From "Frankenboob Blues to Almost Fabulous! See 6 Month Progression Photos, Time is the KEY! (Overall Update at bottom)

I am 41 years old. Never had children. I have...

I am 41 years old. Never had children. I have however been a yo-yo with my weight over the years. I am 5'3 and weight currently 167. I was at 207 at my highest. I am sure the ups and downs of my weight have taken a toll on my breasts. I really like them over all, I just need some fullness, especially now that I have lost weight. I am almost to my goal of 160. For me, that is a good weight, I have allot of muscle, and can wear a size 8 in women, 11 in juniors. I have had many, many consults with surgeons, and everyone wants to do a lift of me. I do not want a lift, I do not like the way they look, and let's face it, I am not trying to look like I am 20. I like the natural sag of a breast. So I finally found a surgeon who agreed that it is MY Choice, and why not just try the implants first. If I am not happy, then in a few years when it is time to change them, I will get a lift. But why cut all up on my breasts if I will be 100% happy with just implants, and no lift. Plus I want to go pretty large. I will be getting about 650cc's maybe a little more in the right to even them out. I plan on going with smooth, high profile implant to get the maximum lift.

My pre-surgery appt is April 25th, and the Surgery will be on the 27th of April. I cannot wait. I will post as many photos as I can. and I will also post about my progress.

Just added some current images of my breasts....

Just added some current images of my breasts. Photos taken on April 8th. I will be taking some more before photos in bras and clothing as well side images. I am so ready to do this!!

Today was my Pre Surgery appt. Got my meds, and I...

Today was my Pre Surgery appt. Got my meds, and I am ready for surgery on Friday the 27th @ noon!! Looks like I am getting 2 different size implants 500 on the right and 630 on the left. My left breast is only a B, and my right is a C. He will most likely overfill both implants to get my desired result. Since I am over 40 I also had a mammogram today too, the results were fine, however, they want to see my past 2 mamos for comparison. Which I am glad to do! I am so ready for this and so excited!

Today is the day!!!!! Can't SLEEP! It is 130am, I...

Today is the day!!!!! Can't SLEEP! It is 130am, I am so excited! I added a couple more before photos. I am glad took many. Can't wait to take the AFTER photos!

Well it is all over now... on a scale of 1-10 my...

Well it is all over now... on a scale of 1-10 my pain has been about a 6. Just more pressure feeling that anything else. I have to stay wrapped for 48 hours, so no photos until maybe Sunday night or Monday! I can see the changes already, and I was able to view them prior to being wrapped up. My husband viewed as well, so far they look perfect, but I know I am in for some changes as I heal, but I know I will still be happy!!!

4pm the 28th. My boobs are in my neck and my arm...

4pm the 28th. My boobs are in my neck and my arm pits! The pain is a little worse, I think because I feel asleep and did not keep up on the pain meds in my system. The swelling seems worse... I was exactly 24 hours after surgery @ 3pm today. I am not happy right now.... :(

6am the 29th. beginning day 3. I feel a bit...

6am the 29th. beginning day 3. I feel a bit better, swelling has moved down into by belly and sides a bit, nothing too serious...I can shower this afternoon and I am looking forward to that. Implants are still way high in my neck. But I know it will be days before they drop. I am keeping them iced 20-25 min on, and about 40 min off...I will take some photos after I shower today and post. I am scared to look! :) I have been sleeping in a recliner, and last night was actually pretty comfortable, I slept most of the night. I may sleep in it every night until I can go back to sleeping on my side again.

2pm 4/29 had a major breakdown today. Cried my...

2pm 4/29 had a major breakdown today. Cried my eyes out for no reason. Then undressed for a shower, saw them, cried even more. They are so high on my chest, and long!!! My husband was beside himself on how to help me and calm me down. I think I expect everything NOW... I have to try and relax and realize this take time. I am swollen every where, my tummy is holding fluid big time. The pain meds, ugh... I hate them, they make me feel so weird and itchy, but I have to take them to stay somewhat pain free. I am not having a good day...

10:50pm 4/29. The not sleeping is catching up with...

10:50pm 4/29. The not sleeping is catching up with me, I miss being able to hug my pillow and sleep on my side. I tried to go to sleep in the bed, but that did not work, I am back in the recliner. I thought I was tougher than this. I am a wimp! Tomorrow @ 230pm will be 72 hours since surgery.

Well I have made it through the complete 3rd day...

