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I am looking forward to getting my new Big...

I am looking forward to getting my new Big Beautiful Butt but unfortunely I have to wait at least anonther five months because of the tummy tuck I recently had in Jan 2012. I was trying to stay in Houston, but all the PS ofcs I call were over prices and charged for each procedures and the pix did not look that hot. I don't understand why they charge so darn much in TX. I guess everything is bigger here. LOL. After viewing the profile of other RealSelfers who had the surgery already, I have decide to go with Dr. Salama in Aventura, FL. I talked with one of the assistants today and she was very kind. I wish I could have remembered her name. She said that since I am in Houston I can send my pix through private emails and do the consultation like that. I can not wait for everything to get almost well so I can continue with getting my Juicy Booty. I am so ready to really wear all my new clothes I have. You really do need a nice butt to look really great in some of the things I have. I look good now after my TT and BR but I want to look Freaking GREAT. I plan on moving to MIAMI soon after I obtain my Master Degree and I want to look great. So I guess I must continue to heal and wait for my day to come. Big Booty Club here I come...

Updated on 29 Feb 2012: For a AA women I am buttless. When I had 44dd I was told that I was built like a White Stripper...lol...I said they all paid...lol...Anyway....I added pix and you can see that Im wide but don't have enough in the back area. From the front I look great, I look like I was packing...sike...nothing there. lol..Well I guess I will just have to wait until I get better. So ladies Ill be back to keep you posted. Until then I will continue to get better from my previous surgery.

i just sent dr.salama an email on the 28th i hope to hear from them soon im super anxious lol
so when do you plan on getting it done...I can't wait to be one of those big booty girls...lol

Hi there, thanks for sharing your journey with us. Hopefully the time will fly by until you can have surgery! Please keep us updated with your progress.


I posted in the wrong section, but the problem is...

I posted in the wrong section, but the problem is still the same, I need some butt, I hate hips and no bottom. I hate to wait 4 more months to get fine, but I decided to do it in Sept instead because I want to make sure that my stomach has healed. I don't want to be looking crazy. lol., anyway, just want to feel better about myself and complete my transformation. Hopefully by my bday i will be as I hoped because MIA...here I come..

I really can't wait to have my BBL. I can't wait...

I really can't wait to have my BBL. I can't wait to see what I look like and I can't wait to wear the tighted dress in the world. I have seen some sexy dress online that i will be ordering. My boyfriend is going to have a heart attack after I get this surgery done. I am going to have men eating out of my hands, more than I do know and my butt is flat. I still look great in all my clothes but i make sure I do before I put them on but when I get this BBL men are going to loose their mine, but I'm really doing this for me because I want to feel amazing in all my clothes and not worry about if my butt looks flat. I can not wait until Sept get hear. I will be running to FL. I am so ready to be so damn HOTTTTTT!!!!!
Good luck, im having my sx on april 4 and I am so excited!
Good luck and can't wait to see the new you. pls keep us posted.

When I tell you I have no butt, I mean I have none...

When I tell you I have no butt, I mean I have none..This new picture will really validate this...I can't wait to join all you braves ladies who fulfilled the need to be bootyliciou..because God knows I need me a new booty bad...lol...I'm getting the biggest best booty money can by...1500cc in each cheek..why so much..my butt is long and wide and anything less than that will not work..lol...like the one realselfer said I want people to know I got my booty done. I want them to see it from the front...lol...well not to big where I can't properly wash it...lol...well I will be posting again soon and counting down the months till surgery...
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good luck and good choice with pickin the right doctor he is the best cant go wrong with a salama's a$$ :}

Well I was wondering if anyone wanted to team up...

Well I was wondering if anyone wanted to team up and get a room for surgery, I will be going around the 1st week of sept and would like to know if anyone else will be going around that time. It would save us a lot of money and we can share a nurse also. I would be nice for someone else who is going through the same thing you are. Just let me no and we can make the arrangements..
Hi, after tummy tuck you have to wait for 8 months to get a bbl?

I have been checking out some of the new BBL and...

I have been checking out some of the new BBL and you guys all look great..I can't wait to be part of the crew...I will be pay for most of my surgery in June and July and will pay the rest in Aug...I just want to scream out loud..I hate waiting. I just wish my six months come and go already. I really love my new body but I feel like I'm missing something. It's just not right without the butt...my butt is wide and long but it's flat like a skinny white girl..lol..no disrespect...but I have no butt at all. From the front i look fine ass heck but when I walk by you get nothing but disappointment...lol...I know men love to look at butt..I need to help forfill their wishes...lol...when I get out the car I want all the men to be like got damn she fine....Im looking to upgrade..so I got to step my butt game up so I can look like the chick from Who shot Roger Rabbit...lol...So I'm just waiting until my time comes and I will share with the rest of the ladies who are hoping and wishing to join the list of BBL sisters...congrats to all the new BBL and make sure you keep up the good work..
I had a tummy tuck last December and I was told to wait 8 months for my bbl but I read others reviews state 3 months some 6. I'm 5'2 160 pounds I hope I have enough fat!

Unless my eyes are deceiving me...I read that...

Unless my eyes are deceiving me...I read that there are no more opens until Oct as of right now..I know I better get on my P's and Q's because I don't want to wait tio long to get my surgery...I want to be fine before Christmas...And I surely want to be fine before the Allstar weekend 2013 HOUSTON...I'm looking for a baller...lol...so I guess I need to go head and pay my deposit as soon as possible. So, it looks like I want be getting my BBL until Oct or Nov...got damn Sal...he is too good for his on sakes...you ladies are not playing about this BBL...It looks like everybody is trying to get fine and everybody is trying to get it over with as soon as possible then I read he was moving his prices up too so I no I better pay and lock my price in real soon...Ladies get on it...I no I am about to..I want my Big juicy booty...lol

I talked to Nancy today and she is one of the...

