hold one at all under the left. The right has a true "crease" as in the skin on my boob touches my ribcage. I hope the other boob drops to the same level...they were both perky pre-op, and the one that's still crease-less has a bigger implant, so you would think they will match eventually. Patience is a virtue (that I often lack).
I still have a break out on top of my boobs from the cocoa butter I put on a week ago. I can't seem to shake it!!! :( So limiting. I can't wear anything remotely low cut. I'm talking even a crew neck. Bleh. I am going to wash my chest with my Cetaphil and moisturize it with non-comedogenic moisturizer every day, hoping that'll help.
I noticed tiny burst blood vessels on top of my left boob...hoping this is not the beginning of stretch marks...fingers crossed.
That's about it for today. I have all of my energy back, get twinges now and then when pushing heavy doors open etc. I used a hole punch and what a weird feeling!! My boobs moved with the muscle and it just felt odd.
Thanks Angel! haha yes, I agree it is so funny! Let them wonder!

1 DAY past 3 WEEKS! Time keeps rushing by! Woke...

1 DAY past 3 WEEKS! Time keeps rushing by!
Woke up this morning and made myself late to class because I freaked out and thought I had begun to develop big red stretch marks on my breast. I slathered them with cocoa butter etc and ran to class. I just got home a few hours later and I'm so relieved. Upon closer inspection, my "stretch marks" were marks from my pajamas. I'm so paranoid. I know I'm prone to stretch marks so I'm just waiting to wake up with millions of them. Does anyone know when I'm in the danger-free zone, and they will not develop if they haven't already?
Also, when I lie flat, my boobs feel very hard compared to when I'm upright or even at a slight incline. Will this change or will they always feel firm when I'm lying down? I feel like it would be awkward if someone I'm dating tries to feel me up when I'm laying down and they get a handful of...rock hard implant. lol.
Meanwhile, my boobs are getting more and more squishy. My right boob pretty much feels like my old, tiny boobs! The left is coming alone but slightly firmer. I forced my poor roommate to squeeze righty and she remarked that that boob feels "almost real." Hopefully they keep getting squishier! It's so fun to wake up each morning and feel myself up for changes ahaha. I am too creepy.
Meanwhile, I loooove my classes so far this semester, and time is already flying. I am going out tonight to a bar for the first time since pre-op. I'll try and post a pic of what I end up wearing, I think I can show off these things a little bit by this point ;)
I was joking to my roommate that it's a good thing in all of my FB photos I am wearing the add 2 cup sizes bra, because I do not look any different now! (But the padding is internal).
Best to everyone, have a good weekend.
It's awesome that u get to show the girls off tonight. I hope it all goes well. :)  as for the hardness thing. Idk. I haven't really paid attention but I think mine r soft when I lay flat. They haven't struck me as feeling different... And yes, I feel myself up all the time too... :)  you're suppose to play with new toys, right?  
You know, I am so glad you didnt say anything to your guy friend, and I'll tell you why! I just graduated from College last May and one day on my way to another class a girlfriend was walking with me and I am looking at her and I thought she looks great. I didnt know if her top was new, but it was a great top. So anywyas I complimented her and her top. And she smiled and said 'thanks!' and then she got a cheesy grin and told me. I had no idea! LOL! I thought it was just the first time I had ever seen her with a low cut blouse, and that she just looked really good in it. =) I think she would give herself away though when she would fidget with her boobs and keep looking down at them. She only did that when we went out drinking. =) And I can totally relate tot the pencil thing, I couldn't do that before either!
Thanks Scrappy, it's amazing how no one has looked twice. I guess before I started researching BAs, I never could tell if someone's breasts were real vs. fake (unless it was very obvious, because they asked for a fake look), and it never even crossed my mind. I would probably have seen most women on RealSelf and would have thought "That lady's so lucky that her boobs are awesome." And so many people wear padded bras these days you never really know what someone's size truly is. I have a good friend who is quite thin with large natural boobs and it turns out she wears minimizer bras! I was shocked when I saw her in a normal bra/fitted shirt. You just never know. The pencil thing is funny! I hope in time my lefty can do it too!

I did end up going out last night, but just...

