I been researching for bbl doctors and I have to...

I been researching for bbl doctors and I have to say Salama is the one who I like the bbl's from. More projection and to fill indentations currently have, current weight is 177 and am 5.5 height my hip is 45 1/2 inches my waist is 32 1/2 I want my arms lipoed and so as my inner thighs, am also getting lip augmentation, and Co2 laser from another doctor $4000 there in Florida.

Pics before and wish pics

Love the shape, love hips


I Have a Sep 29th and I need a June 2014 date.
Am looking for a June 2014 date If u want a later date I have Sep 29th 2014.

Am getting married in CANCUN MEXICO I NEED A JUNE 2014

PLEASE DOLLS PLEASE HELP I have a Sep 29th 2014 I need June 2014.





Hello sisters

My sister Deyris is going to be I'm my wedding and she is also getting her bbl done with Salalma please is u have a date between May 20th and May 24th am willing to negotiate something she also is scheduled for sep 26th 2014 she is also willing to trade her day and also negotiate something. Thank u loves.

I got a sooner date

Hello beautiful ladies thanks one of the dolls in this site my date is sooner i am officially schedule for bbl with Salama for August 22, I am to arrive on 21st since I have my pre-op on 21st am super exited.

I Got my plane tickets

I booked and paid my flight heading to Florida on 8/20/2014

Time goes by fast

77 days to go till my surgery date am getting very exited!

I need help girls am looking for a hotel studio with a kitchen

Anyone has any suggestions please Le me a studio, a Hotel, a condo from August 21-29th 2014 I would really appreciated. Near Salama's office good location fail price any input will be great.
Thank u in advance.

Added more lipo sites

I added arms inner thighs and chin. I really want a breast lift but Nancy indicated me that doctor Salama wold not do both.

Am getting closer and closer

51days to go! Am very excited beautiful ladies.

I am tired of getting a crappy service from Salama's office

I emailed, Rubén, emails Nancy email es karen about questions regarding iron pills and no one had cared to call me or emailed me. What kind of service is this??????
Anyone have the same issues????
All of the sudden they disappeared what the hell?????

Got all my ducks in a row today

Nancy called me back she was very sweet and indicated me they where not ignoring my emails they are too busy.
Anyways. Today went for my medical clearance appointment it was great! I got my EKG, blood work, pregnancy test, vital signs, and all my blood work, waiting on the results from the lab it will take about a week for the results to be back. So far EKG, vitals and pregnancy test where great. All I need is the blood work results and really exited as the time gets closer! 40 more Days to go. Great been packing and shopping.
My current weight is 181.8 ugh!
I will loose 5 more pounds takes what it takes lol.

For my wedding as well

Just got my Cancun tickets i can't wait. Will be getting married on the beach a MAYAN ceremony very especial!
In a bikini lol and white vail.
I can't wait.


Pre op, 5.5 at 181 omg ughhhh!
My inner thigs are a disaster please tell me what u guys recommend inner thigh lipo or not I don't want to look worse but they are terrible hate them!

I want every bit of upper body fat out

Don't want more upper fat.

30 MORE DAYS TO GO........

Any suggestions with a spanish speaking care taker and driver I want someone who can drive us and care for us please loves help. Mrs. Irene keeps on telling me is too far for me is not close to where I live, the very
Sat thing I want is pay someone to nag about what they are getting paid for I need a YES person and most of all responsible who is can depend on.
Please any info would be greatly appreciated.

I need your help ladies

If any of you has information about massage lady that will go to you for a reasonable price in Fort Lauderdale Florida near Salama please let me know I hear there's a lady by the name is Maria who charges $25 per session please let me know as soon as possible.

Lab results

My lab result are normal
Hemoricrat is 41.9 great
My hemoglobin is 14.0 great

Playing a round with Surgery app

Here is q bit of idea Of what I want.


Am really anxious to get this over and start the healing process.
I want to more hips and roundness and projection not worried about the dice or measurements at all just want round hips small waist and lots is projection on my booty.

They really need to address all this malpractice issues

I just emailed Nancy and Ruben with all my concerns and I Also mentioned OSHA regulations and poor after care and instrument sterilization. Working in the medical field prior not no more but at least am not going in blinded I know what the standards are and what they should be.

Very devasted for all this dolls

Not just putting your life at risk but,'the scars, the pain, time off work, the expenses. ENDLess damage. Travel expenses terrible.

Loves am officially medically cleared finally!

11 more days away and I was so paranoid yesterday but luckly with the help of a couple dolls bbl sisters helped and explained how great their experience was I feel much better. Nancy explained me that when u are getting butt implants u are more likely to have complications due to the body having a reaction due to foreign body she said that %25 of the patients that have butt implants have complication GIRLS this is 25 woman out of 100 ok that is an alarming number. Anyways I a, looking forward to great outcome and great results. Love u all and thank u to all my neitifull bootylicious sisters for the great support. I really care for loves.