I talked to Nancy today and she is one of the nicest people I have ever spoken to. Ok ladies, the price has offically went up. There are no more spot open until late Oct or Nov and so you guys need to call and atleast get the rate locked in. Nancy is really sweet and I told her my situation and she really understood so you guys better call asap. This man is really good at what he does and everyone is trying to lock him in as their doc. There are other good docs but I have only saw a handfull that can match Dr. Sal.... The guy is amazing and I can not wait for his hands to touch and fix this body. Wide and flat is not whats up...I want to be big and juice...I can not wait to make the boyz be like...got damn look at the ass on that chic...probably not the word they would use (chic) lol...but I love the attention and a new big round butt is exactly what i have been missing...After this I want be able to walk out the door..I barely can when I get all doll up and I don't even have to wear make up and the boyz still love me...I kind of miss my 44dd girls because now I would have ass twins to match..enough about me...lol...not really but ladies if you are trying to be apart of the BBL sisterhood you better get it in early because they will be increasing the price again because Nancy said that even though they do three a day they are not making any money and you know it's about the money. So before it gets to 10 stacks you lady better get your coins together or make some type of deal with them. Good luck girls and I can't not wait...now that I might have to wait until late Oct or Nov...damn...
i can't find anyone on here who is scheduled in july or august on here which sucks. Im willing to pay someone to switch dates with me, which is october 5, the end of this year :(
Well he is fully booked. Be glad you already paid your deposit and stuff becausre they will continue to go up and I don't think anyone will be giving up their spot unless something happens....good luck in finding someone to switch.
I'm on the same boat my surgery is in the end of November I'm willing to pay to get this over and done with already seeing all the girls reviews and pic just gets me impatient I,wanna look like them :( soon... Did u have any luck getting someone to switch dates with you?

I really did want Dr. Salama, but since I got a...

I really did want Dr. Salama, but since I got a way better deal with Dr. Campos in Tijuana, why not go to Mexico. With my flight, recovery center and message, I save alot of money. I saved over 3500 by going to Mexico. He is doing my upper, lower back, my arms, my stomach, tighs and love handles. Not was additional. Plus I never been to Cali before so I can sight see the night before my surgery for about two hours because I will need my beauty sleep prior to the surgery. I must say that I have really learned a lot from this site. Being that my first two plastic surgery was done at the VA. I had everything that I need given to me and I didn't have to buy anything extra. They took great care of me and I am so proud to have served my country but I sure wish they could have done this surgery too but I know that it I wouldn't get the look I'm going for. My butt is long and wide so I will most def need about 1500cc in both sides because I will lose volume, but I will do everything not to sit on my but for the 3weeks max, but I will do atleast 6 weeks. I want a baning ass bod so will I do everything to save as much volume as possible. Actually I guess the VA will still be helping me. I can get most of my stuff from them prior to surgery for free. All of my medication, gauze, tape and even my aftercare will be done for free by them...Go Navy...lol...Dang, I can atleast say I got somethng out of the deal...they worked the hell out of me on that damn ship...I was an engineer and we worked really hard and It's hot as hell on thr bottom of that ship, no damn breaks when you go out to see, 18 hours a day just a break for lunch and a few hours of sleep, so, I'm getting everything I can from them...

Ok, here are some of the things you will need to take with you for surgery and somethings you will need for home also. I learned most of this from the girls on here...You guys are really good at doing your research...I did to but it's great to have some help from people whose done this already.

Hibiclens or antibacterial soap
Arnica Montana & Bromelain
OTC Prescription
Mild stool Softemers
silicone sheeting Cimeosil, Kelocote, steri-strips, Retin A, Mederma
Moist Towelettes, make up remover towelettes
topical arnica (not to be placed on suture line)
Oral Vitamin C
support garments
OTC muscle relaxer
hot water bottles/heating pads for the back
hand moisturizer
boxes of Kleenex

bags of peas, berries or whatever is applicable (frozen)
Ritz cracker, Banilla Waffers, Cheeze-it or goldfish cracker (no Garlic flavored)
bottle water, electrolytes or enery drinks ( ask doc if that's ok)
Frozen dinners
pudding and jello-o
cookies adn other snacks

Lots of fluffy pillows
old towels to avoid stained linen from the tumescent fluid, Betadine or blood
Camera for pictures
RealSelf blog to write down experiences
support garment(s)
bucket or pail with lid (for nausea)
PJ's, robe, or oversized, comfortable shirts that buttons in front
pair of slippers (or several pair of thick socks)
hand mirror
hair scrunchies
Body Pillow
Boppy Pillow
lap top

Wash clothes
female urinal
firming lotion
fodable chair
yoga mat/blocks
Neosporin ointment
Iron pills
wrap around dresses

If there is anything you guys would like to add to the let please by all means do so.

Plus I spoke with Mr. Jones at the BeautyCare recovery center and he was very nice and he was really knowledgable about everything...I guess since he owns the place and his wife is Dr. Cardenas...you get an additional discount if you let her do you BBL
I can not wait to get this thing taking care of. I look forward to turning heads.
To be honest with you you dont need all those items on your list. Its a waste of money.
Thank you natasha2211, what did you take or have you had your surgery yet. Most of that stuff I will get it for free throw the VA.
I did mine may 11 n i read some of the ladies post m bought so much umessary stuff.u need bandaid to cover the stitch( it rubs on the garment) water gatorade antibscyerial soap. A shirt or dress that have zip dwn the front. Something to cover ur bedding. N follow the dr instruction. My dr told me no vitsmins fish oils or herbal supplmemts bc it circulates the blood too much thins the blood. Im 4 days post op n im fine just the itching is rediculous. Good luck the site is helpful but be carefuul hetting advice frm others ypur dr knows best.

Is it just me or is anyone else tired or waiting...

Is it just me or is anyone else tired or waiting on the surgery. I ready to have mines. I see everyone else getting their BBL and it's making me even more anixous. I am so ready to get it over with. I am so ready to start healing and getting this over with. Some of you ladies results are so amazing and I can't believe how the doctors make us go from oh no to oh hell yessssss. I am so ready to go from hell no to hell yes, but I must say I don't look bad in my clothes now, I just don't have no bootaa...lol...non at all.. I look great from the front but when I walk by what a disappoint...lol...for me and for whoever's watching...One of the ladies on here said that she was ready to get her a jersey in her life.....just wanted to say they even worst then the ones without the jersey...get this done for yourself not for anyone else. I no when you upgrade yourself, everything else around you upgrades too. Thank God I already have a good man, no a great man so i don't have that problem. Next year by this time I will have a new body and my masters preparing to go off and do my thang in MIA...I can not wait until I move to Miami...it has to be way better than boring ass Houston...Im not sure if my dude is going to be happy about that but I have to go where the money is and where I can get a freaking great job...I would like to work for a major college program of a professional sports team communication program. I do love men so this would be a great job for me, so imaging walking in the door with a PHAT ass and a small waist...lol...that's would go perfect with my beautiful face and smile...I need all of this to match my outgoing personality...I love having a good time so this surgery needs to come and gone already. I am just tired of waitng..I want my new booty now..not tomorrow but now...but since I had my surgery in Jan 12, I have to wait 6 months before I can get my surgery done and since Dr Campos is all booked up until early Oct I got to wait forever seems like..Man I sware...At least I will be fine ass hell before AllStar 13 in Houston...I no damn will this ass will get all kind of attention...lol....love my man...lol..but damn why not give the boys alil something to dream about....Oct is a long time coming but I know it will be here sooner than I thank. So ladies do what you gotta do.
I am schedule for October too, but it seems like 2016 lol.... I wish I can get someone to switch to an earlier date in July cos' I will be going to Africa in August. So far we just got to wait dear :-(
LOL...I no right but when we do get our turn we will be some bad ass chicks..Which Doc did you chose.