I did end up going out last night, but just somewhere casual so I wore jeans and a nice top. I did try on my American Apparel going out dress and it looks so good with boobs!! I'm putting up a pic. I've had the dress 5 years, so glad it still fits.
I'm a bit annoyed because it still feels uncomfortable to sleep on my side. I keep trying and end up lying flat again. The boob I'm not lying on feels heavy and tugs, while the one I am lying on feels squished and weird. It's annoying because I don't sleep as restfully on my back. For example, I got in at 3 am and I woke up at 8:30 am...usually I'd sleep til noon. I'm so tired now! Definitely staying in tonight and watching a movie or doing some reading for class. I've been fighting a cold too.
That's all for now!
Top looks great! As far as side sleeping goes, I used to take the side of a normal head pillow put it between breasts (meaning separate the girls, insert pillow =)) and hug the pillow to you. It felt much better for me that way. Rotate the pillow around to see what works for you, good luck!
Thanks Scrappy! I will try that!
That's how I slept too, I am a little over 6 weeks out and I finally have started to sleep without pain, my left breast kept having a shooting pain and I haven't had that pain in 5 days, so glad it stopped, I can't wait till I can sleep on my stomach

Feeling a little discouraged because I feel like...

Feeling a little discouraged because I feel like my breasts have progressed really quickly and now, nothing. They will keep changing a lot, right? They look nice and all but still not as natural as I'd like. Just feeling discouraged. They look like 2 soccer balls pinned to my chest when I lean back or when I lay on my side. Does this change or this just how implants always look? They also seem soo round to me! Please tell me I'm not yet close to my final result?? I'm freaking myself out that they dropped really quickly and now are done forever.
Everybody is different but it's only been a little under a month, you'll probably change, just a a slower pace. Once the drop and fluff I think you'll love them...I mean you already look amazing as it is. I agree on the massages, if you haven't I would email or call the surgeon and see what he suggests.
Thanks Angel. My PS doesn't recommend massaging. He doesn't forbid it, but never taught me how to do it and just doesn't think it's needed. I have dropped significantly and gotten softer everyday without massaging, I just feel like it all happened so fast, and am I now stuck with this result? I may be acting paranoid...lol.
I think everyone is different on when things settle.. I'm hoping I'm settled. :/ I think even if they look like they do now, you are fabulous!! Just my opinion!!

Haven't updated in a while because I was boring...