Well I have made it through the complete 3rd day (72 hrs) now since the surgery was performed. I actually went for a walk with my husband and our dogs (short walk) I slept pretty deeply for a few hours in the late morning, which was much needed! And I have reduced my pain meds to only a 1/2 pill about every 4 hours since about 5am today. That alone is making me feel better. Spoke to my PS and he told my I can take Ibuprofen if that works for me, and stop the other pain meds if they make me feel icky, like I have been. Right now the only issue I am really concerned about is I have swelling in my abdomen, and back, my waist line is GONE! I have had 1 BM, but he thinks I may need to go more. I really do not have too much bruising which is good. He told me to keep going for short walks each day if I feel up to it, and the fluid should work it's way through. I will see him on Friday the 4th for my 1 week post op. My freak outs are finally over for now... lol

4th night since surgery, I tried to sleep in the...

4th night since surgery, I tried to sleep in the bed... NO GO :( We have a great mattress too. I am holding fluid all over my body, from head to toe, when you touch my skin it is "squishy" did not matter, either laying propped up or totally flat in the bed, it just did not feel right. I think I will be sleeping in the leather recliner until I am released to side sleep again. Otherwise, feeling pretty good tonight. Have not had any pain pills since 6pm, it is 1030 now, and it was only a 1/2 pill when I took it. Every once in a while I get weird pains, like a little man is inside my breast working with a little hammer and banging the edges! LOL They are still riding high, but I have been taking photos every day, and they have dropped each day. I am just not ready to post the photos yet! I am still a bit freaked out over the shape (snoopy) like. But I know they are going to fluff out very nice in the end, I just have to be patient. Which I am not! ;)

The morning started rough, today was the first day...

The morning started rough, today was the first day by myself, Hubby went back to work. My first day back to work too, but I am lucky, I work from home!!! I decided a shower would make me feel better and it did! I left my bra on (it was going in the wash anyway) I just felt weird taking it off and showering, I felt better with it on. It is like I have 3 boobs on each side, 1. my natural breast tissue at the bottom 2. the implant and 3 the swelling. I was able to lift my arms and wash my hair, it felt very nice. I even took time to blow dry it. Today I do not feel as tight in my chest, and overall feel pretty good today. :) It can all only be up from here right? :)

Just completed 5th night since surgery, and I...

Just completed 5th night since surgery, and I finally slept in bed and slept all night. It was wonderful. Each day gets better and better. I am pretty much off the pain pills, have not had one since yesterday afternoon. My head feels so clear now, hate those things.My only complaint now is the pressure on my chest, I am ready for that to lift already ;) My PS said I could ride sit down stationary bike, (anything that I do not swing my arms, bounce or lift, he is fine with) and I did that for 20 min this morning very slow and it felt great.

Day 5 Added a couple of after photos in a bra. Not...

Day 5 Added a couple of after photos in a bra. Not ready to post the naked one yet, I do not want to scare anyone. Prob won't post naked until I lose the freak look. However 4 days really makes a difference! They are starting to fall into the bra a little less out of my neck. :)

Day 6. While at the gym this morning, I went to...

Day 6. While at the gym this morning, I went to the same mirror and took an after photo, to match with the before photo Not too bad, but gots lots more to go before they drop, I think I will be very very happy in a few months.

This will be my last post for a while. I have been...

This will be my last post for a while. I have been obsessing over my implants, the process, my results so far, and it has been exhausting. I will continue to read others stories and help if I can. But no more updates or photos of mine until I give myself more time to heal, and understand what my final result is going to be, I must allow myself this, or I am going to go CRAZY. I am thinking 30 day photo intervals and I will keep my story updated for others, (good or bad result in the end I will still share it). I love the site and the women who have been brave to share their stories! Thank You!

Feeling much much better @ 10 days post. Had week...

Feeling much much better @ 10 days post. Had week 1 post op on Friday and PS said I am progressing just as expected. I started massage on day 8, and I tell you I think it really helps, not only did I feel more lose, but you begin to get used to your new body. My PS told me I could now wear any bra I wanted, as long as it was not under-wire, and still very supportive. He happened to have a bra in his office that a patient gave him, and said you should suggest these, it was just my size and he said I could have it, and I love it! Also I can workout all I want to, just no bouncing or lifting more than 5 pounds upper-body. It is good to be back at the gym. Proud of myself that I got back fast and today I feel great, no pain, no issues, no more obsessing. Amazing what meds can make your head feel like, I was a mess, a little depressed, Dr said that is all normal the first that is all over... thank goodness!

Had 2 week post op appointment today with my PS,...

Had 2 week post op appointment today with my PS, everything is going great. He told me I have dropped more than he thought I would already, and at this rate he expects I will see amazing results over the next 2 weeks. I go back to him in 2 weeks which will be my 4 week post op date.So far so good! He also told me I can resume all normal activities (his words if it hurts don't do it) and can lift up to 20 pounds upper body but to start out small first and work up to 20 pounds over the next 2 weeks. More updates at the end of the month!