Ladies if you plan on losing weight before surgery...

Ladies if you plan on losing weight before surgery try some China green dieters tea. When I say that stuff really works, it really works, It will clease your body like nothing else. Even though I was told not to lose any weight, I want my clothes to actually fit me and I don't want to have to buy anymore new clothes. I just spent about 5000 on new clothes and I expect to still get into all of them once I get my new booty, so I guess I want to lose about 30 lbs. I got so much fat on my back, inner tights and arms, regardless if I lose 50lb I will still have enough fat. I was also wondering, if anyone can answer this one, do your arms bounce back after you get lipo to them. I don't want any skin hanging..I already have bat arms so I dont want them to look even worst then they do now.
i cant wait for you to have your surgery!! ill be following
I just read your profile and you look great. And yes, I am so ready to get this overwith. I am so ready to get my BBL. Please post pix of your BBL. I want to see how awesome your going to look. You look great right now, so I can imagine what your going to look like when your done.
We all definitely going to turn heads. When I see other girls b4 & after pictures, cit's an amazing deference. I am just too excited.

I have noticed that a lot of BBL women have strech...

I have noticed that a lot of BBL women have strech marks. So do I. Dermablend is a great product for covering up strecth marks. If you got thicks ones, it will cover you up but you will still be able to see them, only if you are very very close. It really works great but you have to pratice on yourself. because if you don't it want look right. You can go to the website and chose your color and see the videos on how to use it. Also I get the tighter your can gets the worst they look I see. Merderma work greaat too and coco butter and aloe vera works good too. Anyway, enough about that. Im ready to get this journey of mines started and over with. I think I visited this site atleast 10 x a day. I guess im an addict...lol...like most of us on here. I am trying to lose about 30lbs so that I can look great this time next year. I no my skin is tight but I got enough fat in my arms and thighs to share with eveyone on the site. lol..

That should be the tighter your stomach is the...

that should be the tighter your stomach is the worst your strech marks will be...lol...silly me..
I know u will look great after ur sx, I'll b following u.
Why havent you posted any pix. I'll be following you as well.

Ok I read one of the BBLs profile and she mention...

Ok I read one of the BBLs profile and she mention this plastic surgery simulator and it is awesome. I photoshopped one of my pix and this is exactly, well almost exactly what I want to look like...but I want my stomach, back and arms to be super small...I want a very small waist with a big ole booty....I want a very big booty....

Ok, so I finally got my quote from Dr. Campos and...

Ok, so I finally got my quote from Dr. Campos and when I saw it, I thought it was just like a template for all his patient. He told me 7625...This is what was included in my quote...Im like I know he was not looking at my photos because he would have known he misquoted the price...oh plus he said I should lose weight but didn't include how much weight I should lose....
Extended Tummy Tuck 3500
Liposuction lower back and waist 2000
Liposuction upper back 500
Fat grafting into the buttocks 600 (900- 1200 cc's or up to how much tissues expands)
Discount -1200
S. Facility 1300
Anesthesia 600 (Epidural, Sedation)
Girdle 120
Post op medication 125
Lymphatic massages (2) 80
Total 7625 usd

So Im like let me call and get this thing straight because I know for a fact I don't need a TT because I just had one in Jan...and I no darn well he saw the damn long as scar on my stomach when he got the pix. At first I thought the young ladies that said Dr. Campos just was about money I thought they were overexgerating...I think that's right...lol..terrible speller I am. anyway, i call and was like I just had a TT in Jan and I am a vet so my medication is free, plus the recovery center offers Lymphatic massages for 30, and I made sure I let them know that I was not paying for a TT when I just had one and my medication is going to be free and the messages I can get for cheaper and Angie who is super sweet told me to wait until my swelling goes down some and lose more weight and that anything that I can take care of myself before surgery will be taking off the price and my quote will be much cheaper...So again, I still have to wait until Aug before i can even send pix but Dr. Salama people told me not to lose weight at all so I guess all docs are different and I know damn well I saw some girls ten times my size get a BBL and he tells me to lose weight...lol...that funny but anyway when Aug get here I better not have anymore bullshit are quotes or else I will be going to someone else...Now I do believe he is about the money now because he just put all kind of crazy shit up there...I guess he thinks Im stupid...no boo I have 12 hrs from a Masters Degree and Im not the one...but just wanted everyone to make sure you don't get cheated out of your money...The quote was too damn funny and I better see a major differents next time I send my pix off...and I will not be paying for shit I can buy my damn self oh, I will bring my own damn after surgery garment too....lol.....i damn near gona be having this surgery for free...lmbao..

Oh and another thing he recommended me to have...

Oh and another thing he recommended me to have Bariatric surgeries...dude you would think I was a fat obese well...dude are you serious...Im 5'7 207...very solid and no fat hanging anywhere, where and the hell did he get this damn idea for me to get fat people surgery...dude is starting to be real funny...I just might change my mind to another doc for real...i think I will be send my pix to other doc tomorrow and see what they say about everything....how the hell you gona tell me I need big people surgery...dude is trippin..
good luck with your final decision... that is crazy what he quoted you tho
Thank you Nicki86, it was real crazy, thats like the highest quote i've ever read on here for him. But I no when I resend my pix it will be loke 3700...so ill just wait til aug and resend them and see what he says.
Hey ANewMe which app/simulator are u using?

Ok so I just got a quote back from Dr Pantoja and...

Ok so I just got a quote back from Dr Pantoja and an all inclusive quotes for upper/lower back, flanks, abdomen, waist and inner thighs is 3600, this also incluse one night stay at the clinch with a 24 hr nurse..