Haven't updated in a while because I was boring everyone with my posts. It's been 1 month!! Time flies. I am now cleared to go to the gym, should I so desire, and to lift things more freely (though instructions say 4-6 weeks, so I'll take it easy on that one).
Progress: left breast is still dropping and fluffing more slowly. Righty is really looking natural. She even "sits" a bit, i.e. not completely perky, looks very natural without being at all saggy.
Including some photos of me in 32 DDD bra, you can see they're looking more natural.
Here's a complaint:
I wore something more fitted to a party last night, and my friend said, "you have such nice boobs!" when she saw me..haha. I'm positive she still didn't figure it out. If she does ask I'll use the birth control excuse. But then later on my roommate told me the top made my boobs look "huge" and that it would be "slutty" to wear it to class (I didn't, but thought it was fine)...upset me because it's one of my favorite tops. It showed no cleavage, just was fitted and hit right above the hips so I looked curvy. My roommate's going through some sort of existential boob crisis because she's always been really busty for her petite size, but she's lost 15 pounds and now she's a small (proportional, I think) C cup instead of a full D. Her boobs are also different than mine in general: they "hang" more and are a lot more mushy than mine ever were, I have very dense and firm boobs naturally. So then she starts saying, "Well, at least my boobs are still fun to play with, it would be creepy if they were small AND firm." Of course I was kind of offended. My old boobs were the epitome of small and firm, haha. But they were also really really perky. I have never heard any guy say, "Her boobs are too perky and naturally firm, it's weird." haha. And I loved my old boobs, they were really pretty IMO, just very asymmetrical. I think my roommate just feels insecure now that she's no longer the big-boobed friend. She kept dropping hints about my boobs in front of our friends. She'd say, "Are you wearing a bra?!" (I wasn't, but you couldn't tell, had nipple covers on, my sports bra was too bulky under the top). That almost gave me away right there because I am known for wearing padded bras. If I had admitted to no bra, everyone would know right away that something was up, no one's boobs are that big and perky braless unless they are genetically gifted (which they know I'm not) or are wearing heavy padding or have IMPLANTS. Eek!
Anyway, I feel great, no pain in boobs. I am spitting a stitch on one incision, waiting for that to go away, and my scars are healing, they still have tiny scabs in places so I'm waiting for them to heal before putting scar treatment on them. My PS never told me to put anything on them, but I would like to for peace of mind. Anyone have recommendations?
My boobs feel softer everyday. When do they reach their final softness? Also, no one did tell me, do they ever stop feeling so firm when I am lying flat on my back?
Everyone have a great weekend! Yay for 1 month sans complications or other issues, praying I continue to heal well.
Your tits are rad! :-) Disregard your roommates jealousy - They look fantastic! Gotta love those comfy urban outfitter bralettes!
I identify with your story so much! Couple of things: one, you look great, absolutely AMAZING, two: I do not think you went too big, three: do not listen to your roommate's snide remarks - jealousy is a disease, four: where did you get the 'comfy' pink post surgical bra?, five: were your implants the cohesive gummy bear ones and six: how long did it take you to get back to walking normally etc. Do you think 3-4 days off work would suffice? Also: you seem in shape so I was wondering how long did it take you to start working out again and did your doctor caution you to wait a certain time before engaging in cardio/physical activity? Thanks in advance and apologies for all the questions. Your story was striking bc we have a lot in common and I can't wait to get this done, I am absolutely ecstatic!
1.) Thank you!! 2.) Thank you again! I'm getting used to them. 3.) I do try and just get over anything she says. That's what friends are for, right? haha. 4.) I got it at Kohls, believe it or not! It's called the "Barely there Bra". Was very cheap and is so comfy. 5.) My implants were not gummy bears as far as I know. They were standard Mentor brand cohesive gel. 6.) I would take a full week off of work. I had an easy recovery, wasn't in much pain, off prescription painkillers by day 2, but honestly it knocks the wind out of you. I would've been just exhausted. I remember after just a couple hours at the mall I'd want to go home, pop a Tylenol, and rest. 7.) I was allowed to do "aerobic exercise" by week 4, but I live in a city so I walk to get everywhere. And I'm a pretty fast walker. I had all of my energy back by week 2-3. I can't do any heavy workouts until week 6, so not yet! I think a light jog would be fine at this point, haven't tried yet though. No problem about the questions! I am so happy to help in any form that I can. I had so many questions when I was waiting to schedule my surgery. Let me know if you want to ask anything else!

Haven't seen a whole lot more progress...I'm...

Haven't seen a whole lot more progress...I'm guessing changes from now on will be much more gradual than they were initially. I am including another photo from pre-op. What a difference! I already forgot my boobs were so lopsided! Also including a photo in a 34 DD bra. It is pretty small, the gore lifts off the center of my chest etc. :( One thing I did not want was to size out of mainstream retail sizes. I mean, technically I am a 28 GG or something crazy, but even my sister sizes aren't in stores. I think I need a 34 E or F. Oh well. 34 DD will do the job for now. I can start wearing underwires in one week.

I just want to say one thing: I am happy! I like my body from head to toe!
Everyone always says, "Oh as soon as you 'fix' your boobs you'll move on to the next thing and you'll never be satisfied."
Not true. I knew that my boobs were abnormal. I knew they bothered me and always would bother me.
I feel so much more normal and pretty with even boobs. I can look in the mirror naked and say, "Wow, I look great!" instead of "I look really nice, too bad about my boobs though..."

So if you're on the fence, I'd say do it if you know your boobs are your major hang-up and that fixing them would make a big difference. I already have no regrets about my decision. Of course, that could change, but for now I feel like an emotional weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I will never be ashamed of my boobs again. I look in the mirror and think, "This is how I was supposed to look all along!"

In other news, sleeping well on my side and half on my stomach. No pain, no back aches, no foreign feeling. Still numbness underneath my breast which is a bummer but I have gained some sensitivity in my nipples. Still no one knows I got my boobs done unless I have told them.

All the best to everyone! Will update at the 6 week mark. PS says 6 weeks is when I should have a pretty good idea of my final results. Drastic changes will be over. Time is flying!
You look so great! I'm hoping for a similar result in shape and size :-) Glad you're almost to 6 weeks, congrats!
Thanks very much!
Looking awesome! : )

I am 6 weeks post-op today. I have been great but...