Today is 3 weeks. Everything is going well, I am...

Today is 3 weeks. Everything is going well, I am back to most all normal activities, no pain, no issues at all, slow but sure progress with dropping, my chest is softer, and massage is going well, It is just a waiting game, but so far so good and I am very pleased with the progress to date.

Today is 4 weeks! Time has flown, yet at the same...

Today is 4 weeks! Time has flown, yet at the same time it is creeping by! I have my 1 month post op appointment this afternoon. And I have 4 weeks before our summer vacation... I am getting worried. I still look freaking in a bikini top! Fingers crossed that I see some major drop in the next month and using my strap to help I hope! Otherwise everything is perfect with them, no issues at all. No pain, and I am sleeping on my side again! YAY!

So Tomorrow is 5 weeks and today I decided to take...

So Tomorrow is 5 weeks and today I decided to take some photos (posted). I have not taken any since week 3. And I see RESULTS!! I am dropping, or at least swelling is gone! ;) My swim suit looks a little better, not so shelf like on the top, but still more to go... 3 weeks to vacation... maybe I will look even better! All is still going super good no issues!

For those that are interested... the purple and...

For those that are interested... the purple and peach bra's are "Bali Comfort Revolution Smart Size Wirefree Bra" I found the first one at Sears, but they only had one color. Then I found them even cheaper online, and many colors at this website below. These are very soft, supportive, and great sleeping bra too! I ordered a LARGE which is for 36-38 D DD, they fit perfect and will stretch if I grow more....

I wish we could re-arrange photos without deleting...

I wish we could re-arrange photos without deleting... sorry for all the updates :)

Just approaching week 7. Seeing many many changes...

Just approaching week 7. Seeing many many changes what seems to be daily! I am really pleased and still no issues at all! I have my 2 month post op next Wednesday June 20th. Then we leave for VACATION! I will feel GREAT in my bikini!! Shopping for vacation clothes was AWESOME!

Today June 27th, is my 2 month post op date. I...

Today June 27th, is my 2 month post op date. I added some progression photos. WOW Time is the answer, things change if you just wait :) And I am really starting to like them naked "finally" They are much softer and squishy. Squeezing them is pretty much pain free, zero issues at all, and I feel like they are starting to look like breasts again as they still, slowly...I mean slowly drop! LOL. My Dr still thinks I have some muscle swelling when he saw me last week. And we are seeing some evening out between my nipples. After 6 months, I may not need to touch my nipples, but he said we will see and it will be totally up to me if I feel they still look too uneven and want a lift on the right side, I might not mess with it, if it is minimal. While on vacation saw some friends who think the photos make the asymmetry appear more visible than when you see them in person ;) I will update again at 3 months! Hope everyone is doing well!

Added a couple of photos to demonstrate that all...

Added a couple of photos to demonstrate that all CC sizes are not created equal for all girls. I have 725cc Left and 575cc Right. That might seem big to some, but for my frame it is not. I just bought a VS bra shown under the blue dress. Size 38 DD. Prior to surgery I was 38C. So far I am so happy, and these fit my body so well. They are dropping more since 2 month photos, but I have not taken any naked new photos. Waiting till July27 which is my 3 month date! I am doing super and I hope everyone else is too! Love this site and everyone's stories!

I am officially just over 12 weeks post op, will...

I am officially just over 12 weeks post op, will be at the 3 month mark on Friday the 27th. Still changing every week, however it seemed I was dropping at the same rate on both sides, I am now seeing a significant difference between the left which is much lower than my right. My right was the lower/larger breast pre-op and the implant on the right is still very high. I see my PS at my 4 month post op August 24th. We will see how they are in 30 more days, and what he says. I am however still very happy I did this, I was not perfect to begin with, so I was not expecting a perfect end result either. I do however want the right side to drop like the left, I LOVE LOVE the left side, it is fluffing out very nicely, it is looking more and more like I will be needing that lift on the right breast :) Back to update at the 4 month mark!

Today marks 4 months. I am doing perfect! Still...

Today marks 4 months. I am doing perfect! Still dropping and very pleased with my results. I will be getting a revision to the right breast in October. Just a nipple lift and possibly pulling the implant down if the right side does not drop in 2 more months, it is still much higher than the left side. I go back to PS Oct 22nd. I know he will fix me up I am not happy with the right side by then.

Well it has been 5 months, and I am really just...