Here is the reply I got back today for the email I sent today...
1 night-stay in the clinic with 24 hour nurse care/aid
- Your own recovery room equipped with Patient's bed, armchair/lazy-boy, Wi-Fi, T.V., phone, bathroom utilities (shower and lavatory).
**Please note the following: A friend or family member is more than welcome to accompany you and stay in the clinic all day long and even stay in your room while you're in surgery. However, space is limited with the intention of giving the patient the needed attention. Therefore, at night-time the one accompanying you may stay at a hotel, just to have somewhere to sleep at (we don't have beds for family members). And in the morning he/she is welcome to stay at the clinic until your check-out, which is almost always at 10:00am the day after your surgery once you've had your breakfast, Dr. Pantoja has revised you and prescribed your medications. There are several nice hotels near by. 3 are within walking distance from our clinic.

- Patient's meals are provided (Fruit, Chicken Soup/Broth, etc).
- Dr. Pantoja's, Anesthesiologist's, Hospital, Nurses and Operating Room fees included
- An evaluation and electrocardiogram (EKG) is done before the surgery by the cardiologist
- Lab work required prior to surgery and post op
- 1 Compression Girdle/Garment
- Unlimited post-operative visits

I really like how they got back with me so fast...now that great service and he did not say I needed to lose weight or have fat people surgery...lol...so I will wait to see what the other doc respond back with...thank you team Pantoja...
Girl you are crazy!! My surgery isn't scheduled until August 9, 2012 I was scared when I had the TT surgery and I'm freaking out again plus I will be going alone my sister was suppose to come with but she just got a job!!! I called Doctor Salama office and Nancy said I can't be alone so she referred me to a 24 nurse however they charge $175 per day!!!

Well I'm still waiting on Dr. Caedenas to send me...

Well I'm still waiting on Dr. Caedenas to send me a quote for surgery. I really still want Campos to do thr surgery but I would like to get a quote from others and to see the differences in their observation of me. As you guys can see from my pix that I do not need the fat people surgery, but I guess when you take the pix from a certain angel and you focus all the way in you can look fat...lol..I guess I look fat on those pix I sent, but he was the only doc who said that...so again, I guess it really is about the money with him...but anyway, I really like the results from Dr. Panjota so I will consider him real hard. Campos wants me to wait until Aug to send him pix but by then it will be Dec b4 I have my surgery. I don't plan on waiting that lone...late Oct is the longest I will wait for surgery...but anyway, I have notice that if you don't lose weight then you really want get the results you want...so I will lose 20lbs b4 surgery, I really do want to look amazing in my clothes and I don't want any back or bra rolls left after I have surgery. I really enjoying seeing all the b4 and after pix from the ladies who has conquered this journey...Pix are very important to others who wish to do this surgery, we like to see if we can compare our bodies to you guys and maybe see how we might look compared to someone similar in bodyshape...but I know it also depends on teh doc you choose too and his qualifications and skills but its nice to look...so to all you that have shared your journey thank you so much....I will be joing you guys soon, even though my man do not want me to do it...but I am, he may like me but I am uncomfortable without a butt...I really want to fill out my clothes and feel 100% confident...thats why I am doing this...

Ok, so today I finally got a quote from Dr....

Ok, so today I finally got a quote from Dr. Cardenas...lol...and I will submit the entire email...
Hello Dorothy
This is Dr. Cardenas, I have to offer an apology for the delay.
I checked your photos and definitely It will be a must to loose 25-30 lbs prior surgery to prevent major complications during and after surgery as are: infections, thrombosis, necrosis, seromas and definitely much better results.
I checked your photos and I will agree with you about the need of a thorough liposuction to your abdominal area, lower back, flanks, waist, arms and inner thighs (mild to prevent get them saggier) . Also I would recommend a nice volume fat grafting to your butt, but I have to be very honest and let you acknowledge that your butt is already very flat, short and that means your muscle is very small and your skin is tight, to that means your butt will not admit a large volume of fat to be transferred.
Just be sure I would do my best to achieve the best result for your and your frame, I do not have limits for fat grafting volume, but your own tissues do have a limit and i will not risk your tissues blood circulation.
Quote for lipo and FG is 3800 dlls.
Includes stay overnight, clinic expenses, medical staff fee, anesthesiologist fee. Does not include compression garment nor meds as out patient.
Please let me know if you need further information. Me and my team will be glad to help and serve you.
Dr. Cardenas

She said that my booty was really flat...lol..duhhhhh. why do you think I want the dang surgery....lol....but i am glad she got back with me and its about 200 more than Panjato but thats cool but I still can't schedule a surgery until 6 months from Jan...so i still will send Dr. Campos my pix in Aug and see what amazing thing he will say this time...I am actually going to send him almost the same pix...but now that I have 2 of 3 quotes I know where I stand and I guess I will make a complete payment in Aug...I am so ready to get rid of this really flat butt as Dr. Cardenas calls it...lol....damn you know your butt is flat when the doc call you flat...Just wondering did she call anyone else butt really flat....lol...oh and she said that my butt was small and that i probably want be able to get a lot of cc because my skin is so tight...well whoever do it better insert the max amount they can...I don't want to look the same way I started out...it will be a waist of money and then I would be mad ass hell...I mean really mad.....

I finally finalize everything today. Waiting for a...

I finally finalize everything today. Waiting for a pre op list that didnt come with my email but I know Nadia will resend the email again. I am so ready!!!! Aug is right around the corner and it will give me time to do everything. I got about 15 maxie dresses already and my meds will be free. I just need to get two additional garments and get one taylored for my new body. Oh and i will get my epifoam, my boppy pillow and then schedule fight and recovery house. Ready to get this over with. Just want to be the new me.
Thks dear, you the best.
Anytime girly
Anxious for sure. I really hope to do it b4 August so we can both look banging almost at thesame time, otherwise I will be cheering for you dear.

So i have less than 2month before my...

So i have less than 2month before my transformation. I am kind of torn because my son starts college next week for football practice and this will be his first college game this fall and i would hate to miss it being selfish because i will still be restricted from sitting by the time he plays his first game. I no its not a hard choice because my kid needs me more so i no i might have to push the date back a few days but thats fine because my baby needs me and he comes first. I have been selfish alot so its time to make sure he has his mommy and i no its important for him to have his family thier. So i will have to wait a few more days for surgery but thats fine by me. Im still gona be fine ass hell by my bday in sept. Its still official.

Sorry ladies if you scheduled with beauty care...