I am 6 weeks post-op today.
I have been great but having the occasional pain...not sure about why I'm feeling that way all of a sudden. The feeling is more of an ache, and I've been having some back pain..but my breasts do not feel heavy. I think the muscles are just continuing to loosen up and stretch.
Still wearing 34 DD/ 32 DDD.
Boobs are pretty squishy. I've found:
-they are squishiest when I'm bending down. They feel completely natural.
-they are firmest when I'm laying on my back. They feel unnatural.
-they are fairly squishy sitting up. They feel 7/10 towards being natural. The left breast is about a 6/10 and the right is an 8/10 on a scale of one to 10 10 being completely natural 0 being like a rock
Hoping they continue to soften.
Talked to my PS, he said:
-use scar treatment w/ Silicone in it.
-I can massage my left breast, who is firmer and a bit more stubborn
-my left breast, being much smaller pre-op and w/ a much bigger implant, will always be 6 WEEKS BEHIND my right breast. Was a relief to hear this because lefty is significantly firmer and less jiggly than righty and I was beginning to worry about CC.

I am noticing in photos that my left breast sits a little lower and looks a bit bigger than righty. In real life (the mirror, etc) it isn't noticeable. If you look at my pre-op photos, one boob did sit lower.
This doesn't bother me at all. A little asymmetry is normal and natural.

Oh! And I'm now allowed to wear underwire bras. Yippee, no more nipples showing through; I can wear fitted stuff more comfortably!

Including 2 photos:
-1 of me in a looser sweater/jeans to show how they are hidden
-1 of my naked boobs to show progress. I haven't noticed that they've changed much at all in the past couple of weeks.
Congrats u look great....I love ur results!
Looking great!! I'm glad that you post pics in clothes, not many ppl do that and "disguising" them is important to me :)
I'm going to be the 1000th person to tell you that you look awesome! Your results are exactly what I'm hoping for. I have one question -- I don't think you mentioned it above -- but were your implants placed under or over the muscle? I have a feeling I will get unders, and if you did too, I will feel that much more confident about my choice!

No real changes since week 4, I'll put up another...

No real changes since week 4, I'll put up another photo anyway but it is the strangest thing! Not that they look bad or too high. Am hoping for more of a slope on lefty but my doc did say this boob would be up to 6 weeks behind the larger boob pre-op that has the smaller implant.
I felt good, have the odd pain here and there when I use my muscles a lot. Heading to the gym tomorrow, found a great sports bra from LuluLemon, the 32DD "Tata Tamer." Happily I don't look obscene or anything in work out attire.
My boobs feel pretty squishy and natural now. Still a bit firm when I lay on my back. I also dislike how when I raise my arms or spread my arms, they turn into two round balls on my chest, but what can you do : /
They are still jiggly and bouncy, but about as bouncy as my old small boobs.
I bought some silicone scar cream called Scar Zone from the pharmacy. Have been applying it twice a day for a week or so. I couldn't start earlier because I still had scabs and a spitting stitch, which fell out on its own. My scars are still pretty red. They're also longer than I expected. One is about 2 inches long! The other is 1.5 inches or so. I really hope my scars fade well. They're quite unsightly right now when I lay down. I want some silicone gel scar strips but can't find them anywhere. Have also been trying to massage my scars. The doctor said I have a good complexion for scarring, but I don't seem to be doing well with that so far. Posting a pic of my longer scar.
Yeah sleepless you look amazing like Maggie says!!! What bra are you wearing in the first pic, I know or think it is a compression of some sort but which one?!?! Lol!! Also, where did you find that cute blue Lacey bralette? Looking hot babe!!!
That is a bra that my doc provided, not sure where it is from! The lacey bralette is from Urban Outfitters! Sorry to be slow in replying!
WOW! Your results look fantastic and so natural, even at only few days post op. I wouldn't have been able to tell. I can totally relate to your story. My mom also decided to tell her friends and family in england - they all ended up giving me some stupid comment. Just like you, I also had the boobie blues and was so upset that I just wanted to get rid of the implants ASAP. Now I have gotten used to them and LOVE them. I heard that it usually takes 6 months until the implants fall into place and showing the final results. I hope you are doing great !

Hi everyone! Life has been crazy! I have literally...