Well it has been 5 months, and I am really just very very pleased. One more month to go, and I will decide if I want a crescent lift on my right side.... PS 6 month follow up on Oct 22nd. I really cannot believe how much they have changed since the first month of hell I went through... the best advise is TIME, TIME, TIME :) Back in 30days girls! Hope everyone is well!

It has been six months since my BA, and Rather...

It has been six months since my BA, and Rather than making you read all of my daily entries above this one, right after my surgery, I thought I would make this last entry my actual review/experience. I love my results NOW.... However, During recovery I experienced BOOBIES BLUES the first month. I hated, them, I was devastated, I thought I made the biggest mistake of my life I had FRANKENBOOBS!!!!! The just out of surgery results were nothing as what I would have expected. I thought I was going to go from surgery to stripper pole! Boy was I wrong!! What did I learn?? No matter how many stories you read, research you do, your own personal experience is YOUR OWN, and nothing like anyone else. We all heal at different rates, we all feel pain at different levels. And no 2 boobs are created equal, not even your own, they are both so different. One thing my PS did tell me, is this.. since you do not want a lift...."the boobs you have now, will be the same boobs you have after healing, they will just be fuller" Well, I was okay with that, I liked my before boobs, they were just deflated and a little un-even, I wanted them fuller, and that is exactly what I got, after the months of waiting and healing. It took a good 3 months before I even had an inkling that I liked them, and 5 months before I really really liked what I saw in the mirror. Now, I just had my 6 month post op appt and decided I am going to have a small revision done to my right nipple, getting a crescent lift. my right nipple is only 1.5cm lower than the left, and I am pretty happy, but the Dr thinks this little lift will make me really pleased with the final result, and I totally trust him. Everything he has done for me so far has been spot on as he said it would be! No one is perfect, and my boobs were way uneven before I did BA, so it is what it is but this little tweak is only 1200 bucks, easy recovery. I am Very Glad I did this, even if it was months of worry and waiting, and so glad I did not get a full anchor lift which many Dr's said I needed! Thank you DR Kaplan for listening to me and what result I wanted! :) And one word of advise, try not to look at them too much, especially the first 30 days, your just going to beat yourself up about it. Just relax, do what your Dr tells you, and remember, TIME HEALS ALL :) Thank you for reading my story! And good luck to all you ladies out there! I will be back to update my photos from the revision which I will be having sometime in November 2012.

Happy Holidays everyone! Just wanted to post for...

Happy Holidays everyone! Just wanted to post for any of the Real Self girls that were following my story back when in the midst of my surgery. I have decided at this time NOT to get the crescent lift. No one is perfect, and overall I am very very happy. Hubby is the only one who sees me naked, and he loves them. The little uneven nipples are really just no big deal and not worth getting cut on again. I look FAB in clothes and dresses and really that was what I wanted, just to even out my figure. Thanks again for all the support I received, this is a wonderful site.
Barry Kaplan