Sorry ladies if you scheduled with beauty care then it closed. Unfortunately a young lady almost died while there. Frombwhat i read she had just came back from surgery with Dr. PANTOJA AND was noot there even 15 minutes and she collased and they had to give her CPR and rush her to the hospital and so she had to close becaue they said Dr. Pantoja call and complained to cover himself but this is just oneside of the story that i read but im not sure what is true because i was not there and this is something that i read and i didnt have the whole story so ladies pls call and check for yourself if your booked with Beauty Care.
wow so scary!
My prayers go out to this girl n her family hope that all turns out good...Now Im kinda scared of having my surgery done if it wasnt cause Im schedule with Dr Cardenas I think I would cance...I know that im in good hands...although I think this could happen to anyone..

I now have less than 40 days to be bootiful......i...

I now have less than 40 days to be bootiful......i am only staying four days and will continue my care with the VA. Thank God for the Military. They really do look out for their Vets most of the time. LOL.... Anyway im hoping to stay at the doctors facility atleast two days because im a diabetic and the anastisa...mispelled...lol..affects me differently. So ill just pay fot two days at Grace recovery house and then im going home. I can not wait for this to be over..this surgery really does consumes you and it really does affects you and everyone around you. They cant wait either...i guess i need to get my epifoam andboppy pillow and my arinca. I get my other meds from the VA. I just pray that God keeps me in his grace and bring me threw this and i come back home safely to my family and friends. So im just going to wait patiently and whenthe time comes i will be ready...no going back....
Ohh girl, u welcome... N same here... I just want to wake up n be bootyful... Lol
hey girl, just stopping by to say **ITS ALMOST TIME** ahhhhh are you excited?lol

It's almost here..I can't wait to be a bbl queen...

It's almost here..I can't wait to be a bbl queen and finally be through with this journey. I can't wait to start the healing progess and I haven't even had the surgey yet, but I am ready and I just really need to pack my stuff. Plus get me a fewmore girdles and some epifpam and a boppy pillow...so the I will be updating right before I get on the plane and I will most definately keep you girls informed about everything and post mad pictures...I want to make sure anyone like me know what they may look like...until then ladies...goodluck..
Ok that sound great...but it has to be after the surgery because I don't want to drink before my surgery....so Ill be sure to contact you asap...so don't forget...lol..

I'm gearing up for my surgery with Dr. Pantajo and...

I'm gearing up for my surgery with Dr. Pantajo and I so ready to get this over wih. I got over 60 percent of my stuff. I'm waiting on it to come in the mail. I just need to get some garments but I think ill just get them from the store so I don't have to wait. I now0need to fet my epifoam, boppy pillow, which I will get from Walgreens of all places. They have them on sale for 5 dollars. So Ill be blogging real soon ladies. Can't wait to offically join the BBL leauge.
Hey girl hope everything went well,
How's everything going?
Congrats Girl! I will be getting my BBL on 8/16 with Dr. Azurin. I can't wait. Will be in Fort Lauderdale for 10 days. Keep posting your updates.

It has been a while since I have been on here. A...

It has been a while since I have been on here. A week before surgery I went to get my blood work and my clearance for surgery and I was so happy that I was about to get my booty on and the doc call me and told me to get back to the VA immediately. I was put on the diabetes medicine Medformin because my sugar was 374, 3x the normal. It was so high that I could have had a stroke and died and also I would have went all the way out of the country and been sent back home or bleed to death on the table if I would have went a head with the surgery, so now I have to wait until my sugars are back to normal but, I have lost some weight and I have been trying not to eat so many sweets but it is so hard but I know that I really need to stop because my life depends on it and I really want to have the surgery in January. I know that is another four months but my life and my health is more important than a big butt. I will keep you ladies posted and I hope and pray that I will be okay to do the surgery in January.

Thanks for the update! Even though you're hvaing to wait a little longer, it's only going to make it safer for you, which is great. Take this time to get yourself better and your surgery will come around in no time!

Thank Kirsty, I am willing to wait if it's going to make sure Im safe. I know it will be even better because Im losing weight and that will only make my results even better. so Im looking forward to my new booty and body...
Aww sorry to hear but your health comes first

I have rescheduled for January 31, 2013, I pray...

I have rescheduled for January 31, 2013, I pray that my sugars levels are low enough to have the surgery. I have been doing everything possible to make sure that my sugar levels are low. I have tried everything but insuling. I don't want to be on that. It makes the body heal very slowly. I know that my health is very important and no amount of ass is worth my health of my life. I hope to love about 25lbs before my surgery date but it is not the weight I'm worried about. I just want to get this over with and get on with myself. I should be over 2 months now but that damn diabeties is no joke. I haven't posted in a while but I do visit the site often and look at the result and they are coming along fine but as I read some of the pages and comments it look like Im on makemeheal with all this bickering and fighting. What happen to the family friendly atomsphere we use to have on here. Ladies we are a family. Let's keep it that way...Leave the bad energy on that other site.
hi hun can't wait to read about your experience... best of luck...
Take care of yourself. we are here if you need any support
thanks ms yassie....I am trying hard....I no this is a very supportive site.

It has been a while since I have been here to post...

It has been a while since I have been here to post but I said I would not post until the new year. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my sugars are low enough for both my pp and the ps will ok me. I have my bags packed and ready to go. Even though I don't post I do come to the site and check out the post op pixs and you ladies are look amazing.

I have found new info on boards and foam and I have ordered those so thank ladies for all the info. Well like I said Im just waiting on the ok from my docs and I pray to God that my levels are low when I go to the doc on the 18th of this month. The I will be able to get my plane ticket because I refused to buy a ticket and find out that I can't have the surgery and then I can't get my money back.

Anyway good luck ladies and I will be posting when I'm about to leave and while Im there and I will share plenty of pix. God Speed ladies and my fingers are crossed

Mexico here I come. I am so ready to get this ...

Mexico here I come. I am so ready to get this overwith. I have less than 22 days. I had to move it up to the 30th so that I could stay 2 days at the clinic because of my sugar. I want to make sure that if anything happens I would have a doctor there. I have 90% of my things and next week I will be getting the rest. I am trying to get right before Allstar Weekend. I want to be one of the baddest chicks in the building...I want all eyes on me...lol....and this surgery will make it happen...thank God for PS....most of us really need them badly...lol...So goodluck ladies and I cant wait to read your journey and see how your results come out.
When are u having the surgery and are u having the surgery with dr salama? The quote u got was that for the bbl and lipo?
I have it on the 30th of this month and No it is not with Salama it is with Dr Pantajo in Mexico, and yes it is for the entire body lipo and bbl...I wanted a mini tuck but he said that he would not be able to used that fat and I did not need a mini tuck anyway...I had to pass on Salama because my sugars were too high and then the wait was going to be to long from the first time i booked...
How u doing??? what is the quote u got for ur bbl sx?