My hips couple years ago

This is how my hips were naturally before any surgery.

I am The first case schedule for 7am

Am so exhausted loves tomorrow am schedule for 7am first case!
Loves please pray for me please.

I want it all

Hips, lips, small waist, big round booty, thin chin, thin arms and inner thighs. Getting up at 5:15am requested for a wake up call tomorrow.

Hi loves

Am miserable but I care so much about u dolls and I promised to post pic's I love u all. And keep pring for me loves.

Your attention love 1500 cc in each booty

Total 3000 WOW, can't believe my self, he sanctioned 3500. Sorry my love can't do too many but tomorrow I will. He never though I had so much fat.



Here are some pics

1500 each cheek they look like cocos lol

Three days today today more pics

Here are some more pics love.

Am sorry I haven't been updating

It is been super hard on my body no straight taking it ones at a time
Love I went for 1st massacre massage I was already warned how painful this massage was.
Here are some new pics love!

One more try this internet is a total failure


Post op pictures

Felling extremely weak guys please pray so I can get my straight back love!

Post op

1500 cc's each cheek!

More pics

More !

Today 9 days post op

A couple more pics we are heading home!

9 days post op today


I still can't believe it was 1500

I would have never thought!
It has been exhausting for us since my husband and I are on the same wagon all in pain and weak lol is terrible if it weren't for my sister and my brother in law the helped us a lot we are blessed they were with us. It is super hot here in MIA we are about two hour to departure from MIA to Sfo soon we will be home.
Love u all guys am sorry I haven't been updating but ones I get home am gona do it.


Waist 30 inches
Booty 47 is huge baby girls I want it to go down some.
Does anyone know I should use the abdominal board I got from Salama?

Run show lol

Modeling just for u!

More more!

Just for u my dolls!

Here are some more!

Just as I promised!

Happy memorial days to all!

More with skirts!

Love u guys!

Here are the last ones!
Thank you all for your wonderful support!

Wow wow wow!

Here we go!

My new beautiful lips

Here u go girl doctor Salama switched my implants from foam old lip implants I got like10 years ago to silicone one I love my new lips they are still very swollen.

Today is sep 11th 20days post op

We are in Cancun!
Here are new pics from today.

More pics 20days post op

Am feeling Better each day.

22 days post op

Here are some new pics
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Thank u doctor Salama for making my body beautiful thank u to all his wonderful staff you are truly one of a kind, BBL, lip augmentation, inner thighs lipo, arms lipo, thank you doctor Salama u have excited all my expectations 100% a true artist. The after care has been phenomenal! Keep up the great work Nancy u are sweet and very helpful.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look amazing!
  • Reply
Great Results!!! Did Dr, Salama do your TT??
  • Reply
Thank u mamiof7 no I had my TT by a doctor in California.
  • Reply
Que Bonita!!!!
  • Reply
Thank Bella!
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De Nada Muneca. Happy Saturday!
  • Reply
Lol ur that super hot mom everyone checks out lol I want to look like u at 40! U look great. I'm getting my lips done in 2 weeks. However I'm just getting juvederm. I'll do a mini update for the dolls :) u have a PHAT ass girl.
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looking good girl :)
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Perfectbuns2 you are very pretty....and ur name match ur asss......salama did his thang I pray he delivers on me..
  • Reply
Thank u sweet Bigbooty he sure will he is booty master, just tell him what your expectations are and he will deliver it. I can't wait to see your results!
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You look GORGEOUS! Enjoy your vacation! :D congratulations on your new body and on your marriage! :)
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Thank u CKA you are so sweet darling!
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You look beautiful! :) And I didnt know about lip implants! You've inspired me to ask the hubby about getting that done too! He's not real thrilled about me getting surgery of any kind voluntarily, but he's willing to go along with it! (Sorta being dragged along! Lol) When I asked him, he's like "slow down! Dont need it all at once!" Lol
  • Reply
Lol I always said I will do what makes me happy man don't like us woman to alter our bodies that much but they well get use to it quickly. Lol my lips are soft and cushy lol
  • Reply
Thats true...cuz they reap the benefits! Lol :D I was wondering how they feel....They look AMAZING! Im glad theyre soft too...Now I'm detemined to add them to my list! I wanna feel beautiful again! :)
  • Reply
Soft very natural kissing is great with this better than my old implants
  • Reply
Can you please tell me what kind they are? I definitely want to get them! You look gorgeous! :) and as long as they feel as good as they look,the hubby wont complain! Lol
  • Reply
Silicone lip implants
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