The office is so inviting with comfy couches. The girls of this staff are wonderful and caring. And to top it off they have DASH, who is the office therapy yellow lab, and it was wonderful being the dog lover I am, to sit with him and pet him while I waited for my Surgery. Dr Kaplan also does all his breast surgeries under local anesthetic, I took 2 pills 1 hour prior to surgery to relax me, then I went into the room, they prepped me, I sat down, got a shot in the hip, then all I remember was waking up to peek at them for a sec when they were filled, then I was home! that is all I remember!! I liked not going under totally, and I felt this way was safest for me. Dr Kaplan, was very caring though the whole process. followed up with me by phone 2 times after surgery to check on me and every time I have been back so far, he and his staff are just wonderful. I also know and have seen several people who have been to him for BA and they have great results!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I agree with runnegirls82. Make her words mine too!
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I know your post is very old, I just found it searching "frankenboob" on here. I just wanted to say, thank you so much for sharing your story. I have the dreaded frankenboob going on right now, mostly on my right side, which oddly was the smaller less droopy one to begin with. I look at them several times a day and have been feeling a little down about them. I see so many posts on here from people who have amazing results soon after their surgery. This is not the case for me and I have been checking back frequently to see if I could find someone like me. I found it in you, your final results are amazing and give me hope :) Thanks!
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I am so glad I'm not the only one. I've been searching Frankenboob because that's how I feel as well.
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I love your story. Im on post op day 5 and I can completely relate to your story! I felt really itch and sad these past couple of days. My mid section is very swollen as well and I have the frankenboob going on with low nipples. I was so scared that my breasts wouldn't be round, but your story gives me hope!
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I am glad to hear a success story from Dr. Kaplan. I do love him, he is so nice as well as his staff I wish I could have had better results. Due to recalled sutures my breast is now completely deformed and $10,000.00 + later I have to find another Dr. to fix me :( . He did my oldest Sisters breasts and hers are still beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
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I am SOOOOO happy to come across your story!! I am 5 weeks today and I STILL have frankenboobs!! My mind knows that it's going to take time but I am getting frustrated and scared that I might be the exception! I really do hope they come down! I think what if I am not massaging enough? What if I didn't start massaging in the beginning and I lost time and now that's why they aren't coming down? Or cuz I have textured implants that the scar tissue is keeping them in place now? So many things going through my mind!! I have posted side view pics which is when you REALLY see how freakish they look! I am embarrassed! I haven't posted newer pics cuz I feels that week to week I see VERY LITTLE difference. My PS even wants me to go braless now to help them drop. I still see bow difference. But I know that it's gonna take time. I just wish that time were now! Btw, I have the same Bali bras! Love!! So comfortable. Thanks for sharing ur story!! Ur boobs look AWESOME!!! I can't wait!!! Sigh!
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They will come down - I talked to my dr again today about this. our natural breast is lower than most because we are trying to not do the lift, so the implants sits above it for a while he told me about this and I am glad I have seen a few pictures like this to be prepared. Still better than going through a lift in my opinion, we just have to be more patient and everyone is different. So glad for this site so we know what to expect
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Thanks!! I guess I will just continue to wait.
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Ok mine are doing exactly what yours did! Im almost 2 months now and its amazing how they have changed! How are yours doing!? Update!!! :)
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I assume since you said the Dr. filled them, that you went saline? That is what I am doing for probably the same reason you did and the dr said they will sit high on my chest while my real boobs will be below them for a while - he did't say how long but looks like 6 months is the key. Glad to see your review and your final results.
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I have frankenboob! ! They are just like yours! I hope they drop and fluff just like yours did!! Love your results! !
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Hi rx girl, I am so impressed by your results & the progress from 0-6 months. You look amazing. I'm at 3 months & panicking a little as mine seem stuck & not dropping. I'm wondering did you do much massage to help them descend or did it happen on its own? Thanks rx :-) Stuck &
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They are awesome! Congrats to you!!
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Wow! You look awesome. I wouldn't change a thing, either. So glad you're enjoying your fabulous new shape. You deserve it.
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Hey Rxgirl, thanks for the update. I agree, you look fabulous why mess with it! Hope your holiday is great.
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Hi Rxgirl! Gosh you look great! I think you are prob. making the best choice. Better to not mess with them as you dont know if you'll be even unhappier after it.  They look good as-is! I hope you are enjoying the holidays girl, Hugs!
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You look awesome !!!!! I'm going in for revision on Nov 13 th . My right breast bottomed out . Where did you get your pink bra ?
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Sissy Thx!! I got it at Victoria Secret. It is the demi dream angels collection. Good luck on your revision!
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Thank you !!!!
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Hey, rxgirl? How long did you have to wear a sports/compression bra and/or strap? And how long until you got to wear a "real" bra again? I'm still stuck wearing all this business after three months and I'm not sure I see the light at the end of the tunnel :-/
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Hi Breasto. I only had to wear my compression bra for 2 weeks. He then told me I could wear any bra I wanted as long as it did not have under wire. I bought I Bali Bra comfort revolutions.... which I love and still wear today to bed and around the house. I started wearing under wire at about 5 months. I wore my strap only to bed for about 4 months. Does he have you laying flat on the floor with arms out to your side 30 min a day? My PS had me do that, and still wants me doing it at least once a week. He said it keeps the pocket lose, and helps with getting CC. I know they all have different opinions! Here is a link to the bras, you can also search for cheaper places too, I LOVE them!!
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I love those Bali bras! I also enjoy laying on the floor. I haven't been doing it for 30 minutes but I'll start. Rx, do you move around when you're on the floor? Do you adjust the boobs so they're underneath you? Just wondering. Since your results are so good, I'll do whatever I can to get boobs like that ;-)
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Wanna b....well thank you! I never thought I would get these boobs I have now! ;) As for the floor. My PS told me to take my fingers and pull up my nipples, then lay on the floor, he said this pushes the implant into the lower portion of the pocket while you are laying flat. He told me you do not want your nipples low when you lay on the floor, he said I must pull them up, then lay down. I do not move around, and I just would lay there and relax. I could feel the implants pushing out into my arm pits when I did this.
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I have got to try this! I am only 2 weeks post-op tomorrow but my implants are still kinda high. I want them to settle more and migrate down towards my natural tissue!
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Hey, you didnt tell me I was supposed to push my nipples up! Lol I'm going to have to do it this way. =)
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