If you can affoard it, ask your doctor for steroid...

If you can affoard it, ask your doctor for steroid shot, yes I said steroid shots. I got them after my BR, it will flatten your scars in a day. I will get them again after my BBL. your scar will basically disappear. I did not get fat or mean or anything, so don't worry about any of the sides affect, well Im not saying not to because everyone is affected differently but I did not have any side effects. Well I just wanted you girls to know an eaiser and quicker way to get rid of your scars...I have keloid skin so if it can help me I know it could help girls with normal skin....Just wanted to pass alone some info...
I think steroid injections is not good for people whom do not have keloid type skin. If you think about the whole purpose of these steroids is to break done scare tissue; which is better for keloid pstients because they have excess collogen build up thay go on to be raised scare yissue. My only concerm is that if you dont have keloid skin and ypu get this injection it might make the skin too thin and the person might have less fullness were there scar was. But maybe yhe doctor have a way of diluting the syeroid solution to avoid this. Just my thoughts; I dont really know.
your right, i didnt think about that...i guess that why it works so well...it does thin the skin well. it do make since now that you mentioned it...so i need to change my title...thank you for clearing that up.
Hoping your surgery date works out this time around. Not very long and you too will be bootylicious! I'm set for 1/18/13 and just beside my little self :)

I am less than 20 days away from my transformation...

I am less than 20 days away from my transformation and I can not wait. I did not think I would be so excited but I am...yeaaaa me...I am so over joyed and my boyfriend hate it so bad, keep say you don't need no damn surgery, and I be saying yes the hell I do, I don't have no butt and plus you call my cheeks baby cheeks...lol...but thats not funny... I got my boppy from Target today for 29.99 plus tax, I got some stuff from Wal Mart I will be trying on today and taking pix to see my transfromation...i hope the stuff still fits, It's only night stuff to sleep in while Im in Mexico...but I did find some cute boyshot that I could walk around in if I wanted to but my man would kill me....Damn I can not wait to be super fine...Plus AllStar Weekend will be here in less than a month, so you know I got to get this thing done and over with....Dang I am so happy...I really feefl like a kid on christmas, plus in the candy store and all the candy is free...so you know im damn happy...lol...well keep posting all the new pix ladies and I can not wait to post my post op pix.

Ladies the Allstar will be here0n Houston this...

Ladies the Allstar will be here0n Houston this year we shud all get together n be a bunch of bad chicas n make dudes n chicks be like all them can't be that fine.. That wud be sym wild n crazy stuff.. Just a suggestion,
You have to ck for room outside of houston, like pearland, katy, pasadena. Thank you for the well wishes. I wanted ti go to the super bowl but ill be recovering. Its going to be off the change both allstar n super bowl
yes I came in 2010 when yall had it in dallas, it was off the chain for real......which I was having my sx long b4 then...Im thinking about coming...they just jack the room fee's up so dang high.....but congrats on your up and coming sx love...may the lord keep you safe in and out of sx....xoxo PS...I still might try to come to houston....which I had the funs to go to superbowl weekend in New Orleans Feb 3
Feb 15 to 17

Its almost time yall. That,s southern for you all....

Its almost time yall. That,s southern for you all. I am ready for the transformation. I'm leaving on the 29 and will be fine by the 30th. Womp womp. Ladies I am so ready to get this booty. Like I said allstar is right around the counter and I hope my booty is well enough to get around. I thought I wasn't going to come on here and post until my time came but I lied. I'm so excited thst I have this blog to express how I am feeling. Question ladies when should I start taking the arcina pills for reducing swelling. Is it two weeks before surgery and upto two weeks after. Just wondering. Its been cold here the last few days and I hope it get better before I leave. I would hate it if the cancelled my flight. I wud b pissed. I have to make up sum type of lie to my professor to get out of class since school has started. Nothinh is going to stop this from happening. So ladies I will keep u posted. Wish me luck. Until then ill be crossing my fingers.
Thank you so much. I hope they are mind blowing.I'm crossing everything too. I read the same thing about arcina too. So ill starr tomorrow. Wish me luck girly
Yay, your time's almost here! It-s so exciting!!! Crossing both my fingers and toes for you! Wish I could help you with the arnica, but I have no idea. I did read they recommend it 2 weeks prior, but not sure if that info's correct or not. In any case, I predict mind-blowing awesome results for you!!

I had my heart set on Dr Pantoja but he sais no...

I had my heart set on Dr Pantoja but he sais no because of my sugars but I told them I have diabeties so what part of that didn't he understand my sugars will e higher than most. I was so pissed but Dr Cardenas is a heart sent and said that she could do it just make sure my doc give me a clearance so thank you God. I was going to so freaking mad. Go knows I need this new booty and I was going to get this done. I no my health is important so I understand so I thank God this is happening. I have everything packed and ready to go and oh my date is now the 29 so I'm set, ready to go. Yea for me. Fired up ready to go. Mexico here I come.

Yea for me, flight...paid for.....surgery........

Yea for me, flight...paid for.....surgery......paid for......just waiting on my time to go...man I am so happy, I have everything done...Thank you God this is really happening. Lord knows I thought I was not going to be able to do it because of my sugars. I will make sure it is normal as normal gets. I am about to be apart of the big booty crew....big booty girls hop with it. I will be fine as hell for the AllStar Game....Walking around with a itty bitty waist and a big ole assssssss....lol...that sound so good.....hehe...fine as wine i will be.
U welcome girly. Yes it is right around the corner. I see it peeking rite at me. Lol. I can't wait n I will keep all u guys posted,
Thank you hun. I can't wait either.
It is very important. Sugar sucks. Your talking about A1C. Mines is 7.8 right now but want it lower. I got the ok from both docs so I'm gud. I'm so hyped.

In five days I will be offically joing the BBL...