Hi everyone! Life has been crazy! I have literally been swamped with huge research papers, presentations, midterms, etc. Now finals are heading my way so I figured I'd better do an update now before life overwhelms me once again.
My boobs are doing well. They are very squishy and natural. I have had several drunk friends squeeze them (the life of a college student...); no one has noticed that they are fake. They look really natural in daily life. They jiggle, even in a bra, and bounce when I go up and down stairs.
I have developed a lot of stretch marks on my smaller boob (pre-op, that is), which is discouraging. I know they fade, though. My other boob already had some faded stretch marks from puberty so I guess now my boobs are truly even! I guess I don't have great skin elasticity? Weird because my old boobs were extremely perky and self-supporting, but I guess that has more to do with the internal structure of the breast.
I have yet to show my boobs to a guy, and I'm okay with that. The scars are still really red and visible so I know that a guy would realize my boobs are "enhanced." And I just don't want to explain that right now. Sure, if I were really serious about someone I'd be okay with it, but for a casual fling, it isn't worth it. I don't want to be the center of gossip. I'm too busy for guys right now anyway! I do think that when I decide I'm comfortable revealing these things, I'll be very confident. I mean--they're even now! I feel normal!
I should note that my boobs seem to be more squishy now when I lay flat on my back; hoping this continues to improve.
They still look pretty funny when I raise my arms over my head: they turn into big round balls.
I am including some new photos. I was fooling around with photobooth and took some. I also am including a photo of me in a dress to show how absolutely natural and "normal" they look day-in-day-out, for those more conservative women like me.
As always, let me know if you have Qs!
Thinking of going bathing suit shopping tomorrow...wonder what size top I need as a 32 DDD?
They look amazing!
Thanks so much :)
I enjoy reading your review. Seems like you have great ability to write! :) Anyway, your boobs looks very natural. Only envy people who say its fake :p

Okay, so the more research I do, the more it seems...

Okay, so the more research I do, the more it seems to me that my scars are not healing well for 3 months post-op. I'm getting myself all worked up and panicking over this. I'm posting a pic. Please someone tell me if they look really bad for 3 months out!!! I know scars take up to a year to heal, but they seem really red and angry looking to me. HELP!
Posted some pics of my scars in my update.
My scars look like yours and I think we were close, my BA was Nov 25th I think, lol funny how I forget now
Great to know. I know, I used to really know how many weeks/days etc post op I was and now I'm already forgetting. Feels like it's been forever! Need to remind myself 3 months is not a long time.

Hi everyone, It's been about 4.5 months, so I...

Hi everyone,
It's been about 4.5 months, so I figured I'd do another review.
My breasts look pretty nice. Still very natural and clothes and pretty natural naked. Both breasts are very squishy and feel close to natural.
I will make a list of some pros and cons thus far:
-symmetrical breasts, my biggest goal, has been realized
-larger breasts to balance out my hips
-breasts look natural for the most part
-fairly easy to find bras that fit (easier than when I had lopsided boobs, for sure)
-look very nice in clothing
-scars are still very red at 4.5 months out (doctor informs me this is normal)
-breasts feel very unnatural when I lay supine
-breasts look unnatural when I raise my arms
-some clothing/bathing suits are very hard to fit with larger breasts
-bad stretch marks on left breast (it was smaller pre-op and has 100cc more)

Overall, I do not regret my implants at all and I would do it again. Unless you have uneven breasts, you don't know how nice it is to finally feel "normal" and symmetrical. I can grab any bra or top and not worry about looking lopsided or awkward. Bathing suits are no problem; no one-sided padding necessary to look normal.
I reiterate that if fat grafting becomes a more trusted, viable option, and if I had the money and health, I would remove my implants and do that. I am fine with my implants and I think they look nice, but of course I would love to be "natural." For now, I would recommend this surgery to any woman who is living in extreme discomfort or shame due to her breasts. However, to women who merely want a little boost, I would suggest push-up bras. This is not a surgery to be taken lightly :) Do your research, weigh your options, and make the decision that is right for you. I did, and I am very happy now.
Adding a photo taken today at 4.5 months post-op. Had a follow-up with my doc last week and he said everything looks fantastic--he said my scars are fine and should lighten, it just takes time.
As always, I am happy to answer any questions. That's why I made the review!
Love to everyone!
Your results look so so natural! I am so envious :) I'm going in for a BA mid-March and I want to err on the small side too, I am TERRIFIED my surgeon is going to put in bigger implants :/
Don't worry, I think part of the reason he put bigger implants in was to better correct my marked asymmetry. Bring in lots of photos and be very clear and you should have no problem. I have grown used to my size.
Where you been? I miss talking to you my friend!! :)