In five days I will be offically joing the BBL click. I am so ready to start this journey and finish it all in the same day but I no it will just be the beginning so I guess I better be ready for the ride. I been taking my Arnica montana pills and pellets faithfully, so I can not be in much pain and the bruising will be minimal. I can't drink that pinapple juice because it has 30 grams of sugar per servings and I gota keep my sugar in range or they want do my surgery. So out wit the juice. Well ladies I will detail my journey so if any of you going to Mexico you can no what to really expect. So until then ladies see you on the other side.
counting down, man I know your excited.....
Yes I am Ms LookBetterBody...any day know and I will be fine ass whine...thank you God....lol
I was and know it's over.....than you for the support.

I'm getting ready for blast off. I can't wait to...

I'm getting ready for blast off. I can't wait to leave, I have soo much stuff, I had to take some off that crap out because I no I want use them right away. W am so ready to go back to sleep so that it can be sunday then monday. I'm off to see the booty wizard. Bend over that ass to fatt. Just in time for the AllStar game. I will be one of the baddest chics at allstar. All eyes on me.....heehee... In my Micheal Jackson's voice. So ladies going to Mexico I will give you full details.

I have a little more than 48 hrs to go before I am...

I have a little more than 48 hrs to go before I am offically a bad Bitch. My man is mad and I don't give a damn. Roll with it or move around. Plus I know I might just get a new one anyway. Allstar wknend and there will be a peather of men to chose from then ima be fine ass hell too so you no how that goes. Only fly dudes need to apply. If it aint bout money end of dicussion...in my two chain voice. Lol. I'm so hype right now, this new ass is ust the finishing touches I need for my get your broke ass out my face look. Lol. I have so much stuff its crazy. I order a cg and didn't realize it was small and damn I will need some help getting in it. I been trying to strech it so that it will fit and I won't have a bad time putting it on. I have a squeem vest, and over 20 other garments that I don't use because they so damn tight but know I will put them to use to make sure this stomach is super flat and this ass is super fatt. Alright let me get to sleep so that I can wake up to a bew day and be closer to my new body. Night Ya'll.
Thank u
Good luck!!
Thank you again miss lady....lol

About to go to sleep so I can get up and catch my...

About to go to sleep so I can get up and catch my flight so that I can go get my new bootaaaaa. Yea for me, I'm so dang happy. OMG I can't believe my time is already here. All I have to do is sleep, wake up, sleep, wake up then its my time to get a brand new figure. Thank you God its almost here and I pray he gyides Dr. Cardenas hand and the surgery goes well. Will keep you ladies posted. Goodnite.
LOL..Thank Youuuuuuuuuuu!
Congrats!! Ur day has finally come. Good luck n keep us posted .

Well ladies ill be off in a few offers and its 4a...

Well ladies ill be off in a few offers and its 4a.m. And I can't sleep and I can't wait for take off to a new me. Thanks ladies my phone want let me directly reply so I have to wait to respond because I'm at my friends house abd she don't have internet and I needed the ride. Ladies its about to hapopen and I can't wait, heehee.

Tomorrow just call me Big Booty Judy... LOL. That...

Tomorrow just call me Big Booty Judy... LOL. That what evryone will say from now on. Ladies its about to happen in less than 30 hrs. I'm about to be bad ass I wana be. I will post when I land and let you guys know whathappen when I get there.
Good luck hunny I hope everything go good for u and your new big bootaaay results, I'm trying to go to Dr. Pantoja next month for my bbl. Can u plz post pics after I'm looking forward to seeing your results..
I most def will as soon as i feel better tomorrow and complete review...
Keeping you in Prayer!

Ok ladies i will write only a little because im...

ok ladies i will write only a little because im just a dizzy from my eating and not taking meds for sugar and spikes, but anyway when i iwoke u i didnt have any pain what so ever. some say they have leg numming but i movee them and every. i havent saw it yet but my waist is super small. oh and i got the side of my armd dont to make them llok smaller but i do, i was suppose to get thighs too but dont feel shit. i want them done for a reason, to were booty shorts...i hope she did them. but just want to send my thank yous to all you ladies who sent well wishs but will post pix and a detailed story tommorow. I DID IT GIRL....CALLS TE BIG BOOTY JUDY...LOL.

Dang you can tell I was out of it when I sent this...

Dang you can tell I was out of it when I sent this text, it was supposed to be I got my side arms done so that they can look smaller and not the bottom side, also I was suppose to say call me big booty Judy..I am a really bad speller sometime...lol...but the meds did it this ti 2:21...lol...It 2:20 here in Tijuana and Im on TX time so no one will be reading this but will post pix tomorrow and a detail review...talk to you ladies later.
Thank you QTMOMMY, atleast you don't have to pay for those things, let them do the hard stuff and then get that taking care of...you half way there...it will be well worth it....I will be going on Monday for a follow up..They will do my after care there..
I am also a fellow veteran and have questions about your surgery that's going to be done by the VA. Please send a message to my inbox so we can chat.

Ok so let me tell you how my BBL adventure went....

Ok so let me tell you how my BBL adventure went. First off two days before I left my man call himself quitting me....lol...so I had to stay at my friend's house so that I can catch a ride on the damn BUS to the airport.....anyway then I had to ride a train to the plane....damn right there made tired. Ok so I finally got on the plane...let me add I always pray when Im on the plane...I hate take off....they are the worst for me....big baby...so let me tell you, I think that the man sitting in between me and this other chick pass damn gas...nasty ass, so when he did he gona wake up and look at me fanning a pamplet and covering my damn nose...nasty ass...lol... then not even 3 mins pass then some fucker burk and it smell like damn bolonga(sp),....just plain damn nasty, Im like get me off this damn plane...nasty ass people, so after forever, I finally made it to phoenix, had to wait forever for the connections to san diego, ok so when I get there the damn information man at the airport didn't know shit so don't even ask his old ass nothing...lol...so I had to ask how to get to the bus to catch the trolly to Tijuana, met this nice young man who told me what to do and how to catch the trolly, Tijuana was the last stop and I met this chic who lived in Tijuana and was like just follow me to the border, it's like 20 steps from the trolley so it wasn't too scary and I always said, what's for you is for you so you can't stop what's going to happen to you and what's for you, so when I got to the border she told the boreder people I was there for surgery and they check my bad really fast and then I could go...so she walked me with to a cab and I was off, then I realize I had lost my damn birth certificate, so I hope I don't have any problems getting back over, I will pull out my VETERANS CARD, that should do the trick but damn can you believe some mexican walking around with my damn country ass white name and Im black...lol...they better not...i will kick they butt, but anyway, I could not sleep I was so excited to get this booty thang started. So I never went back to sleep after I got up at 3 am I went down stairs and the shuttle took me to beauty care but they were not open yet, and dang it was cold and I had just left 80 degree weather in TX...and I was really cold in that damn maxi dress, so they finally open at 8 and I signed my life away and meet Fatimah and the rest of the crew...they were all cute girl but then I meet Dr Cardenas with that little waist and cute face, she is a very beatiful lady, she told me what she would do and then I took pix and then she marked me up, they came in and took me to surgery and I meet the fine ass anasteasia (sp) guy...he was too fine and I was like tell the doc I want heart shape, so when I woke up I was not in any pain, I mean none, not even dizzy but as the day went on I was a little dizzy so I went to sleep because I was tired from not sleeping. So when I tell you I have been draining like a man women and haven't even had a massage yet, when i tell you fluid was coming out the top of my pad, it was like i was cut open of something, they had to change everything, I was soak in bloody clothes and the sheets, when I tell you my waist to hips is bananas, that all I have to say about that, damn a chick is fine....I mean the stomach is so damn flat it's crazy...The lady took every piece of fat from my back, sides, arms, breast, breast roll, every where, my tighs...the lady did here thang...she put 1500 in one cheek and 1600 in another...mind you my butt is super tight and to me long so it's still not as big as you think, it better than before but has not start to form because I dont have my garment yet, I get it tomorrow. I been trying to take pic on my phone but it want send them at this hotel location so I have to wait til I get home to post them....but let me tell you, I am fine ass hell...the waist to hip is mad crazy, i can wait til the but drop, fluff and form...All I can say ladies, all my stuff is toooooo big in the waist...the hips are the bomb dot come...trust me you will see what im talking about when I post the pix. I usually hate it when people post and no pic but I guess you can always post pic when you wnat to so ladies Im really sorry, they will be there soon...trust me....
Happy healing !! I am so glad everything turned out the way you wanted and thank God you made through safely ! Can't wait to see your results...keep us posted :-)
Happy Healing!!!!!!!!! I am so ecstatic about your bbl. I have been an emotional roller coaster reading your blog, but in the end I feel better to know that your surgery was successful and you're in good health. Glad to know that there's other VETS that has the brilliant idea of having these surgeries.
I'm so happy 4 u!! Yayeeee I can't wait 2 see ur results!! I will be seeing Dr. Cardenas n 32 days!!! Whoop whoop...#teamCARDENAS

I was overly excited at first because of the waist...

I was overly excited at first because of the waist and hips but the butt was just ok to me. My man said it was big to him but for me after the swelling went down some it looks like a wider version of the old me but I must say she did wonders on my waist and back..she is thetruth when it comes to that but the booty is somthing she needs to really work on. I hate to have to do a round 2 but I hate the way my butt looks thats why I havent posted any pix..its like nothing have been done but I am only a little over a week so I will wait and see if it gets bigger but im doing round 2 with a different doc most definitely.
Glad to hear u made it back n sorry ur not too happy w ur booty girl but I kno how u feel I felt the same about my stomach n back n didn't post pics until recently cuz swelling has gone down n I feel like Jessica Rabbit;) lol!!! I'm sure u will b happy w ur results;) if not well u do have the option to try Again ;) I live closer to Tijuana but I went to Dr Ghurani in Florida he's Salama's partner n I Luv my new body!!! It takes at least. 3 wks to start seeing wut ur results will look like;) take care Hunnie n God Bless!

Ok ladies I will be getting round 2 in Jan 2014...

Ok ladies I will be getting round 2 in Jan 2014 and I really just need some projections...my doc did do a great job no a fantastic job on my sculpting but my but does not have the projection I need. So if someone could give me her email and number I would really appreciate it...thanks ladies...pls help...I want to go head and put my deposit down and lockmy date up...oh and I want be buying any of the stuff I had bbefore because you really dont need all that stuff. Just a few dresses, a boppy pillow and maybe a blanket and make be a jacket..I got that other stuff from last time that I didn't use oh may the Arnica montana tablet s and pellets. .oh and Benadryl because you going to itch like hell...I hate that so bad....well thanks again ladies
Ur gonna look super amazing after a rd 2. Those hips dnt lie nd tht waist is giving me life lol. Who u gonna go to for rd 2??? I ddnt c tht n ur blog. Gooood luuuuuuck:-))
I want Yily but I not sure if I got the right email and phone number...and thanks hun...I hope so...all Im missing is projection...othervthan dat I love my body...
Girl you look good, your proportional now, I wouldn't go thru this again unless something ended up flat and you needed minor corrections, ESP after a tummy tuck, you don't wanna gain weight for a 2nd bbl and ruin that new skin & tightened muscles. Happy healing! And again you look great.... Coke bottle all day

Using Myself As My own Avatar

I really do love my new body but I really want a little more projection....just a tab bit....lol..booty greed.
Your body is bangin girl! I love your hips.
Wow she does good work!

It's been a long time. ...

Just want to drop in to say this new booty is the truth...even though I'm still going for round 2...
go head sexayyyy
thanks hun
girl that butt came out great! how are you doing now?

Fisher is my guy for Rd 2.

Ok ladies, so I didn't round two in Jan as I thought I would but I am hoping to get it the first week of Oct with doc Fisher, he is really turning out some great BBL, I mean the girls looks great. i will be letting him take down my hips some and also remove my shelf, I really hate that thing sometimes but anywho, i want the project that I long for. I want the upside down heart, that is what I really want, I want my stomach and back lipoed until he cant get anything else out of there and my hips are so wide that I can barely fit any of my clothes, I just want them taken down some and my sides so when I put my clothes on I want look so funny in certain things, don't get me wrong, I love my new body but I know that it could be better so that's why i'm going for round two with Doc Fisher, the only thing that I dont like about getting the BBL there is how pushy the girls are there, they are so pushy about you getting the down payment and I see that different girls have different prices and that certain things that some girls have in the package is not included in all the packages. just read through some of the girls blogs that got fisher and see the different things they were offering but are not offering anymore.
How long did you stay in Tijuana? Where did you stay? Was it clean & safe?
Azz, azz, azz and more azz is all I can say. Girl you went from nothing to boom bit--. Girl you look good
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cardenas and her staff has been amazing from day one, they are aways responsive and will get back to you within 24 hours of any question that they can't answer right off. Dr. Cardenas is amazingly beautiful in person and she look like a beauty queen...a lil older but still fab.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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