14 months out, probably my final review

Hi everyone, it's been a while!
Wanted to do one brief, final update.
It's been a year and 2 months!
I feel like these are my breasts. I don't remember very well what it felt like physically to have small, uneven boobs. I do remember feeling sad and disappointed and self-conscious.
I am much more confident now. I feel perfectly fine with intimacy and I've grown to appreciate my whole body more. I've gotten more fit and active. I feel I radiate more confidence. Lots of people have told me I look more beautiful than I ever have, so I think my confidence shows.
My breasts: are very soft. They feel real to me. I dated someone and slept with them three times without them even guessing that my breasts aren't "real." So silicone was the way to go. They have begun to look softer, they hang a little, and I like that. They're still very perky, though, and I don't need a bra in a lot of styles if I don't want one.
Bras--I do prefer to wear them. I like feeling supported--they do bounce and jiggle and it can become uncomfortable. I recommend you measure yourself using A Sophisticated Pair's bra calculator (Google it). Please DO NOT get measured at Victoria's Secret, Macy's, etc--they WILL mis-measure. I am a 28G and VS thinks I measure at 32D. I can't even put one of those on without popping out--those cups fit me pre-op! Nordstrom is not a terrible place to go if you really don't want to self-measure.
Unforeseen happening: My breasts have grown. I went on a new birth control. My right is now half a size bigger than my left (it was also bigger pre-op), but it's not noticeable except if I'm trying on bras. Doesn't bother me, but makes me wonder how uneven they'd be if I'd left them alone! Yikes. I really thought my boobs were impervious to birth control--never made them grow before, but I guess the body changes. I still do wish I were a size or two smaller, but c'est la vie. I'd rather be dealing with big, pretty, mostly even boobs than lopsided small ones.
I'm posting some pics. They look great to me. I went to two sessions of pulsed dye laser therapy for my stretch marks and that did the trick. I very much recommend it if you end up with stretch marks post-op. Can only be done on fresh, red marks, though.

1 year, 2 mos final review--photos

More photos, 14 months--see text review!

I LOVE YOUR BOOBS, I WANT THEM! The post below is mine. I have asymmetrical boobs C B. I am so nervous and anxious for my surgery! I know my smaller boob will get stretchmarks. I already have stretch marks on both, and I have a feeling that the ones on my righty (or wrongy for being a cup smaller than lefty lol) will probably get longer or something, but I don't care. I can't wait to have full, symmetrical boobs!!! I have only told my boyfriend about it as he has been driving me to and fro appointments and will do so day of surgery. I only mentioned to one of my sisters that I am considering it and to not tell even her bf. When both of my sisters notice, I'm making them swear that they wont tell anybody lol. I am doing this now because my mom and my younger siblings are in Mexico and I do not want them to know about it. Especially not my mom and my 9 yr old sister. My mom will complain about the money even though it's mine, and I don't want to influence my little sister's body image in any way shape or form. Your story has made me feel so good about this, but I am still worried about getting results that are too big for me. I love this website lol.
I was worried about results being too big - and now I am SO glad I went WAY bigger gan I had thought was appropriate for me. Turns out my doc knew best! I was asymmetrical too... WAS! Now I'm way more normal and I am SO HaPpY!!!! Good luck to you and here's to getting results as good as RG's!!!
My leftie is a full C, while my righty is a full B; my waist band size is 34. My BA is scheduled for July 25, a week from today, and I want to be a full D. I'm 5'1, and my weight fluctuates between 112-118, 112 now; I will probably gain weight due to the lack of exercise after surgery. I want to be a full D, no more, no less. I don't know how many ccs are good for me. Has anyone gone from a full C to a full D? How many ccs did you get? Full B to full D? anyone? PLEASE HELP! D:
Please PM me

Please PM me for doctor's name. My doctor was highly rated on Real Self and on other online reviews. I liked how natural a lot of his before/afters looked. He did a fantastic job. My breasts are completely symmetrical, pain was minimal, my breasts look natural already, and the doctor was very kind and compassionate throughout the process, as was his staff. My one complaint is that he went a bit bigger than I asked, but I have become happier with the size as time goes by. I would recommend this doctor to any friend or family member.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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